The Saturday before Easter

Saturday morning.. the day before Easter. All through the world.. bunnies were coming, candy unfurled.

The news as it is known now. It may change by the time you're done reading this..

The captain and two crew members from the sunken South Korea ferry have been arrested.. But that is little comfort to family members who are giving DNA swabs to help identify the dead..

This story was disgusting: According to police, Florida's Daymeon Wygant smothered a 16-month-old who was crying just so he could play more X-BOX.. A few months ago, the guy who rescued his X-BOX from a house fire got attention. This obviously blows that out of the water for all the wrong reasons.  After he killed his own son, he then played games and watched FRINGE for five hours afterwards..  This disgusting man deserves all the punishment he can get.. I have no forgiveness at all for crimes against children, especially those based off of such a decadent reason.. 

Jackson-Ground Slipping

A still from YouTube video by Enjoykin
The "sex symbol of Russia" Natalya Poklonskaya's 'music' video hits almost 4 million hits in three days..

Police in Hawaii are not permitted to have sex with prostitutes anymore.. (Yes they were before this)

General Mills in charge: If you like a product by General Mills on Facebook, it may prevent you from being able to sue the company!  The NEW YORK TIMES went in depth on why 'liking' a product voids the right to sue the product's maker.. I have always thought about this myself on Facebook.. that is why I don't 'like' things of any market value. I frankly typically don't 'like' much on Facebook at all. Except the HORROR REPORT, which is on Facebook! Like me today. And you can still sue me tomorrow.

Bangerz no more: The remainder of Miley Cyrus' tour has been postponed.. The gyrating pop star has been in the hospital over an 'extreme allergic reaction' to an antibiotic.. All of this after she had a sinus infection.. She is facing a long recovery..  She has been said to have Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Which is pretty serious stuff: Read about it here.. Something has been cursed about this Miley Cyrus tour from the start.. Sure she had fake online oral sex with a fake Bill Clinton. And yes she made out with Katy Perry. Plus she utilized the 'hot dog'  as part of her act..  But her tour bus also blew up, her dog died,  and Sky Ferreria was injured on the set of Bangerz.. One more: A construction worker from the Bangerz tour set sued Miley over an injury too.. When you play with the devil, you get the horns..

OCULUS takes a fresh approach to horror genre..

Easter weekend movies: HEAVEN IS FOR REAL is a surprise to some .. and CAPTAIN AMERICA may pass the $200 mil mark.. 

Update: Bryan Singer is one of many who attend wild Hollywood parties..

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