Francis vs the Sisters of the traveling nonhabits

The Vatican has declared war on nuns!

So says TIME magazine (and lots of other religious insiders for some time) ..

Jo Piazza from TIME writes,
Most people don’t know about Sister Nora Nash, a Franciscan Sister who lives just outside of Philadelphia. As her order’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sister Nora wakes up every single morning determined to make corporations more responsible to the human race. Sister Nora and her assistant director, Tom McCaney have taken to task the grocery store chain Kroger over the rights of farm workers, Hershey’s chocolate company over child labor, McDonald’s over childhood obesity, Walmart on raising their minimum wage and Wells Fargo over predatory lending practices. Nash wakes up every single morning determined to make corporations more responsible to the human race. Then she follows through on it.

For more than four decades Sister Jeannine Gramick has been tireless in her fight for gay rights through her organization New Ways, despite coming under intense scrutiny from the Vatican.

Sister Dianna Ortiz made headlines in 1989 when she abducted, tortured and raped while working as a teacher in Guatemala. After living through that horror, instead of allowing herself to sink into a terrible depression, she headed up an organization to help thousands of torture survivors around the globe find the will to keep living.

The Catholic Church isn’t used to strong women. Or progress.

I recall many strong nuns as I grew up with them as my teachers in grade school—I still have nightmares from time to time about them yet. With the exception of a nun we wisely nicknamed “Sr. Bitchass” in high school, most of my early years were filled with fear of rulers and hair pulls in my early schooling. But damn, I could do sentence diagramming like nobody’s business.

But those sisters’ strength was not the same as the nuns of the 21st century.. And the Vatican is a little worried about the progress taking place before their eyes..