SEASONS BEGIN.. AND END.. Summer set to go.. Fall ushers in the winds of change.. Schools are filled again..

I wrote this back in March of this year along with the cartoon posted of a new tree limb going into a classroom.. It’s interesting to note that originally, this cartoon implicated that there was a positive in the Axe, molding students into identical pieces of wood..

I wrote this in March:
This is a piece of art from the Internet I found.. no clue as to its origins or who created it—I’d give credit if I knew. But I just love it.. Who DIDN’T feel like this as they walked into school classrooms each morning? And for those still in school who are reading this, I felt this way too. I fear my son, only age 3, will one day be thinking the same thoughts.. so often it feels like a big PINK FLOYD song as you go through your childhood. There seems to be so many adults who are dead set on ruining a kid’s dream or stomping down imagination.. There are teachers, parents, bus drivers, and principals who become a nightmare for children.. There are moments in time when living in childhood is a prison unto itself—where bullies thrive and hopes dive. But to those who read this facing the same hell of the brain: Be strong. School will one day be out forever. And when you’re 15 years post high school graduation, the good memories may remain and the bad will shrink.. Some of them.

But I also say this, to those who are reading this right now being bullied: You don’t have to be the victim. You’re better than the bully.. you’re smarter.. you’re more intelligent. And you’re more honest with yourself. Be as strong as you can be, don’t allow the darkness of sadness creep in, it’s not worth it. And more than anything else, don’t ever lose who you are.. then a bully wins. I’ve been down paths similar.. And it’s rough. But after the storm passes you’ll see how beautiful the sun can be..
I fear future moments with my own child.. I fear what other kids—and adults—are capable of. Having a child changed everything, and continues to do so.. E V E R Y T H I N G.

I felt it was appropriate to re-blog the matter for everyone’s enjoyment, now that school is beginning all over again.. Whether it’s the indoctrination of grade school, the prison of high school, or the supposedly free minded slavery called college, keep your minds fresh, young, and immune from it all.. Learn what you can but forget what is untrue.. realize the truth is deeper than skin and goes far beyond this planet.

And though school for me is a long memory, I am watching my own son grow and soon be shuttled off on a big yellow bus—the bus I used to get sick seeing this time of year. As a matter of fact, even at the age of 33, I still get sick when I see them every morning..

Education… be molded .. but do some of the molding yourself.

Good luck students..
Eat your pudding.



Here is a LIVE Youtube stream of the Barðarbunga  volcano in Iceland.. For those who don’t know, an eruption of it may have begun..  Although the latest update from the scene has some wondering if it really has..The LIVESCIENCE report says that there appears to be no indication of volcanic activity..

It’s worth noting, mainly for this: A few days back, there were fears of an ‘explosive’ volcanic eruption.. earthquakes rocked the volcano.. Also this today: The BBC reported a ‘red alert’ was issued by Iceland—and there are lots of concerns that air travel will be highly hit..

Warning sign on the road to the Bardarbunga volcano (20 August)

Sadly, as this event occurs, the one problem that people may have: Pronouncing the name of the Volcano. Luckily SLATE thought about that a few days ago too, and gave us a link to another source on the way you should say the word..

We’ll just stick to say the big Iceland volcano. That is safe..


FROM GQ: The Strange Tale of the North Pond Hermit »

For nearly thirty years, a phantom haunted the woods of Central Maine, creeping into homes, and surviving on what he could steal. He became a legend. Then one day last year, the hermit came out of the forest. His name was Christopher Knight

And this is him:

While it may seem tough to believe, the story is true..

This from GQ:
His name, he revealed, was Christopher Thomas Knight. Born on December 7, 1965. He said he had no address, no vehicle, did not file a tax return, and did not receive mail. He said he lived in the woods.

Everything that he ate and used was apparently stolen..

The oddest part of all to fathom: He says he didn’t speak a word the entire time, besides once in the 1990s when he passed a hiker on a path in the forest and he said a simple ‘hi’ ..

And now all of the paranormal fears and strange occurrences that haunted this part of central Maine for decades may very well be solved. No ghost.. no UFO.. no beast from the East.. Instead a thin hermit living in the forest, eating the scrappings of others and stealing the possessions of them, too..

It’s like THE VILLAGE gone wrong.. no one else joined in..



How the Market Affects What Horror Makes it to Hollywood »

Recent torture pornographers such as Eli Roth arguably have aligned themselves with 1970s American horror auteurs not only to legitimize their work but to cash in on their rebel credibility.

The NEW REPUBLIC article is an interesting way to follow up on my previous essay written earlier this week about horror movies.. I actually made the point that horror movies, in general, are a lot less scary in our current reality—and even more, who wants to look at torture porn films and slasher gore galore when you can turn on the nightly news and see edited versions of beheading videos and then download the real deal yourself should you wish to..?

The NEW REPUBLIC article follows how the market—and current events—lead to the horror we see in cinema..  Author Yo Zushi writes,
It wasn’t long before horror directors such as Eli Roth were claiming that their work could trace a direct lineage to the “war on terror”. “I really try to load up the films with ideas,” Roth insisted, citing with pride the university seminars discussing his Hostel series as “a post-9/11 response to Iraq and torture”. The ecstatic violence of that franchise at first attracted the scorn of many reviewers, who dismissed it as “torture porn,” but Roth’s articulate justifications for his on-screen cruelties seem to have won over the academy.

This strategy of media management isn’t new—Night of the Living Dead’s George Romero said in 1973 that his pioneering zombie film was intended as “a statement about society,” and its semi-documentary style and black hero, murdered by white authorities, served to corroborate his claim. Yet, presenting Romero with a lifetime achievement award in 2009, Quentin Tarantino characterised his movies as consisting of “heart-stopping violence, explosive bloodshed, undead flesh-eaters and dismembered ghouls.” So does the political content really give life to the films, or is it ancillary to the thrills of gore and suspense? And does the meaning that a filmmaker attaches to his lurid tales ultimately matter?

And more:
Although it would be a folly to dismiss interpretative readings of the horror genre entirely, I am skeptical of the claims of critics and filmmakers alike that a zombie or torture movie is primarily to be approached as political allegory. That attitude seems to conform to an apologetic attitude to art, in which the work serves, at best, a medicinal function: the Hostel series is valid because it negotiates, even purges, society’s anxieties about Abu Ghraib, and so on. Yet Eli Roth is not Noam Chomsky. And who thinks about Nixon or Vietnam when confronted with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

I don’t know if the  movies are always set to be political allegory, or if the interpretation comes after to defend the amount of horrific violence that often accompanies torture porn flicks. But I know this, and will defend the notion to the end: Pick any horror movie of any decade and you will get a pretty decent idea of what that time’s people, thought patterns, and headlines were like.

I have a few friends that disavow all things horror—people who avoid the genre at all costs. I myself avoid the torture porn flicks simply because I’d rather a deeper scare than one which simply attacks my sense of decency.  But I believe that horror films are from the rough end of town, and they are emblematic of the life and times we are from..

Oh, and wrestling does, too.


Mess with the Boa, get the bite

Eventually fate catches up with someone.

NICKI MINAJ gave us lots of classic hits that will never be played 10 years from now.. her latest achievement is ANACONDA.

During a rehearsal for the MTV music awards, one of her dancers got a Boa Constrictor BITE.. imagine the scene, as reported:
The dancer’s fellow performers looked on in fright as the giant snake slithered to the woman and bit her. Boa constrictors don’t strike unless they feel threatened, so many believe that the woman had unintentionally startled the animal.

I wonder if Nicki’s fake voice screamed in shock!? I wonder if they broke out into a musical interlude while they waited for the medics to arrive..

I wonder if someone thought to themselves: If only this would have happened live, it would have far surpassed the 2013 Miley Cyrus gyration on stage.

Not that Nicki would ever put a valued dancer in danger……
No animals were hurt in the rehearsal of this program. But a dancer was.


Things didn&#8217;t go well for private space exploration Friday. This is a Space-X rocket. It self-detonated after an &#8216;unexplained malfunction,&#8217; causing the explosion in the blue sky..<br /><br/>The flight was a test run..The video of the explosion can be seen here.<br /><br/>Space-X issued a statement regarding the explosion, saying in part that they were pushing the limits further than any other tests..<br /><br/>But what no one, including this company, wants to happen: This with wealthy affluent space explorers on board..

Things didn’t go well for private space exploration Friday. This is a Space-X rocket. It self-detonated after an ‘unexplained malfunction,’ causing the explosion in the blue sky..

The flight was a test run..The video of the explosion can be seen here.

Space-X issued a statement regarding the explosion, saying in part that they were pushing the limits further than any other tests..

But what no one, including this company, wants to happen: This with wealthy affluent space explorers on board..


Two news events taking place in the weather department today.. First off, there is a possibility that the storm, Cristobal, will become a threat to the United States next week..MORE HERE. Notable news: Most models are not taking this towards New Orleans or New York City as they were previously, but some have it dangerously close to the East Coast.. while others have a Florida impact. Models will soon come together..until then it’s anyone’s guess.

But what is not a guess: Montana and Wyoming are bracing for SNOW! That’s right.. winter beginning before the fall even happens for these two states.. It’s not a sign of the end of the world—but it’s about three weeks ahead of schedule.

I think too often we look at weather anomalies and scream “proof” of climate Armageddon


Nonetheless: the models are having a mood swing.


Give some credit to the Russians.. This is a lightning bolt that was used to start the Soviet Era Tesla Tower.. It&#8217;s been dormant for some time. But now the little &#8216;Tesla Tower is complete,&#8217; as said in a voice of Emperor Palpatine.<br/>The video here.. Amazing.<br/>

Give some credit to the Russians.. This is a lightning bolt that was used to start the Soviet Era Tesla Tower.. It’s been dormant for some time. But now the little ‘Tesla Tower is complete,’ as said in a voice of Emperor Palpatine.

The video here.. Amazing.


If things don’t seem real, maybe they’re not..
Sometimes you feel you’re a part of a play.. an act.. a movie.. or a stunt. Maybe you are..
Battle bombs an war bonds,
Dirty wars and porn..
The gambling addicts are playing
With the lives of unborn..

We’re all a part of a big grand plan..
But the plan is shrouded in secrecy..

When things seem scary, and you turn to fright,
The solution may be laughing with all your might..

Because power brokers aim to scare,
Battle scars of truth.. they shall wear.

We don’t know the masters, but we sure know the slaves..
We are confused by the aims, which is why we behave..

As the summer wanes and the cold begins,
Think to these days…let’s pray truth wins.



This world is a little disgusting, disheartening, and distasteful. But was it ever different than now? I watched an amazing documentary on some of the suffering in Nazi death camps during World War II--the kinds being suffered by soldiers instead of Jewish citizens of Europe. It was disturbing.

The one thing that I always find amazing when looking in the annals of the trash heap called history: The bad guys always run in fear.. regardless of the dictatorship or totalitarian belief system, when the liberators show up, the bad guys always seem to head for the hills.. In the WWII documentary, the Nazi abusers ran for the mountains and even biked away when the Americans showed up. Of course, as fate would have it, the United States government eventually let a lot of those Nazis into the establishment of government to help the United States..

There never has been justice on this planet, either..

But for now, it's the FEARFUL FRIDAY news roundup.. The people and events making headlines from the world and beyond.. Accept it at your own demise

James Foley's father mourns: 'I did not realize how brutal they were'

UK is a breeding ground for ISIS..

Pope Francis made a phone call to the family of the beheaded journalist James Foley... Foley was a Catholic and the Pope has been very involved with condemning the recent Islamic State ..

Former Deputy CIA Director: ‘I Would Not Be Surprised’ If ISIS Member Shows Up To US Mall Tomorrow With AK-47

DEF SEC Hagel warns America to get ready for the Islamic State .. he called it a threat like no other, a powerful force, and one that appears likely to face the brunt of American military might. Get ready for a public campaign to convince America that World War III is necessary..

But who funded ISIS? ...we keep forgetting..

United Nations: There have been 200,000 deaths in Syria.. 85% of them are male victims..

From NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Liberia is in free fall as Ebola spreads out of control..

75% of Ebola victims are women..

Police open fire on slum to keep 50,000 within..

This graphic photo shows what a comet the size of Rosetta's Comet would look like if it struck downtown LA.. Life would change forever..If we live..

The empty vessel of yesteryear: SEARS shows no sign of improving.. and instead is becoming more irrelevant by the day..

Mooooney: The average price of beef is soaring to all time highs..

As we watch the events in Ferguson MI play out, a question is being asked on a Youtube video.. Where is the anger for Miram Carey? What a great question..

A few days ago, people suddenly realized what tin foil hat wearers have known for 14 years: That the Pentagon was giving military gear and weapons to local law enforcement around the nation.. And now this: Instead a Congressman stopping that, he wants to stop CITIZENS from purchasing body armor..

How your boss will rule your life in the coming years.. Imagine a world where your boss keeps tabs on you.. see when you're drinking or what you're eating, who you hang out with or what you say about work. Oh, and you post all of that on Facebook for your boss to see..

The future: Corporate indoctrination will continue to increase..

Mexican campaign: Stop using Facebook as mental health therapy..

Comcast labeled the worst company in America for second time in four years..

Greece: Archaeologists Ready to Enter Tomb in Amphipolis..

COMEBACK KIDS: The Latino Post has reported before that Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox are rumored to make a comeback in the Transformers movie franchise..

Miley Cyrus banned from Dominican Republic because of her racy performances..

Artist creates book STICKY MONSTERS--horror drawings on Post-Its..
















This is the cover of THE SPIDER-WOMAN #1 COMIC BOOK..  Regardless of your gender, there’s probably one thing you are initially fixated on, and it’s not her face mask.. It’s that large rear end protruding high into the city sky.. And it’s for that butt shot that it’s also causing a rise of controversy.. In fairness, a not safe for work Spider MAN appeared this year, too, but that was removed after complaints. In this instance the comic may be bought up in some big numbers by the teenage boys that it may be aiming for. Just a thought.. Sometimes controversy equals sales.. In this matter, a rump roast of comics await..

This is the cover of THE SPIDER-WOMAN #1 COMIC BOOK..  Regardless of your gender, there&#8217;s probably one thing you are initially fixated on, and it&#8217;s not her face mask.. It&#8217;s that large rear end protruding high into the city sky..<br/>And it&#8217;s for that butt shot that it&#8217;s also causing a rise of controversy..<br/>In fairness, a not safe for work Spider MAN appeared this year, too, but that was removed after complaints. In this instance the comic may be bought up in some big numbers by the teenage boys that it may be aiming for. Just a thought.. Sometimes controversy equals sales.. In this matter, a rump roast of comics await..

Asymmetric Instigations

Asymmetric Solutions goes to Facebook to talk about their Ferguson work »

This has been very controversial—especially since this company has assisted in operations in war torn nations in the Middle East. Some felt uncomfortable with their newfound role in Ferguson. Addrressing those concerns, someone authored a lengthy response on the company’s Facebook page, which in part says this:
We were not hired to work for the state, for the police, to work as peacekeepers, mercenaries, cops for hire, etc. We have done similar personal bodyguard and high risk logistics work with journalists who are interested in reporting from hostile areas all over the world.

We normally do not comment on this side of our work. At suggestion of our client who felt our position was unique, our public message was one of frustration that someone who would typically call upon us to escort them to Baghdad, Kabul, etc. would feel the need to ask us to take them into a suburb of St. Louis, our own wonderful city. It is tragic that things have degenerated to this point. The metro area is our home and we believe the coverage of St. Louis and this incident by major media is fueling the issue unnecessarily for their own benefit.

And this:
We strongly support The US Constitution and have sworn an oath to it. The First Amendment Rights to assemble and speak and print are not limited to only pretty, popular, or mainstream opinions. They are among the most sacred things that are to be protected by Government. A free society is not always a convenient or easy society.

It’s not likely they strange public statement will end worries about them..

Horror movies in a time when reality is far scarier

There is something wrong with the world today.. while we say we don't know what it is, we do .. Human.. And the eventual totalitarian government that rises.. or the genocide that somehow always takes place. Why can't we just let our children sleep in peace at night? Why can't we let people live and let live.. why does religion have to lead to so ma
ny ruined landscapes and torn apart families? Why, in the 21st century, are we still seeing barbarism and mass murder play out before our eyes..? Why are we worried  over 'purges' in American cities? Why are people rising up against police? Why are we seeing the unraveling of the American spirit? Why does the President golf ... so much..? So many things seem to be off kilter--like a timeline jumped from one to the other.. or maybe it's the pole shift that we know is happening?
Perhaps the electric universe is having an electrical fire.. Either way, whether it's beheadings, riots, Ebola, or death, this world is a very dark place as of late..

This generation should have been lost in space.
Instead we are confined to the hell that is planet Earth. A hell we create each day in every way..

So many people don't add good, but instead simply shovel on more negative spirit.. AFP 522039319 A GOV USA MA

The red planet is Mars. But we are the new one in the solar system--red with the blood of innocent people, dying unnecessary deaths in so many ways. Women and children buried alive--but those kept alive used as sex slaves or for labor..

Whether it's brutality from law enforcement around the world or murder at the hands of religious groups on the basis of belief, this planet is soaked in horror. Real horror..

THE HORROR REPORT began in 1999 on an old Geocities website, eventually becoming what it is today in the early 2000s. Initially, the focus was Moustapha Akkad and Halloween, horror movies and Freddy. Innocent things of the 20th century that were taken away by a decade of terror, war, and torture.

nightmares-redwhiteblue-350x517I watched an interesting documentary called NIGHTMARES IN RED WHITE AND BLUE about how, culturally, horror movies have always been emblematic of the time they were made--the monsters after World War II were people and the LSD and torture after the Manson murders stoked fears.. Freddy Kreuger was Ronald Reagan and Jason Vorhees represented the Old Testament God, angry at sinners.. And then, as we moved into the 2000s, after 9/11 and Gitmo, films law SAW brought us a new style of torture porn with roots in sadistic horror of the 1970s after the Vietnam War..

I have often said that professional wrestling and horror movies are molded after the generation watching them.. Check out any period of time for either the fake sport or the fake movies, and you'll be presented a startling accurate picture of the people who were watching them at that moment in history..

But in our new world, a world where we heralded in a president we thought was going to change the world with his Nobel Peace Prize, what movies will be made? In a world where journalists are beheaded in gruesome YouTube videos, and said videos go viral around the world, what will shock us? In an atmosphere where we are told in a repetitive fashion from officials on the television sets that ISIS is in the United States and all of the world, and they are poised begin their strikes, what will scare us?

The Red Scare gave us countless films that represented Communists.. the nuclear age offered up movies about Armageddon gone wrong and beastly creatures being created by radiation..

But what will a new world of horror movies be during a time of such grief, pain, and true horror?

When reality becomes more shocking than the blood on the screen, I predict a continuation towards the more esoteric films--movies about demons and spirits, entities and the Jinn..

What can be scarier than our new reality? Not much..

There's something wrong in the world today..
Do you know what it is?



Thursday ..

All for your reading displeasure.. Links from around the world and beyond..

FARMERS ALMANAC predicting extreme cold winter..

Weather watching.. this is Cristobal--he does not exist yet.. but he's expected to form and get really, really close to the East coast next week.. Or maybe the Gulf Coast.. or maybe no where. There is extreme inconsistency with the storm, models had it hitting Ne Orleans yesterday.. some have it missing.. and now this has it near Jersey and New York City by August 29.. As said yesterday: Keep tuned to the models being posted by users on the Accuweather forum..

Yesterday it was reported that Twitter users dispalying grisly photographs of the beheading of James Foley would be suspended.. today we learn that even though they did too the NEW YORK POST and DAILY NEWS will not be..

Foley's captors initially asked for big ransom.. we didn't give them money, but often the UK did for other hostages.. Something that has helped enrich ISIS..

British writer Stephen Glover says he watched the Foley murder video and wishes he hadn't..implores readers not to.. Glover writes, "This gruesome video is the latest, and perhaps the most shocking, example of what has become known as ‘jihadist porn’. "

Worry is growing over the other journalist being held in Iraq..

Fist bumps and golf: People furious as Obama goes golfing after speaking of James Foley's beheading..

TIME magazine writes: The real war that's coming won't be about race, it will be the class war..

Fourth secret of Fatima revealed? .. During a pilgrimage to Fatima in 2010, Pope Benedict said, "It is mistaken to think that Fatima's prophetic mission is completed."..

An intense earthquake swarm continues to rattle Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano, adding to fears that a potential eruption could disrupt the region’s air traffic..

Cracked: A follow up to something we reported yesterday.. Here is video from the crack forming in the Earth in Mexico.. It's huge and seems to be deepening..

Antarctica and Greenland are shrinking at a frightening rate.. Thinning of ice has tripled since 2009.

Doctor treated with experimental Ebola drug released from Atlanta hospital..

New study claims that vaccines increase autism chances by 340%.. The news comes as a whistleblower from the CDC goes public..

Whistleblower: "U.S. Centers for Disease Control Manipulated Data, Covered-Up Higher Incidence of Autism in African American Boys"

FUK-ED: No room for beach towels on the West Coast as millions of jelly-fish 'like' creatures wash up ..

DATING NAKED star Jesse Nizewitz is suing Viacom for failing to blur her crotch on an episode of the program.. But .. she was on DATING NAKED.. Just sayin'..

Richard Dawkins, the most loved atheist everyone loves to hate, now says this: It would be immoral not to abort a fetus with down syndrome.. But wouldn't it be more immoral to force people to do so, Richie? But let's face it, if there's one thing Dawkins loves more than denying the existence of a higher power, it's fame and attention. I am fine with atheists.. But I believe that Richard Dawkins find himself to be god


VARIETY reviews AS ABOVE SO BELOW: "When Scarlet finally does uncover the solution to the Philosopher’s Stone — this legend of alchemy rumored to possess healing powers and the ability to turn ordinary objects into gold — the final reveal is unspeakably corny, suggesting that an hour of therapy might have delivered the same advice"

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER REVIEWS AS ABOVE SO BELOW: "Along with a well-chosen closing song from French DJs Scratch Massive, and one or two genuine scares, that's about the best this excursion has to offer"

It's all about perspective.. THIS is what our skies would look like if Saturn was the same distance as the moon away.. Things would sure be different..










Black helicopters .. the buzz above




A few other Wednesday weirdness news bits and bites from the land of the free and the earth beyond..

Presented in living HTML for your enjoyment, discernment, and good natured acceptance.

Enjoy. Or disbelieve. You be the judge..

A sick story from Philadelphia, the city that was once called that of Brotherly Love.. Mutilated cats are showing up on people's doorsteps. One says it's gruesome.. another says sick.. No word on why but police are actively investigating..

It's a bad day for cats: Severed cat heads also being found in UK..

The world that we live in: A South Carolina 16-year-old was ARRESTED for writing a fictional Facebook post about killing dinosaurs with a gun..

The Ebola nightmare in Liberia may soon look like a chapter from the book THE STAND.. forces have a 'slum' sealed off.. Some believe it's population control to eliminate an entire village of Ebola patients.. There is also fear that a patient being treated in San Fran has the virus..

Good read: Ebola and the Western 'humanitarians' ..

The Nevada desert is shaking.. an earthquake swarm is taking place..

Word is: The White House knew of the threat to behead journalist James Foley.. regardless of such news, the President golfed his vacation away *and continues to do so as another reporter is threatened with the same brutal fate*.. As a matter of fact: Obama rushed off to a golf course immediately following a statement today regarding the beheading.. Meanwhile, Twitter is attempting to block the gruesome video of the beheading.. Internet savey readers will still be easily able to find it, though.. should they want to see the utmost sickness that is deep within the human condition. I choose not to..

The United Kingdom is urgently investigating the possibility that the executioner in the Foley video was British..

Remember flight 370? This news from the UK MIRROR today: Expert claims that the pilot cut off the air supply in the plane before crashing it into the sea.. You know..the plane we have yet to find in a sea that supposedly ate it..

New information coming to light in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson: Word is, the police officer who shot Brown was badly beaten before he pulled his trigger.. The DAILY BEAST is pointing out the wild card to watch: American Muslims and African Americans are allied in the Brown issue..
Meanwhile, this: Special ops contractors and former Navy Seals are being deployed to the city of Ferguson..

Clyde Lewis' radio program last night compared the town of Ferguson to that of Chesters Mills from UNDER THE DOME. I get it.. and it's remarkably similar in nature.. We are watching a town destroy itself, and it appears to be in a dome or bubble unto itself..

The strange saga of the abducted New York state Amish girls..

Goodbye summer.. not that it matters: Americans don't vacation anymore anyway..

Welcome to the future: A cyber restaurant in China is now run entirely by robots. Goodbye service economy.. Drones are coming.

Robots are poised to take our jobs..

Future fear: Water may be gone by 2040..

Anne Archer says women in Hollywood are doomed forever..

The Jinn and mental disorders

Supernatural 'Jinn' Seen as Cause of Mental Illness Among Muslims »

This could be a symptom of a culture widely believing in paranormal phenomenon.. Muslims, it’s reported in this study, believe that the supernatural Jinn are attributing to their mental illnesses when they have them. Scientists and astute psychologists obviously say that the Jinn, since they aren't real, cannot be doing this and culturally Muslims have simply been conditioned by their religious backgrounds to perceive the Jinn as being the reason for their problems.

Of course, if the Jinn were real, that would throw off the findings..

Nonetheless, here’s a money quote and conclusion of why certain cultures are haunted by certain entities:

Across societies, beliefs in the supernatural as well as other aspects of culture may influence how mental disorders manifest, the study said. Previous research has found that people with schizophrenia may experience different delusions depending on their cultures. For example, fears about technology and surveillance play a large part in the delusions of people with schizophrenia in the United States. Meanwhile, in Japan, which has an honor-oriented culture, patients’ delusions more commonly involve fears about public humiliation.

In a recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, U.S. patients with schizophrenia reported hallucinations that involved hearing voices with a negative tone, whereas in Ghana and India, patients reported voices with a generally positive tone.

However, culture is not the only factor that influences psychiatric patients. Blom and his colleagues previously treated a young Muslim patient who had schizophrenia, and who, contrary to the doctors’ expectations, didn’t attribute his hallucinations to jinn. Instead, the patient had searched the Internet for cases similar to his experience, and had concluded that he was a werewolf.

"He could not be persuaded to accept any other explanation," Blom wrote in an article describing the case that was published in March in the journal History of Psychiatry.

All in the mind..
The Jinn aren't real. Just keep telling yourself that..


This is a story worth paying close attention to.. If you look at the map, check the city of New Orleans.. this forecast is being made for August 28&#160;2014. The same date as another famous hurricane hit, Katrina in 2005. Could this be a repeat? The path looks frighteningly the same.. The factors are obvious subject to change, and a hurricane may not necessarily strike in the same fashion &#8212;or strength. But this map encourages negative thoughts about the near future in that area..<br/>Here is another forecast map from the Canadian run..<br/><br/>Again.. the map would portend to show a potential direct eye-wall strike on or near the city of New Orleans..<br/>It would be a definite hope and prayer that these maps unfold as false hits.   Best place to go for amateur coverage of INVEST 96L here..

This is a story worth paying close attention to.. If you look at the map, check the city of New Orleans.. this forecast is being made for August 28 2014. The same date as another famous hurricane hit, Katrina in 2005. Could this be a repeat? The path looks frighteningly the same.. The factors are obvious subject to change, and a hurricane may not necessarily strike in the same fashion —or strength. But this map encourages negative thoughts about the near future in that area..

Here is another forecast map from the Canadian run..

You're not crazy: The buzz above

While it's not the first time black helicopters have swirled above American cities in training exercises, it's getting renewed attention after Minnesota oddities surprised unknowingly citizens below..


The money quote:
The Department of Defense is in charge of the operation while Minneapolis and St. Paul police are playing a supportive role. But none of the departments will comment on the mysterious mission, only apologizing for “any alarm or inconvenience the training may cause,” according to statement by Minneapolis police.

But some don't think these exercises are not only beyond normal but also inappropriate..

Different people may judge it differently.. But what's clear: Get ready to see more American military might over a city near you.


Strange times.. strange coincidences.. Weird timing. And bad things coming in threes..

It's obvious that Americans are fixated on Ferguson.. the Middle East is trying to escape the clutches of genocide and grotesque videos of reporters getting beheaded.. But all the while, a few oddly-timed events occurred within hours of themselves involving Pope Francis. The HORROR REPORT's fin toil hat took notice, and we immediately recalled a supposed prophecy from long ago..

The HORROR REPORT has written extensively on the Prophecy of the Popes--the alleged time table written by St. Malachy that gave us the prediction for all popes up until the end, the end being "Peter the Roman." While Cardinal Bergoglio did not choose Peter as his papal name, and he was celebrated as the first 'Latin American' pope, it's interesting to note that his origins are in Italy. Even more, while Francis was picked, the HORROR REPORT noted in November 2013 that Pope Francis continues to remind us of PETER in many ways.. Francis displayed St. Peter's bones in Rome for the first time in history..

The following set of news bits do not directly correlate to any issues of prophecy, though it still seemed strange to consider the news when that doom and gloom of end time predictions loom over of Pope Francis' papacy..

3 part 1.
Pope Francis announced that he is hoping to visit THREE American cities when he visits in September 2015.. Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York City to speak to the United Nations. The American visit has been the subject of countless stories and endless media attention in Vatican circles. While there is no definite setting for the Pope's visit, it had appeared likely for some time that he would visit at least Philadelphia. Now, with the President's invitation and plans to meet with the Secretary General of the U.N., that trip has swelled to three cities..

3 part 2.
A tragic situation has struck Pope Francis.. THREE of his family members died in a car crash this week .. His two great nephews and their mother were killed in Argentina. The family was returning from vacation when the accident happened. The Pope has been said to be 'deeply pained' by the incident and is asking for prayers..

3 part 3.

The weirdest of the set of 3's may come directly from Pope Francis' infallible mouth. While talking to reporters on his trip back from South Korea to the Vatican.. And then he said this: "I see it as the generosity of the people of God. I try to think of my sins, my mistakes, not to become proud. Because I know it will last only a short time. Two or three years and then I'll be off to the Father's House." The media reports indicate that the comment had a 'light-hearted' context, but with constant rumors of the Pope's failing health haunting him, the words spoken may have had deeper meaning than a little quip or joke from Francis..

Francis also said he would not rule out retirement--something unheard of in recent generations until Pope Benedict opted to do it, creating the need for Cardinals to conclave to raise the white smoke with Bergoglio..


Three cities.
Three family members..
Three years to live..

All things come in threes, sometimes even 'threes' come in threes.

Of course, it's impossible for anyone to conclude that the prophecy of the popes has 100% merit--though it sure is creepy considering it appears to be frighteningly accurate--but just imagine if the prophecy has any truth. What if the timeline existent in the words is real, and Francis is the final 112th Pope. And then..the end?Pope Francis gestures while aboard a flight

Would that end be in three years when Francis decides to retire or fate decides to take him? Would there be another Pope to fulfill the 112th's mission of end times? Or would all of this just go away, and be forgotten.. just like the year 2000 and 2012 frights that never happened, could this prophecy end up in the trash heap of paranormal fakery?

Difficult to determine, obviously, since even the most hard core of Catholics often disbelief old mystical tales of future events. Regardless of the accuracy of 'end times' predictions, current events sure look like a biblical moment of Armageddon. Christians suffering genocide in Iraq. Americans being torn apart by divisions that are less than skin deep.. And Ebola is ripping apart of the African continent..

There we go. There again.

If these are not end times, I'd sure hate to see them.


ISIS has released a video of journalist James Wright Foley, 40, being beheaded.. the video is graphic and cruel, with Foley stating that the United States government is his real killer.. The ISIS member, who speaks with a British accent, threatens President Obama and brings another reporter, Steven Scotloff, before the camera at the unknown location..

The President has been made aware of the video, reports indicate, as he flew back to his vacation.. Additionally, the Foley family has been said to be consumed by horrid grief at the news tonight..

This is how REUTERS reported the news in its dispatches tonight from Baghdad:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Islamic State militants claimed in a video on Tuesday to be holding U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff and said his life depended on U.S. President Barack Obama's next move.

"The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision," said a masked man in the video posted on social media sites, speaking English with a British accent as he held a prisoner the video named as Steven Sotloff.

The video could not immediately be verified.

The world yet again witnessing another small detail of the horror taking place in the Middle East..

The United States is working to verify the video..
The militant group, however, is claiming they killed him. And will soon kill another..




Don Pardo is dead at 96..

You may not know him by his face, but you would definitely know him by his voice. He was the longtime voice of Saturday Night Live, only missing one season throughout the entirety of the programs lifespan.

He is done a number of other voice over jobs, you may also recognize him from the program Jeopardy..

Television may not be the same without him, regardless of how bad or good Saturday Night Live was, his voice being the mainstay and permanent fixture of the program was comforting..

May he rest in peace..



This happened during a cnn interview last night in Ferguson.. During live coverage of the protests, someone held up an ‘ISIS IS HERE’ banner for cameras to see..

A provocation of violence? A show of solidarity with terrorists? All a fraud to scare the nation?

We do know this: Many outsiders are attempting to hijack the message from Ferguson. Some want violence to drown out the important facts relative to the shooting of Michael Brown..

That may be what this ISIS sign is intended to do..

Or .. They are here ..


When you kick the ice bucket

So many tries.. so many fails.
By now your newsfeed has been slammed with ‘ice bucket challenges.’ I have gotten into some heated discussion with fellow humans about whether this is just a egocentric trip into nonsense territory or if the ice bucket idea actually generates attention for ALS..

Nonetheless, there’s been a whole slew of fails in the ice bucket category.. Some of them have been monumental. This video attempts to capture some of the best..




Horror sites and movie message boards have been a buzz today after BLOODY DISGUSTING linked a SCHMOEKNOW report indicating that Dimension Films is ready for a new Halloween movie.. with a new Akkad..

It will be entitled HALLOWEEN: THE NEXT CHAPTER. Apparently it will be set for a fall 2015 release—imagine the first one came out in the late 1970s and we are STILL talking about the Michael Myers franchise *(amazing)*..

According to the report, too, Rob Zombie will not reprise his role as the official ruiner of something great.. No gorefest? not sure.. no storyline? maybe not.. But.. it’s going to be a ‘fresh’ take on the Zombie films. Whatever that may mean.

A new chapter, I guess..

The first thing I thought about the new film.. Didn’t we already have a slasher ‘chapter’ before? We did.. it was called FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER. Which was not the final chapter at all.. this new HALLOWEEN is the new Chapter.. And the second thing I thought: I don’t want a new chapter. I don’t want another Dr. Loomis, or another tale of Michael Myers.. or any other references to him in new films. I want him confined to Halloween 1 and 2.. I wanted him to have blown up in a Haddonfield hospital, never to return again.. I wanted Mr. Sandman to be the last thing I thought about when I recalled the Halloween movies.

Instead we have ended up with years of crap.. just plain garbage.. trashed heaped on us like weighted down rubbish .. Halloween 4? It was …alright. 5? Oh too much… 6? Ungodly.. 6 the director’s cut? Even worse.. H20? Josh Hartnett couldn’t even save it.. 8? Oh God live streaming from the Myers house? Rob Zombie..? Please stop this madness.. A new chapter? CLOSE THE BOOK.

This all needs to end..

Dr. Loomis shot him six times. And then set him on fire.. And John Carpenter wanted it that way.

Take the mask off.
Shatner called. He wants his face back.

Horror movies called.. they want the Akkads to stop making Halloween.. And now someone just needs to pass that along to DIMENSION—the company living in another dimension where reality doesn’t seem to exist when it comes to horror movie series that have just gone on toooo long..

Sorry Mike. We’ve had enough!


Anyone who comes to this site daily may be scratching their tin-foiled head in confusion: Another design change?
I frankly don't know why.. I've gone Wordpress crazy.. Maybe I will stick with one, black and white, and read all over?



News networks are finally covering the story as they should have for the first several days.. While they played reruns of daytime shows, Ferguson was ablaze in anger and protest.. now that the TEE VEE news teams showed up, as slightly referenced here, the behavior of reporters is a bit off.. Perhaps some unseasoned journos are a little uncomfortable that a real news story is taking place before their eyes. There's no green screen to seperate them from the reality of tension in the town of Ferguson..

Nothing but pure emotion.. Raw words.. At one point an MSNBC reporter reminded a protester passing by "you're on national TV".. Well, as national as MSNBC can get..

Meanwhile, the HORROR REPORT wrote a bit on its takeon the current climate of anger..

Other news we are following: An alien over a fire in Canada ?? you be the judge.. A ghostly encounter for Megan Fox Is she all thumbs or did a spirit really pour her coffee? And meanwhile, another horrid and fluid sitaution continues to unfold in Iraq.. CNN had a valuable report in the matter today And this: Those who fret about the famed and fearful 'prophecy of the popes' may have something to begin prepping for: Pope Francis predicts that he has two or three more years.. Could that mean we do, too?








Protesters, police in riot gear brace for tense night in Ferguson »


Major media now covering the events..

FOX looking for community leaders that are pushing back the crowd..

MSNBC is quaking in its boots every time a protester mentions that he is smiling because he’s on CNN..

And CNN is bringing in legal analysts, safe in plush apartments somewhere in a midtown of peace..

It’s another hot night in Ferguson.. Riot gear ready..
Gas masks prepped.. Protesting underway..


GHOST COFFEE with Megan Fox

Megan Fox Believes in Everything Paranormal »

In a recent interview, Megan Fox revealed that she is a strong believer of paranormal activities.

In an MTV interview, the Hollywood star who often bares everything down to the thumbs spoke about her belief in all things strange and paranormal—Bigfoot and UFOs, and everything in between..

On aliens, Fox asked:
If they are a more advanced species, why would we be able to find them if they don’t want to be found?

On ghosts:

She never saw one, but said someone—or something—poured her a cup of coffee while she was out of the room in a hotel. She said no one else was there.. But coffee was ready..

It’s assumed that you’ll most likely immediately forget the FOX paranormal logic when you see this:



People in many parts of the world are watching the horror taking place in Iraq from the security of a safe home or a bunkered and paranoid basement.. But the horrors are all too real for families who have te misfortune of watching family members be killed at the hands of ISIS.. caught on video..uploaded in propooganda videos.. and forever in the annals of mass murder..

CNN interviewed the family of a man who was killed in June during an early ISIS killing spree .. The interview and information presented puts a face to the fear and name to the numbing geonicide taking place..

How many times in history such horror has occurred.. and how many more times is humanity cursed to watch it unfold again. We are seeing history before our eyes.
Living through history is painful.. dying because of it is revolting.

As the CNN reporter notes.. each murder conducted was casual. But each loss has been seismic.



A "UFO" has caught the attention of enthusiasts on the Internet after an object of some sort was caught on camera over the skies of Canada..

Neighbors to the North of America had a local news team covering a forest fire in the West Kelowna area of British Columbia.. A little over 30 seconds into the now popular video shows some type of object emerging from clouds.. It also leaves what appears to be a vapor trail behind it..

While we may not be watching actual aliens, the video is clear: Something is flying in the sky leaving a trail behind it--defining the object as a UFO..

A drone?
A really, really quick airplane?
Interdimensional beings getting an alien's eye view of a forest fire?
You be the judge..


The show of force

4c7fc8d7650020205d0f6a70670033cdThe events taking place in Ferguson Missouri are being watched by all states.. the national divide appears strong in some quarters of the country.. Racial tensions are exploding .. rage is developing like a summer heat wave of emotion and hate.. And charges of overreach are being hurled at Ferguson police over their use of Pentagon style weapons in the face of looters and protesters in the killing of Michael Brown.. Things progressed Sunday night into the chaos terriroty.. Governor Nixon is calling in the National Guard to secure a sense of order in a town consumed by anarchy and anger.. This latest turn of events taking place after a week and one day of protests, often coupled with tear gas and more..

However, though an important illustration of life and race relations in America at this time, the story taking place in Ferguson goes beyond just colors that are skin deep.. Something else is in clearer focus: Police actions throughout this nation..

There seems to be an increased presence of cops in Darth Vader gear, military style weapons, tasers and guns constantly drawn..

When my wife and I were traveling home on Easter with our son from a family dinner, we were actually pulled over by police for going 5 miles over the speed limit in a construction zone--an inactive zone on Easter Sunday.. The police offer gave us a near $200 citation (no points as illustration of 'kindness' on a holiday) .. But the way the officer acted was absurd. While I understand his job is dangerous and without any real moment of safety, to place your hand on your gun the entire time you're talking to a family on a Easter Sunday afternoon is a bit much. But continuing to do so while looking at my son, holding his Easter basket of candy and nickles, is ludicrous... my wife and I sort of froze in our seats as we saw him eye us up with the possibility of drawing out his weapon at any point, wondering if any wrong move may have equaled an uncomfortable moment or something even more dire..

Whether it's real or just perception, police action and the reaction from the citizenry is getting dicier by the day..

Even the biggest proponents of law, order, and police are uncomfortable with allegations of brutality, video evidence of brutality, and local police forces ditching blue uniforms for those that look more like a Central American army ..

This is not just a story of Ferguson.. this is a story that goes deeper. There are hundreds if not more websites and Facebook pages popping up daily to document what many deem as police abuse. Stories of such nature garner thousands of comments at a time..

The latest example I have seen making headlines: Ocala Florida police are defending their forces against charges of abuse after cops after a 30 second video made the rounds online showing Roy Sherman being tased and mistreated.. Cops released their own footage showing that there's much more to the story than a 30 second mistreatment, and that the altercations stemmed from resistance to cooperate and attempting to drive away from the scene.

And that seems to be the common denominator: For every example of mistreatment, police forces circle their wagons and release their own story. Their own point of view--a view obviously shaped by common criminals and high profile scum that they regularly have to deal with. Even in Ferguson, police seem to be standing their ground by showcasing a video of Michael Brown supposedly robbing a convenience store before police killed him for unrelated reasons..

The tension between police and the policed is not going away, however. Instead, with each passing day and each new cell phone camera videptaping arrests, the situation is being antagonized.

Meanwhile, FBI and state threat fusion centers are busy documenting the 'bad guys' .. The victims are often innocent. The police often over react. Things happen--bad things. Tasers..guns.. weapons of war.. All at the center of this debate.

Judging from the scenario still unfolding in Ferguson, there does not appear to be a relief from the allegations of police abuse, or police abuse, as well..

A national trend .. We all need to calm down.

140731_2802484_Caillou_the_Helper___Patient_Police_Grandpa__anvver_1_1100x620_316459587638My son used to watch Caillou, before his 3 and a half year old brain figured out it was a 'baby show.' But I recall one episode called CAILLOU THE POLICE OFFICER. Caillou is outside on a hot day and a police officer is giving parking tickets. Caillou offers the cop water and is told why the cop gives out tickets: Because cars park too close to fire hydrants and if Caillou's school catches ablaze trucks won't be able to hook up their water. Quick and easy solution--but of course that will never explain why cities have imposed strict fees on tickets and fines for not paying. The city of Harrisburg PA actually has seen three major restaurants shut down due to parking costs--patrons just want to avoid the meters. The Caillou episode also represents a peaceful scene of friendliness.

If only it was that way.

Gone are the days of a police officer walking the beat down a friendly street.. (unless those moments of tranquility were just confined to old movies and comedy shows to begin with).. Enter the days of war of the worlds. Police, armed to teeth with Pentagon gifts of battle, and the homegrown citizen, often angry and unemployed. Stretched to the limit by a troubled economy. Some black, some white.. some Hispanic.. some Muslim--but seldom the rich. The masses are increasingly cased by classes.. Rich vs poor is more common than people admit. The real color blind foe: Elitism and classism.. But the wealthy don't want you to know that..

Different strokes. Different folks.
Different standards .. different hazards..

The ties that bind us often blind us.
We're in this together..

All people. The police, included.. The quicker we realized that we are a nation united to stand the faster we'll prevent the divided fall.