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Nightmares and birthday escapes: Mother F*&*& two headed snakes on a Mother F^&(*^& Birthday

I had a strange dream last night.. Not to bore you with the minute details of the weird goings on in my head, but this is the main gist: A 'war' of some type was upcoming this weekend. I perceived it to be a real battle in which blood could be shed, but had no clue what the battle was going to be for. Nor did I know the reasons why I had to fight. I knew this, and was told this by various people in the dream: The battle would most likely cost me my life. I would probably not survive.. But, I was also told to "keep working" on all of the other life tasks that I had to perform before this raging epic war occurred.

I think it means something personal--today is my birthday. I am 34.. and while we never knew when that knock on our door will be the final one, we all know we are heading for the same 'weekend' war at some point in our lives.. at some time in our near or distant future, we will not be here anymore. Hopefully it's the distant future on that account. But if I had to analyze my night visions, I would say the inevitability of life is what we all constantly fearing coming--that moment when we have to face the music, the final act.

I could also be totally wrong. Maybe it's because, before bed, I was reading about NATO's plans to mobilize a 'rapid response' team.. or perhaps it is also due to CNN's late night news alert about US actions in Somalia yesterday.

It's anyone's guess..
But my guess is that we all have the same deep-seated fears. That dread of the events soon to occur: The time when birthdays stop and we have to board our final train to the final fight. Or flight. And what about the light? Well.. some, including John Leer, say it's a trick. Boy that idea still bothers me..

And with that all said it's news time. Let's roll onto it like a dog rolling over in its own filth:

Here's something scary.. Like really scary: Student debt is becoming larger than anything else.. Right now it sits at $1.2 trillion. With a t. And an illion. Many of the students attempting to TRY to pay their student loan debt are working on jobs not in their degree.. This has far exceeded a 'bubble.' I frankly don't know what funny money schemes are keeping it from bursting ..

Now you can find out of you have in Ebola.. in just 30 minutes. No it's not the notion for an infomercial, it's a real test developed by Japanese researchers.  Speaking of Ebola, there are new fears that it is rapidly mutating and that it will render treatment and vaccines to be practically useless endeavors..  In Sudan: the reporting of EBOLA has been banned!  No more truth coming from news outlets there..  And this: Just a few photos to show the grim reality of EBOLA..

There's a bear in the woods.. that was the tagline of a Reagan ad in the 1980s. And now today, a more modern version has developed: There's a boar in the woods. And he's radioactive from Chernobyl..  They are roaming as far as Germany--they are unfit for human consumption and they are a part of the dark legacy that is the nuclear disaster in Russia. The nightmare that never ends..

An update on something we reported last night: Clyde Lewis is recovering after being admitted to the hospital for a pulmonary embolism..  the night was already different without him..

A mother is calling for an investigation into the fall of her child at a playground at school..  the Mississippi school dismissed the injuries as a simple accident.. But when you see the image of the poor 5-year-old girl's face you'll see why this looks to be much worse than a simple incident..  Of course, no teachers were present when the girl supposedly fell off one of the piece of playground equipment..

50 tons of dead fish wash up onto Mexican lake..
Mexico investigates.. 

Perez Hilton says sorry for posting some of the leaked nude photographs of stars.. That's good and fine.. But in our modern age of 'getting things online as fast of possible,' as so many do, we fail to think of the consequences. Sometimes, good news bits can wait.. and instead of "breaking news" without context, sources, or responsible thought patterns, we should give it a bit of time to ....develop. We'd save a lot of embarrassment later, Perez..

Two-headed snake
Snakes are scary. I hate them.. I loathe them. But I could not even conjure up a sentence to response to seeing this: A two headed snake.. Double the bite.. double the fear.

A day after the volcano no one can pronounce in Iceland had its eruption declared over by scientists, it erupted again.

Japanese porn stars prepare to be groped to raise money for charity
Japanese porn stars have raised tons of money--just by letting people grope their breasts.. It was called the BOOB AID CHARITY in Tokyo. It was for HIV awareness.. and for 12 hours, the 'porn queens' permitted the sanctioned fondling. 4,100 pairs of hands in total groped them.

Last week, the official porn industry shut down after tests revealed that a major star contracted HIV. 

Fake cell towers may be intercepting your phone calls.. Andrew Rosenblum writes that every smart phone has a secondary OS which can be hijacked by hackers..

Major companies accused of massive wage theft..

Atlantic City is facing a an unprecedented economy collapse.. 

x x x x x

Bloody Disgusting says AS ABOVE SO BELOW is the scariest movie in years..

Argentina government setting aside specific tax dollars for horror movie production.. (Could you just imagine if this happened in the United States!?)

If you want to see a good horror movie, watch DEAD SILENCE.  I think I saw it when it originally came out in 2007.. but I watched it again this weekend. It was creative, amazing, and exactly what I want a horror movie to be.  It's a case in which your ignorance of ROTTEN TOMATOES reviews may be in order, because I disagree  with the vast majority of them.

Happy birthday to anyone else who shares today as their day to mark another year alive.
Be safe.


  1. Rose (who knew Ashland well :)Tuesday, 02 September, 2014

    Happy Birthday, Bryan! May you have a long and healthy life, and continue to give us the best news site on the net!
    Best wishes--Rose.

  2. That's very kind of you. Thanks for your support all of these years


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