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Horror movies in a time when reality is far scarier

There is something wrong with the world today.. while we say we don't know what it is, we do .. Human.. And the eventual totalitarian government that rises.. or the genocide that somehow always takes place. Why can't we just let our children sleep in peace at night? Why can't we let people live and let live.. why does religion have to lead to so ma
ny ruined landscapes and torn apart families? Why, in the 21st century, are we still seeing barbarism and mass murder play out before our eyes..? Why are we worried  over 'purges' in American cities? Why are people rising up against police? Why are we seeing the unraveling of the American spirit? Why does the President golf ... so much..? So many things seem to be off kilter--like a timeline jumped from one to the other.. or maybe it's the pole shift that we know is happening?
Perhaps the electric universe is having an electrical fire.. Either way, whether it's beheadings, riots, Ebola, or death, this world is a very dark place as of late..

This generation should have been lost in space.
Instead we are confined to the hell that is planet Earth. A hell we create each day in every way..

So many people don't add good, but instead simply shovel on more negative spirit.. AFP 522039319 A GOV USA MA

The red planet is Mars. But we are the new one in the solar system--red with the blood of innocent people, dying unnecessary deaths in so many ways. Women and children buried alive--but those kept alive used as sex slaves or for labor..

Whether it's brutality from law enforcement around the world or murder at the hands of religious groups on the basis of belief, this planet is soaked in horror. Real horror..

THE HORROR REPORT began in 1999 on an old Geocities website, eventually becoming what it is today in the early 2000s. Initially, the focus was Moustapha Akkad and Halloween, horror movies and Freddy. Innocent things of the 20th century that were taken away by a decade of terror, war, and torture.

nightmares-redwhiteblue-350x517I watched an interesting documentary called NIGHTMARES IN RED WHITE AND BLUE about how, culturally, horror movies have always been emblematic of the time they were made--the monsters after World War II were people and the LSD and torture after the Manson murders stoked fears.. Freddy Kreuger was Ronald Reagan and Jason Vorhees represented the Old Testament God, angry at sinners.. And then, as we moved into the 2000s, after 9/11 and Gitmo, films law SAW brought us a new style of torture porn with roots in sadistic horror of the 1970s after the Vietnam War..

I have often said that professional wrestling and horror movies are molded after the generation watching them.. Check out any period of time for either the fake sport or the fake movies, and you'll be presented a startling accurate picture of the people who were watching them at that moment in history..

But in our new world, a world where we heralded in a president we thought was going to change the world with his Nobel Peace Prize, what movies will be made? In a world where journalists are beheaded in gruesome YouTube videos, and said videos go viral around the world, what will shock us? In an atmosphere where we are told in a repetitive fashion from officials on the television sets that ISIS is in the United States and all of the world, and they are poised begin their strikes, what will scare us?

The Red Scare gave us countless films that represented Communists.. the nuclear age offered up movies about Armageddon gone wrong and beastly creatures being created by radiation..

But what will a new world of horror movies be during a time of such grief, pain, and true horror?

When reality becomes more shocking than the blood on the screen, I predict a continuation towards the more esoteric films--movies about demons and spirits, entities and the Jinn..

What can be scarier than our new reality? Not much..

There's something wrong in the world today..
Do you know what it is?




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