$97 mil later, NINJA TURTLES 2 gets a release date

The buildup.. the virtually nude images of Megan Fox.. the thumbs..
All of it culminated this weekend in a show of turtle power strength.. the heroes in a half shell weren't supposed to do as good as they did.. but $65 mil domestic and $97 mil worldwide dollars later, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are partying like it's still the 20th century..

And now, with a successful weekend behind them, PARAMOUNT has announced that NINJA TURTLES 2 has a sequel and release date: June 3, 2016--less than two years from now..

Michael Bay will return .. obviously no word on who will play April O'Neill, but if she was good enough to do it the first time, chances are Megan Fox will be asked again..

That's of course unless Fox decides to poke her thumb at Bay in the post-release era.. TRANSFORMERS behind them.. money talks. Mom Fox may not want to risk basking in the glow of April's yellow in'16..


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