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Saturday night’s many main events

A few more news curating duties before turning off the ill-colored monitor.. the light from which has been making my eyes go dizzy over the past week. Not because of the aura of blue it emits, but instead because of the FTPed and HTMLed information that has been given to me on it.. news of the weird and wild, hurtful and harmful.. Ebola on a jet plane and an ambulance ride that the world watched. Obama vs Congress vs the Immigrants. Part 4. Justin Bieber. Ninja Turtles.. Crudeness, rudeness. Overt blasts to the past.. my mind is numb.
But not numb enough to ignore a few more tidbits of information this late Saturday night…

A CNN ‘ireport' shows us the moment when the now world famous Ebola patient walked into Emory University Hospital. The woman was there seeing her father. She heard about the Ebolaman .. she got the Ebola: She left her father to film history.. Not sure if that’s something I’d do. But she did..

There has been fear and loathing in Las Vegas. And also lots of fear over…

Top news August 2 2014

The HORROR REPORT received an email that this page may be unreadable when using CHROME in LINUX.. if you are having the same issues, please email me..

Too much news.. too little time.

A surreal day for whoever drove this ambulance.. it was carrying the infected patient with Ebola to Emory Hospital in Atlanta.. the entire world was watching.. every little traffic move it made, cameras were fixated and news networks covered live. The strangest drive on TV since O.J. ..



Doctor in Tennessee quarantines himself
Real horror: Latest Ebola wrap

Teenage Mutant Ninja Haters

FOXY FOX: It you don't like her body, that's 'your f*^king problem"

So you say you want to shell out cash to Rob Zombie to make a clown torture porn? Here’s your chance


While we are watching the friendly skies for Ebola to land.. maybe it’s already here?

A doctor named Alan Jamison put himself in self-quarantine in his Tennessee home. While there are no reports that he has Ebola, he treated Ebola patients in Liberia…
He did this Monday—meaning that this entire week, while the United States debated whether bringing Ebola patients to a hospital adjacent to the CDC was a good idea or not, it  may have already here all along..

CNN is reporting on the doctor.. and also the fact that he has exhibited no signs of the disease yet..

Worth reading: Jamison has no symptoms at this point.

CNN says,
He plans to be in isolation for 21 days, which is the incubation period for the disease or the time between infection and onset of symptoms.

"My last encounter with a patient who had Ebola was on July 19," he said. "I contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on my arrival … and informed them I had been in West Africa and my history."

The father of three said his daughter picked him up from the airport and dropped him at hom…

Foxy Fox: Another day, another F bomb dropped

Megan Fox speaks: She enjoys showing off her body in movies.

She said,
I don’t feel ashamed or like I can’t be taken seriously while also wearing a tank top. If you don’t take me seriously when I’m wearing a tank top, that’s your f**king problem.
Another day in which she cusses like a sailor, insulting people who don’t like her.

Thumbs down again.

So you say you want to shell out cash to Rob Zombie to make a clown torture porn? Here's your chance

If you want to see killer clowns do some horrid and awful things in a movie, give Rob Zombie some money.

He wants it.. Whether he needs it is another question, and whether he should make such a film is a question I don’t even bother to ask when it comes to him..

We know this, though: Rob Zombie is getting into the crowdfunding game, and is asking fans for cash if they like a ‘fast-paced, mean dirty film for those who like it rough.’ He says..

He has launched RZ-31 on the site CNET reports some trinkets you can get for giving Zombie your money to make a torture porn movie:
In addition to offering the typical movie swag like key chains and stickers (which you can get for a $15 contribution), Zombie is upping the rewards game by giving away crew t-shirts ($50), the opportunity to have your name included in the credits ($750), and a chance to be an extra on the set ($5000). If you really have a thing for clowns and murder, you can shell out $10,000 for an executive producer cre…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Insults

Slick rollout on hold: Megan Fox Tells Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Haters To F**k Off »
A big thumbs down on the haters from Megan Fox.. the extra-shiny Fox said the colorful language during a press conference today .. the run up to the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES may be getting a bit stressful.. perhaps Michael Bay has been putting on the pressure for Fox to get even skimpier and skinnier.. Not sure ..

But the truth is this: She hates you if you hate her new movie..

She said this about the newfound online bashing of the newest TMNT:
Let me tell you something about those people. How much money didTransformers 4 make? Exactly. Those people can complain – they all go to the theater. They’re gonna love it – and if they don’t love it, they can fuck off, and that’s the end of that
Critics who have already been critical were quick to criticize and critique.. especially thumb raising is how quick Fox was to use some interesting language and express such raw emotions so few days before the well …


This is how African newspapers are covering EBOLA.. 

NOTE.. The ‘burn all bodies’ headline in the lower left.. I think this sufficiently answers my question from last night is in which I asked what will be done with bodies that have suffered death at the hands of the outbreak: Burning.

Meanwhile: Africa has sealed off the Ebola epicenter. A little interesting that, after all the deaths, they are finally doing this..

The AFP reports this:

Opening the summit, WHO chief Margaret Chan told leaders that the response of the three countries to the epidemic had been “woefully inadequate”, revealing that the outbreak was “moving faster than our efforts to control it”.
"If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socio-economic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries," Chan said.
She described the outbreak as “by far the largest ever in the nearly four-decade history of this disease”.
"It is takin…

Baby can you dig your man

Anyone who follows me or has read this website for any amount of time will know well that when I get worried about something, there’s a tendancy on my part to overkill the issue.. Ebola has been the latest bit of news getting me to tighten my tin foil hat..

The prospects of EBOLA being present in the United States—on purpose—gave me chills.. Yes, it’s Americans who obviously have the right to be in America, and we’re told the chamber fortress where the treatment in Atlanta will take place is safer than any place on earth.. but.. don’t you still get a bit of a chill hearing that Ebola is purposely being brought to the United States? That a hospital will treat patients here? Maybe I am too ‘American’ in my thought—-but to those who think I don’t care about Africans suffering the affliction, you’re wrong. I have been paranoid about this for years and have constantly worried about it, and reported about it… The latest outbreak is the worst ever seen.. Hopefully it burns itself out.. gets u…



Thursday worstday

The Hanover happening

There is a lot of national attention on hauntings lately.. the latest comes from York, Pennsylvania..

The HORROR REPORT linked information about this story earlier this week.. The haunting, at least as it's being described by those in paranormal circles, revolves around a home owned by a woman in Hanover, Pennsylvania.. she says that her humble abode is filled with evil spirits. Two photojournalists, we're told, were skeptical of the claims. Until they experienced something strange themselves..

Here is the story from FOX 43:

At one point, the owner of the home tells the spirit to shut a door.. on camera, the door shuts. Another moment was captured where one of the reporters felt a scratch on his arm..

Another moment captures what reporters say is a demon's hand..

Finally, the homeowner describes a 7-foot-tall shadowman who prowls the property..

The Travel Channel showcased the home on the program THE DEAD FILES..

Discernment .. you be the judge. But none of us, unless you're…

Fox sets out to advertise TMNT to the world

Expect to see lots of Megan Fox over the next month. She will be busy advertising the newest installment of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.. She will be most likely be hiding her thumbs, and trying to recover the movie from the terrible decision of releasing a September 11 looking image for the September 11 premiere in Australia..

The movie is being heralded by some .. COMIC CON has gone wild over Megan Foxmania.. And now a skin-tight dressed Megan Fox is shining like a star in Latin America where she ushered in the premiere of the film there..

She blew kisses.. she posed for the camera.. she lit up the room..

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. and there's no doubt the audience group that is being attracted to the movie..

But for some, this film will be a bust.. a blip on the radar of Ninja Turtles lore..

And to even some more, Megan's looking plastic lately.. something oddly surreal about her once very real face..

But for now she's soaking up the sun.


Weird Wednesday: Happenings

These are the days of our lives.. and the stories of our days. Accept them for what they are. Weird. Wild. Wacky. Disturbing. Annoyances .. You can always be the judge.

Submitted for your approval in whatever format you choose: The news of the moment.



**WARNING** Extremely disturbing video revealed of ISIS creating a river of human blood as they mass kill at least 1500 people..

At approximately 12:23pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, July 30th, a magnitude 3.0 earthquake shook the Los Angeles area, centered west of Manhattan Beach, California, according to the USGS..

Patrick Sawyer's wife: "He Could Have Brought Ebola Here"


Doctors in Britain are beginning to prep for a potential Ebola outbreak on their continent.. It's not highly unlikely that cases around the world, be…

Top news July 30 2014

A Ninja Turtles fail

The building up the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES film has been hotter than a pepper sprout in Texas.. Megan Fox, with her thumbs, has been busy talking to COMIC CON attendees about her role, and Bigfoot.. the posters are everywhere.. the new style Ninja Turtles action figures are everywhere, too..

The American release of the film is August 8..
The Australian release is September 11.. which makes the next part of this story even more awkward..

PARAMOUNT PICTURES AUSTRALIA went and did this: They tweeted an image of a burning skyscraper with the Turtles jumping from it, along with this: "Check out the official poster for #TMNT in cinemas September 11"..

Yikes!! Stop the presses... Cowabunga ..

What were they thinking?

The less than tactful image was in social media circles for quite some time, in Internet time, before people snapped back and stormed the virtual servers where the poster was being replicated.

Apologies ensued..

Paramount said in a statement, post feeding frenzy…


UK SUN slammed by critics for demon mark story

The UK SUN reported a child had a sign of the devil on his chest.. The HORROR REPORT somewhat scoffed at the story..

But now the UK SUN is being slammed for slashing the child on the front page of the paper with the sensational headline that he has the mark of the beast on his chest..

This is how the UK GUARDIAN reported the incident:The Sun is facing a barrage of criticism after featuring a half-naked four-year-old boy with a "mark of the devil" on his chest on its front page.

The tabloid's "exclusive" story featured unpixellated images of the child and his mother.

The paper was accused of starting a witch-hunt and endangering the child after publishing the story with the headline: "BOY, 4, HAS MARK OF DEVIL."

The child's mother is quoted saying: "Just looking at it made me shake, thinking something unnatural had visited my boy. Something or someone made the sign on him but we just can't explain how."

The story goes on to explain that the…

Tuesday tales..