The dawn of a new dead

A friend of mine posted photographs of herself with blood dripping from her mouth and her limbs hanging off.. it's not every day you see such things. After an inquisitive message was sent asking where she was able to masquerade in broad daylight as a brain eating zombie, I found out she was an extra in a film called THE SOULLESS. Luckily, I followed a chain of people and was able to interview the director, Chris Eilenstine, of the film.. I am inspired by what he said.

Let me first step back a bit.. Zombie movies are out of control. They are everywhere.. and they are hungry for viewers. Most zombie flicks I have seen featured the same tired and lackluster acts. The dreadful soundtrack along with the blood curdling noises of the dead slurping up cartilage and brains. That gets tired, quickly..

There have been a few gems in heap of trash, but those are far and few between. One such movie that made me scratch my head by yet appreciate the desire to do something different was PONTYPOOL.

The SOULLESS sounds different. It is inventive, and it does not sound one bit like anything I have seen before.

Chris Eilenstine started making movies when he was 14. He has a long history of productions behind him. The movie THE SOULLESS is in post-production.

According to the information, Eilentine's film is budged at $50,000---a low budget film by any definition. But when you consider the plot, you may want to give it a try.

soullessEilenstine gave the HORROR REPORT the backstory on the film. The movie is the story of David and Nicole Peterson, a father and daughter who have survived a genetic plague that has turned the majority of the  human race into a primitive, animal like race. David and Nicole have a special immunity to these new humans.

Here is where things get different: The main characters are completely ignored by them and can  walk amongst them without fear of being attacked.

Eilenstine  said that he conceived of this idea while reading an article of the mapping of our DNA and that aging is not decay, but  a form of mutation we go through in life.   "I wanted to tell the story of a scientist who rewrites our DNA and sends us back to the beginning. He does this  believing the human race will destroy itself unless he helps it. So he releases a virus and 'reboots' humanity."

The majority of THE SOULLESS was shot in Monmouth County, New Jersey. That's where my friend was able to don her best zombie attire to rampage the streets as an extra.

Eilenstine seems intent on recreating the zombie genre, toying with the concept almost like the scientist who rewrites DNA. Eilenstine said,
This film series is very different than other zombie films. It has gore, but never dwells on it. It is used in the way I believe gore should be used- to horrify, not just shock. But The SOULLESS is very much a human drama about David and Nicole and he will do anything to keep her alive and try to give her a chance at a normal life. It is also a very sci-fi driven storyline, with a horror framework. The 'Zombies' of the story are a surprise, and I do not want to spoil that for anyone. The series is so different in fact that we adopted a tag line for it that goes 'Forget Everything You Know About the Living Dead...THE RULES HAVE CHANGED!'."

Eilenstine joked, "There are no shambling, decomposing corpses digging themselves out the grave and eating brains in this series. The 'zombies' are all sympathetic characters, some are animals, yes- but still human, still deserving of existence."

The rules have changed indeed. The idea of a sympathetic zombie is reminiscent of the mellow and mild mannered Frankenstein that appeared on film decades ago. Are we ready for zombies with (and without) a heart?

Eilenstine is no stranger to horror. It's his favorite genre, along with science fiction. He said that George Romero and Alfred Hitchcock were his inspiration. And it was the movie ALIEN, along with DAWN OF THE DEAD, that moved him enough to make movies himself. He told the HORROR REPORT, "The visual style of Romero's films influenced me greatly. Today I really look forward to learning more about the independent horror market and the people making them. There is a lot of interesting work being done in this genre today."

1013722_10204886015660482_699038867214194339_nBut what scared Chris Eilenstine? Zombies? Slashers? Darkness at midnight hour? No.. not at all. What scares him is what scares me--and what should scare all of us. Eilenstine said, "People who feel that the lives of other people are worthless, and those who believe people who think differently than them deserve to die."

"They are the true monsters," he finished, "they scare the hell out of me."
While low on budget, the SOULLESS appears to be in depth on horror on even more on the big pictures in life. One big picture is death. Eilenstine revealed, "The Soulless does explore these ideas, and in ways that will be fresh and thought provoking for those who view it. It is my sincere hope that when THE SOULLESS becomes a series it will be a show people passionately discuss and think about."

The HORROR REPORT looks forward to thinking about it, and seeing the film. We will certainly pass along any other information as it becomes available.

THE SOULLESS is a trilogy Part One: Z-DAY is scheduled for December 2014 with Part 2: Sanctuary for the late spring and Part 3: Revelations in the late summer, 2015.


The jumper got into the White House

When a quiet Friday night was ruined by a White House fence jumper named Omar Jose Gonzalez, I made the joke on the HORROR REPORT that perhaps someone in the Obama Administration's security team needed to watch  WHITE HOUSE DOWN to see how bad things could get.. Little did I realize how close to a scary accurate that joke was..

I was ch2014-09-23T202152Z_377959200_TM3EA9N195I01_RTRMADP_3_USA-WHITEHOUSE-SECURITYilled tonight to read the latest information regarding Mr. Gonzalez' jump into the White House. Initially we were all calmed down as a nation and told that, even though the President was boarding his helicopter only minutes before, his life was not in danger.. Officials said that the jumper was stopped at the front door of the White House---though they admitted he did step foot into the mansion, he was quickly apprehended.

We were lied to..
Big time.
The real news is much worse..

According to the latest information appearing tonight in an article by Carol Leonnig in the Washington POST, the jumper not only made it into the White House but actually sprinted through the front door, knife in the First Family's living quarters..

Perhaps you should pause here and understand the consequences.. A knife in hand, Omar Gonzalez barreled past the front door (and whoever guarded it), ran into the 80-foot long East Room. With a knife...

And the best part, as Leonnig reports,
An alarm box near the front entrance of the White House designed to alert guards to an intruder had been muted at what officers believed was a request of the usher’s office, said a Secret Service official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

While no one has yet to call this an assassination attempt, what else could it be labeled? Call me zany, but.. when an intruder rushes across the South Lawn, all the guards, security boxes, and could have potentially made it where the President, First Lady, and children live and sleep---with a knife---that is an attempt to do something... that is something more than a simple "I wanted to talk to the President" type of insanity.. This is a much worse example of lax security..

....or something else?

I don't want to create conspiracy theory where there is none, but when the initial event happened on September 19, someone who is immersed with theory of all political nature wondered aloud if someone permitted Gonzalez to enter the White House.. perhaps a message being sent to the President? Perhaps someone in the security detail attempting to infiltrate the nation with crisis? I don't know. But I do know this: When I read this information tonight that the intruder not only got onto the lawn without anyone stopping him--including all of those snipers we are told famously wait on top of the White House for just this type of moment--and then got into the place where our President lives... that hit me like a ton of bricks..

Another comment I received tonight on the matter: "Before we know it, we will be told that this guy got into the Oval Office and smoke some of Clinton's cigars still there."

More from the POST:
After barreling past the guard immediately inside the door, Gonzalez, who was carrying a knife, dashed past the stairway leading a half-flight up to the first family’s living quarters. He then ran into the 80-foot-long East Room, an ornate space often used for receptions or presidential addresses.

Gonzalez was tackled by a counterassault agent at the far southern end of the East Room. The intruder reached the doorway to the Green Room, a parlor overlooking the South Lawn with artwork and antique furniture, according to three people familiar with the incident.

We also are being told this tonight by the National REVIEW (hardly a political friend of the President): The Secret Service has permitted 1,000 security breaches. The article claims that these lapses are the result of political correctness... 

During a time when we are told of the endless dangers of ISIS--along with their knives--how can the Secret Service not stop an intruder? And one armed with a knife on top of that?  I shudder at the prospects of what would have happened if President Obama and family had been there..

I was shocked when it first happened, and even more shocked when the news broke that the intruder got into the White House. But tonight, with the news of a madman on the loose in the White House brandishing a knife, I was floored.

Quite frankly, there is no excuse for this big of a security lapse.

Without any pun being intended, heads should roll and people who did not do their jobs should be fired immediately. The lives of the First Family cannot be at risk in the hallowed halls of America's house.

Case of the Mondays: The good, the bad, and the three-breasted Halloween costumes

A Monday roundup of the strange, the unusual, the obscene, and the unexplainable, presented in snippets for your brain to quantify..


If you sprinkle when you pray, please be neat and wipe the seat.. Of all the places you would not expect to find the Son of Man: On a newly laid toilet floor..

MAKE LIKE A SAVIOR AND LEAVE:  When he's not busy on someone's bathroom, floor, Christ is elsewhere.. like on lumber ..

Dateline England: APPARENT "exorcisms" of children have been taking place in the early hours of the morning on a street corner in South Norwood... Members of the group were heard to say "release your spirit" and "get the demon out" – which has alerted the council and police to monitor what is feared may be an exorcism.
The child stood in the middle of the group appearing not to move while the leader – a woman – repeatedly shouted "in the name of Jesus".

Drugs or demons? Police investigating a woman's death.. she took her clothes off in a liquor store.. when cuffed, she began acting 'like crazy' .. then she died.

We have not heard about the black eyed children in some time.. but apparently they're back. The latest haunt they have decided to roam: A place called Cannock Chase.. And answering the call, a paranormal investigator (who writes books) from London..

Dire situation continues in Japan: The rescue of people trapped by volcano now halted due to toxic gases..

More fear: Economists warn of coming crisis. *Apparently no one told them we haven't exited the one we are still in*

The family of Oklahoma beheading suspect defends him..

A must read editorial from CAMILLE PAGLIA is appearing in TIME.. Among some many important things, she writes: Wildly overblown claims about an epidemic of sexual assaults on American campuses are obscuring the true danger to young women, too often distracted by cellphones or iPods in public places: the ancient sex crime of abduction and murder. Despite hysterical propaganda about our “rape culture,” the majority of campus incidents being carelessly described as sexual assault are not felonious rape (involving force or drugs) but oafish hookup melodramas, arising from mixed signals and imprudence on both sides.

Hot costumes for Halloween..

Some Halloween costumes for women who don't want to be sexy cops.

Three's not a charm.. but chances are you'll be seeing three-breasted women this Halloween..

Ditch all of the typical costumes... this year be an alien-human pilot.. A really cool Halloween costume to scare the kids.


Dawn of the dead

Things are truly getting bizarre. A few days ago I implored zombie hunters to get their twinkies ready as news broke that two Ebola patients in Africa reportedly rose from the dead..

The steady stream of people coming back to life has not abated. The latest is from Greece.. We’re being told by some of the lamestream media across the pond in the UK that a cancer patient—dead, mind you—began shouting from her casket in her grave.. This is what the LONDON TELEGRAPH reported:

Police said a cemetery worker and two people visitors heard a woman’s voice from inside the 49-year-old cancer patient’s grave on Thursday.

The sounds were reportedly heard by the passers-by shortly after the last relatives of the deceased had left her funeral in the northern town of Peraia.

They are believed to have dug up the grave to try to save her, but by the time they got her out of the ground she had suffocated inside the coffin, according to Greek media.

A doctor summoned to the cemetery pronounced her dead, but dismissed claims that she had revived and had called for help.

Of course a doctor would poo poo the claim that someone rose from the dead .. After all, real zombies don’t exist.

Except this week.
Three.. two with Ebola, one with cancer..

In this case, the ending was sad, times two.. After the family left the gravesite, the woman actually died again.. If she was dead to begin with, of course.

But at this point, there will be no proof to offer anyone that someone rose from the dead.. The story is complicated. Perhaps the first trauma didn’t kill, and a funeral home didn’t notice.. Maybe embalming did not happen. I don’t know. But I do know that the news has been freaky lately..

As to whether or not she rose from the dead? She’s dead now.. So…….

Sunday morning came down

Another Sunday morning coming down..
This week’s version of the Sunday morning sidewalk news and information review comes with Johnny Cash’s version as the soundtrack..

I would love to know how many people consider Sunday the beginning of a week or the end of one? Or perhaps that loose end that somehow ties two together..?

I frankly never considered Sunday a day at all.. At school age, it was just a series of hours that created a monster of nervous stomach pains and headaches as the dreadful witching hour of school on Monday came closer.. As I aged, and work began, I still disliked it. But now in a world where we are constantly connected, and at times weekends don’t feel like time off anymore, it just has morphed into a dull set of moments. However, as a parent, I see my own child thinking about Monday morning day care.. and the cycle begins all over again.

Speaking of cycles, the 24 hours news cycle has left some entrails along the information superhighway for all of us to enjoy and read. So read at your own peril.. make sure you listen to the Cash sing about the magic Sunday as you traverse the news.

More news coming from the volcano in Japan that suddenly erupted.. Ash rained down on climbers.. some met their fate.. others thought they would but lived.. The volcano has yet to cause any disruptions to air traffic..

More than 12,000 people have been forcibly evacuated in the Philippines as seismologists raise alert over the potential eruption..

Earth shaking news from California as the Mammoth earthquake swarm happening now is the largest in a decade.. More than 600 in less than 36 hours. The magnitude ranged from 1.0 to 3.8..

Two American citizens beaten and tortured to death by Mexican Cartel..

We did not hear much about Fukushima on news as of late.. a big part of me knows that’s on purpose.. But just before your mind idles away from the story, here’s some new information: A worker from Fukushima said “All sorts of troubles going on in plant” and employees wear disguises over fear of retaliation..

I have implored people to follow Seph Lawless, an amazing photographer who sets out across the nation to photograph abandoned places.. This morning, Lawless said that he is working with the makers of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN to find some good locations that are abandoned to film scenes for that movie. I am sure any one of us could figure out a place in our own town to share with him.. the nation’s abandoned infrastructure is sad.. But it certainly makes for good filming locations for movies like that..

Some local news from my own state, my own county.. In Shenandoah PA, there were three fires last night with reports that a fourth was also started.. along with that, rumors in nearby towns that a firebug was being sought by police.. If it was a firebug, hope is they get him or her fast.. Also some more news from Pennsylvania.. the massive search for Eric Frein continues.. Police activity picked up Saturday night in the Poconos but there has yet to be any real clear evidence that cops are on a hot trail. Police searched an abandoned hotel for him.. Also there is a report that Frein tried to call his parents. I frankly still believe the bear ate him possibility exists.. according to PPL Electric, the provider of electricty in Price Township, at least 80 people lost power at 7pm Saturday night.. Police activity picked up immediately.. Power was restored a few hours later. While it may have nothing at all to do with Frein, and simply an act of nature as a tree fell on a line, you could imagine how it would create an air of tension of fear as the skilled assassin is on the loose as darkness falls over a community..

One more from the Keystone State: No immediate winners in PA politics after the porn email scandal broke in the state’s Capitol this week..

Abuse still goes on: Pope Francis removes Scranton Bishop who promoted abusive priest..

20-year-old Pete Davidson celebrated as the new face of Saturday Night LIVE after season opener last night..

Sex drive stunted: The British are losing their libito..

The first trailer for BABADOOK revealed.. It looks intense.

And finally at this hour, MILEY continues to be Miley.. this time spicing things up with a penis nose at her latest concert.. Pop culture continues to sink like a hot knife in butter.


FORBES: The Scary Future Of The Hollywood Horror Film »

Maybe a sign of things to come if things to come don’t improve, moviewise.

It’s been a bad year all around for films .. in general. Not just horror, but drama, action, family.. You know the genre and I’ll name the flop, or the film that underperformed at the box office. At least in the United States.

There are a few cultural things happening. China and other nations increasing in wealth are fast becoming the target audience for many movie companies. That’s why China’s censors get such ability in choosing what should be cut from certain films. Even more than that, independent films are just better lately. More imaginative and fresh, less confined and restricted by the red tape and bureaucracy that Hollywood offers filmmakers.

But .. as far as horror itself, Scott Mendelson is correct in his FORBES story.. Horror is taking a hit.

There may be one external factor causing that..

Over the past 12 or so years, movies have ramped up the blood and gore, almost making that the central point of a movie overtop of even the actors or dialogue. And with news headlines and real life events being a hell of a lot scarier than any fiction on the screen, people just aren’t buying it ..  What does sell, though, are paranormal tales of demon possession, haunted houses and haunted dolls. The CONJURING did well. I think ANNABELLE will, too..

The audience is evolving, as it does every ten or so years.

This may have becoming a tired saying on my part, but I argue that horror movies and professional wrestling speak volumes about our pop culture at any given time you look at it. In this instance, our world is violent and bloody. So gore doesn’t scare people much more anymore, they frankly are tired of seeing it. What does scare them? The idea that someone dark and sinister is present in the world.

If movie makers can key in on that fear and create new and exciting movies, then it will be a hit.

Finally, I’d dare say that if some movie maker out there created a big studio version of SLENDERMAN, a new series would be born.

Until then… it’s no go for bad movies.

Tis the season for ghosts on camera, fa la la la la, la la la la

Police Officer: I captured ghost on camera »

The video is quite convincing actually.

Police are notorious for being a little paranormal…. sometimes sitting in their squad cars late at night, listening to talk radio, especially Coast to Coast AM, letting the bumps in the night rattle them a bit.

But even with that said, the video that this police office thinks contains a ghost clearly does contain.. something. And it’s not a person, or a moth, or anything much with a form. It’s … a light. Or a figure.. or something.

Or a ghost.

Tis the season…October is here.

And paranormal is in the news again.

Breathing uneasy

The New York TIMES reports on the respiratory virus hitting the US: An outbreak of respiratory illness first observed in the Midwest has spread to 38 states, sending children to hospitals and baffling scientists trying to understand its virulent resurgence. »

Even more information shows that this virus, when it hits towns and cities, is causing an influx of child patients with breathing problems—an influx that often far outweighs the resources of the facility..

From the Catherine Saint Louis article:

“Parents would love to know why this virus is causing severe disease and why there are more cases,” said Rafal Tokarz, an associate research scientist at Columbia University who has studied the virus, “but we won’t be able to answer that until a lot more research is done.”

From Aug. 18 to Sept. 24, roughly 3,600 children were treated at emergency and urgent-care facilities at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Most were sent home, but roughly 10 percent were hospitalized because they needed continuous breathing treatment, supplemental oxygen, or even to be placed on a ventilator in the intensive-care unit.

The hospital has had a “bed crunch” and is struggling to maintain supplies of albuterol, a rescue medication used by asthma sufferers, said Dr. Christine Nyquist, the director for infection prevention and control.

Oh yes.. albuterol was a friend of my own family throughout the first year and a half of my son’s life.. He had some very bad cases of somethings—something that could not be really explained by doctors.. We made some ER trips late at night throughout my son’s first and second years of life.. Each time we’d be sent home with a diagnosis of ‘something’.. At one point asthma was blamed, but he does not have that.. however albuterol and a nebulizer were purchased and are always on standby for the next necessary night.

Last night, it was reported that the virus has spread to Maryland..

There are some common sense ways to protect yourself.

And finally, as reported yesterday, it would appear that the children being hit hardest by EV-D68 are the vaccinated.. 

And this tonight:

Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children and whether the culprit might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country. »

This is getting intense—and pretty scary to be perfectly honest.

This from the AP news dispatch tonight..
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday sent doctors an alert about the polio-like cases and said the germ - enterovirus 68 - was detected in four out of eight of the sick children who had a certain medical test. The status of the ninth case is unclear.


And the AP goes on to report:
Investigators don’t think it’s polio - eight of the nine children are up to date on polio vaccinations

…Okay.. take a breather, but I am going to re-re-remind you of something  have linked to for days now: The vaccinated are being hit the hardest by this illness. 

I am not a doctor, an expert.. just an observer. And I am observing something really bizarre happening concerning this virus..


There have been four fireballs seen in the Eastern United States in just the past 24 hours. 

The info:

This has not been the first rash of fireballs sightings. It seems like the pink stars have been falling for some time. Even I have seen a few over the past weeks, some that seemingly were only witnessed by me and a handful of others. Last week, there was one in Florida that was reportedly visible by parts of the entire state as it traveled the sky and left earth’s orbit.

Makes you wonder and ponder the chances that PLANET X is close.. or just way better reporting with the AMS’ website being the focal point for all observations. And they are good at what they do, tracking the fireballs lightning up and blazing through night skies across the nation..

But four major fireballs in one 24-hour period? Interesting.
Isn’t that how TRANSFORMERS started?

STOP! The traffic light on Mars!?

There’s been the Mars rat. The Mars face. The Mars figure walking.. the Mars arm.. leg.. You name it.

And now this: Photos of the red planet are intriguing for people looking close. Now apparently, some would so happen to claim, a street light has been found!

This random rock formation has become a phenomenon online. And it’s fun.

But I don’t think Martians would have street lights. I really don’t. That’s too earthly. And anyway, that light clearly looks like it had four bulbs, nothing like us Earthlings’ types.


Some quick hits for your Thursday morning reading displeasure..

News from coast to coast, around the world, and back again.

Here’s an interesting story from the world of technology.. Why does every website you visit look exactly the same as the last one? What this article does not point out is the popularity of the same exact theme on many Wordpress or the like type sites.. Users pick the default for blogs. For big name sites, they are all taking the minimalist less is more approach. Mobile is the new friendly..

I remember back when the only people who talked about pole shifts were kooks were on the Art Bell radio show. Now it’s real science that is saying there is about to be a magnetic shift on the planet earth.. It happens every 780,000 or so years. So the newest reversal could be in 2000 years..

People who don’t believe in the paranormal are those who just didn’t have it happen to them yet. Andrew Evans from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC writes about his meeting a ghost in Louisiana..

Wells are running dry in a California town..

REPORT: Air strike in Syria kills six children and zero ISIS members..

The new norm: Low wage jobs, high levels of college debt, and working through retirement until the day you die a tired death. Welcome to the new world ..

Can Ebola survivors safely care for the sick?
United States hospitals are not prepared for Ebola waste..

Sorry to that person who wrote me hating me for posting vaccine stories.. here comes two more for your displeasure:
Meet two more MMR whisteblowers, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski.. They’re two former Merck virologists who filed a qui tam suit against Merck, the manufacturer of the very same MMR vaccine in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.. On September 5, the Judge gave the green light for the lawsuit to move forward.
And this: You know that really bad ailment, EV-D68? Apparently VACCINATED children are more vulernable than those not..


Here’s one from the left field of conspiracy theory: Some claim that Pope Francis is guilty of child abuse and murder, saying he belonged to the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult…read on.

Some North American monsters who need their own horror movie..

Taking the low road

DAILY MAIL reports: Online revenge: U.S. State Department tweets pics of dead ISIS jihadis »

The hashtag is #thinkagainturnaway.

I am thinking again. Someone else should be, too…

Couldn’t it be argued that United States is resorting to the same game that ISIS does: Tweeting images of the dead.. I am not sure how comfortable I am with this.. as a matter of fact, it makes me downright queasy to contemplate. Shouldn’t we be better than this?

Advertising with an edge: The US State Department is using a Twitter account to frighten would-be ISIS recruits with images of dead jihadis – implying that any aspiring infidel-hunter could be the next casualty

Night of the living dead: Ebola patients coming back to life?

Alright.. here comes some potential hardcore science fiction. Or amazingly scary science fact..

The “New Dawn Liberia” is reporting that two Ebola patients have risen from the dead!Their report can be read in its entirety here..

Quote from the report:
Two Ebola patients, who died of the virus in separate communities in Nimba County have reportedly resurrected in the county. The victims, both females, believed to be in their 60s and 40s respectively, died of the Ebola virus recently in Hope Village Community and the Catholic Community in Ganta, Nimba.

But to the amazement of residents and onlookers on Monday, the deceased reportedly regained life in total disbelief. The NewDawn Nimba County correspondent said the late Dorris Quoi of Hope Village Community and the second victim only identified as Ma Kebeh, said to be in her late 60s, were about to be taken for burial when they resurrected.

Other sources are also reporting on this interesting development in the Ebola virus world..All Africa is one of them.

A few points to keep in mind:

  1. People don’t rise from the dead. Some say Jesus did. Others don’t think he existed.

  2. Ebola has about a 70% death rate. People don’t rise from the dead after dying from Ebola.

  3. The chances are these two patients may not have been dead.

  4. There are good chances that this urban legend online will become some sort of science fact in many places. If these two women actually exist, perhaps they will begin a brand new religion..

And the most intriguing thing to consider .. soldiers (who are now in Africa helping in the aid of Ebola patients) trained to go there by shooting fake zombies. 

I say the story is either a hoax or an urban legend gone wrong.. BUT..

News today is too close to fiction..

But… what if this conspiracy theory holds true: That government knew for a decade that a disease would mutate and become the real life zombie apocalypse.. ? If these weird stories from Africa have any grain of salt of truth, then all of those warnings and training seminars involving zombies may finally pay off..

And… just today, Kansas started prepping for the zombie invasion.

Get your Twinkies ready. The game may be about to change.

Good luck world.


A zombie movie with a fresh start

The HORROR REPORT interviewed Chris Eilenstine, the director of a zombie flick named THE SOULLESS.

The movie looks amazing, and the storyline is fresh and inventive..  Eilenstine was kind enough to take some time and discuss the movie and his background.

The HORROR REPORT will have a full story about this, and feature some interesting back story on what makes Eilenstine tick..

Watch for that in the coming days.


The internet, simply being what it is, is still a wild west of sorts.. maybe now there are more names and less anonymity.. perhaps more privacy shedding has allowed for an interface of all seeing–or preying eyes–on our every movement.. But it is still filled with odd and sometimes downright frightening fads.

Enter the latest, as reported by A new community on Instagram exists.. In it, users steal other users’ baby photos and children off of the net. And then they role play.. In one incident as reported in the article, this:
Sometimes they create entire fake families. Others then interact in the comments of each photo, role-playing as they virtually feed, burp, swaddle, and even reprimand these virtual children. Some Instagrammers even portray themselves as virtual adoption agencies, where followers can request specific babies and toddlers they’d like to adopt–“Looking for a two-year-old girl with blonde hair, green eyes, and who is feisty”–and the adoption agency then finds a photo, usually without permission. Role playing ensues.

This is weird, creepy.. and perverse in some deeply disturbing way.

The most precious cargo a parent can carry is their own child. Any other worldly concern falls to the bottom of the list when compared to the safety and happiness of their own kith and kin. And that is why this is so bizarre and harsh to contemplate.. someone stealing your child, in a virtual sense. The kidnapping of an identity.. role playing and creating a brand new world for the baby who simply wants to learn, discover, and laugh.  That is chilling..

The world is scary, as are people..

Maybe a few things should be in order before you post.. As people can pry. For example, check your settings. Maybe not allowing just anyone to view your information would be a prime thing to think about. That or maybe even screening friends. .and finally, the fact of the matter is this: You are not a star. I am not a star.. I write on a website. But I can be clicked on and forgotten in seconds, I get that.. perhaps a few customers of my information will stick around. But I certainly will not. I am food for worms, as are you. And often, your photos and opinions does not matter regardless of how many times you bellow it out on the social media platform of your choice. Maybe there comes a time and place for a few photos of your child–I know I have done it. But for the most part, the pictures I take are private. I keep them safe, I don’t upload them to the cloud, and I have a grand plan to get them all printed out in an old fashioned 20th century way. Time is rarely on my side, though, and that has been a long delayed personal project.

Perhaps also the people who do these role playings should be evaluated for mental health. If you know someone who role plays, that’s fine. I have some friends who masquerade on weekends on Civil War and Medieval reenanactors, and zombies. Thus far they haven’t shown me signs that they really believe they are what they pretend they are. But we all need to be careful,.

Staying grounded in the real world–or as real as we perceive it being–is often tough. As nightly news issues its latest blood torn press releases, we often want to fly away into a pretend land where nothing is painful and life lives on forever. But it does not. The real world is now.. you are simply typing letters on a keyboard or reading words on a screen.. The photos of your dinner last night will not impress anyone beyond the second it will take for someone to ‘like it.’ And it does not matter how many followers you have, because there’s  a good chance they really don’t follow anything you say.. The real world, my friends, is dark and dingy.

That being said, it’s still amazing to be alive.
Your own life..
Not the innocent life of a child who has parents and a family.. don’t steal that. That’s the most important thing someone owns. Don’t be an Instaphile, people.

Monday night news

Developing news: The United States and allies launched airstrikes against Sunni militants in Syria early Tuesday, unleashing a torrent of cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs from the air and sea on the militants’ de facto capital of Raqqa and along the porous Iraq border...

Washington POST: Airstrikes begin.. Obama thrusts the United States into Syria's civil war..

After a weekend of break in attempts and fence hoppers, the White House will now begin locking the front door..
Welcome to the rest of America..

The WHO warns: 1 million cases of Ebola by 2015..

Hulu and J.J. Abrams to Adapt Stephen King’s JFK Assassination Novel.. Looking forward to this..

Joseph Gordon Levitt to play Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone pic..

Slenderman makes a magazine! The newest issue of PARANOIA features him no the cover..

GOTHAM review: A city drowning in villains.. *And me kicking myself for forgetting it was on tonight..

Meanwhile UNDER THE DOME ends its season. And hopefully its series. This dome may be intact, but the storyline is a wreck.. it collasped after the pink stars fell all over it.
I really don't know if CBS will bring it back---They have yet to confirm... but this season took entertainment to a new low. It may have been one of the most poorly written and acted television programs ever on the TEEE VEEE set.

A new study claims that drinking wine is better than going to the gym.. First off, they are saying this because of resveratrol... resveratrol is also found in dark chocolate.. Secondly, does anyone with common sense think that drinking wine for health translates into drinking an entire bottle or more a night? That weight you think you'll be losing will pack on faster than snow during a Christmas blizzard..

And speaking of stupid medical stories and common sense: More 'breaking news' today of what men can do to avoid heart attacks. Get ready: Don't drink, smoke, and don't have a giant stomach the size of an extra person.

The Georgia Guidestones get an update: 2014..

Journalism 2014: What does human meat taste like? Apparently this question is best to be asked after news like this: London chefs cooking up a burger than will supposedly taste like people.. But what do we taste like you ask? Hence the investigative article..

700 years together, holding hands still.. A show of love .. from a time long ago.
Who says chivalry is buried..

Fall begins. Summer returns..

When we don't want to go.. the near death experiences we really fear

There is something very raw about the death of a human .. Very emotional, very real. When you’re up close, often in the presence of someone who lose the final battle to whatever ailment or frailty making the suffer, the heavy weight is apparent.. Even those who don’t subscribe to a higher power battle deep questions within.. I think we all wish the soul travels to a better place. Some of us have faith that it does. Others don’t. The rest of us simply don’t know–even though we read warnings that the light is  trick and trap, we all tend to gravitate towards it anyway, according to accounts of near death activities..

But there is one type of death that is a little more weighty.. a little more sad.. a little more real.

So many people who succumb to the end are scared to go.. They often are aided by hospice workers or family in the final moments, almost with some persuading them to go down that path to the tunnel of light in the distance.. Other people are fully ready to go. They exist in their final moments between the here and the there, the veil is thin and they happily travel between two realities. Whether the brain is tricking us into thinking there is something more or there really is, some people seem profoundly ready to find that answer..

There are some people, though, frail and losing a battle with endless pain.. fighting like hell to stay alive. But why, we would ask? Wouldn’t they realize that the lack of pain on ‘the other side’ or six feet under is much better a result than the one they are suffering through?
Maybe it’s not.
Maybe, for them, staying alive is very personal.

Many people want to live to see family be welcomed into the world, or see a son or daughter graduate. They want to see the conclusion to a mission.. or hell, maybe even a movie premiere that they’ve been waiting for all of their lives.

Because no matter the pain and misfortune on this planet, there are still some good days. The silver lining, perhaps.. or the tree growing green in the middle of a vast wasteland. Signs of hope always abound.. even if the planet loses all of its humans through some epic shedding of blood, life will be born over again. New life.. amazing life..

And some out there who are meeting the maker just want to stick around.. a few more hours, sometimes, until family gets there to say goodbye. Or a few more days, sometimes.. or months. Or maybe even longer, if they could choose to stick around.

The desire to stay alive is not necessarily a narcissistic endeavor. It’s a human trait. We fight to survive, always.  Even as the body dies, the brain sends a wave of chemicals through the body in one last attempt to just breathe and keep a heart beating.

At this point–we think–there’s no way to stick around forever. We can edge closer to the cure to death, or perhaps buy some time with medical marvels.. but the body still dies.

Right now, there’s a chance that you are seeing someone die who does not want to.
I am.
And it’s an incredibly painful thing to see.. knowing that they see the ending of a book and simply yearn for one last chapter..

A Sunday morning headache free sidewalk

On any website I have ever owned and operated, I have often called the Sunday update the 'Sunday morning sidewalk' ... It's best if you listen to SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN, your favorite version, as you read.. I am listening while I write.
I fondly recall being a child in the town of Centralia, PA (look that if you don't know anything about it), racing up and down the street on a Sunday morning on my awesome three-wheeler.. My father in the house loudly playing that song .. my mother yelling out to keep it quiet because Church next door was in session. Those were the days...So long ago but yet somehow to close in the mind.. as though I could reach out and grab the past to bring it back in..
And some may think that Johnny Cash is the only one capable of singing that song with perfection. I disagree.. Chris Kristoferson does a fine job. As did a few others who covered it. So your favorite does not have to be that of the deeply mellow Cash. Though for some reason, that song brings a deeply mellow feeling to my soul..

But there are things happening around the planet.. news of importance and some not.. It's all another day.
Another Sunday.
Another Sunday morning sidewalk.

It's going to be a beautiful late summer day in New York City.. The perfect day for a climate change march.. While I don't take any scientific side on this issue for the purposes of this news update, I say only this: The ice caps are not gone as some predicted they would be by 2014.. But climate change is real. Weather is altering in many places. However, it happened before. And will again.. The what extent human beings are destroying the planet? The evidence for our own ruin can be seen in oceans. Plastic heaps. Dumps. And fish are eating.. we are eating fish. We are plastic. Even more so perhaps than the plastic faced clowns of Tinseltown. I have a deeper concern over the GMOs and chemical modifications than I do about carbon emissions. .. Because in my opinion, there is direct evidence that we are destroying ourselves with what we eat..

TURNING TO IS ISIL IS news..(What are we officially calling them these days?) A history of ISIS beheadings--and a training manual of US sponsored Syrian 'pro-democracy' freedom fighters.. Good read.  Another interesting but yet chilling read: A Lebanese television channel recently aired a special on child soldiers. They quoted one young 12-year-old as saying that when he is a sniper and shoots soldiers, he doesn't 'feel anything.' Even more, he says he has gotten used to being a sniper..

Dateline Texas.. a Texas hospital has exposed 700 infants to TB.. As scary as that news is, it is very real. The hospital named in El Paso: Providence Memorial Hospital.. 40 employees were also exposed along with the innocent young babies.. Letters have been sent to the parents of the children.. These potential dramatic numbers of exposure-maybes come after an employee was infected with the disease. That employee, in some weird horror-movie like twist, worked in the hospital's nursery..

News today that the Secret Service is launching an investigation into the man who ran the White House grounds and actually gained entrance through the front doors. They should investigate. Heads should roll. No pun intended--the pun being formed by news that the man who was running the lawn actually was equipped with a knife in his pocket.. No word from any official that this was a form of a terror threat, but the threat of the President being taken down by some lunatic with a knife is a clear and apparent danger, apparently: The President was boarding his helicopter four minutes prior.. That's not much time. There are some bizarre facts coming out about this incident, as well.. As mentioned, the intruder had a knife. His name is Omar Gonzales. He is 42 and from Coppers Cove, Texas. The official police affidavit says that he carried the knife and claimed that he needed to talk to the President about the atmosphere collapsing.' He also did three tours in Iraq..
No criminal history. Drug test negative.. So either he's a lunatic with a three-and-a-half-inch Spyderco VG-10 black, serrated folding knife .. or he noticed, as we all did, that the gates of hades have opened..

Some quick hits of news for your viewing displeasure:
Columbia: A weird illness plagues girls.. it's being blamed on the HPV virus vaccine. First their hands and feet feel cold. Then they go pale and cannot move. Some convulse and fall to the floor..

Timing is everything: Al Gore's mic fails at a weird moment..

The vaccine debate has reared its head again (not referring to the ongoing CDC whisteleblower scandal, but another one): New study claims to show a link between widespread use of fetal cell vaccines and an upsurge in autism..

Why has the year 2014 been added to the Georgia Guidestones?

The best spokeswoman ever: JOAN RIVERS is still promoting the iPhone 6..

Kate Hudson sees dead people.. Read here.

Apparently people need to watch WHITE HOUSE DOWN again...

A man who jumped the fence at the White House late Friday made it through the North Portico doors into the building before he was captured, Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary told CNN.

Video Captures Man Sprinting Toward White House After Jumping Fence: ‘Everybody Out Right Now!’ »

One comment I saw online tonight: Did he scream Alulah Akbar or was he late for the Beer Summit?

All kidding aside, why wasn’t this guy dropped the second his feet dropped to the ground? This was beyond a security lapse..

The AP reports this tonight:
The incident occurred just minutes after Obama and his daughters left the White House aboard Marine One on their way to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland where Obama and his family were to spend the weekend. The White House did not respond to inquiries about whether first lady Michelle Obama was inside at the time.

That’s a little scary.. The video clearly shows the man nearly making it to the front door of the White House! And this from the AP too:
The Secret Service did not immediately say whether the jumper was in custody, but the fact that the evacuation was lifted indicated that agents had determined that the threat had been resolved.

What!? WE don’t know!? But we assume? I don’t frankly understand any of this .. Friday night absence of press releases or something?

A security lapse of near epic proportions..

Freaky Friday all over again

Some very creepy and frightening Ebola news is making the rounds today.. while not to sound like an alarmist, these headlines would appear to be something right from the pages of THE STAND. Captain Tripps still does not exist on US soil (besides the patients purposely brought here to be monitored) but in Africa, it would appear the end times are upon them.. A sampling of the headlines bringing the chills to my arms as I read them as follows:
Blood from Ebola survivors is being sold on the black market .. I suppose there's always an angle, and money to be made--never letting a good crisis go to waste.
The death toll is rising, and in some scenarios, escalating quickly..
What is the death rate? 83%?

The Reuters news service reporting this: Sierra Leone began a three-day lockdown on Friday in an effort to halt the spread of the Ebola virus, as President Ernest Bai Koroma urged residents to comply with the emergency measures...

This from a government spokesman in Guinea: Ebola health workers dead.. eight bodies had been found, including those of three journalists. He said they had been recovered from the septic tank of a primary school in the village, adding that the victims had been “killed in cold blood by the villagers.” Things are in freefall in the areas hit by this disease..

Finally: And scariest of all: CDC owns patent on Ebola virus; agency to collect royalties on all future Ebola vaccines..

These headlines are scary to their core.

Remember a few days ago, the news broke that cell phone 'interceptors' were being found all over the country? Immediately, Americans angrily started blogging and Tweeting that it was another example of big brother watching them, and the spy grid being effective and secret.. But delve a little deeper.. and think: What if this is not 'big brother' but instead a brother from another mother? Perhaps another state.. country.. ? Or what about it being ISIS-types.. or maybe even a Mexican cartel? News today makes me wonder more: Interceptors have been found near the White House And the Senate. This is beginning to make me think: Either the spy agencies are busy watching our own leaders a-la-Nixon.. or another foreign entity is behind the nationwide invasion of privacy..

And either way it's troubling.

Leader of Fukushima Study: “Intense exposure” headed toward US west coast; Plume traveling very fast via oceanic jet — “High concentrations” to impact California coastal areas..

The Redskins: A thought provoking post..

This is food for thought--and a bad meal if you digest it: 1 in 4 Americans don't have a clue that the earth orbits the sun.

But should it be any surprise that 25% of Americans don't know very basic science? After all, they are watching fake documentaries on the Discovery Channel about mega sharks and killer Yetis..

People are an on edge in parts of Pennsylvania.. my home state has been desperately searching for the cop killer who has been called an expert marksman.. The locals and students who inhabit the area being searched are on edge.. The FBI has joined the hunt for Eric Frein and he has been added to a most wanted list..
Manhunts taking place in backyards..roads being shut down.. an entire area on edge as a survivalist evades authorities..

Meanwhile: The funeral for the slain officer was held. His wife and two young children were present.. as were thousands of other police officers who traveled great distances to get there..

There is something very emotional for me when I watch funerals for men and women killed in combat or protecting people, such as police officers. There is a certain degree of pageantry that comes with it.. In this case, two young children are suffering the loss of their dad.. It can't get more raw and emotional than that..
May God intervene, if he's there, and help police find Eric Frein.

This is how ISIS is spreading: Video games. The kids aren't alright, no matter the nation. Militants hooking youngsters with ‘Jihad video game’ trailer.. The game is styled after GRAND THEFT AUTO and advertises the Jihadi life to the young who play it.. and for those who don't think GRAND THEFT AUTO led to some societal problems, look no further than the mind control IS is attempting with this new game..

But it's not just games. The apocalyptic magazine the Islamic State uses to recruit and radicalise foreigners..

The food fight: Monsanto is wooing mommy bloggers to its side..

This is a real headline: Baker in court for head-butting £27,000 sausage roll machine when it stopped working properly. No, really, it is..

UFO photographed over St. Helens..

Airplane passenger photographs UFOs out of his window..

UFO believers claim NASA footage of 'tether incident' proves aliens exist..

National Geographic: Fascination With Chernobyl Inspires Surreptitious Visits
Nuclear meltdown leaves a vast, empty land overtaken by vegetation...

Read this blog report about a visit to the area from 2013.. It is a must read.

The Bloomsburg Fair begins this week.. it's an amazing place to go if you're in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania. But if you're a fan of ZZ Top or Duck Dynasty *(and there's lots of those in Pennsyltucky) then this may not be the fair for you, with cancellations from both entities.


One in a billion websites strong. Or weak.. depending on what your point of view is..

Amen!! Bishops say to keep the internet completely open.. And they wrote a letter to the FCC arguing just that..

New Apple encryption will lockout police!

Apple seems to be picking up on something amazing happening in pop culture: Suddenly, privacy sells!

The nocturnal march of the background characters..

Clyde Lewis and the official magazine of Ground Zero: PARANOIA magazine returns. . Who says print is dead!?

Unspeakable savagery continues in Iraq. now kidnapped Christian girls are having their breasts cut off..

Australia says it has thwarted a beheading plot..

Islamic State captures 16 more villages in Syria..

A New York store owner is suspected of being an ISIS supporter--with money..

Did John McCain just admit to his meeting with ISIS? McCain was being critical of Rand Paul.. in his criticsm, he blurted "has he ever met with ISIS".. well we know Johnny Boy did.

President Obama: No ground troops.

Vatican worries: Is Pope target of ISIS?

US House approves funding Syrian 'rebels' to fund Islamic state.. The same Syrian rebels, perhaps, that become ISIS in the first place? The ones fighting Assad? Who we did fund. That took our weapons and stole some too, and then formed the IS? Those rebels? Or other rebels.. What rebels? One man's rebel is another man's enemy, and another man's friend taking weapons to destroy an enemy that is an enemy of our friend's enemy. In Russia. And China.
Confused by the chess match of world geopolitical affairs yet?

New study says that murder comes natural for chimps. The research concludes that chimpanzees kill each other to eliminate rivals and gain better access to territory, mates, food or other resources.. So war and violence is just evolutionary dear Watson? But at a point in life now, should we not have advanced evolutionaryily to not need war? Or will we? It seems like a big fat "NO" on that question..

Meet the CIA operatives who were told to stand down in Benghazi..

Hundreds brawl after NY country club wedding reception: ‘There was blood everywhere’..

The entire world laughed at Rob Ford. He made it easy.. but now his situation is dire..According to doctors, the world's most famous crack addict now as an aggressive form of cancer in his abdomen..

National Failure League: Another football 'star' arrested for domestic violence..

D d d d d death panels?? Panel says end of life care must be completely overhauled..

Controversy in Sierra Leone.. an Ebola lockdown is coming. The initiative will see more than 7,000 volunteer teams of four visiting the country's 1.5 million homes.. The government has said the teams will not enter people's homes and are not tasked with collecting patients or bodies, but will call emergency services or burial teams "if by chance the teams happen to bump into such situations"...

Conincidences are all around us.. the 'gates of hell' were opened by Siri on the iPhone and suddenly it seemed like 2014 they did actually break.. Real news has been filled with paranormal tales and parapolitical happenings. Even Joe Biden has uttered the 'gates of hell' about ISIS, a group that clearly showcases hell on earth daily.
Entertainment is never far behind reality, either. Fox has given a put pilot commitment to Lucifer, based on the property from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, EW has confirmed.. That name just comes up in various places, doesn't it?

In the STAND, Nebraska was safe and Mother Abigail still had her farm. In real life, a disaster drill taking place in the state simulates a nuclear crisis and a nuclear explosion near Interstate 80.... In this world, Mother Abigail wouldn't be baking her own bread at 100, she's be radiating it.

Controversy is already brewing about this potential degree coming from Vatican.. Rumor has it that Pope Francis may soon declare the Virgin Mary to be more important than Jesus Christ in the Catholic religion..
As can be expected, some are already saying this is a sign of impending doom and end times..

True horror: Indiana man accused of not only killing his girlfriend.. but also eating her organs..

Dragging everyone into a battle: Drag queens take on Facebook after their profiles get deleted.. Facebook says it wants real names. Not drag names..
Incidentally, given the rules of drag queen naming, my Drag name would be Buster McHale.
Think that one would get by the fine people at Facebook?

I know what you remade last summer.. Remakes, remakes.. not a film to like. Now I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER is apparently getting redone. Because a movie from the late 90s' is old, now.. I suppose. Wait.. wait.. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER is already 20 years old!? Just to show how dated it us: The original flick came out back in the mid 1990’s and stared Sarah Michele Geller, Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prinze Jr... And Bill Clinton was toying with cigars and interns while on the phone with other state leaders. Ok.. I do feel old. I remember what I watched that summer..

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 gets new title..

That's what fans are for: To die? Ariana Grande 'overheard saying she hoped her fans would all f***ing die'.. They may not all die. But they certainly may leave her..

Hubble finds supermassive black holes in tiny galaxy!

I have been saying this for years: Eat butter, sugar, coconut oil. Avoid anything fat free or false in sweetener. A new study backs up my premise..

Scary days and Mondays always get me down

Night terrors and bad dreams: The devil can come to you in a business suit .. when you least expect it.

A fireball streaked across the skies of the Northeast on Sunday evening.. There are various reports from around the Tri-State area of that.. I didn't see Sunday's, but I did see one on Friday night. And I also am aware of some very weird balls of light over the coordinates of 40.7836° N, 76.2336° W..

The skies are ablaze. The pink stars are always falling..

From the great state of Kentucky: Paranormal Investigators Confirm Poltergeist Possession of Microwave..
It always starts with random beeping. And before you know it, the time is 6:66.

Strange object filmed in the clouds over Budapest..

I have been critical of the film ABCs OF DEATH because of the horrific and perverse nature of the stories.. But in real life, things aren't much cleaner, as evidenced by this story of Zheng Gang..

Dangers of the hand job: Trainee doctor ‘dies of heart attack’ while masturbating at sperm bank..
Sigh.. amateurs..

Another reason politics should be avoided: Fake images.. The latest comes as Hillary Clinton poses to look like she's cooking a steak that is already cooked..

Kids these days.. now they are signing support statements for ISIS in college..?

Blur.. Blurry.. Blurred.
Robin Thicke admits abusing drugs while recording BLURRED LINES..

The real night terror is ...reality.

This is a must read article by Roger Cohen in the New York TIMES: The Great Unraveling..

The Ebola nightmare continues to unfold.. Now experts are saying that the life of its own disease has a range of about 12 to 18 more months before a reprieve.. I fear that if the steam roller of horror continues, that 18 month figure may be very understated..Here is how Ebola went from an outbreak to a crisis for the world..

CDC says to prepare for an outbreak..

The State Department orders 160,000 EBOLA hazmat suits..

Urban Outfitters says sorry for blood-stained-appearing sweatshirt with the words "KENT STATE".. This is a company that makes money by getting attention like this.. But I feel it may have outdone itself this time..

Border insecurity. Imagine if a 9/11 terror message was found draped across the border of the United States and Mexico. Would you reveal that, or hide it? Here's what the government did .. The fact you didn't hear about it perhaps clues you in on their actions.

For every 100,000 patients prescribed buprenorphine, 200 young children were hospitalized for taking it, the study found. That rate is more than four times higher than the statistic for next most commonly implicated drug, a blood pressure medicine.. Almost 800 children were hospitalized for swallowing the drug..

Queen Elizabeth says Scotland should very carefully before it leaves her reign.. Sounds like a threat to me..

Landing site on a comet chosen! Here comes Earth, Rosetta!

Danielle Watts chained..
Actress cuffed for not showing ID..

Perils of the rich and famous: Hurricane Odile Slams Mexico's Cabo San Lucas Celebrity Resort.. The storm is going to hit Monday. It has 125 mph winds.. Mexican authorities evacuated coastal areas and readied shelters for up to 30,000 people..
I sadly think the only reason American media is even covering this is because it's hitting the vacation homes of the elite.. Call me a cynic, but if poor people in a country with lots of consonants was being slammed, it would not be top news status..

Sunday headlines

Pope Francis has already commented that he believes the world is engaged with a third world war.. And now he went on further tocondemn war as madness and say, "Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction"..

It can surely seem that Pope Francis has a point.. But there have always been conflicts coninciding with each other. The question this time: Will these many wars throughout the planet somehow combine into one large eternal flame of pain?

Strange sights in the sky over earth-quake ridden San Francisco.. A streak of light going through the night sky Friday startled anyone who saw it.. Sure looks like a missile launch to me.

Another beheading in the land of IS.. But the scenes! the sights! the sounds! The background.. Hmm.. This is starting to sure look familiar.

Poll shows that Americans lack confidence in Obama..

The buzz continues over those weird"demonic Obama photos making their way around the web courtesy of the Drudge Report. But I still wonder if we saw a hologram..

United States man in North Korea given 6 years of hard labor..
World's first three dimensional printed car in Chicago! The future is coming fast.. the technology of printing cars and houses will change everything that hasn't been changed in generations.

Statue of Amy Winehouse revealed!

Apple is planning on changing the way you pay for everything

Winter coming early!? Frost gripping the East! It actually felt quite cold last night at my home base.. the temperature dropped quickly after midnight and I saw my breath around 3am when my dog wake me to take him out.. Though no frost was on the ground, it sure seemed like a bone chilling night under a very bright moon..

This is bizarre .. Russians are dying off -- quickly. The story gets a bit odd, with people's deaths piling up due to falling, or perhaps jumping, off trains and out of windows; asphyxiating in country houses with faulty wood stoves or in apartments with jammed front-door locks; getting hit by cars that sped through quiet courtyards or plowed down groups of people on a sidewalk; drowning as a result of diving drunk into a lake or ignoring sea-storm warnings or for no apparent reason; poisoning themselves with too much alcohol, counterfeit alcohol, alcohol substitutes, or drugs; and, finally, dropping dead at absurdly early ages from heart attacks and strokes... A good read.. it goes on further..

What it costs to be a tourist in the United States..

One school rejects Nicki Minaj, another wants her..

David Cronenberg says: "My imagination is not a place of horror"

Rogue penises appear in bags of candy in New Zealand..

Ozone layer recovering..

SPACEX wants to have a city on Mars. And we should.. instead of developing weapons of war and killing fellow humans, we actually should have been well on our way to leaving this solar system by now..
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