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"In other news"

Events and people making news around the world today, March 17 2014:

People celebrate after voting at Lenin Square in Simferopol, March 16

Plane vanished in plain sight: As if things couldn't get weirder with Flight 370's vanishing act.. Read this: The missing Malaysia plane reportedly sent signals, a final 'ping,' seven hours later after the flight vanished..

Those who have listened to Coast to Coast AM since the 1990s (and lots of other UFO oriented sources) may know this name: Dr. Roger Leir. He was famous for saying he took alien implants out of a large number of patients who went to him.. He passed away this weekend while awaiting surgery relating to a 2010 accident...

An avalanche in Idaho buried state highway 21 under 60 feet of snow! There's no spring coming to melt that fast enough..

There's been a tremendous amount of conspiracy conjecture relating to Fukushima since the nightmare began March 2011.. but this article posted at the New York TIMES is hair-raising.. Apparently Japan's government is trying to stop reporting of facts, such as this: Radioactive cesium 137 in the surface water of the Pacific Ocean COULD BE 10,000 times as high as contamination from Chernobyl. Let that, and other facts from the article, sink in a bit..

I get a feeling that if alien life is going to be announced, it will be coming from religious leaders before the government. That way it would sink in better with people if they heard it from God-like men as opposed to devil-like whores.. And in that regard: The Vatican Observatory is co-hosting a conference in Arizona this week on the search for life beyond the solar system.. I always think back to the priest who said he'd love to baptize an alien.. Maybe the Vatican knows disclosure will lead to a surge in numbers. But what will the aliens donate in the weekly collection basket?



Mystery continues on why the Sunspot solar observatory was shut down

Sunspot apologizes for the continued closure of the facilities,” a statement on the observatory’s Facebook page said on Sunday. “The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) is addressing a security issue at the National Solar Observatory facility at Sacramento Peak, New Mexico and has decided to temporarily vacate the facility as a precautionary measure..

And that is just about all the public knows about why the FBI shut down the observatory within notice warning or after-event statements..
But online, theories rage into the night as to what caused the FBI to sweep into the town, close down the space observatory along with the town post office, and ever let anyone back in.. The entire observatory is reportedly empty at this time—employees obviously gone but some Twitter reports state that the actual equipment and other items have been taken away as well.
Major media is rightly paying close attention to the hurricane along the East Coast,  but lost in the Atlantic sh…

Intrigue in China: Where is Fan Bingbing

From CNN:

Fan Bingbing, one of China's highest-paid and most bankable stars, has appeared in both Chinese and Western films, including the multimillion-dollar X-Men franchise. Across the country, her face once adorned thousands of advertisements, her star power used to sell a galaxy of luxury brands, from Cartier to Louis Vuitton. She was a regular sight at major award shows and fashion ceremonies. In 2015, Time Magazine named her China's "most famous actress."  But the film star hasn't been seen in public since early June, when, according to a post on her verified social-media account, she went to visit a children's hospital in Tibet. In an article by state media Securities Daily on September 6, which was later deleted, the publication said Fan had been brought "under control and about to receive legal judgment." No official statement has been made as to Fan's whereabouts, or any potential criminal charges against the actress.  However, in a country …

Mulder and Scully still have the sunspot case

The internet firestorm over the sudden closure of the Sunspot Solar Observatory went worldwide within the last 10 days..

As of yesterday, there was finally an official statement of some form as to why. But the statement is not going to end the rampant speculation -- these types of events get their fodder from "official statements" that fail to answer directly reasons why events occurred.The group that manages the Facebook page for the New Mexico facility say they are cooperating with on an ongoing criminal investigation..The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy said "we became concerned that a suspect in the investigational potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents. For this reason, AURA temporarily vacated the facility and ceased science activities at this location."AURA said it was their decision to vacate...
The sheriff in town offers a different opinion, of course.. initially when the facility closed Benny House told …