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A collection of the good, the bad, and the ugly, from the world around  and beyond..

More than 10,000 toddlers in the United States are prescribed drugs for ADHD..  Toddlers.. ADHD.. I am not discounting the valid uses for the drug in some situations, but the ADHD between two and three is called being a toddler..

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The TSA's invasive actions have become commonplace to the point where they don't make headlines. Now at airports we just expect a sexually charged patdown from hopefully an UNstimulated agent.. Comedian Molly Shannon is speaking about her experience, saying joked (I think?) that she loves TSA screenings so much that they give her a 'head orgasm'.. 

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People are very naive about the future.. Most people who I talk to about the robotic wars of the new ages on the way laugh at me.. they think I am a tin foil wearing nutjob when I speak about soldiers who are more machine than man.  If you're the same, good reading material is here from the UK GUARDIAN, scientists in the United States have created bionic particles inspired by TERMINATOR.  But with all this creating we are doing, are we going to establish a programmable moral code into the machines? If not... then what?  Machines without mercy on the way.

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Better late than never?  The AIR FORCE is getting ready to dismantle HAARP.  The REAL site (though denied by many over the years) has been active since 1993.. some have blamed it for earthquakes and hurricanes..others believed it was less dangerous. Either way funding has been cut..

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Remember just about 48 hours ago we and others reported that NASA had a book about aliens potentially being associated with ancient rock art? Well.. NASA has pulled that e-book. Without explanation. ... Do we really need an explanation...?

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The pink skies are falling.. these days it seems like, whenever a large asteroid is near the planet, it seems like it is discovered just a day or two before a potential strike.. And even worse, we hear about how we almost die a year or two after it occurs, like the 2012 solar flare that NEARLY ruined most of our grid on earth. And now this: A year after Chelyabinsk had that big meteor rip through its skies and ruin buildings, we hear this: That meteor actually collided with an asteroid before it hit earth!! What I don't think I will ever forget is that night, while NASA was telling people not to worry about a large asteroid passing by the planet, Chelyabinsk happened and no one knew it until Twitter started flowing with images and videos of this large meteor over the Russian  city.. But what worries me about it is this: That not only were we unaware of a meteor that could hit the planet, but also apparently had no clue about this other asteroid, either. Even though we were being told no fear of the skies that very night.. We need to come up with an earth-defensive system soon. It always seems like our luck will run out.

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Blame it on the radiation...Japan has a new bizarre craze on its mind: Hamster rear ends..

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Drug addicted sheep commit suicide by cracking its own head open..

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Image: Hail shattered a mall's skylight in Berks County.
Massive hailstorm hits parts of Pennsylvania *including me* .. Parts of Reading, PA's Berkshire mall skyline broken into pieces.. Parts of Philly's airport smashed..  One report I got from a friend who works in Reading, PA, said that 'every car in the parking lot' at her job was smashed up with broken glass all over the concrete.. With all of these earth changes on the way, we may want to reconsider glass ceilings ..

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I already notice some yellow and orange showing on the once green trees. Life is like this.. it comes and goes.. and even though the oppressive heat and humidity of summer 2012 was not something you can miss, you'll end up missing it once the cold winds begin to bite ..

The first workday of September (unless you work weekends), news of the world:

There is no investigation planned into Michael Clarke Duncan's death..

Celebrity world mouns death of the gentle giant Duncan..

Hollywood stunned at Duncan's demise..

Duncan was also the star of an upcoming horror film called THE SIBLING..

The future is now: Chinese scientists unveil 'mind-controlled' drone!

The swarm of earthquakes taking place in California continues.. now it strikes Beverly Hills with a 3.3..

Indonesia warns of eruption of volcano..

Syria continues to degrade into atrocity and chaos..

Frustrated new labor leader throws empty cha…

Fires and floods, estrogen and beer: Your Friday the 13th update