oys ‘R’ Us informed employees on Wednesday that it will close or sell all of its more than 700 U.S. stores amid mounting debt and years of declining sales, according to a report. ..
MORE: David Brandon, CEO of the Wayne, New Jersey-based toy retailer, broke the news to employees at the company’s headquarters. Toys ‘R’ Us’s impending liquidation could result in as many as 33,000 layoffs, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company will file paperwork related to the liquidation of its U.S. division on Wednesday night ahead of a bankruptcy court hearing on Thursday, the report added.

Footage of mysterious object above ocean stuns military personnel

Hoax or Axe?

An image printed by the UK METRO has gained popularity in paranormal circles.. some see evidence of a ghostly figure, while others say it's a major hoax and can be dismissed as that.

The story, as printed by the less than always reliable tabloid across the pond:
A man clutching an axe inside an old military frigate doesn’t make for your typical ghost story, nor does it make typical fodder for an internet hoax.

But a photograph showing a ghostly figure with an axe in his hand aboard a decommissioned military vessel on a dry dock has gained a lot of traction on social media sites.

Stevgoldhound, who posted the picture on Imgur yesterday, claims it was taken by a colleague of his called John who works as a dock foreman.

John apparently took the picture while snapping work areas and navigating deep within the ship with a torch. He didn’t see anyone while taking the images.

Another user of the site cleaned up the image and came up with this. Creepy huh?

It is creepy, if real.. Even if not real, the image is genuinely jumpy.

The METRO story goes on to say that this person, only with one name of Stevgoldhound *I assume a user name from somewhere online?* is a skeptic.. Even more, supposedly, a search was conducted and there were no people aboard the ship. Matey. And finally, the one-named onliner also said his friend 'John' could simply be blowing smoke up his ass. Maybe. And all of the internet world, too..

At this point: I am placing this one in the fun but fake category. No evidence to showcase any thing real.. nothing which proves the user names are true, and certainly no real information that offers any credibility to the story.

But it is a creepy image.