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The vacant scare: Forget zombies.. Time is more frightening

Namely this documentary on Netflix: FORGOTTEN PLANET: ABANDONED AMERICA. It’s another example of why reality scares me much more profoundly than any work of fiction.

The documentary isn’t new.. But as a busy adult, I only watch things when I get the chance.. It was produced in 2011, and is a graphic account of how once booming towns in the United States often become abandoned ghost towns.


There is something brutally frightening to me about decaying structures and silent facilities.. I have near me a hospital that was active for over one hundred years, and now sits idle as bankruptcy took the legs out from under the workers .. the building, in only two years, has become overgrown with the earth and is already appearing as though it was forsaken over a decade ago.. It’s so amazing to see how quickly our planet makes us forget people ever lived in certain spots. Abandoned buildings serve as a reminder: We are dust and so are the places we inhabit.. They’ll be gone just as we …


The HORROR REPORT was among various sources to report social media activity labeling Friday night as the night of the real purge, actions based on the fiction horror of THE PURGE films .. Tonight, in Louisville Kentucky, police are asking for anyone to contact them immediately if suspicious activity occurs..

Police are responding to 'purge' threats, regardless of whether the threats of violence are a hoax or real..  Similar fliers as to what has appeared in Louisville has also been spotted in other cities..

The threats--or threat of real threats--were taken seriously enough to postpone a major high school football game..

The events in Louisville Kentucky tonight are also being monitored by tens of thousands of people on the website on Broadcastify, where a live stream of the Louisville metro police scanner is being broadcast to the world.. If you want to join in with other distant spectators, you can listen to it here..

Let's hope this is a grand hoax.. a fictitious scare that…


ABC NEWS is reporting that the Secret Service is aware of a photo existent on social media: An ISIS flag in front of the White House..

"We have an intelligence division whose mission is to assess information that we receive every day for dangerousness or potential threat level," Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told ABC News. "We are aware of the image and will take the necessary and appropriate follow up steps."

The Secret Service did not respond to an additional question about whether the tweet was believed to be authentic. The FBI has not yet responded to ABC News’ request for comment on the tweet, its suspected origin, or whether it signifies a serious threat to the U.S.
I am not a proponent of censorship, but an observer of the strange. The strange being this: The amount of Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogger sites that get shut down with regularity every day.. but so many threatening Twitter accounts are permitted to keep on tweetin’ like there’s …


The tale goes like this: For years, gullible Ufologists have fallen for a great hoax.. They have believed that some other civilization is coming to the planet, flying saucers around the globe, and abducting people in the deep south only to probe the portion portions of them deeply..

Apparently, the theory goes, the government has put out the false UFO stories for years.. they have given the fake stories to UFO experts who happily ate up all of the available disinformation.

This whole storyline is apparently hidden in the treasure trove of documents released by leaker Edward Snowden..

A new documentary is exposing how the government case over fake evidence of ET life for decades.. The documentary is called MIRAGE MEN, and it is gaining a number of awards and lots of attention in various UFO and skeptic circles..

Steve Rose of the UK GUARDIAN writes this in his piece on this potential interstellar false flag:
The place of movies in the grand UFO conspiracy is a tricky area. Depending on whic…


We had our family dog, Mutley, for less than a year, but we have gotten to know him..

He is tremendously nervous, all of the time. He is constantly ready to play like a puppy, but worry like an old aged animal.. He paces around the house when he is alone, does no damage, but anxiously anticipates the master or masterette to be back.. And he only seems to be at ease during the night, when the entire family is asleep. Many nights end with my son Ayden and my dog Mutley crowded in the ‘big bed’ of mom and dad, scrunched into odd contortions as my wife and I attempt to not fall to the floor due to the lack of space.

I’m not complaining.. secretly, I love it and will miss it one day when my son wants nothing to do with mom and dad, and when Mutley is too old to jump up anymore..
I love these days.

There is also something about Mutley that amazes me.. he is a harbinger.. When the air pressure changes—before rain or thunderstorms begin—Mutley begins to shake uncontrollably. He frantically attemp…

Fearful Friday fun day

THE PURGE reality show

Police Concerned About Flash Mob Violence Based On Horror Movie »
Social media posts promise violence in Florida, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.
The story linked here serves as a collection of headlines from various states—states where people have been posting social media announcements about “purges” to take place in the respective cities where the Tweets and messages are coming from.. AS notes, Florida, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania are among the states where police are monitoring the situation …

The horror movie where the ‘purge’ is stemming from is, none other than THE PURGE.. the sequel to the original film was released this summer and had respectable box office numbers..  The movie was less gruesome horror and more social commentary—rich vs poor and the government suspending all police protection to allow for  a ‘purge’ is the plot..

While this new social media purge scare may be more hype than upcoming horror, it’s noteworthy that so many places and police forces are monitoring the situat…

The fumbling mumblings of George Snoory

There is a chance—some may disagree—but there’s a chance that George Noory is a nice guy. He may also be the luckiest guy on the planet..

Noory took over Coast to Coast AM several years ago from then host Art Bell.. I have posted quite a bit about Bell and Noory over the past several years. But Noory, regardless of ‘niceness,’ is also strange. And lucky.. Very lucky.

If you’re a newcomer listening to his show for the first time, your takeaway may be confusion.. head scratching that a man who mumbles so much, goofs up so many words, uses the wrong tenses, mispronounces everything, and so often seems to be aloof if not plain asleep during his interviews, still has a radio program. Premiere Radio still employs. And even more, he has 600+ affiliates.

Sure there’s some form of technicality that states if a station gets Rush, they get the other PremRat shows, too..

But Noory? Oh .. George.. A host with thousands of pages on a message board to documenting his every mispronunciation and incorrect…

The world is on fire



I have two sources that seem to be the best in live coverage coming from Ferguson MO:


And the INFOWARS reporters on the scene:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream





Ten years rolls by so fast..

We took a stroll into the past tonight--ten years ago today as a matter of fact.. What mattered, what didn't.. This was what the HORROR REPORT was talking about in 2004..

We reported that Justin Timberlake did not want to do an NSYNC reunion.. that changed years later.. The HORROR REPORT also said this about M. Night Shyamalan and his then hoax with the most:
Fans of M Night Shyamalan and his latest film THE VILLAGE may be surprised to learn that key elements in the plot were the same as elements in a children's book called RUNNING OUT OF TIME, printed last century in 1995..
Publishing House Simon and Schuster is reviewing all legal options...
Also, in a flashback to a story reported last year in the HORROR-REPORT, the legal battle between Shyamalan and screenwriter Robert McIlhenney has still not been resolved. McIlhenney says that the 2002 movie SIGNS is based on a script that he wrote...

Ten years ago tonight, James McGreevey was the governor of New J…

Intrigue: The President ending his vacation this weekend?

President Barack Obama is returning to Washington D.C. this weekend.. and after dozens of rounds of golf while the world caught on fire, people are raising eyebrows and asking: Why?

Justin Sink of the HILL tonight is reporting that the President is making a very expensive trip back to Washington DC this weekend, and then returning to Martha's Vineyard next Tuesday..

Perhaps an announcement of some kind? Maybe war plans.. perhaps something important is bringing the president back..

It's certainly no secret: The world is a mess with war and murder at the present hour.. We are being told tonight that the ultimate of horrors is happening in Iraq: Children are drinking the blood of their parents to survive.. Of course we need to be careful with wild claims such as this.. Babies, after all, were never really thrown from incubators by Saddam Hussein even though a part of the war in 1990 was sold on that lie.. These new claims involve the stranded Iraqis on Mount Sinjar.. And the social …



While media reports indicated that Robin Williams was near bankruptcy, another report surfaced today in the UK TELEGRAPH.. According to reporter Jose Ensor in an exclusive to the publication, a friend of Robin Williams, name not revealed, said that the now deceased star resented having to do another MRS DOUBTFIRE film..and even more, he was 'dreading' the film and it 'brought out his demons.'

Ensor reports that this unnamed friend and neighbor said Williams was being paid $165,000 per episode of the quickly canceled CBS comedy THE CRAZY ONES.. He was paying bills with the cash.. but it wasn't enough.

For several months, websites were abuzz with excitement (and mocking comments all the same) about the second MRS DOUBTFIRE film.. This Ensor report would suggest that, at least according the unnamed friend, Williams felt uncomfortable with the prospect of a return to the film over 20 years since its original release..

But now the death of Williams has potentially cursed …

Wednesday weirdness

Tales from the crypt.. the planet earth. The happenings of importance today (so far)

Detroit flooding makes news.. Somehow ironic when so many in the city are being threatened by water companies to have their faucets turned off..

This is the scene on Long Island this morning.. a commute to end all commutes as parts of the area are flooded after being hit by 14 feet waves and a Meso low..

MONSANTO 2.0: Faced with tougher and more resistant weeds, corn and soybean farmers are anxiously awaiting government decisions on a new version of a popular herbicide - and on genetically modified seeds to grow crops designed to resist it..

Uneasy night in Ferguson: Tear gas, rioting, and another police shooting..

ISIS continues to threaten America..

Edward Snowden embraces the AMERICAN flag for WIRED article.. The photo will make some tear up and others cringe and angry..

Photos show strange UFOs over Houston Texas.. Something circular was floating in the skies over the city.