Red alert on Yellowstone? Or nothing to see here..?

Yellowstone super eruption possible but will not be apocalyptic: USGS »

A volcanic super eruption at the Yellowstone National Park is possible but will not be catastrophic. Ash deposits from the eruption may impact communications system, aviation and more.

Scientists estimate that a super eruption may create an umbrella ash cloud, which can impact near as well as far away cities in the U.S. Using a so-called program Ash 3D, USGS researchers were able to estimate that cities within 300 miles from Yellowstone National Park may get covered by up to three feet of ash. Cities beyond 300 miles from the National Park may experience a few inches of ash while cities as far as New York may be covered in just less than an inch of ash.

But nothing .. end of the world-like to worry about. No apocalypse.. The USGS says—this after years of public worries that we would be doomed if Yellowstone went again, something by the way it is overdue for.

Here is what the NOT THE END OF THE WORLD would look like:
A super eruption is expected to disrupt normal life of people but it will not be apocalyptic. Water and sewage system will be blocked due to ash deposits. Communications system across North America will be obstructed. Roads may get slippery due to ash, which will make it difficult to drive. The aviation industry will also be impacted making it difficult for people to transport from one city to another.

A super eruption at the Yellowstone will make the air unsuitable for humans and animals to breathe. The crops in fields will be destroyed and the land may get unsuitable for agriculture.

Scientists say that life in North America will get affected in case a volcanic super eruption occurs, and it may take time, effort and money from government agencies to get everything back to normal.

Seems to me that it could be pretty life altering, and in a sense life ending in some instances.

And even weirder: All of these stories lately about Yellowstone, including melting roads and running bison. Seems to be a mental preparation for, oh.. well. Probably nothing.

Move on.