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Horns on the hologram

obamamakeupI wrote a bit about this on my personal blog, but didn't post on the HORROR REPORT as I should have..

When President Obama addressed the nation on September 10 about Syria, he looked odd. I thought it was too much makeup, as highlighted by this post on my other site sort of mocking the Commander in Chief's appearance.  But things took a weirder turn from there.

Conspiracy sites I follow immediately began posting similar photos wondering what's up with the President. Then message board users began asking if the President was a hologram, with some saying they thought his hand suddenly went missing at one point and that his ear vanished while he was walking away.

I felt like I was in the midst of some weird obsession that borderlined on lunacy. A hologram? Fake? Come on..

Until Clyde Lewis asked on air if the President may have been in front of a green screen and actually was located in a safe place just in case a 9/11 anniversary attack happened---Interestingly enough Lewis was in the midst of dedicating his entire show last night to the hologram theory when he was suddenly rushed to the hospital with chest pains during an on the air crisis.

The ABOVE TOP SECRET BOARD lit up with theories.. some blamed the lightning, others say that President Obama was in front of a fake screen on a set..

A YouTube feed of the speech has been making the rounds too. In the first five seconds, it would seem that a digital mistake occurs and that the President suddenly appears. I have seen different versions of this same entrance and don't recall network coverage showing the strange frequency. Reportedly, the YouTube user who posted the video claims to have made no edits on the footage.

Credit: Drudge Report
But then came Drudge.. Yesterday he further lit up the Internet when he posted the image of the President from the speech where it appeared curtains behind him were forming horns of satan over his head. 

It would appear that the lightning in front of Obama was extra bright, as evidenced by this photo.

However the whole thing still looked odd.
While it may be completely ridiculous to assume that the President's address to the nation from the White House really didn't happen from that location, I ask you: Is it? After all, holograms are much easier to do now when compared to years past. Michael Jackson can appear on stage.. Elvis can look like he's alive in a commercial.. Anyone can be brought into your living room with ease.. you can experience it as though it's perfectly assimilated with the real world.

President Obama  at the least looked like he was in front of a false background.  The edges of his suit looked too defined. His mannerisms were bizarre and strange.. He just looked ... well.. "off" in some way.

Maybe that's just because the world is sort of "off" right now in general. And America, fatigued from 13 anniversaries of thousands of deaths and 13 years of war, may just be a little confused by what we're seeing.

The President and John Kerry say we will battle ISIL, IS, or ISIS (pick your favorite name I guess) in Syria, making way for the 'real' rebels to fight Assad. Meanwhile, we will do it with air strikes. No boots on the ground, except for those boots on the ground we are quietly sending and those already there. Oh and since this war isn't a war no declaration of war is needed.  We're told.

No wonder we think the President is in front of a green screen with horns on his head.. smoke and mirrors are prevailing these days.. Smoke from the wide open gates of hell.


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