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A splattering of the Nor'Easter news of the world

My neck of the woods is plagued with heavy rain, ice, and snow. Depending on your elevation you're getting any of or all three those precipitation types. But I'm not the center of the universe.. Not sure what is, though. Nonetheless, the headlines of the world as they are being reported at the hour:

The United States is readying its bases, facilities, and other locations of interest for potential terrorism.. A Senate report on torture that occurred at black sites throughout the world is about to hit.. The report, officials say, will be causing 'unrest' around the globe.. The report will detail torture at various locations after 9/11.. One aspect of the report: It will conclude that the torture people were administered fail to do anything much to stop terror attacks..

Sick world: ISIS releases manual on the dos and don'ts of buying and selling female slaves..

Afghanistan 12 years later: Taliban indoctrinates children with textbooks paid for by the United States..

And ahead of the torture report: ISIS is claiming now that a radioactive device has been smuggled into Europe..

In a time when the sky is always falling and large fireballs are always cruising at low altitudes around the earth, this news is unsettling: Russian scientists have found a mountain sized asteroid that crosses Earth's orbit every three years..

Image: Vitor Martins displays one of his Christmas tattoos inside his house near Sao Paulo
Ole' Saint Nick as you've never seen him before.. he's inked and ready for Christmas.. NBC is profiling the man who dresses like Santa--but is covered neck to toe in tattoos.. 

A big whoops at Walgreens: The store pulls Christmas wrapping paper with Swastika pattern..
 I suppose it was bad PR, but don't forget what the swastika really means.. Of course it will be difficult to reclaim the symbol perverted by Nazis in the 20th century..

Britain about to collide with nature: A storm of the century with massive waves, a blizzard, and hurricane force winds about to strike..
 One chart even predicts 80 foot waves off Ireland!

Mars Curiosity Rover found area that may have been the home to a lake teeming with life..What are the secrets of the red planet. And not, not the fake Obama heads, but the real secrets that lurk under the surface.. We better find out soon before it happens to us.

Deal with the devil: Prosecutors say the two boys were hoping to make a deal with the devil when they disfigured the girl's body, including carving an upside down crucifix on her stomach
A Texas murder is causing horror: Jose Reyes, 18, and a 16-year-old killed Corriann Cervantes in Texas.  They gouged her eyes out as she begged for her life.. Then they carved satanic symbols onto her body in a bid to sell her soul to the devil..

Michael Williams of Michigan stabbed four people on am Amtrak train.. Not media sources reveal his comment that he 'had to fight a demon'..



STRANGER THINGS 2 looks incredible

The newest STRANGER THINGS 2 trailer hit on Friday the 13th .. amazing timing as always with the fine people at Netflix..

The excitement over this program is incredible. Not only are people re-watching and re-binging the first season in preparation, but there is an equal amount of re-watching and analyzing of the newest trailers..

Before discussion.. take a glance:

My initial thought: This is actually the weaker of the teasers and trailers for season 2.. Yes, I am inclined to wonder why Eleven is more androgynous  .. why she has more hair now and no one shaved it. why she is out of the upside down and eating Eggos in the normal world..

So many questions about her. But the trailer didn't pay much attention to her--I think on purpose. Instead we glimpsed into the post-pubescent boys and now new friends of another gender planning something, just as the world is being taken over by giant squid creatures from the upside down.

Not viewed at all? Mike's mom and dad. Barb..

Forgive me…


Yes, indeed.. a hurricane-ish type storm is about to hit Ireland..

Hurricane Ophelia is the 10th consecutive hurricane to form in the Atlantic basin this year. According to University of Miami hurricane expert Brian McNoldy, the last time ten consecutive storms became a hurricane was 1893. While a very interesting factoid, the "elephant in the room" is that Ophelia is headed to Ireland. It is rare, but not unprecedented.

There are a few interesting things about this.. First off, there have been really rare occasions that storms of this nature made it as far as Ophelia may..

Actually there have been only a handful in the past years since about, oh, 1851..

From 1851 to 2010, only 10 extratropical storms, typically the tail ends of tropical cyclones, have hit within 200 miles (322 kilometers) of Ireland....Hurricane Debbie was the only tropical hurricane to make landfall in that area, clipping the far northwest of the British Isles in 1961.

But this is 2017--the year that mayhem on …