Subjecting a modern child to pre-historic pop culture

I feel slightly guilty when I try to enforce my own pop culture from my childhood onto my 3 and 1/2 year old son, Ayden.. I get away with it, usually, until the point where he yells at me for showing him things that are less than entertainment when compared to modern television or movies.. But I try.

Last night, my memory was hit with a sack of boulders when I found a little gem from the 1989 BATMAN VHS release.. It was Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny advertising the Warner Bros catalog–with a 1-900 number, too!

I was aghast.. I am so used to the modern luxuries, and free streams of information, that I forgot big corporations had a tight grip over every product and piece of merchandise marketed.. to the point where not only would you have to pay for the Warner Bros catalog, but also call a pay-per-minute phone number to order it.. THEN when you found your item of choice, you had to again shell out more loads of cash for the item most likely not even THEN produced in the USA..

If you forgot the ad, here you go, enjoy. And don’t call the 1-900 number now, as it most likely has been bought up by something even less scrupulous than Warner.. and besides, the offer expired 12/31/91… 20th century time.

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