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Here's looking at you

tumblr_n8x4f6pV8B1qfjo2go1_500Best I can tell, this is from the 4chan Paranormal board.. tried to ascertain if this is actually an age old paranormal tale, but cannot find much of anything online concerning it.

While I don’t necessarily believe the typed story that accompanies the picture, I can say this: If you look at the woman in the photo long enough, she does start to move.. Back and forth and back and forth—not enough for me to get the chills and believe someone is behind me as the snippet of text proclaims, but it’s still creepy nonetheless. 

And I did initially look at it in the dark, which perhaps didn’t help.

While the image works well on a computer screen, it doesn’t translate well onto a phone screen. The bigger it is, the more it moves. 

Which does mean, perhaps, a large painting of the girl would indeed really, really creep someone out who is lonely and staring at the image..

If anyone knows where the source of this is from, besides where I think it’s from, send me a message..

And if you are one of those who experienced some of the worst that the text says you could, I offer my sincere apologies.. 

Wait.. stop.. LOOK BEHIND YOU!!

Top news 7/18/14





SEX TAPE: 3062




Why did Flight 17 take a path over Ukraine?

Sunflower fields forever..









Reality: LMH brings science back into Yellowstone fear porn


Why did Flight 17 travel over an active war zone

While people are busy playing a gruesome game of 'whodunit' in the Malaysian Flight 17 shootdown over Ukraine, there's another aspect suddenly getting urgent attention: Why did the plane even fly over that area to begin with?

We know this from the UK DAILY MAIL, reporting information on the air track in recent prints:
The pilot of MH17 radioed that he 'felt uncomfortable' about the route he was flying while over Ukraine and fatally altered his course to hostile territory, according to an expert.
Dr Igor Sutyagin, Research Fellow in Russian Studies from the Royal United Services Institute, believes that MH17 was shot down by rebels based in the 3rd District of Torez, in eastern Ukraine, after mistaking his plane for a government military transport aircraft.
He told MailOnline that information had been leaked from a source he was unwilling to name that the pilot of MH17 'felt bad' about his course over Ukrainian airspace, so changed direction.

The White House is calling for a cease-fire .. Obama is blaming Russian separatists.. Russia is denying..

Meanwhile, emergency workers are combing sunflower fields for the remains of wreckage and bodies ..

As the world burns

A clash of news.. good and bad. Real and unreal. On a day when even the real seems unreal..
Here are the headlines presented in random order, without judgement but added commentary when the HORROR REPORT sees fit.

Fearful Friday..

Ukraine has released audio of what it says are pro-Russian separatists on a phone call stating they shot down a plane..

CNN has released a news flash early Friday that US intelligence also believes separatists are to blame..

The dangers of Twitter.. Jen Psaki from the State Department is getting more than enough criticism today .. she posted a meaningless fashion Tweet while the Malaysian airliner was on fire on the ground with body parts scattered for at least 9 miles.. My first inclination: Forgiveness, especially if she auto-tweeted. What some may not realize is that you can schedule your blog/Tumblr/Tweet/Facebook posts to auto publish.. It's one of my fears, too, auto-posting something which would look abhorently stupid if real events in the world occurred while the auto-tweeting was doing that. If Psaki posted LIVE during this moment? Well that's pretty shameful.
Also on the same note: British media is lampooning President Obama for his actions post Russian/Ukraine/airliner fiasco: The President gave a 40-second mention of the Malaysian 'tragedy' before he launched into an awkward 16 minutes of jokes and scripted teleprompter remarks.. But perhaps teh real problem is not when a DOS official tweets nonsense or a Presidents tells jokes that come up on his teleprompter, but when our intelligence is such that the Kremlim has to tell the President that an Earth-changing event happened..

There is more on the airliner missile strike:
100 or so passengers on the Boeing 777 were on their way to an AIDS conference.. they were scientists and researchers en route to Australia..
There are major questions as to why the plane was flying over a war zone.. One idea floating currently: Malaysian Airlines was trying to save gas..
One report indicates that 23 Americans were on board the flight..

"Do not fly in our sky"

Touching briefly on the subject of Twitter, another embarassment occurred yesterday.. Not another fashion post from the State Department, but from a CNN reporter. When Israel launched the ground offensive in Gaza yesterday, CNN's Diana Mgnay called Israelis "scum" She was threatened by cheering Israelis who were watching the bombardment of Gaza.. It should be noted, here is when a cautionary 'think before your post' statement should be uttered: Magnay deleted many of the Tweets afterwards..

Chilling photos emerge of four Palestinian boys running on the beach--prior to being killed by Israeli shelling..

The next shot fired without a sound may be the United States electrical grid..

United States military may perform brains cans to look for signs of betrayal..

Water wars: What happens when Detroit shuts off the water for 100,000 people?

Bizarre: Superstorm in the shape of a UFO forms--over Roswell!

2011 Japan earthquake has raised pressure beneath Mt Fuji--now becoming critical..

The future is now: Ohio wants to monitor prison inmates with drones

The new faces of hunger: National Geographic studies the one-sixth of Americans who don't have enough food to eat..

Is this the oldest known photo of a UFO?

First trailer for upcoming horror movie QUIJI..
But is it the 'most generic movie trailer' of the year?

PURGE 2 release: Society is the killer..
PURGE: ANARCHY exceeds original in mayhem..
Ups the gore..
NY TIMES review: Pay your taxes and kill your neighbors..

x x x x

Finally at this hour.. some unabashed and deep thoughts.. there is a overwhelming feeling of grief and fear running through the blood of my veins today. Those safe and sound should shutter.. because life is fading and fragile--fleeting and fearful. The purpose of the HORROR REPORT was to report on scary movies and television programs in the industry.. it expanded and continues to expand as it ages down onto other paths. Real news, paranormal news.. UFO news.. space news..
The past 36 hours have been dedicated to events of the realistic nature.
While the world is being torn apart by warfare regardless of continent or country, the 'it won't happen to me' attitude is still something worn as a badge of confidence throughout the planet. The idea that you, me, and whoever reading this, is immune to the horrors of war and the scars of battle. The people flying on that Malaysian airliner, shot down by some group hell-bent on causing fear and bloodshed, did not know they were going to die on that flight. The nun and the AIDS researchers hadn't the clue that the angel of death was not only knocking but also busting down the door to get in.. the men and women had no connection to the war ravaging parts of Ukraine over Crimea. They don't know and maybe did not even care of the battle lines. And now, 300 souls become victims. Without notice, without mercy, and without warning. Their bodies vacant souls--now if only we knew where the souls went after life.. There are times world events move me tom tears--lately that's been happening quite a bit. A NEW YORK TIMES article published today made me eyes swell up with water.. Especially this section of the article, which describes some of the articles of possessions found in the debris of Flight 17:
Dutch belongings were scattered through the grass: a pink children’s book; a parking ticket picked up by a man named Hans van den Hende; a book of stickers. Children’s playing cards were sprinkled near the road.

Anyone with a heart--and especially anyone with children--gets a disburbing feeling in the pit of your stomach when you read that. I did.. and I still do as I re-read it..
I ask myself, and constantly scream out in silent anger to God or whatever else controls this universe: Why always children. Why must they be collateral damage in the sins of men? The drums of war have no beat.. they are just a mix and mess of conflicting thumps and noises of bombs..
With scores of dead children around the planet every hour.
The latest dead child had a pink book, stickers, and playing cards. Little trinkets of goodness and innocence.. now those pieces of peace are shredded by the hounds of war. Gone for good are the beautiful children who played with them..
I pray that this missile hit fast and so furiously that the passengers felt no pain.
But even if they did not feel pain, there will be other innocent men, women, and children who constantly feel pain and suffering in the billowing smoke of the world, on fire, with war.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top news 7/17/14

Edward Snowden says nude surveillance photos routinely passed around..

The world's on fire.. Israel launches ground offensive into Gaza..









This page intends on being a running blog... newest on the top ..

10:00 PM: We don't know much more tonight than we did earlier today.. the United States confirmed tonight what was reported all day: The Malaysian flight was shot down over Ukraine today..
Earlier reports that the flight had 295 aboard were wrong: There were 298. Ukraine accused separatists of doing it. Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine..
While we don't know any real facts, we see the burning sensation as it begins to take over the planet.. Israel has begun its ground war in Gaza, moments after the shoot down of the Boeing 777 was shot down by something over Ukraine..

The world is on fire..

The story will develop and we will follow..

5:48 PM:
The black box has been sent to Moscow for investigation..
American intel: Shot down..
Blown out of the sky..

1:08 PM: Video now revealed of smoking plane crash site..

Also: More images are circulating on Twitter reportedly showing debris from the crashed Malaysian flight..

RT has also posted a slightly graphic photo of wreckage and bodies being extinguished with a fire hose..

12:57 PM: At this point the only source reporting the plane was the victim of a missile appears to be Ukraine--though the evidence is appearing to become more and more clear .. Bodies are scattered for miles.. first responders have found at least 100 bodies.. At this point, Malaysian has confirmed nothing--saying that there is no 'confirmation' that the plane was shot down. It is interesting to note, however, that a Ukranian fighter jet was shot down by Russia on Wednesday evening..

12:45 PM: Facebook page of Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to the Ukraine interior ministry, says that terrorists show down the plane with a Buk surface-to-air missile system..

12:43 PM: The Kremlin has put out a statement that Putin informed Obama about crash..

12:38 PM: Grainy images are now emerging of smoke billowing from the crash site..

12:35 PM: Networks in US are beginning to go wall-to-wall with coverage..

12:32 PM: The plane was shot down near the Ukraine/Russian border.. Reuters is reporting that body parts have been scattered at least 7 miles from the crash site.. Pro-separatists in Ukraine claim they did not shoot down the airliner..

It all began with this tweet today:

12:21PM: A Malaysian flight with 295 on board has been shot down.. This blaring news is greeting the entire world today.. there is also chilling video of smoke rising at the site where it occurred.. The Malaysia Airlines plane, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was travelling at an altitude of 10km (6.2 miles) when it was shot down, Russia's Interfax reported..
The Boeing 777 was brought down by a Buk ground-to-air missile, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior ministry quoted by the news agency said..
No word from President Barack Obama or President Vladimir Putin at this time..

The fear I have had was that 2014 was going to be the year when the world war switch ignited.. we don't have an Arch Duke .. but now we have a downed Malaysian flight..

Throwup Thursday headlines

A few news wraps..

Video revealed of that giant hole in Siberia.. a team of Russian scientists are traveling to it to investigate the situation.. Theories range from UFOs to global warming. Pick your poison..

520-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster with Preserved Brain Unearthed!

Throwup Thursday: Microsoft set to axe 18,000 employees..

Map reveals the extent of ocean plastic dumps..

Apocalypse now: Drought in United States beginning to go from bad to worse.

Hammered Charlie Sheen at TACO BELL drive through video goes viral..

Real details of Sandra Bullock stalking case sound scarier than the plot of a movie..

Not his idea!! Seth McFarlene sued for stealing 'TED'..

NIKKI FINKE dishes: How Rupert Murdoch/Time Warner Merger Would Fuck You In Hollywood

Thumbs down: Megan Fox doesn't care if you don't like her in NINJA TURTLES..

Dirty jobs: Man meets muck in new horror flick SEPTIC MAN..

Video: Heather Langenkamp loses hair for charity..

And beyond all of that, check our the HORROR REPORT's newest article on the film FIXATION starring British actress Mercedy..

There's no FIXATION without a Mercedy

Get ready for FIXATION, a horror movie currently in post-production and set for a release schedule in May 2015.

The movie also boasts a star: British actress, Mercedy, has been chosen for the film, which is being described in official press releases as an 'erotic horror'...

The main plot of the FIXATION will follow a young art student who pushes her boundaries in creating erotic art. The art turns into a bizarre world of horror-- a FIXATION.

Mercedy, set to display her sexy and brave style in the new horror flick, is an actress from Manchester England.. Her Facebook page has thousands of likes .. some of the images from the film that she has posted on the page exhibits bloody scenes and not safe for work movie trailers..



FIXATION is currently in post production, according to filmmakers. The Awesome Talent Agency, the group advertising Mercedy's new venture into erotic horror, told the HORROR REPORT that the movie was filmed in the United Kingdom and is currently in edit.. The trailer was uploaded just this week to the website..

Distribution will be via one of two distributors in the United States--no official decision has been made at this time as to who or how wide a release it would be set for..
For horror fans who want sex and gore all at the same time, some images posted from FIXATION illustrate that this is the movie that may be for you..[NSFW] The brand of horror which plays out in FIXATION will quench the appetites of many horror lovers who long for sexploitation and gore, something movie appears to be offering in a great array of sequences..

Mercedy, has also written and directed two of her own projects .. she calls herself an avid lover of the horror genre  on her own bio..

There are going to be clear talents on display in FIXATION. This not safe for work video showcases that:

THE HORROR REPORT will follow the release of this film..

The trailer here:

Fixation: When Art Goes Too Far. An Erotic Horror Film from The Aquinas on Vimeo.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

News update July 15 2014




BONE DRY: Experts say the water levels will be enough to supply water to places like Las Vegas, Phoenix and Los Angeles for at least one more year




Ahn Byeong-ki, a South Korean film director, producer, and screenwriter specializing in horror films, says it is just because horror films are very new to Jiang that her true feelings can be expressed through her acting, which enables an intense feeling of fear to appear more natural..


From as far back as my childhood, I recall UFO enthusiasts and believers in ET life to be kooks and con men, people ‘out there’ in a bizarre neverneverland. 

But recently, very important people have taken up the cause of the hunt for life somewhere else out there. The Pope said it may exist—and don’t forget those large Vatican telescopes which hunt for it every moment of the day. Bill Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel that he wanted to see UFO files on Roswell.. Neil Armstrong… and though the Neil Armstrong/UFO encounter was “debunked” as a myth for years, Armstrong recently spoke openly about the UFO he saw while high above the planet Earth.

And now, enter NASA into the equation. But they are going the furthest step mankind has yet taken—at least in public commentary. They say that human beings will come to know life exists—KNOW—within 20 years.. that’s before my slated date of retirement.. that’s when my son would be celebrating his 21st year of life, hopefully not being dumb at some bar ingesting an over abundance of shots. 

No matter where we’ll be who what we’ll be, this 20 year date is intersting for a few reasons.

Take for instance that ‘mystery roar’ from deep in space.. Scientists have been baffled by it for years. They are still.. Also, with those high profile folks mentioned here talking openly about their desire to find life out there, I am willing to take a leap of faith: One that tells me logic someone, somewhere, deep in the underbelly of science, religion, or reason, knows what’s coming. And when it does, life as we know it will change. We will all feel very small, don’t you think? Would our wars look petty? Or would we battle more? Would our faith be rocked, or would it prove life is even more abundant?

The news today that scientists are close to finding earth’s twin may also be coming at an interesting point for radio listeners. Last night, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis had a show about the ‘times of the sign’.. Lewis spoke in depth about the blips, beeps, and outright disturbing noises so often heard coming from somewhat deep in space.

So the truth, as it always is, is out there somewhere.
Maybe in 20 years we’ll see if Ronald Reagan was right..

All dried up: Wednesday happenings

Top news from the world and beyond..

Rikers Island: Where prisoners with mental illness are greeted with brutality..

Visitors run from Old Faithful Geyser as eruption soaks them..
Geyser video shows big huff and puff..
Road to Yellowstone 'turns into oatmeal' from heat..

Bone dry: Lake Mead at all-time low: The abandoned marinas and tourist attractions left bone dry
.. Perhaps even more of a disburbing event to ponder: There are going to be major consequences from this drought in places with lots of people. Experts say the water levels will be enough to supply water to places like Las Vegas, Phoenix and Los Angeles for at least one more year
.. But that's just one more year.

Endless wave of illegal immigrants continue to flow across the Rio Grande..

SICK SUMMER: Theme park employees caught in sex stings, child porn arrests..

COLD SUMMER: Blast of rain and winds pummel parts of the United States..

Tuesday tornado chances in New York City..

The future is now. . Meet Cujo.. the Google robot dog on patrol with the Marines..

BROTHERLY LOVE: Woman's body found in suitcase in Philly..

Searching for life out there: Scientists say they are close to finding Earth's twin..

Ten years to change a culture: The differences in restaurants between 2004 and 2014..

Is your iPad giving you a rash?

Blast from the past: Weird Al Yankovic is back..

States where you're most likely to get wiretapped..

PIZZA IN 3d.. not your typical horror movie..

Scariest movies of the 1990s..

Ahn Byeong-ki, a South Korean film director, producer, and screenwriter specializing in horror films, says it is just because horror films are very new to Jiang that her true feelings can be expressed through her acting, which enables an intense feeling of fear to appear more natural..

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Pope said wah? Oh no he did Not


The Vatican is now in damage control--and denial.. The Church claims that Pope Francis was misquoted by the 'left leaning' newspaper..

And this: The BBC reports this: "When is a papal interview not an interview? Sunday's edition of La Repubblica devotes its first three pages to an account of a conversation between Pope Francis and editor Eugenio Scalfari, which took place last Thursday. Papal spokesman Federico Lombardi said in a sharp note that it was not an interview in the normal sense of the word, although he admitted it conveyed the "sense and the spirit" of the conversation."


Case of the mid-July Mondays

A severe case of the Mondays..
And a steady stream of news of the odd, scary, and bizarre;

New century, new war: Have we gone from a post-war world to a pre-war world?

How to write like a CIA spook: A manual exists for that..

Oklahoma happenings: Seven earthquakes in 14 hours--and now the state's number has surpassed that of the number of quakes in California so far in 2014..

My eyes aren't dry now: The story of a dog named Duke Roberts is taking the internet by storm..
The maker's name is Texas Photographer Robyn Arouty.. A quick check this morning to the direct source of the photos and story, and her account has been suspended.. Her Facebook page still exists, and makes no mention of the website outage , presumably because her server may not have been able to handle the traffic and her web company squashed the site for the time..

This is urgent: Illegal immigrant kids vanish from officials in US.. 46% of the children who came here are gone. What is their future? Child trafficking, sex slavery, and abuse? Slave labor? ... we have seen this story play out all too many times.

VIDEO: Meteor over Texas splitting in two..

Abnormal summer snowstorm hits the Ural Mountains in Russia..

The future of food: Nestle wants to personalize waht you eat..
But don't forget, NESTLE also said humans don't have a right to water...

Tell THIS to a vegetarian! New study says that plants can listen.. One example: The plants that heard the recording of chewing vibrations created an increased amount of mustard oil, a defense meant to deter an insect attacker.. MORE: Arabidopsis plant was studied.. and the clear answer from the study was that it was able to haer the sounds of caterpillar's marching.. Amazing.

ARCHIE to be killed off saving gay friend..
Will die a hero.. the end of the series will come with gun violence, as Archie stops the killing of his friend Keller.. Keller is openly gay and is a newly elected Senator pushing for gun control..

WHO warns that HIV is exploding among gay men..

This constant stream of stories of people leaving their children in hot cars is infuriating me.. It's disgusting, and I could care less what 'stress' you have.. these stories all appear to have a common thread: People are doing it on purpose. The newest example comes from Florida..Hamid Ahmad Nike Mohammad Ahmadzada left his 7-year-old in a car while he worked at a furniture store.

Rihanna flashes her leather bra to cheer Germany as they win the World Cup..

Christopher Walken is NBC's CAPTAIN HOOK..

HELLBOY 3 not happening..

Top news 7/14/14



The Raelians want the Swastika back

Running of the narcissist: Police seek man who took selfie at Pamplona


Side effect of climate change: Kidney stones?