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News of the now.. here's what happening.

Libyan embassy crisis..

"12 hour truce" in Middle East.. The clock is ticking before death begins anew..

Brony boom: How 3D printing will be changing the toy industry. And everything else.. cars, homes.. and you wait and see: Limbs and body parts are next.. there is a time coming soon where we can print new livers and lungs.. What then? Medicine forever changes, along with everything else, because of technology. It will be an immensely amazing time, as it is now. But what we see now will be even more clear then: People without the means will be lost in the shuffle. If no one works, who will ever afford the amazing contraptions that progress will give us?

NIKKI FINKE unlaods on the çrapfest at Comic Con..

Now a SECOND giant hole has been found in Siberia.. Anyone getting a little freaked by all this?

Walmart prepping for New Madrid fault line quake? Don't forget, it wasn't long ago that the FEDs had the great American shake drill across the same region, and recently the USGS released findings that strong quakes could be coming along the New Madrid.. Something may be brewing..

A river of blood runs through this.. in China, where the waters turn red overnight..

IF summer is going to get this cold, I fear the winter.. Temps expected to fall at least 20 degrees from normal..

Topless tour inspiring travelers to undress and pose ..

Kevin Smith's mico-budget horror flick gets a trailer: TUSK looks weird..

The magic touch: Why do women unclog toilets better than men?

TOP NEWS JULY 26, 2014



LUCY: 3173

Also this weekend: PURGE expands .. PLANES increases.. APES falls..





DOPE IN THE WHITE HOUSE..Not what you think

A year of unfriendly skies..




A freaky Friday

News of the world. Always weird and wild..

Weather is being blamed for the Air Algerie crash.. there are no survivors..
Plane 'disintegrated' ..

Another weird case of something occurring after a person 'hears voices'.. this time churchgoers were stunned to see Aldo Bianchini, 46, rip out both of his eyes in their entirety.. He collapsed into a pool of blood on the floor after the incident.. Doctors say that the voices told him to do it. They could not save his sight.. He still has the sense of sound..

Astronaut takes photo of Gaza/Israel clash from space..

UN chief appalled at Gaza school shelling..
Israel bans radio advertisement listing names of children killed in Gaza..

Ukraine on the edge: Shock resignation of prime minister..

And then there were none.. In the middle of Solar Maximum, the sun has slipped into a state that resembles Solar Minimum.... Where did all the sunspots go?

UN report details modern day slavery: 21 million people are slaves to a $150billion a year business.. And stop being naive .. it's not just somewhere else. Take a closer look in your own backyard before you distance yourself from the hell on Earth that so many are suffering through.. 21 million was 2012 numbers. It's been two years since..

Michael Moore's lavish lifestyle exposed as he and his wife file for divorce after 22 years..

John McCain says that the two our execution *(botched)* was torture.. Doctors and government officials watched Joseph Wood let out a range of blood-curdling noises for 117 minutes in the Arizona execution chambers the deadly drugs coursed through his veins on Wednesday..

NBC reports on the smartphone 'kill switch'.. Amazing.. only years ago the 'kill switch' was simply a product, the media told us, of conspiracy theorist ramblings.. now they report it and showcase the 'benefits' of having it.. Amazing.

An update to the strange case of the porcelain dolls reported on the HORROR REPORT yesterday: The person behind the event has been found by the police in the gated community.. According to cops at this point, the dolls were left outside the homes of girls they resemble as a gesture of 'good will' .. Apparently many of the families attended the same church as the person who was leaving them as gifts. I, and everyone else, have become so jaded that even signs of friendship and community are regarded as veiled threats. Society..

Disturbing video: Bartender Sets Customer Face Alight with a 'Flaming Lamborghini' .. Perhaps most telling of society: The drinks keep flowing even as some of the people rush to the man's assistance to put the fire on his face out..

Jimmy Fallon continues to reinvent late night comedy.. now he sucks helium from a balloon with Morgan Freeman..

China censors reports about giant inflatable toad floating in Beijing park.. But the online mockery is right: The toad has a striking resemblance to Jiang Zemin..

Ever hear of the Majestic 12? A newly declassified document, deep on page 449, contains a copy of the controversial “MJ12/Eisenhower Briefing Document” on the Roswell UFO affair of 1947..

Maximus: Illegal buttocks injections are on the rise..

The oldest report of a near death experience from 1740.. Pierre-Jean du Monchaux, a military physician from northern France, who described a case of near-death experience in his book "Anecdotes de Médecine." .. He described the white light .. bright.. he described meeting with those already deceased. Either NDEs are very real or the brain has played the same trick on peoples for centuries..

Top problems that genetically modified seeds are already causing..

Dentist amazed at boy's 232 teeth..

New theory: Black holes may be exploding into white holes..

Megan Fox at COMIC CON: Philosophical about the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES..
"I've always been a loner'
Girl power: "I was here for 'Jennifer's Body' where I was a man-eating zombie, and I was here for 'Jonah Hex' where I was a prostitute with a heart of a gold. And April is neither of those things

Anti-porn group protests FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.. 'Morality in Media' says the movie normalizes sexual violence..

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY trailer: Too raunchy for day time television..

Twitter reactions to new FIFTY SHADES OF GREY sex trailer..

I say this: Regardless of what anyone says, 'moral' or 'immoral,' I continue to believe that FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is porn for women..The latest trailer makes me believe that theory even more..

Get ready for ten more years of micro-horror movies.. They are just doing what works..

Weekend horror: Paranornal super-con in Erie, PA..

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reviews LUCY: "Thriller about a woman who gets super brain power is actually mindless"
ANOTHER from NEWSDAY: "Action lost amid pseudoscience in Scarlett Johansson sci-fi "

The ultimate sale.. or the biggest fail: Tara Reid says a sharknado can actually happen!

The strange case of the porcelain dolls- UPDATED WITH FINAL STORY

UPDATE 7/25/14: An update to the strange case of the porcelain dolls reported on the HORROR REPORT yesterday: The person behind the event has been found by the police in the gated community.. According to cops at this point, the dolls were left outside the homes of girls they resemble as a gesture of 'good will' .. Apparently many of the families attended the same church as the person who was leaving them as gifts. I, and everyone else, have become so jaded that even signs of friendship and community are regarded as veiled threats. Society..


There is undoubtedly a very disturbing creepy factor to the idea of someone leaving dolls in front of people’s homes.. even more unnerving: Whoever is doing it is leaving dolls that resemble the girls who live in the homes..

This is taking place in the Talega Community of San Clemente, California. Police are investigating.. 

Families began reporting the dolls in the middle of June. But now, according to police statements to NBC News, the situation has spun out of control.

This from ABC NEWS:
“The dolls were being left at these homes, but everybody thought they were the only one,” said Hallock. “When the families started communicating and put it together, they became concerned.”

Police are trying to figure out if the dolls were homemade or bought at a local retailer.

Though the situation may seem eerie, the police see no foul play.

“At this point we don’t have a specific crime,” Hallock said. “It’s very suspicious activity and we’re following up on it. We’re trying to find answers as we speak.”

Perhaps no ‘threat’ of any overt nature.. But maybe the work of a pervert..

Regardless of why the dolls are being left at homes, it’s clear: Any parent would find this as a clear and present danger. And a threat. No matter what police say..


The future is now

Google to collect data to create a full picture of what a healthy human being is »

Called Baseline Study, Google’s project will gather anonymous genetic and molecular information to create a full picture of what a healthy human is.

The future is always now.. this was eventual, as anything technological really is at this point.

Google is trying to go deep inside the human body.. it’s going to give guidance on what a ‘healthy’ human is..

The study may, for instance, reveal a biomarker that helps some people break down fatty foods efficiently, helping them live a long time without high cholesterol and heart disease. Others may lack this trait and succumb to early heart attacks. Once Baseline has identified the biomarker, researchers could check if other people lack it and help them modify their behavior or develop a new treatment to help them break down fatty foods better, Dr. Conrad said.

Sounds fine, dandy, healthy, and Googly. But what else is there behind that scene..

Imagine a future, where transhumanism is in full supply, and you get the sniffles.. then a sore throat.. then.. Google it! Search your body deep to get an answer.. let a computer scan through your organs, get your vitals, and spit back to what of the 1000s of named diseases you actually have. That would be an amazing future.

But of course with each passage of wonderful technology comes the ability to use it for awful things.

But Google won’t be evil. Right?

Dope in the White House--not the kind you think

Bob Beckel: I've Done Dope in The White House »

He was reacting to Snoop Dogg’s bragging rights that he did dope in the first family’s not so humble abode.. Beckel, one of the few Democrats permitted air time on FOX NEWS, said:
“I can’t criticize this guy (Snoop) because I’ve done dope in the White House myself”


And to put this in perspective: Obvious shenanigans are taking place in the White House—I would venture to say that pot was the least of the sins in the past 200 + years—but a teenager is facing life in prison in Texas over pot brownies.  You’re half baked if you don’t see something wrong with that picture..



The day the world almost ended

How a solar storm two years ago nearly caused a catastrophe on Earth »

July 23 2012… The day the world almost ended—at least as we knew it..

On that date, two massive CMEs avoided the planet earth.. when they exploded from the sun, they were not facing our planet. And we are very, very lucky for that--if they would have hit, the scientists who have been quoted in this matter say that anything on the planet that plugs into a wall would have stopped working.  And keep in mind, as the WASHINGTON POST points out in the article about the day the world almost ended, even toilets would have stopped flushing since electric pumps are heavily relied upon.

Here is the assessment from NASA: The 2012 CME was the strongest in 150 years. If it had hit, we be 'picking up the pieces.' 

Even more sobering from NASA is this snippet from their article today:

"In my view the July 2012 storm was in all respects at least as strong as the 1859 Carrington event," says Baker. "The only difference is, it missed."

In February 2014, physicist Pete Riley of Predictive Science Inc. published a paper in Space Weather entitled "On the probability of occurrence of extreme space weather events."  In it, he analyzed records of solar storms going back 50+ years.  By extrapolating the frequency of ordinary storms to the extreme, he calculated the odds that a Carrington-class storm would hit Earth in the next ten years.

The answer: 12%.

12% isn't very low. In the world of space it's actually quite high..

Maybe Ed Dames is right. He has long predicted the killshot.. Incidentally, he was on Coast to Coast Am in 2012, a few months before the killshot that never happened.

But it almost happened.

And there's a 12% chance it will happen again and hit earth within the next ten years..

The year of unfriendly skies

700 Dead or Missing This Year in Plane Tragedies »

A bad year for air travel..
Anyone like me wondering if this uptick in accidents may have something to do with a poke shift?? The magnetosphere is where—could earthly instruments now be getting affected? Clyde Lewis had a caller from Florida bring that up on his program last night, which featured Yellowstone anomalies prominently.. Perhaps that's on to something.. maybe the changing poles--which scientists do confirm is taking place--is somehow messing up instruments of flight that were once reliable and at the ready.

Let's not forget about that airport in Florida that had to close a runway due to the magnetic pole shift..

The latest air disaster was today..


This time, the wreckage was found..

But the real question.. what is the wrecked planes a common thread of the news this year..? Coincidence? Chance.. bad luck.. or something else, far above in the magnetosphere ...?

The lady in black

Cannot really classify this as anything but strange, certainly no tales of paranormal are associated with it..

The strange woman in black.. Spotted in Kentucky and Tennessee ..she caused a buzz on social media..

There are conflicting tales at this point.. She may be on a bible mission waking down south.. She has been said to be a former Pentagon employee .. Also a tale told: She’s Muslim and in traditional garb..

Either way her appearance has startled some and she’s become a cross-state phenomenon as of late..

WATE filed this report with video..

There has also been a Facebook page created to track her multi state voyage..

Expect to hear more of this woman.. Maybe you’ll see her, too..

The night the lights went out on the Brooklyn bridge

This is quite a mystery. Somehow yesterday, around 3 o'clock in the morning, American flag were taken down from the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced by two white flags...

New York City police officials stated that security cameras show lights going out, and two white flags replacing American flag in 13 minutes of each other, suggesting that whoever did this had a team associated to perform the stunt..

The topic was spoken about to a national audience last night on the Clyde Lewis radio program.. Some are wondering if this is a political statement, a prank, or something more sinister..

ABC News this morning even suggested the specter of terrorist, hinting that officials are curious if this is some sort of hostile

Regardless of how it was done, the fact was done is somewhat amazing it would've had to of been a well thought out plan, deliberated perfection, as to avoid the site of authorities, passersby, and anyone else who stares at the Brooklyn bridge that hour of the morning...

Top news July 23 2014

The night the lights went out on the Brooklyn Bridge

Secrets in the house for sale



Creationist Ken Ham says aliens are going to hell

What's the chances..? Strange, and tragic, coincidences with Flights 17 and 370


A daily dose of headlines from the weird world

What are the chances ...

We often hear about people being hit by lightning twice..
We also heard last week about Kaylene Mann, the woman who lost her brother on Flight 370, also lost her stepdaughter and husband on flight 17..

Yin and yang.. there always seems to be a counter balance on this planet..

For every bit of tragedy that Mann's family is feeling, there's a chorus of voices thanking fate .. Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge planned on being on both flight 17 and 370.. He changed his plans each time.

Jonge was quoted as saying, "These things don't happen twice." but apparently they do. For him, a miraculous stroke of luck two times in one year.. For Mann, a tragic ending to two separate stories..

What are the chance... in a world of 7 million people, two were somehow chosen to be involved directly in two plane crashes in one year.

It's like some twisted version of FINAL DESTINATION. Sadly it's too real for Mann.. luckily it's reality for Jonge..

Cruzing to a bruising: Ted Cruz loses the vampire vote

The acclaimed vampire spectacle on HBO, TRUE BLOOD, got political this weekend when it featured Senator Ted Cruz..

Here is how RAW STORY summed up the plot:
In the episode, characters Eric Northman and Pam De Beaufort dress up in stereotypical Texan Republican trappings to infiltrate a Cruz fundraising event in Dallas. “Oh my God. I’m a Republic*nt,” Pam remarks after seeing herself in the mirror.

Ted Cruz responded to the show on his Facebook page, saying, "Of all the places I never thought to be mentioned, HBO's True Blood vampire show would have to be near the top of the list. Sunday night, they aired a misogynist and profanity-ridden episode where Texas Republicans are murdered attending a "Ted Cruz fundraiser." Well, I'm sorry to have lost the vampire vote, but am astonished (and amused) that HBO is suggesting that hard-core leftists are blood-sucking fiends...."

Here is the scene from the show:

If you find your dream house in Pennsylvania, don't expect to be told of the nightmares

LINK: Home sellers don't have to tell buyers about murders, other tragedies, Pa. Supreme Court rules in death house case »

"We hold that a murder-suicide does not constitute an actionable material defect," Justice J. Michael Eakin wrote.


I asked several people today with varied background for opinions on this story. I live in Pennsylvania.. so the ruling has a direct affect..

The reaction seemed to fall within the normal boundaries of religious belief.. Two atheists I knew didn’t care one bit if a murder/etc took place in their abode. I even asked them if a pedophile perpetrated horrible actions in a house, would they still consider buying it? They said sure..

On flipside, three Christians and one Jehovah Witness all had issues with the Supreme Court ruling, stating that they believed in a good and and that houses could have spirits and feelings trapped within them.

My wife and I saw a house several years back.. the real estate agent secretly and silently disclosed to us that a suicide took place within the confines of the property.. even pointing out the section of the basement a hung body was found in. While it was a gesture of “get out now” she loudly commented to us about how beautiful the house was. And it was. We didn’t purchase it for other reasons —the suicide factored in for me.

I think I would do my due diligence regardless of a real estate agent’s words.. The internet, public property searches, and court house papers are all at our fingertips these days…

I laugh when I see the movie THE CONJURING or AMITYVILLE HORROR where people simply fall in ‘love’ with a house and rarely ask anything about it..

Do research.. do your own due diligence. Ask about the material defects.. but also, should you be inclined to think a paranormal realm could exist on the planet earth, investigate it for yourself and learn all you can learn about a property you’ll want to call home.

HORROR REPORT POLL: What is death?

A recent article from Caleb Wilde's website has me thinking.. What exactly is death. Is it the beginning of the end? The end of the beginning? A simple road block on the passage way to the next realm?

This is one of the most important questions we can ask. And we are surrounded by it.. take a peak at the nightly news.. Chances are you'll see lifeless corpses resulting from war, storms, or just simple old age. Chances are you'll hear of fires and car wrecks on your nightly news.. chances are, you, reading this, are suffering the loss of a loved one right now. Maybe even the family pet passed away. And we are all left with the same question: What is death.

So I'd like to know.. from you, what do you think death is?

Click one of the answers below to weigh in...

[sh_poll poll_id="4419899"]

It's far to say that the canned answers I picked for this poll don't encompass all that death could be--science and religion may offer in different notions about what death is and when it even happens. But from my point of view, death is the beginning. Perhaps it's the beginning of a long process of decomposition of the corpse.. or maybe the traveling soul that leaves a physical presence to walk into the big electric universe.. but beyond that not very astute opinion, I frankly have no clue what death is.

If you don’t follow Caleb Wilde, you should..


…but proceed with caution. He’s a funeral director who is very honest, brutally so, about his profession..

I read this article today titled ‘when embalming is beautiful’ ..

It’s not an easy read, but an important one. In essence, Wilde talks about the death process—post death really—and how he hates embalming children. What results is a horrendous but yet beautiful description of a family’s reaction to a three-year-old’s corpse laid to rest..

Again, it’s brutal .. and quite honestly brought my to immediate tears that flowed for several minutes.

But it’s just so honest..

Read on should you choose..

Daily dose of the weird and wild from around the world

A collection of news from the world today..

Delta flight to Israel diverted to Paris after reports of a rocket or debris near Tel Aviv. Plane departed from JFK. ..

The future is now: What happens when robots know us better than we know ourselves?

How JAPAN fell in love with American drones..

My what old meat you have.. The Illinois-based firm, privately held OSI Group Inc., that supplied the questionable meat products to McDonald’s Corp. and KFC restaurants owned by Yum! Brands Inc. (NYSE: YUM) has been suspended from supplying further products to the two fast-food giants.. Apprently it all started with China's DRAGON TV report ..The problems appear to be strictly in China. Unless you consider McDonalds meat itself the problem..And this: The scandal has now spread to Burger King and Starbucks..

Officials say that Flight 17 wreckage was hacked into with saws..

Now CELL PHONE walking lanes established in Washington!

Homelessness becoming a crime in many places in the United States..

Why are so many earthquakes hitting Vietnam The latest: Three quakes rocked the northern part of the country in one night..

6.9 quake strikes Fiji.. Hope Truman is alright..

Follow the money: Here are ten cities where wages are soaring..

Caleb Wilde writes a gutsy and hardcore article about how he does not like embalming children.. It's morbid and a tough read.. but so amazing to hear a funeral director speak so brutally honest about his profession..

Liberian nurses contract Ebola..

Florida residents on edge as massive sinkhole swallows entire street..

This is what would happen to the United States if Yellowstone blew: 2/3 of the United States devastated..

United States government reveals new map of rising risk for earthquakes in much of the United States..

Will Doctor Strange be a horror movie?

NETFLIX passes 50 million subscribers.. *Expect no price decreases any time soon..

First look at DIMENTIA starring Kristina Klebe Jones..

X-RAY (not x-rated) photos of pin-up models..

News on the specs and bonus featured for HALLOWEEN complete Blu-ray..

Nine television panels coming to COMIC-CON..

Getting off my train.. from somewhere out there

After life communication

There is a really interesting documentary on VIMEO I watched called CALLING EARTH.. it’s a rough cut documentary about after death communication with the living.. And it’s worth a watch.

A few takeaway points that I had after seeing it:

  • It often seems that recordings of the dead appear to be recorded in some way.. For example, this documentary opens up to a woman hearing her dead daughter on a recording disciplining her dog—the girl was dead at the time it was recorded. Could it be that history just plays back over and over again in some way? that we are just … a movie or hologram that exists on a continuous loop?

  • The chilling idea of a dead person calling me and leaving a message on a voice mail is down right creepy. But … often times those who report it are overjoyed by the impact it has.. That ‘one last time’ to hear a voice of a deceased loved one..

  • If the dead are experienced using communication devices, why haven’t they mastered Facebook yet? Think of it: How many times have friends and family died, but their Facebook pages live on.. and in doing so, people continue to grieve, post messages and stories of the person’s life, and say how much they miss them. What if, one day, the dead find a way to communicate back? To “like” a post or even more, to respond?  The future is now.. so why haven’t the dead learned to use this one yet? Maybe the ‘get off my train guy’ from GHOST doesn’t have a computer …

And finally…when do we die anyway? We used to do the ole’ feather trick. Then we moved on to when the heart stopped.. now we are at a point where when the brain stops we believe someone is dead—believe. But with each modern discovery, it seems more and more likely that death will continue to be kicked further down the road..

Most scientists don’t believe in an afterlife—but some are beginning to wonder.. question.. And study.

Old paranormal fields that were confined to embarrassed circles of people hiding their investigations are now beginning to see the light of day, and the analysis of science.

Sometimes EVPs are simply what you think you’re hearing.. you may be so desperate for a message that you hear a muffled sound and suddenly think it’s your loved one saying hi from the netherworld. However, some EVPs are without a doubt filled with clear-cut audio that is simple and unforgivingly real.

Even if it’s not real.. it’s real to the person who heard what they heard…

Give the documentary a whirl during your spare moments in life. It may answer questions, bring closure, but even better: Make you wonder, ponder, think and quake at the prospects that there’s something far greater than an monumental accident leading to the creation of matter and all that matters.


Annabelle.. not looking good to me

This is the trailer for ANNEBELLE, the prequel to the CONJURING by James Wan.

It looks highly disappointing. That’s an early judgement, perhaps too early.

Trailers aren’t everything.. 

This one was not.

WWE doing what it does best: Commenting on pop culture and current events

Russian-themed WWE characters use MH17 disaster as part of act »

People are quite angry about this, so the mainstream media says, on Twitter and all of the other antisocial networks that exist out there on the information beltway.

While it may be the old ‘too soon’ cliche that is best used in this situation, I am not at all surprised at what the WWE is doing.

Back when when the WWE was the WWF, they capitalized on Iranian hatred by making Hulk Hogan win the 1984 title belt against the Iron Sheik.. 

In 1990, Sgt Slaughter turned his back on the United States and joined with Iraq ..

Hulkster had to ave the say the day and rid the WWF of anti-American sentiment. 

So now wrestling has LUNA..
Controversial: The 'Lana' charter played by C.J. Perry  made reference to flight MH17 being shot down and hailed Russian president Vladimir Putin for 'making fools' out of the U.S.

But there’s no Hulk Hogan to save the day this time. I think John Cena is right for the job..

Listen.. We all know, at this point in life, that wrestling is fake. It’s an act.. but so often it’s on the cutting edge of pop culture—it’s how it stayed in fashion for so many decades. Vince McMahan is obviously no stranger to controversy and will get through this LUNA lunacy quite fine. 

As to whether it’s offensive? Sure.. but that’s the point. It’s an attempt to market the character as someone we will all hate in unison. It’s quite a keen way of doing it.. controversial, too. But … if an organization was free of controversy, people may very well stop paying attention to it.. Don’t think THAT doesn’t run through Vince McMahan’s mind.

When the Ice cream stops melting

The local newscaster had a little smirk and smile when she told of the ice cream that did not melt in hot weather..  The WalMart Great Value sandwich hardly melted in 80 degree weather—and a second sandwich didn’t melt either.

…In a comparison, other ice cream melted. Walmart’s did not. 

But Walmart says it has all to do with the amount of buttermilk, and then got defensive saying that it meets FDA requirements.

Oh and here’s the gem of the ‘news’ story: The reporter ends saying ‘though there is nothing wrong’ with the Walmart ice cream, the customer misses the ‘old fashioned’ ice cream that actually..

"Old fashioned?" 

Have we not gotten to the point of no return? Where frankenfood is the norm? Are we accepting this?  Instead of demanding REAL food, are we just going to “miss it” while we eat our chemically enhanced cocktails of poison and death?

Ice cream that does not melt. It’s not ice cream… 

Soylent Green didn’t melt either..

Malaysia Airlines Diverts Flight Over Syrian Airspace »

Whoa whoa whoa whoa… 


Data from Flight Radar 24 shows that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH4, an Airbus A380 flying from Kuala Lumpur to London, was diverted from its usual route over Ukraine in favor of passing over a country that is currently under siege by ISIS terrorists, some of whom are armed with U.S.-made Stinger missiles.

Unbelievable. But true..

So .. the airliner choosing to avoid Ukraine is smart. But flying over hostile portions of Syria where another way is baking away the life and limbs of people is not smart..

Here’s the full MH4 flight path:

I am not an aviation expert.. but someone out there who may be tell me this: Is this all normal?

A screen shot for the record.. This was the flight path of MH4, as referenced in a post earlier.. 

A screen shot for the record.. This was the flight path of MH4

Case of the Mondays

A frightful Monday.. steering the course of the planet earth down the path of hell and high water, sinkholes and mysteries.. Forever looking deep in the face of obscurity.. meanwhile charging through electrons and atoms in an attempt to figure out if the building blocks of life were just meaningless pieces of cardboard, or even plastic..dumped in an ocean filled with rummage already. The giant yard sale that can be seen from space..
But for something to exist, does it not have to be seen? And if so, is that the reason we are here to begin with? Because something deep in space is watching our every move--or even more: Programming our actions?

Here are the actions taking place on the planet earth today, and the actors acting in them.

Former AP reporter says that United States has satellite imagery proving that Ukraine troops shot down Flight 17.. At this point, the United States and most of the world has joined forces to blame Vladimir Putin for comlicity in what many say is the Russian separatist shoot down of the flight.. Read the article for yourself, written by former AP journo Robert Parry..

A massive sinkhole opens in Florida. But it did not just open. It exploded..

Clyde Lewis says he saw his first Bigfoot this weekend..

The mysterious crater in Siberia: All normal?

Students assigned to live in bathrooms and closets by computer glitch at University of Central Florida..

WWE slammed over using Flight 17 in storyline..

The night sky lit up over several states days ago.. a dashboard cam caught the reason: Fireballs up and down the East Coast..

Alexandra Shipp to play Aaliyah in biopic..

CALLING EARTH: A rough-cut documentary-in-progress about communication with the deceased through modern electronic technology..

An endangered forest is South Florida will most likely be destroyed.. for a Walmart..

Why don't ice cream sandwiches MELT anymore??

Work of the future: Being replaced by iPads..

CONJURING prequel trailer released..

When big news happens, big audiences tune to FOX

Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity Hit New Ratings Highs With Crisis Coverage »

Kelly is easy on the eyes. Hannity is not. Depending on your political beliefs, their voices are either that of angels or fingernails dragging on chalk boards. Regardless of it all: They won big. 

I think one guy and my neighbor watched MSNBC’s coverage.

Megyn Kelly Power of Women: New

Russian separatists ensure conspiracy theories abound on Flight 17 shootdown

MH17 flew corpses as passengers, pro-Russia rebels claim »

This certainly muddies up the waters.. Conspiracy theories certainly abound.

The obvious conclusion some have made based off of the Russian claims of bloodless and long dead corpses is that this is flight 370—the missing plane..

Though at this point I don’t know what happened to the 300 that boarded flight 17, maybe they would be put on the next Malaysian flight that goes missing, and a horrible cycle begins..


Before a conspiracy theory about flight 17 takes flight, consider this:

A fall from 33,000 altitude can cause cadavers (bodies) to almost instantly freeze, add this to high force of ground impact, it will make bodies (cadavers) appear to be decomposed. ..

This certainly could explain with logic why the Russian separatists are claiming that the bodies are long dead ..

If you believe the Russians to begin with..

As the flight was shot down...

Bodies rained down on Ukraine village after plane disaster »

Reuters reports some gory details from the flight 17 shoot down.. A snippet from their extended article:

One of the corpses fell through the rickety roof of Irina Tipunova’s house in this sleepy village, just after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 exploded high over eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists are fighting government forces. “There was a howling noise and everything started to rattle. Then objects started falling out of the sky,” the 65-year-old pensioner said in front of her grey-brick home. “And then I heard a roar and she landed in the kitchen, the roof was broken,” she said, showing the gaping hole made by the body when it came through the ceiling of the kitchen in an extension to the house. The dead woman’s naked body was still lying inside the house, next to a bed.

The rest of the story gets worse.. Reuters reports many women and children being aboard this doomed flight. But even more disturbing is the lack of something .. CNN is reporting that the crash site is largely neglected..instead of forensics analysts on site to recover bodies, it’s a grab bag of personal possessions up for the taking by guiltless looters .. CNN reports:
Emergency workers tell CNN it’s not their job to collect the bodies. And a local pro-Russian rebel leader has said that officials from the Netherlands and Malaysia asked that the bodies not be moved. But rescue crews and inspectors from those countries are not on site. And to get there, they would have to drive about 90 minutes from the city of Donetsk down pot-hole pocked roads. But these lead through a war zone, past checkpoints set up by varying local militias. There is no central command, virtually no rule of law.

Disturbing at the least.. Sickening as well. Bodies just rot in the sunflower fields forever ..