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From time to time, when a dream warrants some form of attention, I will speak of it, write it down, and use this venue as the means of broadcasting the information. While I don't think any person truly can prognosticate the future, I do believe that often times the bumps in our night are caused by some form of knowledge that is either suppressed during our daylight hours, or foresight into the future. With specific dreams, those that mention names, or dates, I think there is something more to them. Enough, at least, that it a record of them should be kept..

One such dream, perhaps a night terror in a sense, happened to me last night. I woke up around 3am--that witching hour I have written about before--from a dream. I immediately typed down the dream on my phone to keep an account. But I didn't forget it, even with a few more hours of groggy sleep.

In my night vision, I was cruising through town and ended up at a dive bar, one I haven't been to in real life for a long time. I told my wife I was going to the store.. So when I was at the bar for a bit of time, the odd man out in a shirt and tie, she called me asking where I was. I said I'd be home, and that I would bring chicken wings. I guess even in my dream I knew I had to make it up to her not coming home from work immediately afterwards.. Nonetheless, the spirit of the bar suddenly changed from backwoods biker bar to a family oriented patriotic place. For some reason, the crowd, watching television of some sort of event taking place, began singing the Star Spangled Banner. Right after, another group of people started drunkenly but proudly singing God Bless America. I did not join in the singing, instead I recall a desperate attempt to find out what was on television and why the singing was gong on. Suddenly, without notice, co-workers of mine were there. After a bit of meandering around in dreamworld, I found myself sitting at a table with them slowly nursing a beer. The television was off.. a co-worker told me "We need to be prepared for what happens in November."  I looked at her knowingly and agreed, though in my dream, we had two separate dates. I said this 'event' would take place around a patriotic holiday. She said it would be November 17.  Just then, I was put back in my home town of Centralia at my Uncle Andy's home. A white van drove up the mountain and contained a female American doctor who had Ebola. She was infected and the United States was attempting to drone strike her ... she parked right in front of me.. A drone strike was imminent.

I woke up.

And when I woke up I suddenly realized something strange about that date debate my co-worker and I had during the dream. She said the 'event' of whatever type would occur November 17. I said no, instead, it would fall on a patriotic holiday.. Perhaps that means November 11, Veterans Day..?

I present this to you with a asterisk: That caveat is that this was a dream. Only a dream.. We can often look far too deep int he dream dictionary and try to suggest to ourselves meanings to what we see .. But it was still a dream.

However, as mentioned in the first paragraph opening this post, when a dream is specific like this, I feel the need to document it, date stamp it, and present it.

Discern accordingly.

Interestingly, as I dreamed this, the red moon was rising as the lunar eclipse was taking place.


  1. My husband and I both had scary dreams last night, the night of the Lunar Eclipse! Neither of us slept well and had a string of anxiety ridden dreams. The weirdest part was that both of us had dreams about a haunted house. The details were different but same idea. Mine was about three little girl siblings one being the oldest and the one who got controlled by the haunted house and was manipulating and keeping the other little girls there. There was a straight down tunnel that we fell into at some point and it never ended, just as the staircases never ended. Hallways were eerie and there was a constant feeling of being watched. ANother weird thing is I couldn't tell if I was the older sibling or just watching the whole thing like a movie. Earlier in the night I had a dream that I went outside to see the lunar eclipse and it was magnificent and I was howling at the moon. I turned to get Daniel and he was really nervous that a cop had come and peeked inside our RV and was now watching us. However, there was more fear in us than it just being a normal cop. We decided to get out of there so we went back inside our RV (we were actually in our RV in real life parked in a friend's driveway and the dream was located in the same spot) and just pushed a button which transported?? us? I woke up in a panic just a few minutes before my alarm was set to go off to watch the exclipse (about 3:24 AM PDT). Unfortunately, I did not get to see the eclipse because it was completely overcast :(

    Just thought I'd share this. Also, I dont' know much about astrology, but I have been meloncholy and down all week.

  2. Thank you for sharing this.. I spoke to a few people today who had vivid dreams last night.
    I also spoke to an administrator for a nursing home who said that patients last night were wild during the eclipse..
    I don't know if dreams mean anything, but when they are vivid and so clear, I think they do..

    Thank you again for reading and sharing.


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