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Tuesday terrors from around the world

Just another Tuesday morning on the planet Earth..
I took my son to the car this morning getting him ready for day care.. his little innocent three year old eyes spotted a star still in the early morning sky. I asked him if people lived there and he unequivocally said 'NOOOO' .. I asked if people live on any other stars. . he looked a little confused, looked at the star again, and turned back to me.. he hesitated and say, "no?" .. Maybe he'll be a skeptic. Maybe a believer.
As long as he's not a Belieber.

To the news, all bright and shiny like an early morning star!

Ukraine has called up its national guard.. And this: The Crimean parliament voted Tuesday that the Black Sea peninsula will declare itself an independent state if its residents agree to split off from Ukraine and join Russia in a referendum...
Crimean Tatars fear Russian rule..

Mark of the beast: This is Venezuala 2014: Only Venezuelans with NUMBERS are being permitted to get food..

Stress levels of children rise in the aftermath of Fukushima nightmare.. Some children only a short drive from the Fukushima meltdown barely know what it's like to play outside..

Japan marks the third anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami.. And the world will feel the effects of Fukushima for a long time to come..

Madrid marks tenth anniversary of train bombing..

Hearing on Hanford nuclear site cleanup will NOT include key workers..
And this: The leak at the Hanford nuclear site tank is GETTING WORSE..

Senate Democrats hold all-night session on global warming..

New information on sinkhole in Bayou Corne: Imagery detected sinkhole before it collapsed...

Adam Lanza's father says "you can't get any more evil" than his son.. He now wishes his son never had been born.. Such a tragic story all around.. For the families who will never get over losing the precious lives that were lost, and a also for a father who lost his son but yet knows the heartbreak his son caused.. All of this is unfathomable. As is so much in life..

Mother who drove her children into the ocean blames her husband..

This is amazing: Elephants can tell the difference between human languages.. Elephants never cease to amaze me. As do many animals.
Even more from the study: Apparently, elephants can also recognize human voice, age, and sex too..

Mummified body found in foreclosed home..

British desperate for money are trying to sell their organs on Facebook!




New Year's Eve.. Rockin' without Dick Clark in '13

Welcome to the final minutes of the year 2012. Yes. Already. It was so looked forward to, and it is ending so quickly...

It's minus Dick Clark this year, though. And that is notable. Fergie is showering ABC viewers tonight in the pre-game with Dick Clark related footage. Donna Summers is playing while the Doors are swaying. Yes, it's a stroll down amnesia lane in the fast lane. Dick Clarkless 2013. No countdown with the master of Times Square this year.

The show goes on, of course. With Ryan Seacrest to help. Before Seacrest will be 'out' there will be a number of events that occur. A massive ball will drop in Times Square. Revelers will kiss their hearts out.. then race for port-a-potties and their hotel rooms. Maybe stop by a pub and have a cup of cheer..

All around the world, the events are taking place. Some places on Earth are already 2013. The Pope will have a homily about how peace could be achieved. Fireworks will fly high into the night sky.. People will embrace …

Neve Campbell laments her post-SCREAM life: I was constantly being offered horror films, because I was known for horror films, or bad romantic comedies

Neve Campbell Confirms Her 'Scream' Notoriety Inspired Her Decision to Leave Hollywood »

“I needed a minute. In my 20s, it all hit so fast and so big that it was a little overwhelming,” Campbell shared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “Wonderful, obviously, and I’m very grateful for it, but it got to a level, also, where the kinds of things that I was being offered were not the things I wanted to do. I was constantly being offered horror films, because I was known for horror films, or bad romantic comedies.”

And this week she will be jumping out of building with the Rock in theaters ..

All 'scream queens' have gone through a period of confusion, denial.. acceptance. And now for Jamie Lee Curtis 40 years after her introduction to movies via being chased by killer Michael Myers, she is back for a final round.. 
Just as Campbell came home for the final SCREAM..