The vacant scare: Forget zombies.. Time is more frightening

Namely this documentary on Netflix: FORGOTTEN PLANET: ABANDONED AMERICA. It’s another example of why reality scares me much more profoundly than any work of fiction.

The documentary isn’t new.. But as a busy adult, I only watch things when I get the chance.. It was produced in 2011, and is a graphic account of how once booming towns in the United States often become abandoned ghost towns.


There is something brutally frightening to me about decaying structures and silent facilities.. I have near me a hospital that was active for over one hundred years, and now sits idle as bankruptcy took the legs out from under the workers .. the building, in only two years, has become overgrown with the earth and is already appearing as though it was forsaken over a decade ago.. It’s so amazing to see how quickly our planet makes us forget people ever lived in certain spots. Abandoned buildings serve as a reminder: We are dust and so are the places we inhabit.. They’ll be gone just as we will.

Also near me:  Centralia, the town I grew up in and have written about extensively on my site. Anyone visiting that town wouldn’t even know that it was once filled with homes stacked on top of each other, taverns on every corner, and churches active every Sunday.. A mine fire swept away life and the earth, again, took over.

So give this 40 some minute documentary a chance—if you’re like me and chilled to the core by abandoned structures, try out FORGOTTEN PLANET: ABANDONED AMERICA.. turn off the lights.. lock the doors. The zombie is time. And it eats.