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Just the facts Freaky Friday

A collection of things, events, news bits, and oddities from the world at large, presented in a snippet view of the world, often the easiest way to look at things..

A plea from help from nurses across America.. they want protective gear.. And who could blame them.

White House continues to reject bipartisan calls for a travel ban due to Ebola..

CNN attempts to explain why the guy with the clipboard stood out of place behind Ebola patient..

Video revealed of nurse Nina Pham in hospital bed.."Party in Maryland"

DALLAS' top public health epidemiologist being monitored for Ebola!

Real headlines: The cruise ship trap: Belize confirms that a patient with Ebola symptoms is on a cruise off its coast.. The person is a nurse from Dallas..

Now revealed: The infected Ebola nurse Amber Vincent who traveled by airline to Cleveland also went DRESS SHOPPING with her friends! Along with a ten year old.. I picture the scene from BRIDESMAIDS in my head.. Can't get the image out.

Scary to contemplate: The next big disease that spreads could be aided by the diseased rats of New York City.. I think the same thing happened in Plagues past. Some pest control is in order..

Get ready: Winter will arrive without delay, according to, with frigid air from another polar vortex seeping down into the country's midsection and Northeast as early as November
The long coming winter: Forecasters warn of upcoming polar vortexes poised to strike the United States..

California nightmare: Some major fault lines may be prepping to rock..

Joan Rivers' cause of death announced..

Watch a reporter get the complete daylights scared out of him by an enthusiastic Kansas City Royals fan.

Once in a million year year comet SIDING SPRING will pass by Mars on Sunday..

50 facts about horror movies you may not have known.. One fact I never knew: Because he was so young Danny Lloyd, the kid who played Danny in The Shining, was not told he was making a horror film. He thought it was going to be a drama...

City postpones trick or treating to All Saints Day..

Is conservative talk radio killing itself?

This would certainly be a gamer changer if true: Are patients in vegetative state aware of their surroundings?

Real cases: Seeing visions of dead people before you know those people are dead..

STAR WARS 7 close to finishing filming..

DJANGO curse? Actress Misty Upham found dead..age 32..

A collection of why we do what we do on Halloween..



STRANGER THINGS 2 looks incredible

The newest STRANGER THINGS 2 trailer hit on Friday the 13th .. amazing timing as always with the fine people at Netflix..

The excitement over this program is incredible. Not only are people re-watching and re-binging the first season in preparation, but there is an equal amount of re-watching and analyzing of the newest trailers..

Before discussion.. take a glance:

My initial thought: This is actually the weaker of the teasers and trailers for season 2.. Yes, I am inclined to wonder why Eleven is more androgynous  .. why she has more hair now and no one shaved it. why she is out of the upside down and eating Eggos in the normal world..

So many questions about her. But the trailer didn't pay much attention to her--I think on purpose. Instead we glimpsed into the post-pubescent boys and now new friends of another gender planning something, just as the world is being taken over by giant squid creatures from the upside down.

Not viewed at all? Mike's mom and dad. Barb..

Forgive me…


Yes, indeed.. a hurricane-ish type storm is about to hit Ireland..

Hurricane Ophelia is the 10th consecutive hurricane to form in the Atlantic basin this year. According to University of Miami hurricane expert Brian McNoldy, the last time ten consecutive storms became a hurricane was 1893. While a very interesting factoid, the "elephant in the room" is that Ophelia is headed to Ireland. It is rare, but not unprecedented.

There are a few interesting things about this.. First off, there have been really rare occasions that storms of this nature made it as far as Ophelia may..

Actually there have been only a handful in the past years since about, oh, 1851..

From 1851 to 2010, only 10 extratropical storms, typically the tail ends of tropical cyclones, have hit within 200 miles (322 kilometers) of Ireland....Hurricane Debbie was the only tropical hurricane to make landfall in that area, clipping the far northwest of the British Isles in 1961.

But this is 2017--the year that mayhem on …