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Weird Wednesday news happenings from the world and beyond

This past weekend, a lightning strike made news: One World Trade Center was struck during a storm in New York City, video to prove it also exists.. My initial reaction to the amazing lightning strike was that it was a conglomeration of the souls who once housed the 8000 body parts that now lay in the 9/11 Museum. Perhaps they found out a wealthy and elite cocktail party was held on their makeshift gravesite next to the trinket shop..

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This is Chervony Lloern. She really isn’t there, it’s just her body. Her lifeless corpse.. she is making headlines across the Netland because, in death, she got a wish: Being propped up in a red rocking chair, surrounded by flowers and plants, and wearing her wedding gown.. Just another day at the Marin Funeral Home in Puerto Rico, as the WASHINGTON POST reports in full here..
This is Chevrony Lloren. She is dead--but in death she achieved her wish. She wanted to be showcased in her wedding dress in a red chair with plants and flowers around her.  A funeral home in Puerto Rico made it happen (and seemingly does so often)

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New details are emerging about the HUNGER GAMES killer Elliot Rodger. The 22-year-old virgin was seeing a therapist since the age of 8.. according to a family friend, he was also seeing the therapist "daily" .. While it's not yet known what drugs he was on, no doubt there was a mix and match of several..  He killed with a gun--but also with a knife.. 

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So much for bringing the girls home.. Nigeria said that the abducted school girls in the nation have a known location. But they cannot be rescued.. 

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Amazing news from beyond the Milky Way galaxy today.. There may have been (and may NOT have been) a Gamma Ray burst in the Andromeda Galaxy.. Scientists say that if one did actually occur, it's far away and will not destroy the planet earth. Data is still coming in--scarce at this point, reports say.. It was apparently either a Gamma Ray burst or an Ultraluminous X-ray object.  It may be worth remembering during Art Bell's brief Sirius stint, he interviewed Michio Kaku on his first program. Among the many topics discussed: What a Gamma Ray burst would do the planet earth should one occur close enough to hit..

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GlaxoSmithKline is under investigation in the UK by the Serious Fraud Office (real name, seriously) .. The criminal investigation is into the drug maker's commercial practices, according to reports.. The New York TIMES details some more in its reporting on the matter, but neither the drug company nor the Fraud office are providing any more background on what the fraud accusations may be..   but we do know this from REUTERS: The drug company already is facing claims of bribery in China and four other countries.   Shares are falling in the stock market..  But across the world today, vaccines are still being administered to crying children in pediatricians' offices en masse. So Glaxo still has that..

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NBC News' Brian Williams scored a major interview when he landed Edward Snowden.. the ads have been nonstop on all of the NBC stations for the event--it is an event and truly important that Americans get to see and hear what Snowden is about, and why he says he did what he did in revealing some of the deepest secrets from the spy underbelly .. On that same note, he apparently also told Brian Williams that he was not just a low-level contractor as the American media (and government) has previously said.. According to Snowden, he was trained as a spy and worked under cover for the US's biggest alphabet agencies..  The wide-ranging interview will air on NBC Wednesday at 10pm. It should be something watched by the entire nation..

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I am not certain if I published this before, but I have become addicted over the past few months to a website written by Caleb Wilde, a Philadelphia-based mortician who mocks death and ads humor to the dying process.. He has written a new blog post about dealing with death and grief.. He argues that if you are going through rough straits, seeing your pastor should be secondary to seeing a therapist.   A good read.  And something sadly that every human on this planet will face or has faced already: Grief about death and losing someone close..

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For those in the service industry (as I once was) .. here is a handy list if you're a bar going drunkard: These are the things NOT to do or say at a bar .. and certainly a list of comments NOT to say to your bartender.. My personal favorite: Don't hold your dollar up ..others have it too.
I never liked the bartender gig as much as I enjoyed serving tables in restaurants.. Male bartenders are treated differently than female.. I frankly think that bartenders are expected to be women, and when men see other males serving their drinks to them, the tips are much worse and the patrons leave much sooner. But on the flipside..

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"Keep earth human" .. so says new TRANSFORMERS promo.. 

Pregnant woman stoned to death for marrying someone she loved..

How we treat our vets: Family says that VA cops stomped on veteran's head and killed him because he was trying to leave the VA facility.. 

The First Family food fraud? Obama's children get meatball subs and ice cream for lunch. 

Ehhhh?? CNN needs to go back to covering the flight 370 mystery.. Now apparently at least one news anchor (or script writer) thinks that the First Lady can sign bills into law.. Huh!?

Scary: Are we seeing the beginnings of a new dust bowl of the 21st century?

Big box retailers have really scary first quarter..

3rd grade teacher making kids pay to use the bathroom.. This is beyond outrageous.. 



Cool blend of horror movie characters with HE-MAN action figures

Horror movie fans who once played with HE-MAN toys in their childhood may have the perfect gift ready to be purchased: Horror icons in the shape and style of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE toys..

The toy line was unveiled by FUNKO at a toy fair.. it is called the SAVAGE WORLD HORROR LINEUP.

Reaction has been mixed.. But why? ... the nostalgia of the 80s coupled with hugely instrumental horror movie characters--all born during the same time period by the way ..

Even the packaging is similar to the containers that contained the HE-MAN toys of the 80s generation.

Everything can be ordered here on Entertainment Earth.


It's not just Alex Jones being taken off of Youtube! Now the NUN! Apparently the newest ad has been so scary that is violated their policies! MELTING SNOWFLAKES ABOUND..

Detailed sexual abuse by priests in Pennsylvania revealed..
How they hid it..
70 years of covering it up!

Judge allows sex-trafficking suit against Weinstein, citing history of the casting couch!

THe Omarosa show! Tapes! The n word! The firing! The scandal! The intrigue!

Penn Jillette claims he heard President Donald Trump say "racially insensitive things" on the set of "The Celebrity Apprentice" back in 2012! "He would say racially insensitive things that made me uncomfortable," Jillette said. "I don't think he ever said anything in that room like 'African-Americans are inferior' or anything about rape or grabbing women, but of those two hours every other day in a room with him, every 10 minutes was fingernails on chalkboard."

Alex Jones getting more …


Put this in the true horror category..

I am from PA. I know several people in this report.. I may even know several abuse victims.

This is the end.

The death of the great tax exempt church..

The blue-haired bakers who love the block parties are dying away...

The truth--with all its sordid details of abusive priests, sex rings, and pedophilia--all now out.

A long-awaited state grand jury report into sexual abuse in six Pennsylvania dioceses, including Pittsburgh and Greensburg, has finally been released. “Today, the most comprehensive report on child sexual abuse within the church ever produced in our country was released,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. “Pennsylvanians can finally learn the extent of sexual abuse in these dioceses. For the first time, we can all begin to understand the systematic cover up by church leaders that followed. The abuse scarred every diocese. The cover up was sophisticated. The church protected the institution at all costs.”

The report begins with the followi…