Ten years rolls by so fast..

We took a stroll into the past tonight--ten years ago today as a matter of fact.. What mattered, what didn't.. This was what the HORROR REPORT was talking about in 2004..

We reported that Justin Timberlake did not want to do an NSYNC reunion.. that changed years later.. The HORROR REPORT also said this about M. Night Shyamalan and his then hoax with the most:
Fans of M Night Shyamalan and his latest film THE VILLAGE may be surprised to learn that key elements in the plot were the same as elements in a children's book called RUNNING OUT OF TIME, printed last century in 1995..
Publishing House Simon and Schuster is reviewing all legal options...
Also, in a flashback to a story reported last year in the HORROR-REPORT, the legal battle between Shyamalan and screenwriter Robert McIlhenney has still not been resolved. McIlhenney says that the 2002 movie SIGNS is based on a script that he wrote...

Ten years ago tonight, James McGreevey was the governor of New Jersey and the nation was abuzz about his gay secret. The irony: At that time he opposed gay marriage..

Promo ads for ALIEN VS PREDATOR began running, and we predicted: "ALEN VS PREDATOR likely to seize box office crown, but will come no where near the victory of FREDDY vs JASON last year..."

Hurricane Charley went to Disneyland..

And the 2004 summer Olympics began in earnest..

Ten years ago.. So long. But so fast all the same..


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