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Another wild week almost over..

...but it ain't over til it's over.
And there's plenty more time for the unusual, the strange, or the bizarre to take center.
A news update from the world and beyond, condensed and molded into a Thursday morning coffee session read. For your pleasure.

This is not news of the strange but it's news of the bad: At this point now, half of the United States makes less than $27,000 a year .. There is that troubling economic reality, along with 15 other signs brought to you by the never positive ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG worth reading to believing..  The 'great recession' was a depression and there's little evidence I can see to say we're out of it.

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A camp for boys that allows them to be girls has been photo documented by SLATE.. Three year olds wearing heals and wearing makeup..  The camp does not define itself as gay or transgender, but is being proclaimed as a sign of the future.. the death of sexual identity and the merging together of both genders into one..
What I say: the makers of the world actually want transhumanism. Anything they can get to accomplish that goal will work for them. I believe all people regardless of size shape sex or secrets should be given basic forms of respect.. I frankly could care less who wants to get married or who wants a sex change. But a three-year-old knowing they were born the wrong gender? I question the parents more than the ethics of allowing a child to decide.. did the parents coerce, or decide for them?  I also say: The death of a civilization is upon us. No, not because of dying morals--you can't look at the Christian crusades and tell me they were anything less than satanic--but because of dying birth rates. Really.  US birth rates are a record low.. Hell, even teen birth rates are, too.. Look to Japan to see how cultures can evolve: Younger people there have stopped having sex and the adult population has decided to wear diapers everywhere. In Russia, Vlad the Impaler Putin was telling people to say home for a national day of sex. It's not the moral collapse.. there never were really morals anyway.. it's the changing scientific reality .. Transhumanism is coming.. The merging of genders is first. The merging of human with machine is eventual..

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Not sure what to make of this.. A replica of Van Gogh's ear has been created from live cells.  SO take that..whoever wants is.

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This sounds like the plot of a horror movie or even the perfect blind date for Willard.. A 'rat girl' bred thousands of rats and let them loose into San Francisco..  The 43-year-old woman is being blamed for a city wide crisis of rodents and a plague of rats with diseases..

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Is this where we want to go with science? The erasing of memories? Scientists have proclaimed to have done it with rats! Would humans be next? Are we already? It would almost make me wonder if Alzheimer's is a manmade disease!? Certainly that sound far-fetched, but so does the actual news of science erasing the memories in the brain of a rat.. So there you go: erase your painful memories. Also.. the good ones.. also all of them. Just be a vacant vessel of nothing, where human emotion is meaningless and the purpose of life is lost. That's the future if we erase memories.. Memories are meant to be shared, had.. and often lamented. And yes, painful memories should serve a purpose, too. A witness who sees a murder and then can't remember it in court is pointless.. or even scarier, a woman who is given a date rate drug that erases the memory of the rape.. don't tell me rapists wouldn't want to get their disgusting hands on that serum..

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There have been a number of examples lately of life imitating the plot of a gruesome horror flick.. the latest example of that comes from the Australia where a 35-year-old man is on trial for brandishing a chainsaw and chasing government employees around .. He was reportedly bullied by co-workers at the Department of Human Services in Greenway. His choice of revenge was to get a chainsaw and chase around the bullying bureaucrats..  No one was hurt. The man's defense: He wanted to make others afraid..

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Cannes Horror Hit 'It Follows' Lands U.S. Distribution Deal From Radius
A real horror movie (not reality) news: A Cannes horror movie IT FOLLOWS has secured United States distribution.  The movie is centered on a teenager who is plagued by scary visions and the sense something is following her after she has a sexual encounter. The movie reportedly has a 'haunting evocation of adolescent anxiety and yearning.' I like that saying..  Some more people are saying it will be the best independent horror film in a decade..

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Justin Bieber is finding himself embroiled in a new career challenge: His over-abundant use of the N word during his mid-teenage years. Back when everyone thought he was cute and Christian, the soon to be star was yuck yucking it up making jokes at the expense of black people .. His latest embarrassment is singing 'one less lonely N----' .. Beeb's team actually released this one. TMZ reports that Bieber showed these videos to Will Smith and Usher a year ago. Apparently a lot of these videos exist and someone has been trying to extort the boy wonder .. Now Beeb is fighting back: He will release his racist rants himself, I suppose.

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Someone is nervous about something.. Monsanto is threatening to sue VERMONT for its crime against corporations. The fine people of the state may actually have the nerve to label GMO foods! They may actually commit the atrocity of giving consumers knowledge about what they are buying. And for that, Monsanto will become the empire that strikes back..

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A string of mistakes could mark the end of SEARS..

Southwest caught advertising cheap flights--that never existed..

Texas man dead of MAD COW DISEASE..

A medical mystery remains: Why do people --and animals--get hiccups?

And finally at this moment, I am sure by now in life you've heard of that old tale that ET was originally going to be a horror flick. It's true.. The movie was going to be called NIGHT SKIES and was going to feature aliens that could kill each other with the tips of their fingers.. And now images of how ET was going to look proves that NIGHT SKIES would have been a pretty freaky story..
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The Detroit boom: A friend visits from a trip 28,000 miles per house

This is the AP news brief on the meteor and earthquake in Detroit January 16:
DETROIT (AP) — Experts say a bright light and what sounded like thunder in the sky above Michigan was a meteor.  The American Meteor Society says it received hundreds of reports of a fireball Tuesday night over the state, including many in the Detroit area. Reports also came in from several other states and Ontario, Canada.Some Michigan residents reported their homes shaking.  The society says the reports suggest a space rock penetrated deep into the Earth’s atmosphere before it broke apart. The U.S. Geological Service says it registered as a 2.0 magnitude earthquake in Michigan. Bill Cooke with NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office tells The Detroit News it was “definitely a meteoroid” and a rare sight for Michigan.Other states where people reported seeing a fireball included Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.
More information now being revealed.. CBS in Detroit reported that NASA said the mete…


USGS confirms meteor occurred around 811pm, causing a magnitude 2.0 earthquake. The very bright fireball illuminated the sky over Michigan, US on January 16, 2018 and was followed by a sonic boom reported several miles away. The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received 356 witness reports from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio as well as from Ontario in Canada.

50 people reported concurrent sound associated with the event and 114 delayed. Reports are still coming in..

HEATHER WADE ROCKS MIDNIGHT: Ultra Top Secret: Assessment of Situation / Statement on Position on UFOs

HEATHER WADE ROCKS MIDNIGHT: Ultra Top Secret: Assessment of Situation / Statement on Position on UFOs: Last night before the daily broadcast of MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT began, Art Bell posted a Facebook message that breaking news could occur on the program.. Host Heather Wade followed up with a ‘brace for it’ message.When the intro music finally ended, Wade waded deep into the Men In Black danger zone: Revealed though her radio broadcast and now on the Midnight in the Desert page ( are secret documents said to be given to Wade by a trusted source..Stanton Friedman, an expert in the UFO community who goes back decades in research, told Art Bell that the documents now downloadable are all new pieces of information.. and even more, that they prove government knowledge of different types of extra-terrestrial beings. Even that we truly did recover bodies..Bombshell stuff if it proves true.
And speaking of that.. the MIDNIGHT page still has a caveat to the breaking news…


I am completely terrified, enthralled, and perplexed by the DEAR DAVID Twitter stream being penned by New York writer Adam Ellis. He is known on Twitter as Moby_Dickhead.  And suddenly he is captivating publications all over the world..

It began in August. He said he had a dream about a boy with half of a head.. He said his apartment in NYC was being haunted by a dead boy. . . At some point he learned that the boy's name was David. Dear David, actually. And you could only ask him two questions. If you asked a third, he would desire to kill you.

Adam Ellis asked a third..

And the rest became a Twitter stream of nightmare potential.

His cats got involved, as he

Just last week he revealed this photograph, which he said shows Dear David staring at him from across his bedroom:

The last update was last week. Nothing since then.

There are currently 559,000 or so followers who have been watching the accounts of Moby Dickhead. Waiting for another enthralling update.. waiting for another ph…

Art Bell speaks!

And he no longer wants to have his name even associated with Coast to Coast AM..

Here's a screen cap from his Facebook page tonight, only moments ago, in which he exposed yet more feelings about the program:

For months now Art Bell has sent out cryptic messages through his Facebook page about how he wants to be disassociated from the late-night radio show..

Last night George Noory hosted Ghost to Ghost a.m., something Arbel started years ago.

One comment from a friend of Art Bell asked 'why not do a show' of his own. Bell responded in kind:

He said, "It's not that I want to do a show, it is that Coast has gone so far down the drain that I wish my name was not associated with it. I asked them to stop the Saturday Broadcasts of my old shows but so far they refuse."

Interesting developments continue with Mr. Bell.

It appears he is enjoying his show-free retirement, but something seemingly is breaking his heart about what has happened to the once beloved late ni…