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I hate Wordpress Wednesday.. cheese with your whine?

The HORROR REPORT has been writing a little too much about itself lately. The idea that we cannot choose a reliable blogging platform should not be the problem of the reader.. also with that said, the notion that downtime continues to occur is ludicrous and annoying to me. But it happened again for hours over the past two days..
There was a major update to the website coding on our fucntions.php sheet--and viola! An error took place that prevented me from even logging into the site's FTP account.. Since my expertise in coding rests in the early 2000s and not the teens we're in currently, I was befuddled.. A helpless rage took over my entire body for a bit of time.. Before I completely threw the towel in, I got some folks who were experts on the matter on the phone and they tried walking me through it.. didn't work. My web hosting company actually had to step in to get me back to where I was without that one line of code to the functions page which completely eliminated my presence on the web.

The other troubling aspect of the downtime was this: While my site was critically injured by the code problem, and during the time I was unable to view/change/log on, something else was occurring: An endless trove of spam comments were somehow being posted to every page.. images and links to sex, others that promised extended and harder erections, and some that even said it had a cure-all for cancer. Obvious fake people with unoriginal comments.. However, it led me to wonder if something else had occurred that opened my site up for malicious coding or content..

This was my third and worst experience yet with

One of my decisions to move to Wordpress was inspired by the internets' hatred of Blogger--the service I have been using for a decade now.. Even more, I read, Wordpress was going to give me complete and total control over my site.. There are 1000s of add-ons, they say.. and  if I use them my site will operate with amazing power.
None of that occurred..
I came to realize that Blogger isn't that bad. And while Google may think they own my content, I say they don't--especially since I back my content up weekly and keep saved filed for future use should the massive internet company ever decide to pick on my and get rid of my account. 

I also came to find out that the people who make these Widgets and add-ons are often as good as me coding wise--experience that led me down the path of potential website deletion, and opening up my coding for hackers and other spammers to take advantage of my down time..

Yes is complete control. They said..
They said the website templates were 'professional' and all-inclusive..
I say this: I have no time for the complete control.. I'm more like a 50/50 guy.. I have time to code and do my own thing, but not enough dedication or time to yearn to go through 1000s of widgets to make my site better.. 
And the website designs were hideous, ugly.. and one small change would create errors in the coding structure that you could not correct..
So I turn back to Google Blogger.

And I promise--at least with one finger crossed behind my back--that this will be the final time I bring my personal blogging issues to you, the reader.. I respect you more than that, and you're not here to hear that--you're in this for the weird, the bizarre, the paranormal, and the strange. 

But I wanted to get my unabashed opinion on Wordpress out there for the masses of asses that profess to me that Wordpress is the only way to go..
There are other ways to have complete control over your website and still utilize the demon's blogging service...

Backup backup backup.


  1. worddpress is what you make it, it's up to you. You cannot hate smoething that is a clean slate, it's sort of unfair to blame wordpress for the problems. There are patches and widgets that can stop hackers and beef up security. But since it's self-hosted you are always in danger.


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