We all looked up! The headlines of fear.. from the world nearly at World War

Welcome to your day.. Here's a few things to know as you begin attempting to trudge through your day.

As the threat of nuclear war occurs, the world paying attention to the little Beeb that could..

This is something we have been doing our best to research.. the weird cell phone interceptors throughout the nation being examined more by media. Law enforcement? The military? the mystery continues..

The IRS is setting its table. And now they are contemplating taxing FREE food..

A list: The top ten places to see a UFO..

Chilling photo posted online of infant on an ISIS flag..

What is so frightening about independence?

What is wrong with Barack Obama? Report indicates that he was slurring his words heavily at one point during a meeting with Prime Minster Cameron.. 

Another US doctor infected with Ebola.. he skipped out on protective gear because of extreme heat..

CNN profiles California's most endangered river..

What is that in Pennsylvania water?? Radioactive gas--and thousands of times higher than acceptable EPA limits..

Increased numbers of Californian children are not getting vaccines..

Betty White "dyes." And the world discovers no one gets homophones.. 

See MONSTERS INC as horror movie..

Laniakea universe milky way map
A new map shows where our galaxy fits in the universe.. 
 the map actually makes me think we are a part of a body--that map almost makes us look like we are in a lung!

Paramount readies a plan .. they will make WE ALL LOOKED UP is being optioned .. It is a life ending meteor..  Seems to be a lot about life ending events lately.. In the book, the date is March 2015.  So I guess we have some time..