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The HORROR REPORT identity crisis

You may have already noticed: The HORROR REPORT has been going through a series of weird changes over the past two weeks..
Here is the lowdown on the ever evolving face of this website..
The site has been hosted on Google’s BLOGSPOT for years (even though we had a server and space with Godaddy, we did it that way) .. A time came for a change, namely because I didn’t feel comfortable not owning the information I was posting. WordPress was the obvious choice..
But slam bam no thank you ma’am, the theme I chose originally for this site look mighty sleek and sexy, but crashed with a mighty thud and I pretty much lost all of my customization and potentially even some posts.
A distraught Horror Reporter turned to Tumblr, as I host a personal blog there and thought maybe the HORROR REPORT could be a good fit.
It was not..
A turn back to Google’s Blogspot was made this past weekend while I ironed out a few things..
For the past few days I have been working on a return to WordPress and hopefully (crossing my bony fingers) a theme that will be a good fit for this website and also one that will be stable and error free..
I am pretty happy to say, at least judging from my stats I can see, I did not lose any hits over the past few days. Though I imagine some folks may have been awfully confused at what they were seeing over the weekend. At one point the website looked like a return to 1998 HTML ..
I have been used to coding most of my website for the past 15 years.. Not sure what to make of this new WordPress theme yet.. I am using “raindrops” .. but at least we are closer in nature to what we want to see, and more stable.
So .. stick around. The scares go on.. Now that this pesky web change *(hopefully agaim)* is over..
Visit the Horror Report. Every day.
Visit the Horror Report. Every day.


  1. Rose (who knew Ashland well :)Tuesday, 20 May, 2014

    Hi Bryan– This is the best format you’ve put up since the old one. Easy to read. And I still like the black and white and red. The one I really hated was with the pictures at the top that were different sizes: the writing kept jumping up and down as the pix changed. Just wanted to let you know (as I’m here every day).
    Thanks for all you do!


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