John Carpenter said only one Halloween was necessary. The HORROR REPORT absolutely agrees

DEADLINE: John Carpenter Q&A: Why ‘Halloween’ Didn’t Need Sequels & What Scares The Master Of Horror »

John Carpenter is a hard to get man.. I have myself attempted to interview him on several occasions.. I typically get a very friendly and kind response from someone with his public relations team.

And why would he want to talk to a little old website anyway.. He’s the master of horror.. the man who, whether he tried it or not, changed culture in 1978 when he created a low budget slasher flick about a babysitter killer that someone intelligently named ‘Halloween.’

And the genius—pure genius—of buying a William Shatner mask and painting it white..

While Carpenter was too busy to talk to me, the fine wealthy folks at DEADLINE were able to snag a few words with him..

Carpenter told DEADLINE what I have heard before in a number of places: That HALLOWEEN was a load of fun to create and the budget, so low, was a crapshoot for them.. they were just young people having a blast creating a horror movie. They did not set out to change horror, or create two generations of movies that would be forever modeled on Michael Myers. But they did just that..

Carpenter also joked a bit about Shatner’s face being the face of the madman who stalks movies sequel after sequel:
There were two options – one was a clown mask, which was a better mask, but the Captain Kirk mask was altered, spray painted, eye holes cut, with the hair. I don’t know if he knows the story. I met him recently at one of these conventions. I walked up and introduced myself. Without looking up he says, ‘Nice to meet you.’ The guy’s 80 years old, I’ll just leave him alone. You know, he was busy and probably worried about something else.

But speaking of sequels—and this is the real point that I concur wholeheartedly with Carpenter on—Halloween did not need sequels.  On the subject of the constantly recycling of Carpenter’s idea:
I didn’t think there was any more story, and I didn’t want to do it again. All of my ideas were for the first Halloween – there shouldn’t have been any more! I’m flattered by the fact that people want to remake them, but they remake everything these days, so it doesn’t make me that special. But Michael Myers was an absence of character. And yet all the sequels are trying to explain that. That’s silliness – it just misses the whole point of the first movie, to me. He’s part person, part supernatural force. The sequels rooted around in motivation. I thought that was a mistake. However, I couldn’t stop them from making sequels. So my agents said, ‘Why don’t you become an executive producer and you can share the revenue?’ But I had to write the second movie, and every night I sat there and wrote with a six pack of beer trying to get through this thing. And I didn’t do a very good job, but that was it. I couldn’t do any more.

This is something I have also long thought..

While it was before my time and I only discovered the Halloween films years after adults were squirming in theaters seeing them, I always felt that Halloween 2 felt rushed. Sort of off key, and even more, just a way to bookend a story and end it. Of course we know it did not end at all, but instead kept on chugging into oblivion—and to a point where it does not even matter anymore when a new Halloween is coming out. By the way, if you didn’t hear, a new Halloween is coming out next year.

Carpenter’s Halloween 3, though despised by so many horror fans, is one of my favorites.. It’s creative and fun, a but bizarre, but it has the freakiest song in horror: That mind-numbing ditty about rushing home for the ‘big giveaway’ at 9..

Halloween’s original ending, with Michael Myers vanishing after a murderous night in Haddenfield, was the perfect ending.. it could have been left there—the ever foreboding boogeyman who stalks the night on Halloween, lurks in shadows, and hides where your fears are deepest.. Halloween should have ended at one film..

Instead we had non stop rubbish propelled at us from Akkads, Zombies, and  Busta Rhymes.. So sad..

A creepy blast from the way past thanks to Clyde Lewis' music show last night: Patches by Dickie Lee. One creepy song for Halloween

Last night Clyde Lewis has a semi-creepy show regarding freaky music, teen tragedy songs, and horror rock..

He played the song PATCHES by Dickey Lee. I had heard the song before, but I quite frankly don’t think I ever actually listened to the lyrics.

When you do listen, it is a little beyond creepy..

It actually makes me laugh to think of how some older generations decry the evil and satanic influence of modern  music.

Meanwhile, at high school dances, they slow swayed back and forth to the song PATCHES about a girl committing suicide, and a would-be-lover doing the same..

Creepy with a capital C.

Another Virgin down

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashes during testing »

Two space disasters in one week..

I said before, the season of the witch, and Halloween, are never good times to try something new.

Nonetheless, this latest disaster is also a black eye for Virgin Galactic..

The company was going to charge $250,000 to send people into weightlessness and return safety to earth.. But they can’t get off the ground. Quite literally..

Wonder if they are planning on dropping the price? Or just giving people a free one way trip?

The political wind coming from the cesspool nearby

I am becoming redundant.. I just wrote about the deluge of politics just three days ago. But this newest rant I am about to go on is inspired by a horror movie inspired political ad being used by the governor of my state in his bid for re-election.. A certain part of me thinks that horror icons are sacrosanct, and that they are off limits to people of a political nature..

Because here is the thing.

I consider myself well informed on issues of political importance. I even often link up and write little quips and opinions about political situations, news of the day, and act as a bit of a small-website-that-does-not-matter pundit..

But I am so tired of politics right now..
I think it’s because, being this time of year, we are inundated with political ads, constant Facebook links, and over-bloated blowhards on TEE VEE telling us why their opinion rates higher than the other overweight blowhard..

There are a few things I have taken away from life, only 34 years into it.

First thing: Nothing will ever change. Every election will have the same shape and form.. a different party may escape with the victory, but the same tired party will always win. No new independents.. no new beliefs.. same old, same old. The lesser of two evils becomes the evil when elected, and the new guy always wears a brighter shade of gray.

Second, we will always complain that [insert year here]’s election has been the meanest and dirtiest ever. No it has no been.  Maybe the cruelty has shifted and been served up in different mediums, but it is still the same as it ever was..

Third, we will still vote for the people we say we hate. That’s right.. we will complain until we step into the polling place. When don’t pull levers now, but instead touch screens. And when we do, we will vote for the same people who we have complained about for the previous two to four years. The reason? We like the security of sameness, we fear change, and we especially love the pork and sausage of financial gain that [insert legislator here] brings home every year. New sports complexes that no one visits, new arenas in towns no one heard of, and bridges to no where. Or somewhere. And we love it.

There is one more thing we will undoubtedly do after the election. We will say we did not vote for the person who won, because so often the winners immediately become unpopular and go through the same cycle of public criticism..

I often want to take a break from politics. The heat of the campaign trail is not a dry one, but instead drenched in the filth and sweat of overwhelming lies and innuendo.

I think all of the ‘news’ sites I follow on Facebook may have to change. I am growing really weary and tired of how they make everything political. Things that should not be.. like the clown thing in France.. or Ebola. Or Halloween costumes. For Christ’s sake, just let us be.. Let people be people. Give us a break from the Republican vs Democrat nonsense. If we all took a poll, a real one, we’d realize how we don’t mostly agree with either one of the two parties’ platforms.

And we will complain and decry the two party system.
And we will demand a third party..
And we will still pick the same party we claim is the lesser of the ‘two evils,’ ignoring the potential endless amount of saints that could actually come out way if we just paid a little attention to the ballot beyond the first two lines.

It's Halloween

Everyone's entitled to one good scare.


I think I swear.. my son gets sick on holidays.. He’s 3 and a half, going on 30, but I remember each and every Halloween — and beginning of the Christmas season— he has been ill. Little Ayden Morris is setting a pattern.. to fall under the weather not only when the weather changes, but at times when important dates and events are set on the calender..

Parents may consider this situation to be abundantly the same as their own.. The perils of parenting--something I have written about previously on other websites.  Since February 2011 when my son was welcomed into the brave new world with open arms and all of the human love someone can give him, worries increased as well. The prospects of nuclear war is scary.. but so often, late night temperatures spiking above 103 degrees is even worse.. heck with Chernobyl, a forehead is hot..

Last night and today are no different.. And timing, yet again, was key. We should have known..

Trick or treat night tonight.. I think we will elude the subject and attempt to keep it light. No Halloween talk. Because if he misses trick or treating due to his fever he will never forgive us—if he knows.. But last year we had the same scenario.. the year before did as well. In 2011, on Ayden's first Halloween, my wife and I brought him to see his maternal grandmother recovering from a bought of medical issues .. she died only days later, but left this world happy. The only thing she wanted to see before leaving the planet was Ayden in his STAR WARS Ewok costume...

As noted, Halloween appears to be cursed for Little Ayden. From babyhood to toddlerland, the times are often cursed when it comes to the season of the witch.

So this Halloween, it’s doctors appointments with a fresh diagnosis of strep throat and no doubt another sleepless night, and the alternation of Tylenol and Motrin .. fun times ahead.

It's somewhat interesting that Ayden, home sick today, has reverted to asking for every single product he sees on a commercial.. he wants Santa Claus to bring it for him. He's already entering Christmas mode, even before Halloween is over.

Makes sense..
Even  he has written off this trying time..
My favorite holiday.. three years in a row filled with fevers and sickness. Cursed..

Happy Halloween indeed..


We are all lost in a sea of political nightmares ... This time of year comes packed with stories of the right and the left doing very bad things.

Democrats will link us posts on Facebook showing how evil Republicans are, the opposite takes place from our Republican friends, lambasting Democrats for their immoral acts.

There are people behaving badly on both sides of the aisle, and frankly I just don't care anymore.

I will vote this year as I do every year, but I just don't care who wins..

It will be the same thing next year and the year after that, we will have the same tired debates about taxes and government reform, spending, national, and foreign-policy. But the debate will constantly echo into infinity, the band will play on, and the balloons will drop over yet more conventions in presidential elections to come.. all the while no changes will occur to bring relief to the economic climate that has engulfed America..

Call me negative, or just say I'm realistic. Either way I believe that this political season was just like the last one and will be just like the next one.

I chuckle when I hear people saying "the political process is the worst it's ever been" or "I have never seen this negative of the campaign" .. Then you have not been paying attention. It has been this negative before and will be again, the best man has never won, and those who have any sense of honesty or decency so often or laughed out of Congress by the people, folders, who claim they want honesty and decency in government.

Chances are you never heard the name Cynthia McKinney. You should have, but chances are you won't even look her up after reading this...

So in that regard we may be the reason that nothing ever changes, the fact that we keep posting those hateful messages about the other party on Facebook but looking at her own with rose-colored glasses ignore all of the sins our own party commits..

We keep voting for the same people and expecting different results, leading me to conclude that there is some form of insanity at the heart of the American dollar

Negative advertising has always been around, mostly because of how effective it is and it's major getting people to vote. People respond to fear much more than hope.

We can lie to ourselves and say the opposite is true however, we know this: Many presidents would not have won an election without besmirching the character of the other person, and many candidates would never of been reelected unless they struck fear into the hearts of the voters especially in saying all those "dangerous" things the other guy would do. The 2002 election was a prime example of the primal fear used: Terror and war. Even this year, because it it's throughout the nation are using as a kid! He disease has now become a debatable topic in American politics..

So if you're ready to tell me I am wrong, save it. Like mentioned before I will vote. And that's about that, I will fulfill my civic duty and I will share my political ballot in the process. But I won't expect much in return, as a matter fact I will expect nothing but the contrary of what those who wins say they will do.

Twas always thus and always thus shall be..

The NASA rocket to the shuttle explodes

The entire Northeast corridor of the United States was told to prep to see the space rocket launch by NASA tonight.. It will be a no go:
This occurred only moments ago: According to NASA, the Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft were set to launch at 6:22 p.m. ET. It was set to carry some 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.

"There was failure on launch," NASA spokesman Jay Bolden said. "There was no indicated loss of life.

The rocket was a commercial ship set to launch to the space shuttle in orbit.. it was 5000 pounds and packed with clothes, food, and replacement parts...

The unmanned rocket exploded in a giant ball of flames immediately after its launch..

The season of the witch indeed.. I mentioned earlier this week that Halloween week is not a lucky time..

Little did NASA know it would strike them.

Just last night the launch of the same rocket was scrubbed because of a boat in the danger zone--the first time that NASA aborted a launch for that reason..Tonight the launch destroyed itself, with a mission now not accomplished, a giant plume of fire and smoke rose into the night sky ..

NASA says no injuries..

The apparent malfunction has now left NASA scrambling to find the cause--and somehow figure on how to get the supplies packed on the rocket ship to the shuttle that needs them..

Very bad news during the haunted season that things like this happens..

Turn the frown upside down: Jokers behaving badly

The strange streak of clown crimes continue worldwide..

It seemingly all started when TWISTY first appeared on American Horror Story.. since that time frame, the news has been giving us clown recaps nightly. Clowns who terrify children with axes.. others who rip apart pumpkins on front porches..

Last week we heard about France getting a fair share of freaky clown sightings and crimes..

Tonight, more information on just how bad this clown fever is getting is being revealed.. This news from France: What began in the Northern part of the country now appears to be spreading. Clowns are showing up in different parts of France, and they are spreading fear, too.. According to media reports, the clown syndrome in that country has been easily spread by Facebook posts and other social media.  

Also in France, another fake clown was given jail time only days ago.. His crime? Threatening people in full clown attire. And holding a stick that police said resembled a knife..

The French clown revolution is not only marred by vigilantes searching for those in face paint, but the clowns themselves are also accused of committing crimes.. the town of Douai seems to be ground zero in France. Last week a small girl was reportedly chased .. a student said she was threatened by a clown..  

This is how phobias are born..

While this worldwide clown fascination has unfolded, the main brunt of the trickster oddities appear to have hit France hardest.. It is so strange and bizarre that police are saying this: "Symptomatic of the impact of the Internet, this phenomenon can lead to damaging individual acts and disturbances to public order”."

The police say that the 'scary subculture' of clowns is spreading because of the net fascination..

This is all getting so weird.
So weird that there is even a statement from the World Clown Association.. something I did not even know existed until this latest streak of bizarre news..

Randy Christensen is the president elect of the World Clown Association.. he is unhappy with all of the attention media has been paying to clowns behaving badly.  Vulture interviewed him in depth. No word on whether he was in full gear ..

Christensen seems to have a big mission: Get people to stop fearing clowns.
Pop culture isn't following his lead.
Neither are violent clowns in France.
Or scary ones everywhere else..

Ground Zero: Clyde Lewis back in hospital

Despite seeming to have a strong voice on recent shows, radio great Clyde Lewis finds himself yet again in a hospital bed.

This information comes just hours before his show was set air Monday night, a note on his Facebook page indicates that tonight is a rerun and tomorrow night may be as well.

At this point there are few details explaining what type of medical situation has developed.

Lewis has had a number of different medical crises since recovering from cancer. Most notably recently, he was rushed off the air during a program in which he wondered if Pres. Obama was a hologram speaking to the nation..

And now, what should be Lewis' best week of programming, Halloween, he finds himself yet again unable to broadcast.

This website and countless others wishes his quick return to the air, but even more, a speedy return to better health.

Prayers and collective consciousness are with him tonight.


The HORROR REPORT presents some of the best reading from the website past..

Horror tales and truths from Halloween then and now..

In 2013, the HORROR REPORT mocked society's traditional Halloween parties, those that take place at dive bars and feature women attempting to get themselves to the 'whatever' sexy costume of the year retailers offer. We cautioned to be careful out there to avoid becoming the next Ben Tramer..

Speaking of sexy outfits, the HORROR REPORT lamented how soon we sexualize children around the Halloween season. I sounded prudish to some in 2012 when I first posted this. I still think, two years on, that is rings true..

Though it is always humorous to go back and see what the 'in crowd' wore any given Halloween..Twerk it.

In 2012, the HORROR REPORT was shocked by the weather more than the season.. A snowstorm was forecast for the night of Halloween. Though that did not happen, a very cold and windy Halloween did. After all, Halloween 2011 featured a snowstorm.

Weather also took center stage Halloween 2012 as superstorm SANDY impacted the east Coast.. the NWS offered horrific warnings about how to prepare your body in case you did not survive.. 

Halloween 3 is decried as the worst in the many sequels spawned by the 1978 classic hit. But the HORROR REPORT has written about a renewed appreciation for the film.  The SILVER SHAMROCK tune may be the scariest song in history..

Though it has nothing to do with Halloween, we wrote in December 2013 that we wished Christmas would keep its tradition of having ghost tales and paranormal experiences. Bumps in the night can happen all year.. Christmas can also feature fright.



Expect the unexpected all week.. (Really all year) .. but during the Halloween mean season, all things are possible. Anything can happen. Be on the look out for spirits of the netherworld, Slendermen, witches, vampires, ghosts or goblins. Also in the mix: Real people doing really horrible things around the planet earth. If we can actually travel into space, we'd pervert that as well.

The final week of October. Halloween falls on a Friday this year. But not a Friday the 13th as that moronic online MEME has convinced some people of..Here is a snapshot of the things happening this the week of the witch begins.

When Popes aren't busy eating the hearts of innocent children, here's some other things on the menu.. Now you know.

Canadian Parliament gunman recorded video message before attack that reveals it WAS a meticulously planned act of terror

I have seen warnings for years that the GULF STREAM was stopping. Now more warnings such as those old ones are back: But there's some startling evidence that could suggest it is finally occurring. The colder than average area is the Northern Hemisphere has grown by 300% in two weeks. Then again.. it's autumn. So ...causation ...correlation.. ? Be the judge yourself.  Don't just take every conspiracy theory as fact. Nature has a way of doing what it wants, when it wants. Even if Chemtrails try to stop that..

EX-CBS reporter Sharyl Attkinson is saying something we all should listen to: The government hacked her life..

New Jersey releases a nurse who was forcibly quarantined over Ebola fears.. She also sparked a nationwide debate now as to how to handle people, in a American way, people who are coming back from Ebola infected areas of Africa. What rights do they have? What civil liberties should we maintain? These are big questions.. and important ones, as well.  But missing from the mix: The Executive Order signed by President Obama just this year that allows the government to take people who are suffering from respiratory or other disorders to prevent a nationwide infection. This is clearly a debate worth having.. but if something big and bad does break out, people will stop debating and expect the government to violate the diseased people's civil liberties. Mark my words on that.

The debate that is taking place across America--how to respect the civil liberties of Ebola patients, or those that may be Ebola patients in 21 days--reminds me of the theme of the show TRUE BLOOD. No offense is meant to anyone suffering from EBOLA.. But the same theme somehow applies in my mind..

A few days ago there was hope that the 'girls' abducted in early 2014 in Nigeria would be freed. That did not happen. Today we learn that BOKO HARAM and extremists have captured 30 more boys and girls... Nigeria brags that they are Ebola free. But they are not free of horrors of modern brutality..

If you're looking for something frightening to begin your Halloween week, here's a listing of some HORROR MOVIES that you may have missed over the past decade.. Of everything IGN presents on their list of forgotten early 2000 horror, the tops I'd recommend is HOUSE OF THE DEVIL from 2009 CITADEL.

I have been following the search for the accused cop killer from Pennsylvania, Eric Frein, closely.. Mostly because the scenario is playing out less than 90 minutes from my own home base.. The latest from the state's law enforcement arsenal: They are going to use a 'blimp in a box' to search for Frein.  Not sure if they are purposely trying to remind us of Justin Timberlake singing "Dick in a Box" on Saturday Night Live a few years back, but it did it for me.. But this blimp in a box is no joke, it's a helium balloon equipped with cameras. In other words: A drone.. but 'blimp in a box' apparently has a much better ring to it.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox is still making the rounds for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, perhaps racking up more mileage than the Secretary of State.. Fox and her thumbs took the campaign for the movie to CHINA.. The way movies are marketed has changes so much over the past 14 years--the renewed attention on getting out the vote, in a sense, is amazing. The vote Hollywood wants is the international movie audience. So often the American audience does not matter. The real action is taking place in foreign box offices.. And that's where Hollywood is going to be mostly marketing to. Expect a lot more stars and starlets to grace China's fanciest hotels and theaters in coming years.

A WALKING DEAD episode last night turned weird.. IGN reviewed it saying the 'post apocalyptic cookout turns awkward.. 

The 'sexy Ebola containment suit' is on sale online
The 'sexy Ebola nurse' being called the most tasteless American Halloween costume by pundits across the pond..
 I agree.. but I disagree on the notion that this, or even the hazmat suit, is a best selling costume this year.. I don't think it is, and there is no evidence I have seen to suggest that implication is true..

The pre-Halloween week box office was filled with spirits and magic for a little horror flick .. $20 mil for OUIJA.. If you read my site over the weekend, you will remember I predicted $21 mil, more than the $18-19 mil range experts called for.. Call me the little prognosticator who could.


'Honey Boo Boo' daughter: I was a molestation victim of the sex offender my mother is allegedly dating »

A very dark side of reality television is rearing its ugly head..

The amount of perversion that takes place to the youngest and most innocent of victims is deplorable—those victims are often offered up on the silver platter of fame and fortune. So often those false blessings turn into revolt and misfortune as the money dwindles and the spotlight glare of entertainment reality television is turned off, and the real unscripted reality sets in.

The most recent of these types of events comes as HONEY BOO BOO’s Momma June is back with a molester..

TLC dropped teh shoiw.

Now the oldest daughter says she was a victim.

All of this after years of ‘skettis’ and comical GIFs online.

The real story is tragic.
I always felt the entire cast of the various reality TV shows were tragic in a sense. Used and abused for cheap dollars but high advertising yields by corporations and cons.. The contracts are voluminous. Teen moms and all the like, HONEY BOO BOO as well. They work for cheap.. Much less compared to last century’s nighttime TV stars. These people are ‘real’ after all—or as real as we are permitted to see. There’s still scripts.. cameras.. crews.. and marketing firms. What we see is now what we get.. what we get is not real at all..

But, as we have seen for about 14 years now, people eat this up. And the constant diet of garbage is happily fed to the masses of asses by the grand schemers .. It’s an easy target audience: Everyone. The product? The worst stuff on earth..

Now HONEY BOO BOO’s life will change.. the scandal will continue, and undoubtedly the family that ate up fame as much as lard will ask for privacy.

Too late..

Their lives will now unfold in the public realm.. while the television production closes.

The devil’s in the details. Sell your soul? Get the horns..

Solar flare udpate

Active sunspot AR2192 unleashed a massive X.3 class solar flare..
The massive sunspot clearly emitted a giant flare during this circumstance..

But the amazing part, despite the planet starting down the barrel of a gun, this flare failed to produce a noteworthy CME..

Prior to the flare taking place, astronomers and scientists were amazed watching the size of 2192, the sunspot that would end all sunspots.

It was called 'freakish' in nature, and was the largest on our heating source since 2008.  The at point prior to the X.3 class flare, Jupiter would have been able to fit into the area.

For some reason, each time there's the potential ED DAMES type end of all technology scenario, we avoid hell being unleashed. Either something is watching over us or, just by fate, nothing horrid in nature has occurred yet.

With the size of this sun spot, we are quite lucky, actually..
Let's hope that 2192 now revolves away from the direct view of the planet Earth without much more fanfare..



While the TODAY SHOW talked about how to ‘take charge of your laundry’ Friday morning, a weird message popped up: An emergency alert that the channel has been force tuned to receive the Emergency Alert Message.. The actual audio of the station was interrupted in various cities while the message alert broadcast noise buzzed and the text demanded people stop using their phones to free lines up for the emergency ..

No alert message followed..
It is presumed this was a test run.

Apparently it was not just people scared into a few paranoid thoughts, but also news stations, as well.. <a href="">WSOC-TV in Charlotte put a statement on its website that read:</a>
<blockquote><em>WSOC-TV is looking into the emergency alert that aired around 8:30 a.m. Friday morning on Channel 9 and TV64. </em>

<em>WSOC-TV is hearing that radio stations broadcasted the message too along with our sister station in Atlanta WSB-TV. </em>

<em>We are investigating the alert and will have more information after we look into it.</em></blockquote>
A hijack? But who hijacked?


A powerful Earth facing X3.1 solar flare just occurred.


This is from the monster sunspot that has moved to face earth..


Man's best friend. Proven again

This is why I love dogs and hate tragedy..
Amid the flags and flowers left outside of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s family home in Hamilton, Ontario, two dogs peeked out from under the gate on Thursday. Cirillo, the army reservist who was shot dead as he stood guard at Canada’s National War Memorial, was not only a soldier and a father, but an animal lover whose social media feeds were populated by images of his dogs. In a recent Instagram he described them as “my family,” and would often post photos of their antics.

This image got me very emotional..We can debate until we are blue in the face why evil happens, what inspires it, and why it strikes. We can argue about false flags and true events.. we can debate until we pass out from exhaustion.

In the end, innocence always suffers.. whether its children who just want to learn and laugh, or dogs who just want their master to return back home again..



The video you see here  is an ad for a haunted house. This one was from 2013. But you’ll get the point.

It is called McKamey Manor. It’s in San Diego. And the waiting list to get into the attraction is 24,000 strong. No doubt growing not that it has found itself getting worldwide attention.

The reason so many are suddenly finding out about this is because of the extreme nature of the attraction.. 

Among the many enjoyable things that will take place when you go to this little gem:

  • Force feeding. Expect it..

  • Your head will be put into a cage with rotten eggs.

  • …and snaked

  • You will have your hands bound..

  • You will be placed in small boxes

  • You will be screamed at..

  • Expect to be drenched in blood, presumably not real

Things may get bad. That’s why you have to sign a waiver prior to admittance.

The trend of the extreme is all around us—from movies and the macabre to events of the real. Beheadings grace our evening news and now, as this testament provides evidence of, you can now ‘live your own horror movie’.. 

While some decry this place of rest and recreation and torture and rotted mayhem of the mind, others will defend it to their deaths.. 

You will undoubtedly judge for yourself..
The evidence of the video will speak volumes..

For me, someone who is a follower but not a fan of the paranormal, I can only state that I’d steer clear of this type of entertainment..

But not for the reasons you’d assume.

Would I be scared? Well, take a peak at the video. Of course I would be, and you would be, too.. 

Now, the real reason I would avoid this quagmire of a not so good time is because, while I often write about the paranormal and strange, I also write about current events.. current horrors. Real horrors.. My mind is already filled with the overwhelming gore and hatred that pervades daily news.
There are times I would just like to banish reality from my view..

A haunted house where reality and guts with gore are shoved, quite literally in this case, down peoples’ throats does not come off as entertaining to me..

Now, does the video make things look worse than they are in reality? I suppose you can say that. And I’d bet my next week’s salary on the chance that people who want the to go to the most extreme haunted locations will absolutely devour this like a flesh eating zombie.. but I wrote about those people before, too.

But there is one last valid point to make.. Should you be believer in the paranormal, the other world, and the more devious presences that some say exist, perhaps a place like this is the final place you should step foot in.. The evil that may be conjured by the actions there are intense.. Perhaps it will be enough to let the real scary show up in your life..


MORE Sears and KMart stores closing before Christmas.. Not even nipple slips could save them now.. the latest numbers show one troubling sign, financial analysts will tell us. If SEARS will close many of these stores and lay off thousands of workers prior to Christmas, the typical best time of year, then doesn't that portend a self-inflicted fate of financial suicide? Perhaps it's a sign that SEARS' success will be confined to the Brady Bunch era and that, in the end, we may not see them around much longer .. the retail landscape is certainly changing.

My local mall is going to have some major issues, too.. SEARS and KMART are two anchor stores.. it has already been announced that SEARS is gone. No word on KMART..

The SEARS catalog was an amazing venture in the 19th century.. the prospect that you can order someone through the mail and get it was a novel concept. In that sense, SEARS was ahead of its time, the AMAZON of its day with snail mail backing up their success.. They have gone from that to being behind the curve and now, as we see in this latest set of troubling stories, they are about ready to get a retail plug pulled on them.. And the rest will be history.


The state of our fear: A real question being posed to a doctor: Can you get Ebola from a bowling ball.. The answer? "it is unlikely that someone that ill would have just gone bowling. Also, the Ebola virus is fragile and susceptible to drying out. It does not normally survive for more than a few hours on a hard, dry surface."..

...but this! Video emerges of NYPD cops dumping Ebola protective gear in random trash bin after leaving danger zone..

Abby Haglage from the DAILY BEAST writes that this Ebola case in New York City will hurt patients everywhere..

Three more are quarantined..

The Canada gunman reportedly wanted a passport to go to the Middle East..

Dozens more girls abduted in NIGERIA by Boko Haram..

Daily life becomes a struggle in California as wells dry up in massive drought that never ends..

China launches unmanned mission to the moon.. I often think of those reports from a few years back concerning the water on the dark side of the moon.. is the race on to get water for the future? We know on earth that it could very well become a scarce resource..

The "Anti-Facebook" page ELLO is getting fresh funding.. But read the fine print..

Facebook launches app for supposedly anonymous chat sessions.. The past repeats. This reminds me of AOL in the early 2000s.. Even the New York TIMES calls it a flashback to the Internet Bulletin Boards of yesteryear.. Oh nostalgia.

Peggy Drexler writes in TIME MAGAZINE that the problem online is not over-sharing it is instead over-following.. She has a point.. there are lots of brain functions changing as the Internet does..

Skip the cream! Botch up marketing as a Swiss company puts an image of Adolf Hitler on its packaging..

A real headline: Rubber ducks can save your sex life..

A few weeks ago, a few scientists revealed that they knew exactly who Jack The Ripper was.. But there is a problem: An 'error of nomenclature' is undermining their case against the Polish immigrant they fingered.. It is being called a 'serious DNA error' and may jeopardize the answers many assumed were found..

HONEY UH OH: HONEY BOO BOO show may be in jeopardy now that it turns out 'Mama June' is dating a convicted child molester..

Horror movies during Halloween: The worst time to watch them..

NIGHT TERROR NEWS: A nightmare on Mundane Street..

Scare in NYC: Hatchet attack as NYPD officers shoot and kill assailant..

New concerns: Could Eric Frein have stolen a car!?

The UK DAILY MAIL profiles a scary horror park across the pond..

The BOSTON GLOBE reviewed OUIJA.. the clear audience are teenage girls. That may help this pre-Halloween box office weekend..

The NEW YORK POST calls it a good scare..

But some are highly critical of the acting in the film..

Central Bucks High School in Doylestown PA is canceling the rest of its football season after a hazing incident.. The ritual rite apparently involved placing towels over the players' heads and leading them into the shower.. it was referred to 'waterboarding' .. I have written some rather opinionated articles on football here and ..

BREAKING BAD toys are being shelved in some TOYS R US stores..

Tis the season for a few good scares: Is this the Grey Lady of Dudley Castle?

An exorcist speaks about horror movies..

Saint Augustine had a ghost theory: "I emphatically do not think that the soul leaves the body with a material body".. but he knows as much then as we know today..

Infared photo supposedly of 'Nessie' revealed at paranormal conference.. Just to note, Nessie is probably my least favorite paranormal conspiracy theory.. never could get into it.. And as for this photo, I'm not buying it.

Ouija weekend


$19 MIL OR $29???


The latest information from insiders has the paranormal game flick scaring $8mil on Friday night screenings.. There have been some awful reviews of the movie and even worse CinemaScore grades.. But it may not stop people during this time of year from seeing the film..

Another strong showing from Saturday night..

At this point, according to experts, the movie is on track to finish around $19 mil..

The HORROR REPORT predicts: $21 mi, downgraded from an earlier $23 mil prediction..

Either way the film's success may not be due to a good storyline, but instead an exceptionally good release schedule for a film about the paranormal..

Just a few

Some news and the like making headlines today..

A Saudi cleric is making worldwide news for condeming Twitter and calling it evil.. Meanwhile his nation continues to punish people with legal beheadings and will not let women drive.. One man's pain is another man's pleasure, I suppose. Tweet away Meryl..

This is the photo of the man who reportedly caused terror in Canada.. But where did the photo of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau come from? ISIS.. and who took it?

Friday night frights on hold for the lights.. Halloween falls on a Friday this year (no, not the 13th as that stupid MEME says) .. but this year people are choosing football over trick or treating.

MAJOR ED DAMES fans are freaking.. There is a monster sunspot on the sun right now.. Stan Deyo is among those broadcasting some kill shot fears.. What is known of sunspot 2192: Solar activity is high. There have been giant Mclass and Xclass flares, but none of the sun burts have mitted a CME. Yet.. But the active region is turning towards the earth.. and that sunspot is massive.. The best resource to follow regarding this and other issues with the sun:

Renee Zellweger looks strange to fans. But there is a chance her new face is just one that occurred naturally..

Making the horror lists: Why I deplore this annual trend

It is that annoying time of year again

I love Halloween.. don’t get me wrong. But I disdain when we get yearly “lists” of the best horror girls, the best horror movies, the best victims in horror movies, the best kills, and now the newest from Entertainment WEEKLY: THE BEST SLASHER FLICKS..

First off, let’s get real.. anyone who promotes these lists does it at times when the iron is hot: Halloween is when you’d most likely click on a link that will purport to tell you what the ‘best’ slashers are.. And typically, at least in this case, you’re going to get any new information. What you will read is going to be regurgitated sameness. The movies that make the list are predictable..

The only reason lists like these are promoted is for web hits and, from the site’s perspective, schmucks who will accidentally click on banner ads populated throughout the website..

So what are EW’s slasher flicks featured?

FRIDAY the 13th.. No big shock.. SCREAM.. nothing new. PSYCHO.. yawn.. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE…sigh.. And of course HALLOWEEN, because it’s HALLOWEEN and EW knows that posting a few shots of Michael Myers near the end of October will get hits.

So often when it comes to lists like this—not just about horror but, say, lists of Jennifer Anniston’s hair style on the anniversary date of FRIENDS first airing—we realize that nothing online is new.. pop culture trends escape the big sites.. Instead they hope that lists of this nature will fill the void of reporting..

I especially hate the sites that make you continuously click arrows to get more of the list. I give up after one click..

Not EW didn’t do that. Instead a sub par attempt was made at new content.

It just seems to be that we get the same old thing over and over and over and over and over again….

Halloween: The time NOT to watch horror movies?

Jacob Hall in SCREENCRUSH writes why he never watches 'Halloween' on Halloween »

He argues that this season is not about slashers, boogeymen, or Texas chainsaw users.. He is right.

In part, Hall writes,
That’s not to say that I dislike John Carpenter’s slasher classic. In fact, it’s one of the best horror movies ever made and a masterpiece that I find myself revisiting at least once a year. But when I do revisit it, I tend to watch it in December. Or February. Or even in the heat of the July. The moment October rolls around, I shelve any interest I have in it.

He goes on:
It’s all about tone. I avoid ‘Halloween’ on Halloween because it’s a grim film, a dark experience that gets your blood pumping and intends only to chill you to the bone. And that’s great! It succeeds at that! It’s a noted masterpiece for a reason! But when I think of Halloween, I don’t think of grimness, terror and shifting uncomfortably in bed, seeing every shadow as a masked man primed to kill me. When I think of Halloween, I think of cold air and warm clothes and a hot glass of cider. I think of the smell of latex and itchy costumes that you put up with because it’s the only time of the year that you can get away with dressing like a ghoul. I think about hayrides and haunted attractions and pop-up stores that sell only costumes and make-up that vanish on November 1.

I get his point, actually. I find myself in a bit of agreement, as well. I think of fun times, as well.. But also frightening times.

I have always been an avid horror movie enthusiast.. But lately, at least since I became a father, that interest has waned. One factor that caused me to forgo my love of the genre for a bit was when slasher films became brutal, and blood was used more than dialogue.  Lately a new brand of horror has re-emerged that focuses more on the fright and fear over torture and gore..

But on Halloween, I typically avoid horror movies for one prime reason: I am a bitsuperstitious. Not to the point where I won’t walk under a ladder or avoid a black cat, but to the point where I often have felt a ‘thinning of the veil’ on Halloween in my life. There have been times, one year that stands out the most actually, where I recall a strange feeling in the air on Halloween.. where every breeze seemed to blow a spirit through my body, and where I just couldn’t wait to get home from trick or treating and lock the door and undress into my old self.

So in that regard, Jacob Hall has a point as far as why he avoids the slasher flicks.

But if I do watch a horror movie on Halloween, it will be HALLOWEEN 3,THE SEASON OF THE WITCH. I feel this movie is the most underrated horror movie of all time, and one with an amazing concept: Masks that come alive at 9pm on Halloween… as that awful, awful song plays on.


Jim Thorpe and the old jail: A haunted attraction worth a look

Jim Thorpe's Old Jail Ghost Tours stalk spirits: The Harrisburg PATRIOT NEWS REVIEWS »

The Old Jail museum in Jim Thorpe has an amazing piece of coal region history.. Molly Maguires were hung here.. and some say the hand print of one of the doomed Mollys never vanished from the wall, as a reminder that something very unjsut happened there..

I do recommend Jim Thorpe PA to anyone who would want to travel to this part of Pennsylvania. And during this time of year, the Old Jail Museum is a must go..

Last year, I actually wrote a review about the museum here.. quite frankly, I faced some consternation from the Old Jail for what I wrote, namely a section where I said “The real paranormal story is the hand print—and a couple other little tales, probably tall, of whispers and pats on the back.. ”  There was offense taken from that section.. but I refuse to take it out. The hand print may not be faked, but there are no doubt other embellished stories that provide atmosphere during the Halloween season.

Regardless of that or the controversy about what I wrote in 2013, I still say it’s a great place to visit and a profound place for anyone who has knowledge of why the Molly Maguires mattered in American history..

old jail - handprint.jpg

Armed clowns?

News from France.. armed clowns.. Teen arrested..

The panic continues.
The clown scare of Halloween 2014 continues, now around the globe..

Aliens are not dead

Which Religions Would Have The Hardest Time Accepting Alien Life? »

The conclusion: Evangelical Christians. I tend to agree.. knowing a few, the premise of alien life really disturbs them to their core.

It makes them nervous to think that Jesus may have more planets to tend to along with Earth, and that the Garden of Eden may have to be reproduced on other worlds.

Do other planets have a Bible?
Will the rapture happen there?
Isn’t the world flat!?

All of those things.

The CATHOLIC CHURCH will race to baptize the first alien they see. The Vatican has practically said that..

But the evangelicals would call the aliens demons.

I have often equated many stories from the Bible itself with aliens.. A virgin birth? Alien implant.. Rising from the dead? beamed up… Noah’s ark? A spaceship leaving Mars before the flood..
Actually that has more logic to me that some portions of the Bible.

Nonetheless… Life is life. And if you’re really a firm believer and confident in your God, you won’t be rocked by a space ship landing on the planet earth.

Now alien butt implants? That’s demonic..


A conjuring on hold

'Conjuring 2' Moves To 2016; New Line Sets Untitled Horror Film In October 2015 Spot »

Does not seem to be much controversy with this change, perhaps just a reevaluation of marketing goals and an attempt to extend the life of the CONJURING/ANNABELLE films..

But I have a prediction: I say this unnamed horror flick will continue to tell a tale of the Warrens..

New Line hit a nerve.. I think they will continue to strike while the iron is hot.
And the horror that works right now is ghostly strangeness, not bloody gore.

A movie about food. All the food you don't eat

Film Review: 'Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story' »

This documentary looks pretty decent.. Lots of food discarded, these guys rummaged through to find meals. The VARIETY review paints a sobering picture of the film.. and the film paints a very sobering picture of just how much food we waste..

I worked in restaurants since a legal age.. And I cannot even count the number of plates of food thrown away, often completely thrown away. We make too large of portions. We don’t save nearly enough.. and lots of people across the the planet have little or nothing.

Something is very wrong with that premise..

That is 100% and a tremendous point thedoomreport  .. There are tons of problems that come with foreign aid. Anyone with half a brain can figure out some of them.. and some of the nations that have the least have governments with the most&#8212;warlords who will not permit food to be dispensed and a society where elaborate governments cripple the rights of the people, the masses.. <br/>And cue the other conspiracy theory: Monsanto GMO. For quite a while there I was reading one story a day about another farmer someone not he planet committing suicide after GMO crops failed..<br/>And finally: Farms are constantly being turned into giant plots of grass, with government aid actually going to farmers who stop selling food (or who raise corn only for gasoline to further destroy car engines that cannot handle Ethanol.) <br/>There are lots of ways the food supply could be extended.. <br/>BUT&#8230;we still do waste a lot of food in restaurants..

That is 100% and a tremendous point thedoomreport  .. There are tons of problems that come with foreign aid. Anyone with half a brain can figure out some of them.. and some of the nations that have the least have governments with the most—warlords who will not permit food to be dispensed and a society where elaborate governments cripple the rights of the people, the masses..

And cue the other conspiracy theory: Monsanto GMO. For quite a while there I was reading one story a day about another farmer someone not he planet committing suicide after GMO crops failed..

And finally: Farms are constantly being turned into giant plots of grass, with government aid actually going to farmers who stop selling food (or who raise corn only for gasoline to further destroy car engines that cannot handle Ethanol.)

There are lots of ways the food supply could be extended..

BUT…we still do waste a lot of food in restaurants..

Top news for October 20 2014


It's your chance to pick.. What is your choice for the best design for the HORROR REPORT. The following choices.. and a poll right after


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The Monday midday hell-headlines

A steady steam of news.. From the world and beyond..

Justin Bieber set to annoy Instagram.. he is bungling their opportunity to introduce ads.. Why? WIRED says it is because he and others who are popular eclipse anything that advertisers are willing to offer and have people actually buy through using Instagram..

Violence Iraq: car bomb..

Violence Nigeria: Town attacked after cease fire..

Speaking of Nigeria, there was profound hope to get back all of the kidnapped girls taken earlier in 2014. But that hope is dwindling, with the latest attacks and the fact that the cease fire is not doing anything to stop BOKO HARAM..

The great pumpkin riot of 2014: Keene New Hampshire was the focus of national attention this weekend as college kids, drunk on affluence and alcohol, created havoc.. Now the town is set to address the actions in response mayhem..There is also a bit of controversy regarding the pumpkin festival itself.. The woman whoi is the head organizer lost her cool during television coverage of the rioting.. She was trying to keep the focus on the pumpkin festival. All the while rioters were flipping cars in the streets, which was gaining much coverage than anything community driven.. Which is a shame. I feel for her. Jared Goodell certainly owned her, however..

Savior in a blue dress.. Monica Lewinsky is back.. And this time her goal is to stop cyber bullying.. While that is fine and good, one part is something I simply cannot find myself in any agreement with. Lots of news stories are referring to the DRUDGE REPORT story as a form of cyber bullying. You may recall why DRUDGE got the story.. or maybe you don't. Drudge ran it one Friday night because her found out that NEWSWEEK spiled a Michael Iskoff story about the scandal--Drudge made his fame at the moment, and became the go-to-guy for everyone in the media itself. Drudge was not a bully--there needs to be a distinction between reporting news and bullying people online..

This past weekend, a once in a lifetime event occured.. (They seem to be happening a lot in space lately?) Comet Siding Spring zoomed by Mars. Thankfully without impact, wouldn't want the Martians to be hurt, or any of those ancient pyramids we just KNOW are still there. Regardless, the real thing we can now learn is much more about our early universe..

Has the EBOLA hysteria just gone too far? Now after weeks of rapid foam at the mouth reporting, some journalists are asking that very important question. I say it has.. There are some facts to consider: Thomas Eric Duncan was around lots of folks.. and those folks, to this point, have yet to develop Ebola--two did, but think of all the others who were in contact with him. Perhaps that is the best scenario we can ask for, especially given the troubling circumstances reported by the nurses union at the hospital in Dallas that become ground zero for the Ebola nightmare in America.. A few days ago on Facebook, I actually wrote that I thought Ebola was being overdone by reporters and that the fear reporting was becoming unbridled fear porn. I stand by that statement, and that's BIG for a hypochondriac like me to think.. Another example of the fear promotion: The idea that the 'hazmat' suit was selling out just in time for Halloween. Ask anyone, it is not selling out at all.. This all does not mean Ebola is not big--Africa may tell you exactly how big it is.. But what it does tell me are two things: 1) Fear still sells and the mainstream media is better at selling fear than blogs and Twitter accounts. And 2) No matter what happens in Africa, it is not big news or top story status until it hits the shores of America. And that is sad..

BUT HERE IS THE DISTURBING PART of the Ebola story--and I will turn the volume up on the fear porn for this one. We are sending our troops into the Ebola hot zone.. And today it is being reported that troops who come in contact with Ebola will be quarantined in Liberia.. Let us all hope that this mission, of whatever nature it is, is over quickly and that our troops don't succumb to this awful plague..

The future is bright. And dim.. all at the same time. And here is what the virtual reality hologram filled future may actually look like according to experts of today.. No turning back now..

This is not a hoax.. I actually just found the story, despite it being reported this summer.. According to some weird scientific research, the act smelling farts may actually help prevent cancer.. So ...the gas we pass is a blast, smell away Meryl. Don't hold back. Stay healthy.. I will remind my wife of this the next time she gets a little testy about it.

I have been hearing for years that the Catholic Church would love to baptize an alien. As outlandish as that may sound, priests in the Vatican have actually said it.. So what religions would have the most trouble accepting life on other planets? According to this article at least, it would be the evangelical Christians..

A photo showing its age

10291108_10205319752499615_2955116092100004107_nThe grainy image you see here was once a moment of happiness in time. Seven years ago today, my wife and I 'tied the knot'... Some would jest that the bounds of holy matrimony only conflict with modern realities of existence, and others would say the troubles of the tight 'knot' of marriage isn't worth the trouble.

Quite frankly, I could not disagree more..
Are there tough days? Sure..
Have there been dim moments? Of course..

Seven years into marriage, some amazing and sad moments come to mind.. The most amazing and miraculous part of my life was watching my son be born into this world. Since that time, my wife and I have both lamented world violence and murderous rampages that seem to be commonplace .. But that life being born, that first cry, and each and every day since has left us with the impression that we have done something right. Also, we both agree: We will strive to continue to do something right..


Tragic moments have been mixed in with miracles. Deaths in the family.. car problems.. monetary lapses in the wallet. All of those common troubles that are associated with living in America..

My wife and I are 20th century kids, people who have left our growing pains at the doorstep of the year 2000. Now 14 years later, bringing up a child in a new millennium, you're what you own..

And what is it that we own?
Material possessions? Some.. some others are on the tab, being paid with those credit cards that we wish we did not have..

But what we own on the higher level is much more impressive: Love, acceptance of each other--and this is important. Also: We have a family. Do we own our son? In a sort of way.. but he's his own person. Our job is to mold him and create a human being that will change this world, make a difference, and get out of the negative spiral that so often consumes our brains.

That's what living in America is to us, right now..
Living with love. Living with a positive approach even in the face of turmoil and darkness..

Living in America. We are from the last millennium.
But we're dying a new one--all the while raising a child to not be alone.

Happy anniversary to Tara, my wife. 2007 until now.. With all of that life in between. So much done. So much more to go..
You're not alone.



Posse Ignoratatus

Posse Comitatus, Section 15 of chapter 263 of the Act states:

From and after the passage of this act it shall not be lawful to employ any part of the Army of the United States, as a posse comitatus, or otherwise, for the purpose of executing the laws, except in such cases and under such circumstances as such employment of said force may be expressly authorized by the Constitution or by act of Congress.

Words..Just words.

The military is prepping a ‘strike force’ capable of ‘dealing’ with Ebola patients in the United states..

CNN first reported this bombshell news today during a somewhat slow news cycle. I cannot help but think that the ‘strike force’ will somehow be forgotten about by the time Monday morning coffee is brewed in diners across America..

The team is going to be ready to deploy, over the next month, within 72 hours. Anyplace.. any time.

There have been few if any news outlets referring to the potential POSSE COMITATUS issue..

It has been around since 1878.. is there an erosion of it? Surely.. does latest Ebola team constitute a violation of it? I suppose lawyers and Constitutional scholars will argue that point until their insides turn into liquid..

And quite frankly, if a ‘STAND’ scenario developed, would anyone even care if a violation took place? Instead, we’d cheer on troops shooting Ray Flowers live on the radio and perhaps just ask for more..

I am a little uncomfortable with this news..
Am I the only one?



Some fine wine was consumed.. amazing food was, as well.. The Greystone in Pottsville PA was the location for a very special dinner.

Last night, my wife Tara and I cerebrated our seventh inning stretch.. We got married on a beautiful October day in 2007.

In the years since, there has been new life made and miracles born.. there has also been lives lost, some very painful..

Some days easy.. others days not. I cannot even imagine the burden of living with me, sometimes.

The state of marriage, seven years in.. by the time 9pm came, we rushed home to make sure we could tuck our child into bed and relieve a babysitter of some duties. Because parenting has now become the most important part of our marriage.. Everything else takes a second seat to ensuring you’re properly raising a human being into this world.

I hope we are doing well.
Last night we took a time out to consume some amazing food. And have some very meaningful discussions to attempt, in some small manner, to put a theme to the past seven years.. And move into the next 7 stronger.

AMERICAN IDIOTS: Keene State and the Great Pumpkin Festival Hell

Multiple ambulances have been were sent to a disturbance Saturday afternoon at the Keene Pumpkin Festival near Keene State College in New Hampshire, officials said. The Keene police and fire departments could not immediately say if people were injured, or provide details of what was happening. »

It is a town festival, a moment of pride.. last year it set a world’s record .. this year it is the scene of Halloween hell as “extreme partying” takes over..

Four people danced atop an overturned car in Keene, N.H.

Scenes like this get me a bit angry..

What are we, as a society, doing? What type of hell of a future are we creating?

The kids aren’t alright. And they are quite frankly growing up to become very un-alright adults, people who lack a sense of decency or moral allegiance to a nation with rights for all.

The world is watching us, America.
We once shined.
Now we have dimmed to the point that we cannot even recognize ourselves in the mirror.

Tricks .. treats.. tear gas under the autumn leaves in a cold October breeze.

View image on Twitter


A Sunday morning Sidewalk as a cold October wind blows..Get your HAZMAT Halloween costume ready. Chances are, you did not buy one.

A cold October wind

This morning is the perfect autumn morning. Cold, windy.. burnt orange and red leaves scattered across the ground.. the chilled sky with a brilliant and vibrant orange from the rising sun.

Yes, this is what an autumn morning in Pennsylvania—or anywhere—should be like.

…and with that,  time is fleeting..
I know this crunchy leaves of today will be snow tomorrow, and any memory of warmth will be long gone once the real chill sets in.

But for now, I will take the cool October charm, with decorated pumpkins and Halloween lights, witches, and all the rest. I love October.

And I especially love perfect October mornings.

There are things occurring in the world that would make my peaceful scene of autumn look like a fable .. bloodshed and trouble, toil and rubble..

Things like this: More than 100 people in OHIO are being monitored for Ebola. That is because the nurse from Dallas decided to fly there--and go dress shopping.. The good news may be that regardless of the amount of people monitored so far across the nation, real and actual cases at this point have been less than feared. But that 21 day incubation period is a loathsome part of this.. 21 days later, the numbers always may change..

Speaking of  Dallas, fear is increasing. Fear may actually turn the city into  a ''ghost town'' according to some. 

The FEAR of Ebola so far is what is making real news. Some communities across the United States are taking very dramatic steps.. But flights continue and the border remains open...Oh, and no one seems to understand what Ebola is or how it is spread.. Fear does that.

With fear comes preppers doing what they do best. And now they proclaim to have a reason: The mission to prep is even more important because of Ebola and how the earth can soon be turned into a wasteland of death. While some may laugh at their premise, let us not forget what the United Nations warned us of only days ago: Ebola, if it continues, could create a global food crisis that we have never seen.  So prep away, preppers. One day soon I may ask for rice, hope you remember me..


From the world of horror movies, SNAPCHAT is fully involved in advertising for the upcoming flick OUIJA. Sort of creepy--but so is snapchat.. The timing was certainly interesting, too.. SNAPCHAT promised not to be 'creepy' with its first ads. 

Death to go!? A Michigan funeral home is providing something that may actually be of use to our new generation of quick clicks and drive throughs: A drive through option for funerals.. People will laugh and mock this, but think it through. It may be the way of the future--how many times do you feel uncomfortable at the viewing? You don't want to see certain people, and certainly don't even know many, as well.. Now you have that option to see your 'loved one' .. from the comfort of your car. Drive by, say your peace, and keep on truckin' .. I think this is a fantastic idea whose time as come.

A new crime wave: People mopping aggressively. True stuff..

A one ton pumpkin is now the heaviest in North America. That is certainly amazing. Equally amazing: It is from California, the state withering in an expansive drought. Guess we know now where all the water went.

You don't read this every day--maybe every ten years. Weird cases of mysterious spontaneous combustion are back again--ten years later in the same Sicilian City they happened in during 2004.. Interestingly enough, I recall the 2004 story, I know for sure I linked it up the HORROR REPORT at that time.. Amazing how fast time goes.. Even more amazing: These cases of supposed spontaneous combustions..

This photo is a scene from a pumpkin festival that went very very wrong.. Riots actually took place in New Hampshire, with college students getting the blame.. Now Keene State says that students will be held responsible for their actions. The chaotic scene didn't start that way. It was a pumpkin festival. By the end, it was tear gas..

A 'portal to hell story'.. didn't see one of these is a while. This one comes to us from OHIO, where homeowners are at war with ghost hunters over a tunnel on private property.. There are a few locations near me where the same battles happen. Such as Centralia, PA. I always love seeing ghost hunters show up.. Folks: SILENT HILL was a movie based somewhat on Centralia. But those things really did not happen. Sometimes what others perceive as 'ghostly' things are just very normal and mundane occurrences.

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' star Nicholas Brendon was arrested in Idaho Friday night for ‘malicious injury to a property,’ according to police.
The vampire has fallen.. BUFFY star Nicholas Brendon arrested for malicious injury to property..

BONO says sorry for invading iTunes. Lots of users were confused and angry when U2 songs suddenly showed up in their music. While BONO said sorry for this stunt, I'd like to hear an apology for lamenting the sad state of charities but all the while giving less than a few percentage points of his own income to those in need..

And finally, the media tells us something and most of us don't discern, instead just eat it up and run with it. The power of the news media is still present despite those who lament its dwindling impact. This year, we are being told with big headlines that Ebola related costumes are ''all the rage'' this Halloween, and that HAZMAT suits will be showing up for candy on your porch for trick or treating. Don't believe it.. First off, Halloween store owners are actually saying the costumes are really not selling. Sure, we are TOLD they are selling, but someone somewhere put out the same talking points for every local news station and paper.. They are NOT SELLING. And a little simple fact checking would be in order.. I went to my own local SPIRIT Halloween store. They confirmed, at least on a local level, the same thing: The costume is not selling. They actually have one 5 in stock, and they are still there despite the media's attempt to convince us they should be sold out.  Go to your own local shop and ask the same questions--I bet you'll get similar answers as well.. Don't listen to news outlets attempting to tell you that HAZMAT is in. It's not..
Unless you're wearing a real one. Those seem to be a hot commodity in certain places this Halloween.


Get to know your local clown

Just days ago, the news of "Wasco the Clown" dominated headlines in California . . The creepy clown was spotted on park benches, and people were following him on social media, often scouting out at night to see if they could catch a glimpse. There were even tales of copycat clowns, some who may have chased children with an ax through dark streets..

Apparently the great 2014 clown scare is broadening.. freakish and ghoulish images of clowns nationwide are now trending on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The latest location for clown sightings include Florida, Indiana, and New Mexico.

Jacksonville residents, UPI tells us, are uniquely freaked. Clowns are now appearing in surveillance and security cameras.. UPI reports that one clown walks up to a person's porch and tears a pumpkin apart--all the while staring into the camera.

Thus far, the clowns are simply scaring with their actions. Crimes are not being committed--but a sense of security is being hurt.. The idea of a clown, sometime around midnight, staring in your window is haunting. This Halloween season, with all the trouble in the world, clowns are back en vogue. You can thank  AMERICAN HORROR STORY. You can also thank Wasco. But mostly, you can thank the endless number of people who want to join in the bizarre craze across the nation..


The family member of mine, someone who I will remain nameless, told me of a story that has been happening..

Two times over the past week as she was driving her car alone, a man appeared in her rear view mirror.. she said each time the man was in the passenger seat, when she looked closer and took more than a passing glance, he vanished from sight.

While it is the season to see spirits of other worlds, she felt this foray to the netherworld was a bit alarming.

The interesting thing she relayed to me, and the part that she couldn’t truly understand was as follows: When she first glanced at the man, or figure, she said that she recalled have a 100% recognition of who he was. As a matter fact, she said she thought to herself “hey what are you doing here”.. When she looked away and then re-locked her eyes back on the empty space the entity sat in milliseconds earlier, she had absolutely no recollection as to who he was or how she may have known him for that short instance.

She knew that she knew him, but only for the brief fleeting moment in time, and the memory of whoever he was with quickly gone again .. as far as he was.

There are a number of different theories in the paranormal world as to why someone or something would appear in your backseat as you are driving. Some believe that there is a message a spirit guide is attempting to get to you, others foresee such an occasion as a harbinger of some dreaded doom coming your way. And the best time to reach you is when you are alone in the car with your attention being divided between workings of your vehicle and throw it around, it is claimed ..

That being said, at least for my family member who experienced this is our set of paranormal circumstances, she’s rather dismiss the entire incident from thought. She did the first time. And then the second time it became harder..

I believe wholeheartedly in what she told me, . For me, I was able to judge the truthfulness of her story from the emphatic nature in her voice s she relayed it.. Even more, and the part that scared her the most, she has lost her ability to logically think through why this person in the mirror was there and what is haunting presence means for her.

A true ghost story of the man in the rearview mirror

The family member of mine, someone who I will remain nameless, told me of a story that has been happening..

Two times over the past week as she was driving her car alone, a man appeared in her rear view mirror.. she said each time the man was in the passenger seat, when she looked closer and took more than a passing glance, he vanished from sight.

While it is the season to see spirits of other worlds, she felt this foray to the netherworld was a bit alarming.

The interesting thing she relayed to me, and the part that she couldn't truly understand was as follows: When she first glanced at the man, or figure, she said that she recalled have a 100% recognition of who he was. As a matter fact, she said she thought to herself "hey what are you doing here".. When she looked away and then re-locked her eyes back on the empty space the entity sat in milliseconds earlier, she had absolutely no recollection as to who he was or how she may have known him for that short instance.

She knew that she knew him, but only for the brief fleeting moment in time, and the memory of whoever he was with quickly gone again .. as far as he was.

There are a number of different theories in the paranormal world as to why someone or something would appear in your backseat as you are driving. Some believe that there is a message a spirit guide is attempting to get to you, others foresee such an occasion as a harbinger of some dreaded doom coming your way. And the best time to reach you is when you are alone in the car with your attention being divided between workings of your vehicle and throw it around, it is claimed ..

That being said, at least for my family member who experienced this is our set of paranormal circumstances, she's rather dismiss the entire incident from thought. She did the first time. And then the second time it became harder..

I believe wholeheartedly in what she told me, . For me, I was able to judge the truthfulness of her story from the emphatic nature in her voice s she relayed it.. Even more, and the part that scared her the most, she has lost her ability to logically think through why this person in the mirror was there and what is haunting presence means for her.



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