When two worlds collide: A hold put on horror flick DEEP WATER after Flight 370 mystery

Just imagine this story: A plane traveling from Beijing to Sydney goes down in the Indian Ocean and people who survive the crash have to then survive tiger shark attacks.

That was actually the subject of DEEP WATER, a horror film being made by Arclight Films.

Due to the disaster of the Malaysian airlines flight 370, the project is (probably rightfully) on hold.. 

DEEP WATER was originally called BAIT 2 3D--obviously a sequel of "BAIT" .. the original BAIT 3D was released in 2012 and featured a tsunami throwing sharks at people.  It earned little money in Australia and got even more lackluster reviews that campy SYFY movies.

It's not the first time movies had to be changed to due reality.. in 2002 SONY had to change SPIDER-MAN due to some scenes featuring the World Trade Center towers..

Often reality follows fiction, though. In 2001, the LONE GUNMEN spinoff episode of the X-FILES pilot episode from March 2001 featured commercial airliner jets being flown into the World Trade Center towers..