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Some things just get me.. this is one of them

Mother's heartbreaking eulogy at Star Wars themed funeral to son, 4, »

There are some articles and stories that completely tug at every heart string in my body..whatever a heartstrings is anyway..
This is one of them..
A STAR WARS funeral.. photos are included with the UK DAILY MAIL article about the sad death of this 4-year-old STAR WARS fan.
And as a father (and a human) I can only be led down the path of least resistance and ask this question: What kind of force of nature, or “God,” would take away a child like this, or any child? Why .. so much suffering.
Sometimes the only thing that makes any sense to me is Buddhism. At least it tries to explain why a soul would choose to come here to suffer.
I pray every day, or at least try, for a sign that something else exists. Maybe that’s the wrong type of prayer to offer..
But lately I just can’t get off of home plate in the spiritual world..