'Asteroid to hit Earth' story goes up on CNN » (And then down)

CNN is really red-faced about this one.. A user posted a fake news piece about the end of the world coming in the 2040s.. the fiction: An asteroid will hit earth on March 35, 2041.
March 35..

And people believed it..

I am not sure what CNN should be more ashamed at: It's false asteroid report or its real months' long reports on flight 370..

I also thought this, though: While March 35 may not be a real date, nor will this 2041 asteroid be a real threat, others are very true and very real.

For example, the planet earth may face a brush with destiny in 2032. That is if the 2029 "Friday the 13th Asteroid" doesn't hit first..  and if we make it through all of these dangers, the next lurking possible life altering rock from the sky comes in 2036, about when I will hopefully start contemplating a late-life retirement.

And they are the big ones we know about..

Obviously, proven by the Russian meteor impact in 2013, we don't know all of the space rocks around.. we rarely see them incoming more than a day or two in advance.

And while the 2041 asteroid story was fake, ironic twists and turns occur in our news cycles.

What's fake today is history tomorrow.

Either way.. CNN needs to figure a better way to exist online than this.

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