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A few other Wednesday weirdness news bits and bites from the land of the free and the earth beyond..

Presented in living HTML for your enjoyment, discernment, and good natured acceptance.

Enjoy. Or disbelieve. You be the judge..

A sick story from Philadelphia, the city that was once called that of Brotherly Love.. Mutilated cats are showing up on people's doorsteps. One says it's gruesome.. another says sick.. No word on why but police are actively investigating..

It's a bad day for cats: Severed cat heads also being found in UK..

The world that we live in: A South Carolina 16-year-old was ARRESTED for writing a fictional Facebook post about killing dinosaurs with a gun..

The Ebola nightmare in Liberia may soon look like a chapter from the book THE STAND.. forces have a 'slum' sealed off.. Some believe it's population control to eliminate an entire village of Ebola patients.. There is also fear that a patient being treated in San Fran has the virus..

Good read: Ebola and the Western 'humanitarians' ..

The Nevada desert is shaking.. an earthquake swarm is taking place..

Word is: The White House knew of the threat to behead journalist James Foley.. regardless of such news, the President golfed his vacation away *and continues to do so as another reporter is threatened with the same brutal fate*.. As a matter of fact: Obama rushed off to a golf course immediately following a statement today regarding the beheading.. Meanwhile, Twitter is attempting to block the gruesome video of the beheading.. Internet savey readers will still be easily able to find it, though.. should they want to see the utmost sickness that is deep within the human condition. I choose not to..

The United Kingdom is urgently investigating the possibility that the executioner in the Foley video was British..

Remember flight 370? This news from the UK MIRROR today: Expert claims that the pilot cut off the air supply in the plane before crashing it into the sea.. You know..the plane we have yet to find in a sea that supposedly ate it..

New information coming to light in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson: Word is, the police officer who shot Brown was badly beaten before he pulled his trigger.. The DAILY BEAST is pointing out the wild card to watch: American Muslims and African Americans are allied in the Brown issue..
Meanwhile, this: Special ops contractors and former Navy Seals are being deployed to the city of Ferguson..

Clyde Lewis' radio program last night compared the town of Ferguson to that of Chesters Mills from UNDER THE DOME. I get it.. and it's remarkably similar in nature.. We are watching a town destroy itself, and it appears to be in a dome or bubble unto itself..

The strange saga of the abducted New York state Amish girls..

Goodbye summer.. not that it matters: Americans don't vacation anymore anyway..

Welcome to the future: A cyber restaurant in China is now run entirely by robots. Goodbye service economy.. Drones are coming.

Robots are poised to take our jobs..

Future fear: Water may be gone by 2040..

Anne Archer says women in Hollywood are doomed forever..



  2. […] Earlier in August, there were mutilated and beheaded cats found in Philadelphia .. not only there, but there were also severed cats heads found in the UK.. […]


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