While media reports indicated that Robin Williams was near bankruptcy, another report surfaced today in the UK TELEGRAPH.. According to reporter Jose Ensor in an exclusive to the publication, a friend of Robin Williams, name not revealed, said that the now deceased star resented having to do another MRS DOUBTFIRE film..and even more, he was 'dreading' the film and it 'brought out his demons.'

Ensor reports that this unnamed friend and neighbor said Williams was being paid $165,000 per episode of the quickly canceled CBS comedy THE CRAZY ONES.. He was paying bills with the cash.. but it wasn't enough.

For several months, websites were abuzz with excitement (and mocking comments all the same) about the second MRS DOUBTFIRE film.. This Ensor report would suggest that, at least according the unnamed friend, Williams felt uncomfortable with the prospect of a return to the film over 20 years since its original release..

But now the death of Williams has potentially cursed the atmosphere of a second MRS DOUBTFIRE film. Williams was set to reprise his role.. ...now.. Chris Columbus issued a statement 24 hours prior to this TELEGRAPH article expressing emotion over Williams' suicide.. but even more, the article goes on to ponder the potential dark cloud cast over the film due to the sudden and dramatic tragic turn of events.. The TELEGRAPH article pinning blame on MRS DOUBTFIRE certainly will not do anything to help the furtherance of the movie's development..

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