ALL THE TROUBLE IN THE WORLD: Air strikes continue, but so does brutal horror taking place in a nation where American sacrificed for a decade..

United States expands air strikes in Iraq..

Twitter hashtag #AmessagefromISIStoUS showcasing brutal images of American soldiers dead..

Islamist rebels bring in engineers to repair the dam they've seized!

But the true horror in the 'liberated' Iraq continues to make headlines.. things like this: Christians throwing their own children off of cliffs in Iraq .. apparently they'd rather kill their own children instead of having them beheaded and tortured by ISIS.. Fear is driving a lot of action right now in Iraq.. The air strikes thus far appear to have a muted response..

Another bit of absolutely disgusting horror from the region: ISIS forces a religious minority to die of thirst on a mountain.. And this: New and *very graphic* photos are showing the ISIS atrocities..

What we are hearing happening is true hell on earth.. it's beyond scorched earth policy.. it's modern war crimes taking place.. What choices exist? No one wants another ground war.. But air strikes at this point don't seem to be mattering much to anyone..

It's another supermoon weekend.. Here's the places best to see it..

But will that bright moonlight will outshine the Perseid meteor shower, underway now as Earth moves into the debris stream of parent Comet Swift-Tuttle? Maybe.. Fireballs may still cut through the glaze of a supermoon, but could be harder to see with a bright night light in the sky..

Remains of Jonestown cult member found in Delaware..

Man fined for pretending to be a ghost in cemetery..

The 'ghost attack' story from YORK PA is getting new attention.. This time on CNN..

It will be a long weekend battle for Ayden. So many bad guys, so little time..


Could this mean more charges for John Hinkley? The death of James Brady has been ruled a homicide by the DC medical examiner! The examiner says the death was a result of the 1981 assassination attempt and shooting of Brady..

America Airlines tweets out photo of a longstanding sky mystery: The pilot's halo. The halo is when a rainbow engulfs an airplane in midflight.. But there are potential explanations ... anything from water droplets to ...well, God. Pick your own theory..

The weather outside is going to be fruitful.. Come September, we're told, a polar vortex of cold will return.. An early autumn? Maybe.. even an early winter: Big snows are possible in November and December. Are you ready for this? I'm not. . . and even these normally warm and muggy August nights have been a bit chilly lately..

Ready, set, implant! Microchips will be in healthy people sooner than you think.. This is not a crackpot saying it, it's a respected researcher and is being reported by the Business INSIDER..

Weird noises being heard coming from volcano..

Two new species of jellyfish found off of Australia's coast.. They are extremely poisonous..

Ever hear of the 'creepy pasta' website? But did you ever hear of CREEPY PASTA!? This is a creative dish to make for Halloween, or for some, any time of the year..



It's a NINJA TURTLES weekend..
BUT.. it's all bad. Very bad.. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is scoring awfully bad on Rotten Tomatoes.. Only 19% of critics liked it. . 66% of movie goers so far.. One review: "It may be the dullest movie ever made" .. wow..







Ebola has now been declared an international emergency..

CDC warns America: Ebola is coming..

Fear grips Africa: "Don't touch the walls"

Outbreak being called 'unprecendented'

FDA authorizes Ebola test; vaccine will probably take until 2015..

Check out this HOLIDAY INN express ad featuring a joke about the Ebola virus.. It is not new--Holiday Inn would be lambasted for bad timing.. It actually appeared in 2001, back when the 'deadly Ebola outbreak' wasn't nearly as deadly as it is now.. Also think of this..People got offended less in entertainment. 9/11 changed that a bit, with hypersensitivity becomnig the norm.. the EBOLA COMMERCIAL is being called predictive programming by some conspiracy theorists.. I disagree, as it was too long ago to really conincide with this year's outbreak..BUT the ad is getting renewed attention in the past 24 hours after several websites found it and re-linked it again.. some even believe that the ad is new.

Not something you see at every Sunday service: Exotic dancers to go topless at Church protest..

Miley Cyrus NBC special sparts FCC investigation..

The supermoon rises, part 3: August 10's version, though, will be the biggest of the year..


For the first time since combat operations ended and soldiers were brought home from Iraq, the United States is reentering the theater.. President Obama announces aid packages are on the way.. as are bombs and air raids..

It begins: Fighter jets strike ISIS in Iraq..

But will it be enough to stop ISIS?

As Gaza grabs the headlines, epic slaughter engulfs the rest of the region. But where are the protests? ..

Christians in Iraq being slaughterd in mass numbers..

Where's Donald Trump when you need him!? MSNBC's Chris Jansing says that President Obama is interested in the Africa summit because "he's from Kenya"

Russia bans ALL food imports from the West..

Could this be the end of the porn industry in LA? The well-endowed entity on the left coast may have gotten a rude awakening: A law that all porn stars must wear condoms.. The exodus begins..

Why they're fleeing..

Iselle downgraded.. but not before forcing roofs to fly off houses..

Harrisburg hell.. imagine a water bill of $75 gouing to $745.. or Another being $6528. It's all true.. and happening in the midstate of Pennsylvania, where residents are steaming angry..

Another store in big trouble: Staples to close 165 stores in 2014..

Unhappy meals: McDonalds sales drop for third month..

Here is a question you may have never pondored: Do inanimate objects have feelings? .. your logic may scoff at the notion, but as Tara MacIsaac writes, some scientists ponder the possibilty..

And here's a fun flashback to yesteryear.. August 2007: The Miss Teen USA answer that will live in infamy..


Sex comes back to haunt Megan Fox

The roll out of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is just about set for a momentous culmination.. the movie’s release will come after months —and many hardcore weeks—of Megan Fox headlines. She has cussed out haters, she said she’s sexy, and she dressed in attire that nearly didn’t cover the most sensual places on her body..

But perhaps regret is starting to creep in. Film companies has used her body and her beauty—not her thumbs—for about a decade. Her roles have focused on the beauty and not the brains.. and isn’t that really a shame.

USA TODAY reports this about her real attitude:
Just, please, please, don’t call her a bombshell in front of her kids. Fox, who plays intrepid reporterApril O’Neil in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesreboot opening Friday, cringes visibly when she thinks about her two toddlers, Noah, almost 2, and Bodhi, 5 months, one day being confronted with images of their mother all sexed up.

"I wanted to be a superhero for my children. They can’t really see Transformers, because it’s too sexualized for them to deal with their mother. That’s their mother bent over the car. We don’t need to go there — maybe ever," says Fox, 28, referring to her breakout performance in Michael Bay’s 2007 cinematic explosion.

Michael Bay’s use of Megan’s body in promos ..It has been apparent that TMNT spots are featuring her on purpose in order to attract a potential gender and age group.. And her outfits to the premieres? My oh my.. Little left to an imagination..

Even more sex related news concerning Megan Fox: Apparently, Brian Austin Greene is not having sex with Megan.. We know that because of gossip rags and E!ONLINE reporting it..

It’s bizarre to me—and always has been—to know the secret and sultry sex lives of Hollywood stars. People in grocery store lines have always eaten it up as much as the pastries surely in their grocery carts.. And now with the internet’s cheapening of gossip, now it’s even worse. The paparazzi would love to snap Fox and others in any position they could..
But Megan has kids.
And her body has been used for years..
Up and until now..

Regret perhaps? The uncomfortable fact that eventually her children will see films in which she’s bent overtop of a car with her scantily clad breasts hanging out? You can’t cover kids’ eyes forever.

But it will be ‘mom’ .. and no one wants to look at ‘mom’ ..

But Megan's not just any mom.



History on a wire

This happened 40 years ago today.

Philippe Petit left a crowd of thousands breathless as he traversed a wire strung between the Twin Towers. Eschewing a safety harness or a net, the 24-year-old walked and danced across the 130-foot gap between the towers, balanced on a one-inch thick steel cable strung at a height of 110-stories. 

In later accounts, Petit traced his inspiration for the performance back to the first time he saw a photo of the Twin Towers. He was at a dentist’s office with a toothache when he came across the image in a magazine. The 18-year-old ripped the photo out and left the office. He spent the next six years planning for the death-defying act.

And now those towers are gone.. remaining are memories of them, and recollections of seeing this amazing feat on that day in August, 1974..

The Ebola scare

Skeptics In Sierra Leone Doubt Ebola Virus Exists »

Sierra Leone is at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak. But many people there don’t think the virus is real. Others are so frightened by Ebola that they’re afraid to take sick relatives to clinics.

This is fascinating, and a symptom of oppression and constant upheaval in certain places on the continent of Africa..

So many in the hot spot for Ebola don’t think it even exists..While workers, government officials, and military personnel all drive around in cars with loudspeakers—cars that feature images of people looking like zombies, vomiting—some listening are ignoring.. Ignorance is what may be causing the virus to spread faster and further than ever before in recorded history of Ebola.

NPR reports on some of the Ebola deniers: 
Opinions are mixed, but there’s a strong dose of Ebola deniers— those who don’t believe the virus exists at all. Zainab Koroma, a street hawker, is adamant it isn’t real.

"I do not believe Ebola exists because none of my family members has been affected by it," she says. "When you get sick of cholera, they say it is Ebola. When your body temperature rises, they say it is Ebola. So I honestly don’t believe Ebola exists. There could be a lot of other diseases killing people."

That’s one of the challenges facing Sierra Leone — trying to convince the nation that “Ebola is real, Ebola is here, and Ebola kills,” as one poster reads. Some people do survive, if they receive medical care early, as soon as they fall sick.

The case of 32-year-old Saudata Koroma transfixed the nation late last month. She was brought to a faded blue government hospital in Freetown, feeling unwell, and was admitted.

"Yes, and we were suspicious that she had Ebola, and she was put in isolation," says Amadu Sesay, the doctor in charge of the hospital. "The tests proved she had Ebola. Prior to the arrival of the test results, the relatives of the patient stormed the facility. They stormed this hospital and took the patient away."

When his staff learned Koroma had Ebola, Sesay says, they had to track her down. But it took some time. “She was put in an ambulance, but unfortunately on the way to [an Ebola clinic in] Kailahun, she died,” he says.

And with that epic account, more infections were spread due to the denial of the disease..

The world may spin their eyes at tales of denials of a deadly virus, but consider some facts: You may live in a nation absent these abuses:

  1. Harsh conditions and treatment in jails

  2. Female genital mutilation, forcibly done

  3. Widespread government corruption

  4. Rampant discrimination from the government based off of sexual preference

  5. Child abuse and trafficking, with high officials involved

  6. Forced child labor

  7. And this: A civil war that actually killed 25 times as many people as the Kosovo war did.. During wartime, children were often forced into the military and women were raped in brutal attacks.

All of that while the world ignored, and then Sierra Leone was put on the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2012.

So doubt that Ebola exists? Common sense would tell someone it’s real.. But live in a nation where the citizenry has been oppressed by a tyrannical government, and it’s easy to see why disbelief in reality is rampant.

SETI search suspended due to wildfires

California wildfires temporarily suspend search for aliens 

Wildfires raging in Northern California briefly halted the search for extraterrestrial life on Tuesday.

Quite possibly one of the best news headlines ever to appear on CNN..

But the real news is this: For those not aware, tremendous wildfires are burning and raging in California, the home of SETI. A fire was near SETI, about 200 miles north of Sacramento.

CNN goes on to report:
At SETI — which stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — scientists search the heavens for signs of extraterrestrial life by “listening” with an array of small satellite dishes.

The blaze came within a mile of the facility, located near Hat Creek, California, on both the east and west, according to Shostak.

"The fire on the west had jumped the road, burnt down our favorite lunch place, got within a mile of the telescopes," he said. As the flames got closer, the staff fled to safer ground and shut down the satellites.

"We just lost some search hours," he said. "To expect that E.T. will somehow reach out at this moment, that would be very bizarre."

That is the amazing part.. imagine the irony if this moment, when computers were abandoned and no one was home, ET phoned earth?

Strangers things may have happened. Or not. That we know of.

Hoax or Axe?

An image printed by the UK METRO has gained popularity in paranormal circles.. some see evidence of a ghostly figure, while others say it's a major hoax and can be dismissed as that.

The story, as printed by the less than always reliable tabloid across the pond:
A man clutching an axe inside an old military frigate doesn’t make for your typical ghost story, nor does it make typical fodder for an internet hoax.

But a photograph showing a ghostly figure with an axe in his hand aboard a decommissioned military vessel on a dry dock has gained a lot of traction on social media sites.

Stevgoldhound, who posted the picture on Imgur yesterday, claims it was taken by a colleague of his called John who works as a dock foreman.

John apparently took the picture while snapping work areas and navigating deep within the ship with a torch. He didn’t see anyone while taking the images.

Another user of the site cleaned up the image and came up with this. Creepy huh?

It is creepy, if real.. Even if not real, the image is genuinely jumpy.

The METRO story goes on to say that this person, only with one name of Stevgoldhound *I assume a user name from somewhere online?* is a skeptic.. Even more, supposedly, a search was conducted and there were no people aboard the ship. Matey. And finally, the one-named onliner also said his friend 'John' could simply be blowing smoke up his ass. Maybe. And all of the internet world, too..

At this point: I am placing this one in the fun but fake category. No evidence to showcase any thing real.. nothing which proves the user names are true, and certainly no real information that offers any credibility to the story.

But it is a creepy image.

Is that a face on your comet, or are you just happy to be probed?

Where's Richard C. Hoagland when you need him!? The 'Enterprise Mission' was famous for spotting a 'face on Mars,' one that turned out to just be a trick of the camera and lightning gone awry.. But there's a new trick in space, one perhaps even creepier: The face on the Comet..

It was spotted by the Rosetta probe, the European Space Agency's craft in orbit.. It captured a photo of the 'face,' most likely another optical illusion that will create years of wild speculation..

The face is more like that of a skeleton. Freakishly pale, with a mummified appearance.

Tariq Malik from SPACE.COM points that that these types of 'faces' seen on planets, and now comets, are examples of pareidolia, in which the human brain perceives faces or shapes on random images.. Such as clouds, if you have a good imagination on a summer day..

And anyway, if you take a close look at the extreme left hand side of the comet, it looks like Ferb from Phinneas and Ferb. I think.

The amazing part of this story isn't the fictitious face, it's the true science: Rosetta will be landing on the comet in November. And then it will accompany the comet until its closest approach to the sun in August 2015..

To major stories here: 1) Earthlings are landing a probe on a comet. And 2) NASA isn't doing it..

Horrific stabbing shocks town

There's something deeply wrong out there.. Perhaps always was, and made much more easy to learn about with the internet's super highway connecting all of the vast portions of the world together..

This is what is known about a brutal Michigan killing: A 12-year-old boy stabbed another boy, age 9, in a playground.. There seemingly is no connection between them. They don't appear to have known each other.. Th 12-year-old stabbed the other in the back with a kitchen knife..  The 12-year-old calmly approached a man close to the playground after the stabbing, and asked to use a phone.

Reportedly the boy said he was unloved..also this: He took multiple pills earlier in the day.

As if the entire story wasn't chilling enough, this is how the culmination of events took place, as CNN reported:
Police said that after he was stabbed, Conner managed to run back home before he collapsed on the porch. An ambulance rushed him to a hospital, where he died Monday night.

Lawhorn, meanwhile, "left the playground then went to a nearby residence where he asked to use the phone," Kentwood Chief of Police Thomas Hillen said.

"I thought he was calling for his parents to come pick him up," homeowner Glen Stacy told CNN. He wasn't. "He called 911," he said.

Stacy described Lawhorn as "calm and collected" throughout, and that he told the 911 dispatcher, "Hi, I just stabbed someone, please pick me up and come kill me, I want to end my life."

MORE here..

There can be dozens if not more questions applied to this news brief. A kitchen knife? From where.. parental guidance lacking? Mental problems undiagnosed? So many aspects to the story that are difficult and time consuming to contemplate.

In the mean time, a 9-year-old family is grieving a tragic and abrupt loss of someone they love..
Horror in the playground..
The kids aren't alright.



A scream queen gone..

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE star Marilyn Burns dead..

From the depths of my childhood, new toys for my son

My son and I were playing my my old He-Man action figures tonight, I think it’s the first time in my 33 years of life I actually took a close look at Moss Man’s face.. What an ugly mug.

Funny enough, Moss still has a slight hint of the fresh 1980s added on odor that Mattel have him.. Amazing.


Oh no! Ayden just beheaded Mekaneck… Another casualty in the old toy box..

Oh no! Ayden just beheaded Mekaneck… Another casualty in the old toy box..

Weird Wednesday: News of the world

Here are the headlines of reality and fiction.. blended together, as they so often are.. You be the judge on what's real and what's now.. As Truman Burbank asked: Is anything real? He was..
But really he was fiction.


EBOLA SUMMER: A few days ago, we were told of a person being tested for Ebola at Mount Sinai in New York.. the results of which are not known..But it turns out that that 1 sole patient number may be a bit skewed.. it is now 6--I suspect maybe more--being tested.. And it's also not just the Big Apple.. Ebola tests are being conducted across the nation, and it would appear that at this point the government is attempting its best to surpress information on where the tests are being conducted.. Numbers are being concealed.. Press reports from Ohio indicate that the suspected patient in that state is negative for the virus.. Meanwhile in the hotspot of the outbreak: Sierra Leona is being ravaged by the disease, troops are being deployed, and doctors are describing a scene of chaos and horror.. One doctor, as quoted in the UK DAILY MAIL, described a frightening appearance of Ebola patients prior to death, saying that patients typically look healthy up until a bit before they succumb .. A possible carrier is also being watched in Wales..

A few questions still revolve around why the two Americans with Ebola got the secret serum.. And while the world is clamoring for a vaccine, some are beginning to question if people should line up in droves to get the yet undone antecdote: Red flags are being raised over the use of experimental Ebola drugs..

Fear and loathing with Ebola: The internet world is abuzz with reports information over Ebola: 90% death rate, vs the more realsitic 60% rate with this outbreak is one item that is constantly being misreported.. And even more:
Lola Okolosie writes in the UK GUARDIAN today that "Ebola has infected public discourse with a new xenophobia".. It's a summer of fear..

Oh, back to that 'secret' serum thing? Maybe we gave the two Ebola patients the antecdote, and then brought them to the CDC for observation to see how effective it is. It is somewhat common sense and really not conspiracy conjecture.. we would probably desire to know if our 'secret' cocktail worked..

And this: VOX reports that the Ebola patients in America are the subjects of a science experiment..

x x x

A new generation of scientists has apparently been entering to the mainstream.. now their warnings of impending global doom are accompanied by swear words best used by Megan Fox describing her hatred for haters. Professor Jason Box of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland tweeted “If even a small fraction of Arctic sea floor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we're fucked.”


Living through weather history.. never fun. Hawaii is bracing for Iselle. And then Julio follows.. that's right: A double trouble bubble in the Pacific is forming, and two tropical storms are aiming for Hawaii, one after the other.. While some are nervous and preparing, others are undoubtedly preparing surf boards for waves..

Scientists think that California's drought may increase chances for earthquakes..

United Nations warns that the US may have to migrate people out of California area..

First Ohio, now British Columbia: Hundreds of people in British Columbia can’t use their water after more than a billion gallons of mining waste spilled into rivers and creeks in the province’s Cariboo region..

The kids continue to not be alright: Now enter the 'choking game'..

Mo Rocca enlisted to help make propaganda for Monsanto..

Justin Bieber's song BABY saves man from bear attack? See, even bears hate Justin Bieber..

Another example that the internet is changing everything.. the Los Angeles porn industry is being hit by bad economic times.. it's fleeing LA.. the number for permits has plummeted 90% in the city when compared to 2 years ago. Only 20 porn permits issued in '14.. but websites are still hopping with the free stuff posted by users and regular people across the world, those desperate for attention and the desire to be the next online porn star..

The book of Revelation becomes a horror movie in THE REMAINING..

Horror movie SEPTIC MAN gets attention..

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE star Marlyn Burns dead..
Scream queen gone at 65..
From Erie, PA..

This is quite possibly the best wedding photo ever taken: Adam Biesenthal, the photographer who snapped the picture, told The Huffington Post that Jeff Goldblum and his fiancee attended the wedding of Pamela and Jesse Sargent this past weekend in Toronto...The couple wanted a T.Rex Photoshopped into one of their pictures..

Fat bottomed Slenders make the horror world go round

Is this the BEST ABC news could do?

In a recent story posted on the ABC NEWS website about the two girls who used Slenderman as an excuse in the stabbing and near-murder of their friend, they opted to use this photo, pictured with this post, of ‘one of the many internet depictions of the fictional character Slender Man.’ 

The choice of this image is bizarre to me.. First off, while it may an internet depiction, it actually ends up looking much more like a Monty Python skit than a Slender Man example? I have seen a tremendous abundance of Slender Man images all over since this tragic case took place, but this is the first time I have seen the giant big-bellied version of Slender Man..I even Google searched images for “Slender Man costumes” and I found no evidence of this ABC news ‘internet depiction’ ..  this really is more like the Big Boned Slender Man.. or even The Fat Bottomed Slender Man.. Perhaps Slender had a few too many buffet trips..

While the image has next to nothing to do with the story, nor the fact that one of the accused girls talks to unicorns and Voldemort,, I just found its use to be peculiar..

Fat Bottom Slenders make the rockin’ world go round.




Don't drink don't shower, what do you do?

SHARNADO 2: The best worst movie of all time



Sharknado 2: The best worst movie of all time

While some mock it, and others decry the acting skills, I quite loved it. How can it not be loved.. I certainly will not review it, rate it, or recommend it.. unless you’ve got a well established group of friends who, perhaps a wee bit, are under the influence of some sort of legalized liquid mind changer. Otherwise, you’re forced to see the movie for what it is: A tremendous waste of time.

But that’s why I loved it.
Time was meant to be wasted, especially on a Sunday night when the other real new programming on is HOARDERS..

Tara Reid? Oh my.. but making up for her lack of skills to deliver a solid line even in a joke film: Al Roker and Matt Lauer driving sharp objects through CGI sharks. That cannot be missed..

So watch this at your own peril.. try to make it a group thing. If it’s not.. you’ll wonder why you did what you just did..


Fresh water from Lake Erie..

Not safe to drink.. Not safe to shower. Not even safe to look at..

The residents of Toledo, Ohio, are getting even more horrid news today.. Despite earlier allowances by official to bathe and shower in water (as featured here) in their city, now they are being turned not to use it to clean their bodies.. this after days of restrictions has 500,000 people scrambling to get fresh water..

Story keeps getting worse..
Hopefully the toxicity of the water allows life to resume soon..

But looking at pictures like this, and others featured in news articles about the Erie algae bloom, the water looks more like the vat of chemicals that made Jack Napier the JOKER in 1989 BATMAN movie..