Weird tales of snakes and curses

More weird news making real headlines

I have written recently about my fascination with stories that ultimately are of the ‘paranormal’ making headlines in mainstream publications.. Today shows us another example of the increasing paranormal-ification of the daily news: Roberto Calderoli, a Senator from Italy, put a request in to the Pope: He wants an exorcism.. 

Tom Kington in Rome, reporting for the The LONDON TELEGRAPH writes, this:
At a ceremony last year attended by Miss Kyenge’s father, Clement Kikoko Kyenge, in his home village, a prayer was said in which God was asked to free Mr Calderoli from evil thoughts. A photo of Mr Calderoli was then placed before an altar dedicated to the ancestors of the village, and the same request made.

But this month Mr Calderoli said a series of misfortunes he has incurred since then – including six hospital operations, the death of his mother, two broken fingers and two broken veterbrae – proved he had actually been cursed by Mr Kyenge.

And more:
To cap his year of bad luck, Mr Calderoli this month tweeted a photo of himself holding a six foot long snake he said he had found and killed at his home in Italy.

Maybe St. Patrick freed the snakes from Ireland and they all moved to Italy..?

Before getting to overdone in religious fervor to support Mr. Calderoli, consider a few things hidden in plain view about his past dealings with the supposed possessor.A defamation of character case was opened against Calderoli in 2013.. Before he claimed possession at the hands of Kyenge, he first compared to an orangutan—said sorry, but still said it wasn’t racist.  The incident led to the Italian Prime Minister calling for an end to the racist insults..

With that all said, some faithful may believe that given his possession and racist sentiments, it’s high time for an exorcism. Others may just see things for what things are…

But regardless.. what about this snake!