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Nuclear haircut in a death camp nation

I saw a number of news articles poking 'fun' and making humorous quips about Kim Jong UN forcing students to copy his hair style..

Some laughed at how bad the hair looked to begin with.. others were making jokes saying "bad hair days" are coming for North Korean students. BUT.. is it even true!!?

Maybe not.. the most recent AP dispatch from Tokyo says that there are baseless rumors of hair cuts happening, and there is no evidence to point to anything showing that an official UN edict has been issued.

Word to the wise: The hair story probably is not real, but even if it was, it would be a distraction from the real news of North Korea.

You know, like the real news that North Korea has hell-on-earth style death camps that offer up a endless amount of brutal torture and inhumane killing..

Oh, and the fact that Kim Jong UN has an isolated regime and .........drumroll please...nuclear weapons.

His bad hair cut is meaningless compared to his real threat to the world.