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How to Live Forever: The (Mad?) Science Hollywood Is Using to "Cure" Death - Hollywood Reporter »

The grim reaper may be knocking for a while in Hollywood, so as long as the ‘cure’ for death works out for all the wealthy stars willing to spend dollars on the quest to live forever..

Forever.. Can you only imagine?

The EMMYS would have to forego their yearly tradition of honoring the dead. There’d be no dead in Tinseltown!

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER talks about Sumner Redstone’s desire to inhabit the earth until the planet’s demise.. along with SLY .. And even the thighmaster master Suzanne Somers.

It’s a mission for all the high and influential: They just enjoy life so much they don’t have any plans to meet thy maker.

But life doesn’t take the normal turns and paths we assume.

Perhaps an elitist’s health would be that of a young and viral 18-year-old. And then a boulder drops on their car, or an earthquake in the City of Angels takes their house..

There may be some dark irony that this news is being reported on national suicide prevention day. We know stars sometimes take that path of least resistance as well.

Humans want to live forever in general, I think. At least when the going is good. But when the tough get going, we all suddenly want to find an exit plan.

I don’t condemn anyone who wants to pay science to find ways to extend human life. But I certainly don’t condone a future where only the rich and famous can continue their lifestyles of the rich and famous without limitation of a lifespan.

But I think that’s still some time away..


OF course if you ever watched Tom Hanks in the GREEN MILE, or read the book, you’ll know of how lonely a life forever may truly be..


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