Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Friday, August 29, 2014


The FOX news report you can’t see to decide

War and rumors of war, as the September 11 anniversary approaches, now new rumors abound online.

Click through to this link, it is from a website that clearly delves deep into conspiracy theory. ;

Before you discount it out of hand, take a look at the cashed versions of the FOXNews website that it presents.. If what I see is true, it appears that FOXNews has been doing test runs and fake reporting on a September 11, 2014 attack within the United States by the militant group ISIS..

Are you seeing the same thing, are you looking at the same screen caps from the FOXNews website?

Users across the Internet are now scouring any versions of old Fox news reports they can find showcase that the company published this fake story more than one time, another cached version looks like it was in there:http://verumetinventa.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/hacked-or-legit-fox-news-leaks-next-false-flag-attack-9112014/ on the FOX weekly site..

As usual, I offer this up for your discernment and proper digestion. It’s definitely conspiracy theory, although it appears that maybe Fox news got trapped doing a practice run in real time for something that may or may not occur.

We know the big news organizations have obituaries done for famous people years in advance .. Maybe they do the same practice stories for breaking news events also? I frankly would not be surprised, however I would be extremely shocked that someone accidentally posted such stories into the mainstream on live real websites. That is irresponsible, as seen in this instance.

It’s weird and creepy. All of the people who say this is evidence of an upcoming false flag probably are not correct, it is more likely just a major blunder from some people who should never have committed such a clumsy act online.

We report, you decide.

and then this...

Online posts show ISIS eyeing Mexican border, says law enforcement bulletin »

Various sources are putting out news today that a bulletin insists terrorists or use the southern border as a staging rounds for the coming attack…

Thursday, August 28, 2014


It’s inside baseball Hollywood style, but I am fascinated by the Nikki Finke/Deadline.com drama that has developed over the years.. if you don’t know Finke, she owns Hollywood with insults and exclusives.. she began DEADLINE.COM, and then someone came along and bought it.. she left and started her own site—nameed Nikkifinke.com of course..

Then came a legal dispute.. and then this: Apparently, on Thursday much of the new website was taken after another website, “NikkieStink.com,” published rarely seen photos and videos of Finke. It promised to publish even more if Finke didn’t stop insulting people in Hollywood.. Finke has still maintained some activity on Twitter.

Whoever owns NikkiStink.com also bought a .net and .org.

NIKKISTINK reminded us of some of the ‘nasty’ comments that Finke has broadcast in the past. Among them (and try NOT to laugh):
Nathan Fillion: “If he gets any fatter, he’s going to need his own channel”

Kate Hudson: “Someone give Kate a cookie: I know the mags said she was fat 3 years ago, but jeez”

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger: “both seeing the same plastic surgeon for frequent facelift discounts”

Billy Crystal: “His face looks like it was ironed – and I swear I can still see the scorch marks”

Dustin Hoffman: “Remember when (he) was funny?  Before Botox froze his features”

John Travolta’s: “triple chin”

As far as who owns the STINK version of Finke? The TIMES tells us that everyone in Tinseltown is a suspect..

And all of this may lead to Finke returning to journalism and again working for other people.

Cruel stuff.
Read more all about it here from the Gray old Lady.

Hollyweird indeed.

A comedian known as death

Joan Rivers: Coma or comfortable?

This is a developing story tonight..

TMZ was the first to report that Joan Rivers stopped breathing during a throat surgery..

Tonight, the UK DAILY MAIL is running its own breaking news that Rivers has been placed in a medically induced coma.. her family, we are told in reports, anxiously await by her bedside.

But another news report from REUTERS simply says she is resting comfortably..

Rivers should be given privacy, as should her family.. This report is obviously newsworthy, but I hesitated linking it since …really… shouldn’t this be private for her and her close friends and relatives? I think so..

But she’s a star.. And she has never washed up, regardless of time or age.. She is ‘on’ all of the time. She was ‘on’ on Wednesday, where she performed standup for a small group..

I keep mentally coming back to this report, though, from the DAILY NEWS:
“She did a joke onstage, she goes, ‘I’m 81 — I could go at any moment,’” recounted Shade Rupe, 45, who attended the Wednesday night show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre

And now… a day later… she is in a hospital bed. In a coma.. Fate.. time.. timing..

The cruel joke of life..

UFOs over Harrisburg PA

Harrisburg Woman and Police Say They Saw a UFO »

The Pennsylvania woman who captured an unidentified flying object on her cell phone camera says she is, “scared to death now.”

It surely does look a bit odd.. Especially when military facilities nearby say no flight activity would have been taking place on that night..

The city of Harrisburg also say this object—more than just the woman being profiled by ABC NEWS and GOOD MORNING AMERICA..

Eyewitnesses to the event say the object was not moving and was changing colors .. 911 calls were made, police saw it when they arrived on scene… The National Guard said it wasn’t them..

I believe that this is a UFO—by definition any ‘unidentified flying object’ is a UFO.. But the fact that people are seeing this more than one night, and nights in a row in certain instances, tells me that we have two possibilities: A drone. Or … something ‘out there’..

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Let me first say this.. I have no clue where the truth on this story is.. There are multiple sources reporting about ‘unnamed sources’ and multiple people stating those unnamed sources aren’t real.  The crowd that thinks vaccines cause autism are being accused of libel and propoganda. The people who think vaccines never cause any problems are being accused of ignoring blatant evidence of CDC lies. It’s convoluted..often crazy.. and now being graced by the inclusion of the one and only Rob Schneider.

The group Focus Autism released a press release boasting they found out dramatic news concerning an MMR link to autism..

Then a story appeared in Global Research stating that the US Centers for Disease Control were involved with covering up a higher incidence of autism in African Americans..  That report quoted ‘unnamed’ sources from the CDC, a whistleblower, saying that African-American boys receiving their first MMR vaccine before 36 months of age are 3.4 times more likely to develop autism vs. after 36 months.

Yes.. the MMR vaccine.. Unless you’re under a rock, you know all about that ongoing fight.

Natural News wrote a story about this.. pro-vaccine websites linked to it to mock it.. BUT..in the article, Natural News published an interesting email that it got from a FOIA request.., as seen here:

Then the online information war got murkier.. A CNN iReport was published by a user ‘eplettner’ concerning the Global Research story. This report blazed online with the headline: "Fraud at the CDC uncovered, 340% increased risk of autism hidden from public."  Comments on the story hit back hard..  The big majority of the comments thread opposed the story’s publication and said it was propaganda that will lead to health problems for children if big numbers of parents stop vaccinating their kids.

I said before things got murky…

There are real studies appearing on government websites that may cause a dilemma for people accusing the people behind this story of lies and deceit. There is a peer reviewed study on NCBI.NLM.GOV called “ Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young african american boys: a reanalysis of CDC data.” This is a part of the quick conclusion from the study:
The present study provides new epidemiologic evidence showing that African American males receiving the MMR vaccine prior to 24 months of age or 36 months of age are more likely to receive an autism diagnosis.

What!? yes.. that’s what it said. The study appeared August 2014. The results section states this:
When comparing cases and controls receiving their first MMR vaccine before and after 36 months of age, there was a statistically significant increase in autism cases specifically among African American males who received the first MMR prior to 36 months of age. Relative risks for males in general and African American males were 1.69 (p=0.0138) and 3.36 (p=0.0019), respectively. Additionally, African American males showed an odds ratio of 1.73 (p=0.0200) for autism cases in children receiving their first MMR vaccine prior to 24 months of age versus 24 months of age and thereafter

A credible report.. on an official government website.

Then came Rob Schneider.

I first learned that Schneider got himself involved with this by seeing a link on the RAW STORY about it.. They headlined it: Actor and anti-vaxxer Rob Schneider: I have proof the CDC ‘fraudulently changed’ autism data.. Some of the comments on the RAW STORY thread have been hoping for Scheider to get measles from an vaccinated child and die.. others made fun of his acting career..  But someone did link the NCBI study to awkward reactions.. Including the RAW STORY itself, which linked a SNOPES article written a few days ago declaring the 340% autism increase as “probably false.”   Someone asked RAW STORY, “ So…believe Snopes or PubMed??”

ALL of this confusion has led to the CDC releasing a statement, just within the last few days.. And here is their response in full:

So….we now know the unnamed whistleblower. His name is Dr. Williams Thompson.. If am getting all of this right, it appears Thompson said that the CDC manipulated evidence by removing African American children without birth certificates for the study to justify vaccinations..

And finally……Brian Hooker spoke to an online news organization concerning his conversations with Dr. Thompson.

Ok.. I tried. I’m tired.. I am confused..

Am I getting any of this right?
Am I confused?
Am I getting the full picture? The big picture?

I’d love to hear thoughts.. see thoughts..

And for Christ sakes, I wish this debate was over. But it appears it never will be..

….I’m confused. Is Rob?


Get ready.. Get set…

It may not be the most original movie, but the BLAIR WITCH makers are back.. this time with a film trailer for the movie EXISTS..

The first official trailer was just released a few days back.. Already the tens of thousands of people who watched it are fiercely debating whether it’s worth the time, if Bigfoot should have been shown in the clip, and even if BLAIR WITCH was that good after all.

Personally, I thought the real summer hit the year BLAIR WITCH came out was THE SIXTH SENSE. However, Blair Witch did change everything: It make movies cheaper, easier to create, and much much more “POV” in style.

But.. it is high time for a BIGFOOT horror movie to be made.

And this Bigfoot in EXISTS is no HARRY from the Henderson family..

AND ANYWAY…doesn’t Eduardo Sanchez know that Bigfoot is interdimensional.. Amway?

What say you, all, fearless small feeters?

Weird tales of snakes and curses

More weird news making real headlines

I have written recently about my fascination with stories that ultimately are of the ‘paranormal’ making headlines in mainstream publications.. Today shows us another example of the increasing paranormal-ification of the daily news: Roberto Calderoli, a Senator from Italy, put a request in to the Pope: He wants an exorcism.. 

Tom Kington in Rome, reporting for the The LONDON TELEGRAPH writes, this:
At a ceremony last year attended by Miss Kyenge’s father, Clement Kikoko Kyenge, in his home village, a prayer was said in which God was asked to free Mr Calderoli from evil thoughts. A photo of Mr Calderoli was then placed before an altar dedicated to the ancestors of the village, and the same request made.

But this month Mr Calderoli said a series of misfortunes he has incurred since then – including six hospital operations, the death of his mother, two broken fingers and two broken veterbrae – proved he had actually been cursed by Mr Kyenge.

And more:
To cap his year of bad luck, Mr Calderoli this month tweeted a photo of himself holding a six foot long snake he said he had found and killed at his home in Italy.

Maybe St. Patrick freed the snakes from Ireland and they all moved to Italy..?

Before getting to overdone in religious fervor to support Mr. Calderoli, consider a few things hidden in plain view about his past dealings with the supposed possessor.A defamation of character case was opened against Calderoli in 2013.. Before he claimed possession at the hands of Kyenge, he first compared to an orangutan—said sorry, but still said it wasn’t racist.  The incident led to the Italian Prime Minister calling for an end to the racist insults..

With that all said, some faithful may believe that given his possession and racist sentiments, it’s high time for an exorcism. Others may just see things for what things are…

But regardless.. what about this snake!

You must report. You must report. You must report.

EXTRA EXTRA: Newspaper reporters at the UK TIMES about to brainwashed into thinking print matters »

Almost as if the digital revolution never happened, the newsroom of The Times once again resounds to the clatter of the old-fashioned typewriter.

It is going to happen at Rupert Murdoch’s the UK TIMES.. so now when reporters are free in between their phone hacking (oh that was a while ago I guess..) they are going to be able to place themselves in the past: Back when typewriters worked magic and print was alive and well..

Reporters at the TIMES were surprised to see a tall speaker in the newsroom blasting out the sounds of typewriters.. the INDEPENDENT reports that it has been set up to increase that adrenaline rush for reporters to motivate themselves to the deadline.. get the ‘big breaking news’ first.. Apparently the sound begins with one typewriter.. and as the paper gets ready to go to print, the noise level has been increased to a flurry if not landslide of typewriters noises clacking away in the news room..

And if you think it won’t work, recall this piece of weird brainwashing history: The Woodpecker noise .. there are rumors and theories that the Soviet Union was blasting out a constant stream of woodpecker noises over radio stations to perform mind control on whoever heard it.. The signal was a sharp set of pulses that sounded like a woodpecker.. the facility that emitted the sound was near Chernobyl. NEWSWEEK did a report just in April of this year about the hunt for the elusive Russian Woodpecker.. The ‘woodpecker experiment’ is regarded as a global mind control test, as a matter of fact..

So back to Murdoch: I think the typewriter may sound like a big monster by the end of a news day.. the noise will be circling around in the brains of reporters.. they will be under the control of Murdoch’s empire.. they will blast out news wires and meet deadlines. They will be happy. And they will hear typewriters typing when they try to sleep at night.

Get ready. Mind control..


Some Bay Area Residents Report Mysterious Flashes In The Sky During Napa Quake »

Several people called the KPIX 5 newsroom after Sunday morning’s magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Napa, reporting mysterious flashes of light in the sky. Witnesses said the strange phenomenon looked like lightning.

This is actually very normal—there seem to be reports around the world similar to this very incident. The CBS affiliate in San Francisco wrote this,
Friedemann Freund, a scientist with the SETI Institute in Mountain View, said the same thing happened during Sunday morning’s earthquake. And it wasn’t a transformer blowing up or UFOs.

“What they are, are a consequence of the stresses building up deep below the earth, seven miles like in the case of the Napa Valley earthquake,” Freund told KPIX 5.

Earthquake lights are an interesting phenomena.

The BBC ran a good report on the strange occurrences.. At that time, scientists were opening their minds to the possibility that these quakes happen with 5.0s are greater, and that the Fukushima quake had the same precursor .. Even more interesting concerning Fukushima: Not only were there sky quakes, but also the atmosphere ABOVE Japan heated rapidly before the 9.0 earth shattering shake that his that nation in 2011. There was the very good chance that the atmosphere was hit by the quake before the land was jolted..


While science is still investigating the potential reasons that any of this happens, we know this: The atmosphere and the land seem to go hand in hand.. and the latest 6.0 earthquake gives evidence that some things are deeper and more interesting than meet the eye..

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Satanic Black Mass is a go in Oklahoma City

This story had my attention for several weeks now.. the ongoing battle between the satanic group at the Catholic Church has been heated.

An Oklahoma-based satanic group called Dakhma of Angra Mainyu has leased space in the Civic Center Music Hall, which is owned and operated by the city, for a black mass on Septetember the 21st 2014.. The Catholic Church and a number of other Christian organizations attempted to stop it..

Just today we found out this: The archbishop of Oklahoma City has dropped his lawsuit trying to stop the group from hosting their mass. Apparently they returned consecrated communion hosts back to the Church.. They were planning on desecrating the hosts during their service..

This from Christine Rousselle of TOWN HALL:
While Archbishop Coakley is glad that the group no longer plans to desecrate the Eucharist, he is still urging the city to cancel the event as it is greatly offensive to the quarter of a million Catholics who reside in Oklahoma.

The website WORLD NET DAILY has been following the black mass for some time—say what you will about the website, but they are presenting some key information concerning the legal battle and public outcry concerning the mass..

I offer no stance on whether Oklahoma City should allow the satanic mass or whether the Catholic Church is right to stop it, but I will offer this: This is some proof that the ‘news’ of the mainstream has been amazingly paranormal over the past few months.. Black masses, stories of houses getting possessed, people possessed.. All of this on front pages..

If you’re an atheist, none of this matters at all and each stance is comical.. If you believe a spiritual war is taking place, you’re most likely picking a side..

Weird tales and beheaded animals across the world

Beheaded Goat, Other Dead Animals Found in Westchester »

A beheaded goat and several other dead animals have been found in plastic bags near a New York reservoir.

Beheadings seemingly are happening everywhere.. ISIS.. Saudi Arabia.. New York..

The Westchester county SPCA is investigating the headless goat and other animals found in New York.. Many of the animals found were beheaded.

Earlier in August, there were mutilated and beheaded cats found in Philadelphia .. not only there, but there were also severed cats heads found in the UK..

Also .. this has been happening for a bit of time.. Back in May 2014, 25 dead cats were wrapped in plastic bags and hung from trees in Yonkers, NY..


Have those gates of hell really opened?
Are we seeing a global blood sacrifice of humans and animals? 

All your Googles are belong to us

Google has reportedly solved the problem tonight, but but when a weird image kept appearing on every search result today, it became a bit freaky..

Early today, people were wondering if Google was hacked to show a Russian car crash..

A number of searches, including ‘iPad air,’ were coming up with the strange image..

Reports actually came in from all across the planet Earth of the problem—but the oddity seemingly was that some people in the same building could not replicate what their co-workers were finding, as the Washington POST reported today..

While the glitch may be itched, there’s not much more to find out about it..

Hacked or not.. it was bizarre..


Monday, August 25, 2014

LOST GIRL done after 5 seasons

Syfy's 'Lost Girl' Ending After Fifth Season »

The show will end after its upcoming fifth season—even though ratings in Canada are high and the show has a dedicated following in the United States. Fans flocked to LOST GIRL and it became a sensation with a cult following who spend time reading and writing fan fiction, and Tweeting live during programs.. The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER reports,
Showcase ordered 16 episodes for season five, to be split into two parts. The first eight episodes will start airing on Showcase on December 7, with the second batch to air in fall 2015. Syfy did not indicate when the fifth season will air on its network.

My wife is also very upset about this…it was her favorite show for four seasons..  The only thing I could say to console her is that I went through the same thing when Art Bell retired. And retired. And retired. And retired. And retired. Good thing for her fangirl series: There will only be one series finale.

And come to think of it...


Maybe I have a few seasons to catch up on..


ESCAPIST picks: The Scream Queens: 4 Actresses Who Defined A Horror Genre »

Marilyn Burns—RIP. I agree.. a legend..

Jamie Lee Curtis, another agreeable selection by the ESCAPIST.

Janet Leigh from PSYCHO.. Good pick, didn’t think of that one.

But the fourth should have been one of the best: Heather Langenkamp from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.. I often think her role as Nancy defined the 1980s comeback kick and set into motion a generation of feminist strength. I am serious about that.. I believe she was an inspiration for a lot of girls.. Her roles in the Freddy films she appeared in should never be forgotten..


Doesn’t get any better than Nancy..


The weather is perfect today here in my home town.. the low 80s, no humidity.. perfectly blue sky with no chemtrails in sight.

It must have been really insulting as kids headed off for their first day of school of the 2014/15 year.

I myself recall these days, back in the grind of high school, sweating through 7th period and hating every minute of the walk home in heat.

But as you get older, you appreciate this warmth.. the winter begins to set in.. and the cold hurts. It bites at you like it’s sucking away life and time …

But today is beautiful.. Just amazing. Unless you’re on a big yellow bus coming home from hell.


Since the big 6.0 San Francisco earthquake this weekend, there have been 125 North Bay quakes--and counting..

Most have been small, some not felt.. The biggest was a 3.6 that happened hours after the initial shaking.

While aftershocks are normal, this has rattled an area that has not felt shaking like this for some time---and it's little comfort to hear this: The USGS says there's a 5% chance of bigger shaking to come..




Did anyone catch the Beyonce 20-minute monstrosity last night on the MTV awards? Fans are going wild for her performance on Twitter--people practically are bowing down and giving their souls over to Sasha Fierce. But I myself didn't really get it, nor get into it.. There was the awkward moment when Jay-Z brought their adorable child on stage--awkward only because tabloid rags tell us there's a chance that Z and Fierce may soon move to splitsville.

Back to the badly lip-synced performance: The Associated Press is telling us to "bow down" to Beyonce.  The AP music writer gushed, "Beyonce sang and danced in a metallic leotard while Blue Ivy and Jay Z watched from their seats as the diva declared: "MTV, welcome to my world.."

Some believe we've been in their world for quite a while--the world of Illuminati influences and choreographed creepiness.

And if you felt a little weird watching the VMAs on MTV--if you were able to get past Nicki Minaj's fake wardrobe malfunction (I say it was staged), then you noticed the big '666' stage for the show.. And twas the night no MTV..

And now onto the real news... Or is it.

A Monday morning wrap of things that may matter:

The aftermath of the 6.1 quake in San Francisco:  Large cracks in highways, some cracks 10 feet deep and hundreds of feet long.. Apart of the reports of the quake: An explosion happened first and then shaking for about 30 seconds later.. One witness interviewed said that the shaking from this quake seemed 'worse' than previous quakes..  And it's just the start?

But here's a great example of CREATIVITY after the quake!  Rock on, sk8ters.

Add this to the weird mix of quake news: On August 22, before the San Francisco earthquake, the Salton Sea stink caused an 'odor advisory' to be issued.. There was a 'rotten egg' smell before weeks before..

Reports indicate that the SAN FRAN shakes may cost a billion bucks..

Not related, but seemingly connected in my unscientific point of view:  Hundreds of gas plumes have been found off the Atlantic Coastline of the United States, bubbling away..  They may have been bubbling for a while. But how would we know, we just discovered them..

Now that Hurricane Katrina is well behind the city of New Orleans, there is a rebound in the underground:  Voodoo that some do so well is back.

Another day..another mainstream news source is reporting on haunted happenings in a house. This time it's in Iowa in a house with the address "End of Skip Level Road."  It's the story of Bill Meyer and his wife Annie, and how something drove them from their home in 1959..

For all the weekend warriors who missed this over the past few days off, attention: Scientists have been watching .. the drought in the West is so bad, the ground itself is beginning to rise .. Also this:  The weather this year may be the most unusual--on record!

Discern this: A 'ghost' photographed over the town of Veszprem in Hungary.. 

The family of Michael Brown said that, days before his shooting death at the hands of the Ferguson police officer, he confessed Jesus was his savior and said soon the entire world would know his name.. We do..

That's what friends are for.. The ally of the United States, Saudi Arabia, had a busy August. They have executed 19 in a 'disturbing surge of beheadings'..

Glowing lights underneath the clouds
Causes unknown for weird red glow over the Pacific Ocean on the night of August 24...

A haunting photo essay depicts the women who are suffering after sexual violence in the military. 

ISIS captures key Syrian air base..And with that capture, they now have open roads to the sea and a massive storage of weapons and ammunition..

This is a must read that no one has read: A 'complicated case of leaky radioactive dump in New Mexico,' from the LA TIMES. The main gist of what to know: In February, a 55-gallon drum of nuclear waste erupted and began spewing radioactive foam. Oh, and then it went airborne. And this: 150 workers were NOT TOLD TO MOVE away from it until about 10 hours after the white foam eruption.. Oh, and this: Nine days before the radiation release, a truck caught on fire underground and burns for hours before people knew about it.. And the best: The government failed to do any radiation tests despite peaks after the leak..

Your pocket is following you.. The WASHINGTON POST reports this, and we're really not shocked: Makers of surveillance systems are offering governments across the world the ability to track the movements of almost anybody who carries a cellphone, whether they are blocks away or on another continent.  And speaking of the death of privacy, do you use "SECRET," the anonymous sharing app?  Don't be shocked, but there's a good chance your secrets may be known by all .. the APP isn't an anonymous as believed to be..

A Medecins sans Frontieres worker prepares to enter a high-risk area of an Ebola treatment center in Liberia.
Ebola has spread outside of West Africa..

Fracked: NBC news reports: A construction boom of pipelines carrying explosive oil and natural gas from “fracking” fields to market -- pipes that are bigger and more dangerous than their predecessors -– poses a safety threat in rural areas, where they sometimes run within feet or yards of homes with little or no safety oversight, an NBC News investigation has found.

Welcome to the future: Robots may soon murder humans..

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown partied it up--before the pre-VMA party shooting that left rap mogul Sue Knight shot multiple times..

JURASSIC PARK star dead at 90..

SIN CITY tanks at the box office!  The movie debuted to only 1/3 of its projected audience numbers..

And finally, at this hour.. wince and read: A Croatian man has been arrested. His crime? Look no further than his nickname: The 'Penis collector' ..

Sunday, August 24, 2014


A 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit the northern San Francisco Bay area early Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Twitter lit up with images of people’s wine collections broken on kitchen floors, but there does not appear to be much more damages than that.. Extensive kitchen appliances hit, but buildings remain intact—compared to what could have been, the Napa valley (wine central) can count itself lucky.

No reports of injuries…
Some power outages--42,000 people in the immediate aftermath of the quake..

But lots of jittery people being woken up at the witching hour. 3:20am on the left coast.

And perhaps a lesson and reminder of fright to come. There is always the chance of a big quake hitting. With such fault tension lately, the pressure needs to release somewhere..



Structural problems in buildings after Napa quake »

San Francisco quake: The fault line responsible was dormant for over a million years »

Injuries, Fires After 6.0 Quake Rocks Napa, State of Emergency Declared »

This Is What Northern California Looks Like After Earthquake »


7.0-magnitude quake strikes Peru, USGS says »

Tension builds somewhere and must be released somewhere else. I have a feeling that the strong quakes are not done yet


The perils of unchecked sources: Butt crack case cracked by CNN

The top story today was the shaky quake in San Fran.. And CNN was on the case. They interviewed a fake cop... The 'cop' blamed the rumbling in the West Coast on Howard Stern's 'butt crack'.

Happy Sunday.


Fault lines..dormant for years. More like generations. Actually centuries.. actually over one million years.. And then they move.

When the initial reports of the quake occurred, Twitter was alive and well posting images of broken wine bottles and shattered kitchens. It did not immediately appear to be too much to handle---then more news started streaming of injuries and structural failure. Late in the day, KFBK in California reported this:
Reports from Vacaville described a shake enough to wake people from sleep, and one from South Sacramento, in the Pocket area described a slow steady rumble, that shook blinds in the home.

More than 170 injuries have been reported. A child was crushed by a toppling fireplace and there is no word yet of the child's condition. Six orthopedic type injuries and several heart attacks have been reported. Three patients are in surgery. 

The sudden movement of the fault caused damages and injuries--but even more so, it shattered the nerves of an area that did not get hit since baseball bats were swinging on live TV, judge as bridges started swinging, too..

This Sunday morning sidewalk shake wasn't the dreaded San Andreas fault line.  The earthquake that struck San Francisco this morning, the 3am witching hour shake that was centered in the Napa Valley of Southern California, was along the Franklin Fault--a fault line that was dormant for about 1.6 million years according to the USGS..

That's a long time.. And a problem. In essence, not much is known about the Franklin Fault.. there are fears that this was a prelude to a bigger shake.. or that a major aftershock could still occur.

For a fault line to move in this significant of a way for the first time in 1.6 million years seems amazing to humans.. But that time frame is simply a drop in the universal bucket of time for the planet earth..

If more are to come, then brace yourself, Southern Cali: The early warning system may only give you about 10 seconds. Just enough time to duck and cover if you're awake to get it..

Meanwhile.. things keep moving. 

Like in Kansas. That's right.. Kansas. And when you're not in Kansas anymore, your feet may fail you more...
Sometimes big movements.. Like in Peru hours after the San Francisco treat.