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Strange times.. strange coincidences.. Weird timing. And bad things coming in threes..

It's obvious that Americans are fixated on Ferguson.. the Middle East is trying to escape the clutches of genocide and grotesque videos of reporters getting beheaded.. But all the while, a few oddly-timed events occurred within hours of themselves involving Pope Francis. The HORROR REPORT's fin toil hat took notice, and we immediately recalled a supposed prophecy from long ago..

The HORROR REPORT has written extensively on the Prophecy of the Popes--the alleged time table written by St. Malachy that gave us the prediction for all popes up until the end, the end being "Peter the Roman." While Cardinal Bergoglio did not choose Peter as his papal name, and he was celebrated as the first 'Latin American' pope, it's interesting to note that his origins are in Italy. Even more, while Francis was picked, the HORROR REPORT noted in November 2013 that Pope Francis continues to remind us of PETER in many ways.. Francis displayed St. Peter's bones in Rome for the first time in history..

The following set of news bits do not directly correlate to any issues of prophecy, though it still seemed strange to consider the news when that doom and gloom of end time predictions loom over of Pope Francis' papacy..

3 part 1.
Pope Francis announced that he is hoping to visit THREE American cities when he visits in September 2015.. Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York City to speak to the United Nations. The American visit has been the subject of countless stories and endless media attention in Vatican circles. While there is no definite setting for the Pope's visit, it had appeared likely for some time that he would visit at least Philadelphia. Now, with the President's invitation and plans to meet with the Secretary General of the U.N., that trip has swelled to three cities..

3 part 2.
A tragic situation has struck Pope Francis.. THREE of his family members died in a car crash this week .. His two great nephews and their mother were killed in Argentina. The family was returning from vacation when the accident happened. The Pope has been said to be 'deeply pained' by the incident and is asking for prayers..

3 part 3.

The weirdest of the set of 3's may come directly from Pope Francis' infallible mouth. While talking to reporters on his trip back from South Korea to the Vatican.. And then he said this: "I see it as the generosity of the people of God. I try to think of my sins, my mistakes, not to become proud. Because I know it will last only a short time. Two or three years and then I'll be off to the Father's House." The media reports indicate that the comment had a 'light-hearted' context, but with constant rumors of the Pope's failing health haunting him, the words spoken may have had deeper meaning than a little quip or joke from Francis..

Francis also said he would not rule out retirement--something unheard of in recent generations until Pope Benedict opted to do it, creating the need for Cardinals to conclave to raise the white smoke with Bergoglio..


Three cities.
Three family members..
Three years to live..

All things come in threes, sometimes even 'threes' come in threes.

Of course, it's impossible for anyone to conclude that the prophecy of the popes has 100% merit--though it sure is creepy considering it appears to be frighteningly accurate--but just imagine if the prophecy has any truth. What if the timeline existent in the words is real, and Francis is the final 112th Pope. And then..the end?Pope Francis gestures while aboard a flight

Would that end be in three years when Francis decides to retire or fate decides to take him? Would there be another Pope to fulfill the 112th's mission of end times? Or would all of this just go away, and be forgotten.. just like the year 2000 and 2012 frights that never happened, could this prophecy end up in the trash heap of paranormal fakery?

Difficult to determine, obviously, since even the most hard core of Catholics often disbelief old mystical tales of future events. Regardless of the accuracy of 'end times' predictions, current events sure look like a biblical moment of Armageddon. Christians suffering genocide in Iraq. Americans being torn apart by divisions that are less than skin deep.. And Ebola is ripping apart of the African continent..

There we go. There again.

If these are not end times, I'd sure hate to see them.


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