Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lightning crashes, a child hides

This is what a late summer thunderstorm looks like on a Saturday night above HORROR REPORT home base:












And this is how my son reacts:






Friday, September 5, 2014

Johnny 5 is killing your job

Here's The Burger-Flipping Robot That Could Put Fast-Food Workers Out Of A Job »

A company called Momentum Machines has built a robot “meant to completely obviate [employees].”

I have been saying for quite some time that the service economy is going to get the same hit that manufacturing did.. that there will be so many fast-paced technological changes, people in service jobs will soon be obsolete.. People will happily give their orders to machines, robots will, as we see here, crank out the food, and bam.. no questions asked.. no complaints, either. And the robot may not care if you like your meal, but since it’s a robot, you won’t be inclined to tell it.

That’s the future. It’s happening. Quickly, too..

So when I see fast food workers clamoring for an increase in the minimum wage, I sort of stand back and see the dust settling behind them.. the dust of the jobs.

I don’t at all say this is a good thing. But this is realistic. This is how it’s going—the future is now and the future as it is happening is making all human production obsolete. But human consumption will not be.

This is also the beginning of a future where quite possibly money, at least as we know it, is outdated, too..

Time will tell.

But time is of the essence. And Johnny 5 is alive. And he is stealing your job.

The beheading of Palmira Silva

Here is a troubling story from across the pond.. A Christian woman of Italian descent was found beheaded in her garden in a London Suburb.. Palmira Silva, 82, beheaded..

Reuters reported that she was elderly and authorities are saying it was not a terrorist act..  So… we’re talking an every day run of the mill beheading as opposed to one of a terrorist nature. Right? Of course we see some more online sources have a bit more of the blanks filled in compared to Reuters.. such as the fact that it was a beheading taking place in the broad daylight.. the machete wielding man was ‘menacing’ others prior to this beheading.

And the other sort of unsaid fact: Edmonton has a higher than usual  Muslim population.

While this may not be a terror act, could it not be a terrorist inspired crime?

Oh, and finally, this: Locals in the town told reporters that the suspect beheader converted to Islam last year.

A Friday volcano of news update

The world's serving of dreadful headlines ... Enjoy them if you must.

There is going to be a burst of feminine adrenaline when FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is released into theaters in 2015.. But Ronnie Berke wrote a piece on CNN as to why she doesn't want her daughters to see it..  The trailer is interesting, to say the least.. the movie will feature sexual bondage for sure. But as Berke writes, the question is: Does "Grey" have the chance of manipulating young female minds with a film telling them what their proper sexual roles are?  I say ... it will. This is going to be, as some point out, the STAR WARS of the female millennial crowd. Get ready for a GREY 15..

And anyway.. Don't tell me it's not porn..

Here is a troubling story from across the pond.. A Christian woman of Italian descent was found beheaded in her garden in a London Suburb.. Palmira Silva, 82, beheaded.. Reuters reported that she was elderly and authorities are saying it was not a terrorist act..  So... we're talking an every day run of the mill beheading as opposed to one of a terrorist nature. Right? Of course we see some more online sources have a bit more of the blanks filled in compared to Reuters.. such as the fact that it was a beheading taking place in the broad daylight.. the machete wielding man was 'menacing' others prior to this beheading.  And the other sort of unsaid fact: Edmonton has a higher than usual  Muslim population. While this may not be a terror act, could it not be a terrorist inspired crime?  Oh, and finally, this: Locals in the town told reporters that the suspect beheader converted to Islam last year.

The bombshell CDC whistleblower story continues.. now Dr. William Thompson has gone further and said specifically that mercury does cause autism.. 

A follow up to a post we had yesterday.. what in the world is happening to Barack Obama?

Alex Jones' INFOWARS reporter Joe Biggs dresses up like someone from ISIS--and crosses the border without incident!

Michael Gearson from the Washington POST writes about Ebola: Nature is out to kill us.. (It always is.. but eating bush meat makes things easier in that regard..)

Experts now say: Ebola is 'unstoppable.'
 Sierra Leone is contemplating a nationwide shutdown over Ebola..
Some want an international military response to the Ebola crisis..
Ebola could spread to the United States by the end of September..

Lava is flowing at the Iceland volcano.. video shows a must see event.. In reality, it's both beautiful and frightening all the same.

Fears over Hawaii event: Volcano alert raised to 'warning' with an emergency declared by civil defense.. 

Billionaires quietly preparing for stock market crash..

Late night hosts honor Joan Rivers..

A lot of people are sharing and re-posting the supposed ghost of room 209 at the Windgate Hotel.. But in 2013, the website Museum of Hoaxes did a good analysis on the supposed ghost video from 2003. Good read.  I did some more of my own digging, and figured hotel review sites may be the best sources of information on whether a ghost truly exists in this hotel.. One review on TRIP ADVISOR wrote that someone who traveled there on business in 2009 left thinking the place was haunted.  Another reviewer was more critical of the staff than the dead.

'STALKED BY AN AD' is a horror movie trailer for the modern age.. It's a spoof for sure.. but by God it's true. Sometimes the ads that follow me are an embarrassment for multiple reasons.  Damn you adsense!



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another newly found asteroid. Another near earth miss

Every time we see news that another asteroid is going to have a 'close shave' or a 'nearby run' at the planet Earth, we also note this: The asteroid was typically discovered just days (or in some cases mere hours) prior to the collision that will not be.

The scenario is no different than the one playing out concerning asteroid 2014 RC.. It will pass 'very close' to the planet this coming Sunday. It will not be visible by the naked eye but those aware of it will be able to scope it with their equipment..

Oh, and it was just discovered on August 31 by the Catalini Sky Survey in Tuscon, Arizona..

This particular space rock is 60 feet .. it is expected to fly over New Zealand around 2:18 PM EDT..

A near miss, though.
Far enough away .. not to worry.

But we should worry--we should also be acting on these worries with fixes. There are tons of space rocks looming out there. Some are distant.. some are close. And often time, as we see with 2014 RC, we discover them only a short time before they may come close to the planet---or hit. That's the scary part.. the knowing of the unknowing..

Chelyabinsk  was no different. Recall, when Chelyabinsk happened, the world was fixated on another part of the world as a close by asteroid was 'safely' missing the planet. Just then, a boom occurred and the news broke about a big Chelyabinsk  explosion. But not by NASA, or other scientists.. instead on Twitter resulting from the use of dashcams that caught the flying ball of fire in the sky..

And that is how things happen..the 'pink stars' are always falling.

Let's just hope the sky doesn't.

In the mean time.. keep looking up. You never know what you'll find.

Paging Dr. Wakefield?

This autism/CDC scandal continues to develop on certain websites.. This series of text messages is being shown by the website TRUTH BARRIER.. the site reports this:
Dr. Wakefield shared two text messages with The Truth Barrier that he and his wife received from Dr. Thompson.

The first one was to Dr. Wakefield’s wife, from August 20, 2014, Carmel, and it read:

I do believe your husbands career was unjustly damaged and this study would have supported his scientific opinion. Hopefully I can help repair it

Discern appropriately.  Here is the text:


The act of choosing your own fate

New Study from the WHO: One person commits suicide every 40 seconds »

One person commits suicide every 40 seconds — more than all the yearly victims of wars and natural disaster — with the highest toll among the elderly, the United Nations said Thursday. In its first report on suicide, the UN’s World Health Organisation blamed intense media coverage when celebrities kill themselves for fueling the problem.

The Robin Williams effect, perhaps?

There is a certain bit of parallel thought I have on this matter. On one hand, I think suicide is so unfortunate and if people just gave themselves an extra few minutes in the heat of the moment they could avoid making that final decision. But on the flipside, there is a part of me that says we should not, as fellow humans, judge the circumstance and, in a sense, the decision in literally in the hands of the people who commit the act of self-murder..

This story reminded me immediately of what Art Bell wrote on his Facebook page after Williams died at his own hands:

“In my opinion Suicide is not always a irrational act. Life is precious but not under all conditions which can only be determined by the person living it.”

I tend to agree with that sentiment. But at the same time, I think better mental health care in this nation and world would lead to more people not making the choice to take their own lives.

It’s a tough issue.. And I don’t hold myself as a person with any answers.
I can say this though: Knowing people who have attempted suicide and another who did commit suicide, it’s a terrible thing for those who survive to have to go through..the most painful part is wondering if there is just something more the living could have done to keep the now dead from succumbing to their own self-made fate..


A major loss to the comedy world. And the world..

May she rest in eternal peace.. And by the grace of whatever creator, laugh for the rest of eternity..

I am still, and will be forever, haunted by her joke the night before her coma.. "I could go at any moment."

Death visited her and took her.. but the memory of her will last forever..















One interesting side note from Rivers' condition: The state of New York is investigating the clinic where Rivers ceased breathing during her procedure..


The real ABCs of DEATH: Be happy they aren't at your door step

The world seems to be surrounded by the scourge of death and the blanket of blood. And some people absolutely love it that way, so as long as the gorefest is confined to the big or small screen.  That's why a flurry of excitement has taken place online after the ABCs OF DEATH 2 trailer was released to a blood hungry public.  The opening 'death' scene is a man being beheaded by an ax. Interesting when compared to modern real news about people being beheaded across the planet.

I don't begrudge people of their thirsty desire to watch torture porn or gory films. I was young once too and thought it was cool to see the kills that horror movies brought. As you age, they say, you mellow. But in this case I do not.. Instead, I recognize the world for what it is: Filled with anarchy and violence, murder and bloodshed. And while I love horror flicks, I dissolve myself of appreciation of all of them---as anyone who reads this site may know, I am often very critical of the genre when I feel movies make to point..  But blood and death are scary. The ABCs of DEATH, however, looks to be just bloody.

And lots of people like that sort of thing. They can.. they have the right.
But I think if they were living in the midst of real war and real blood, their craving to watch the absurdly violent will become obsolete and their desire to just survive will be immediate.

The ABCs of DEATH trailer is available online.. you can find, you can watch it. You can re-watch it.. and you can even masturbate to it as though you were in a scene from the first movie.  That is your choice..

Horror movies are often meant to arouse some of the primal fears we all have. The ultimate fear is our own demise. That's why horror movies, when they work, feature scenes of murder but then seems of redemption. Even heroics. The hero at the end, often a woman who has a unique ability to survive darkness, lives to tell her tale and often beats the strong male murderer..  That plays on our instincts. A strong woman (our mothers) ...the fear of death...  Some do it in a very effective manner. Others.. well, just don't.

When I was a kid, I fondly recall the shorts from CREEPSHOW. They were campy and weird.. freaky for their time.. Fast forward two decades: And then... When I went to see HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES so many years ago, I was started by a group of teenagers behind me that shackled themselves together and then chained (with real chains mind you) to their movie theater seats.. A glance of them proved even more disturbing, as they looked like real life characters from the Rob Zombie film. It was a moment in cinema I will never forget, and set the stage for me and friends to view the 1000 CORPSES movie.  I (sort of) fondly recall having a midnight breakfast afterwards at Perkins and sitting in silence for about 15 minutes before anyone had a clue as to how what to say..

But thinking back, I bet money that if these teens would have joined the armed services, saw their brethren die on a roadside bomb or see Iraqi children become disfigured by the use of depleted uranium, their celebration of the macabre would have gone through a metamorphosis..

All of this may seem rather ironic for a 'horror reporter' to write, but I sure wish someone would make the ABCs of life.. The real goodness that exists in the world. The miracles.. or the amazing stories of survival and love.  Goodness doesn't sell, I know. Trust me.

Instead, we are filled with depravity and exist on  a sphere in space defined by violence. Something brutal and barbaric violence. It's celebrated through contemporary film, as well.

So while you watch the ABCs of DEATH and the sequel to it, if you like that sort of horror, fill your room with laughter and joy. Be happy you're seeing the horrid and in many cases brutally disturbing ways to die.

And hope like hell that your glass house is never shattered by the reality that perpetuates the planet..

We are a world mired in warfare, bloodshed, and violence. Sometimes the scenes from the nightly news or the headlines on the NET are scarier than the ABCs of DEATH..

You just happily choose to ignore them while you laugh at death on screen. In spite of yourself.

The exorcism of weeknight TV

Get ready television watchers. If you still tune into the TEE VEE screen for your nightly entertainment, a new show may soon grace your safe living space: An NBC exorcism program..

The DOME must be dull.. crime shows are saturating the market.. And as for comedy, nothing is funny anymore.

Cue the doom and get the gloom: The exorcist is knocking.

Here are what trade publications are telling us about this new venture into the paranormal and religious: NBC is going to explore demonic possession in a new program. The network handed out a script called THE POSSESSION OF MAGGIE GILL that follows the Gills, an American middle class family who experience frequent paranormal activity within their Eugene, Oregon home.

The program is being produced by Amblin Television--the same that gave us UNDER THE DOME and EXTANT, among others..

Lately, it would seem, evil is selling on the small screen. ROSEMARY had her baby and the gates of hell opened in the Middle East.

Yes, there may be no connection.. it's all entertainment, baby. But which comes first? The reality or the making of? The chicken or the egg? Which influences which? You can the judge, jury, and exorciser on that.

In the mean time, the power of Christ is compelling our entertainers to give us more of what we want. Apparently we want monsters, demons, and exorcisms. And lots of them.


We all looked up! The headlines of fear.. from the world nearly at World War

Welcome to your day.. Here's a few things to know as you begin attempting to trudge through your day.

As the threat of nuclear war occurs, the world paying attention to the little Beeb that could..

This is something we have been doing our best to research.. the weird cell phone interceptors throughout the nation being examined more by media. Law enforcement? The military? the mystery continues..

The IRS is setting its table. And now they are contemplating taxing FREE food..

A list: The top ten places to see a UFO..

Chilling photo posted online of infant on an ISIS flag..

What is so frightening about independence?

What is wrong with Barack Obama? Report indicates that he was slurring his words heavily at one point during a meeting with Prime Minster Cameron.. 

Another US doctor infected with Ebola.. he skipped out on protective gear because of extreme heat..

CNN profiles California's most endangered river..

What is that in Pennsylvania water?? Radioactive gas--and thousands of times higher than acceptable EPA limits..

Increased numbers of Californian children are not getting vaccines..

Betty White "dyes." And the world discovers no one gets homophones.. 

See MONSTERS INC as horror movie..

Laniakea universe milky way map
A new map shows where our galaxy fits in the universe.. 
 the map actually makes me think we are a part of a body--that map almost makes us look like we are in a lung!

Paramount readies a plan .. they will make WE ALL LOOKED UP is being optioned .. It is a life ending meteor..  Seems to be a lot about life ending events lately.. In the book, the date is March 2015.  So I guess we have some time..


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Dedication and devotion..

Just days after Ground Zero Radio host Clyde Lewis was admitted into the hospital for a pulmonary embolism, he did a live show from his hospital room tonight.

This guy may be one of the most dedicated talk show hosts on the air today—and the most listenable.

I don’t think we’d see George Noory and others do this..

Good show, Clyde..as always.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Some very troubling numbers revealed: What Ebola may look like in a few months

Alessandro Vespignani is a physicist from Northeastern University in Boston..  He worked up a model of how Ebola has spread so far and how it may continue to do so in the coming months. Presented in these numbers: A very horrid time is coming to West Africa. And maybe the world thereafter?

SCIENCE has the full story of the study.. Kai Kupferschmidt  writes this to summarize the troubling potential visitor of death at the planet’s door step:
Alessandro Vespignani hopes that his latest work will turn out to be wrong. In July, the physicist from Northeastern University in Boston started modeling how the deadly Ebola virus may spread in West Africa. Extrapolating existing trends, the number of the sick and dying mounts rapidly from the current toll—more than 3000 cases and 1500 deaths—to about 10,000 cases by 24 September, and hundreds of thousands in the months after that. “The numbers are really scary,” he says—although he stresses that the model assumes control efforts aren’t stepped up. “We all hope to see this NOT happening,” Vespigani writes in an e-mail.

This would be dramatic..

What troubles me, as well, is how little we may know of Ebola is some locales. Consider this news today, for instance: Sudan is banning truth reporting about Ebola in the nation..

The director of the CDC confirms what we all sort of know: Ebola is spiraling further out of control.. The world is about to lose the containment battle, and NEW cases of Ebola appear to be unrelated to the current strain, according to a FORBES report today written by David Kroll..

That is important.. and that is bad. New strain.

If any strain goes airborne? well.. all bets are off.

And the betting so far has been off anyway..

Wake me up when September ends

BREAKING NOW: Internet video claims to show beheading of reporter..

According to the video, if true, Stephen Scotloff met the same fate as James Foley.

And here’s my theory, call my a kook: I think they were both beheaded years ago. I think these videos were recorded years ago.. and I think the videos are being released to coincide with a bigger picture.

Nightmares and birthday escapes: Mother F*&*& two headed snakes on a Mother F^&(*^& Birthday

I had a strange dream last night.. Not to bore you with the minute details of the weird goings on in my head, but this is the main gist: A 'war' of some type was upcoming this weekend. I perceived it to be a real battle in which blood could be shed, but had no clue what the battle was going to be for. Nor did I know the reasons why I had to fight. I knew this, and was told this by various people in the dream: The battle would most likely cost me my life. I would probably not survive.. But, I was also told to "keep working" on all of the other life tasks that I had to perform before this raging epic war occurred.

I think it means something personal--today is my birthday. I am 34.. and while we never knew when that knock on our door will be the final one, we all know we are heading for the same 'weekend' war at some point in our lives.. at some time in our near or distant future, we will not be here anymore. Hopefully it's the distant future on that account. But if I had to analyze my night visions, I would say the inevitability of life is what we all constantly fearing coming--that moment when we have to face the music, the final act.

I could also be totally wrong. Maybe it's because, before bed, I was reading about NATO's plans to mobilize a 'rapid response' team.. or perhaps it is also due to CNN's late night news alert about US actions in Somalia yesterday.

It's anyone's guess..
But my guess is that we all have the same deep-seated fears. That dread of the events soon to occur: The time when birthdays stop and we have to board our final train to the final fight. Or flight. And what about the light? Well.. some, including John Leer, say it's a trick. Boy that idea still bothers me..

And with that all said it's news time. Let's roll onto it like a dog rolling over in its own filth:

Here's something scary.. Like really scary: Student debt is becoming larger than anything else.. Right now it sits at $1.2 trillion. With a t. And an illion. Many of the students attempting to TRY to pay their student loan debt are working on jobs not in their degree.. This has far exceeded a 'bubble.' I frankly don't know what funny money schemes are keeping it from bursting ..

Now you can find out of you have in Ebola.. in just 30 minutes. No it's not the notion for an infomercial, it's a real test developed by Japanese researchers.  Speaking of Ebola, there are new fears that it is rapidly mutating and that it will render treatment and vaccines to be practically useless endeavors..  In Sudan: the reporting of EBOLA has been banned!  No more truth coming from news outlets there..  And this: Just a few photos to show the grim reality of EBOLA..

There's a bear in the woods.. that was the tagline of a Reagan ad in the 1980s. And now today, a more modern version has developed: There's a boar in the woods. And he's radioactive from Chernobyl..  They are roaming as far as Germany--they are unfit for human consumption and they are a part of the dark legacy that is the nuclear disaster in Russia. The nightmare that never ends..

An update on something we reported last night: Clyde Lewis is recovering after being admitted to the hospital for a pulmonary embolism..  the night was already different without him..

A mother is calling for an investigation into the fall of her child at a playground at school..  the Mississippi school dismissed the injuries as a simple accident.. But when you see the image of the poor 5-year-old girl's face you'll see why this looks to be much worse than a simple incident..  Of course, no teachers were present when the girl supposedly fell off one of the piece of playground equipment..

50 tons of dead fish wash up onto Mexican lake..
Mexico investigates.. 

Perez Hilton says sorry for posting some of the leaked nude photographs of stars.. That's good and fine.. But in our modern age of 'getting things online as fast of possible,' as so many do, we fail to think of the consequences. Sometimes, good news bits can wait.. and instead of "breaking news" without context, sources, or responsible thought patterns, we should give it a bit of time to ....develop. We'd save a lot of embarrassment later, Perez..

Two-headed snake
Snakes are scary. I hate them.. I loathe them. But I could not even conjure up a sentence to response to seeing this: A two headed snake.. Double the bite.. double the fear.

A day after the volcano no one can pronounce in Iceland had its eruption declared over by scientists, it erupted again.

Japanese porn stars prepare to be groped to raise money for charity
Japanese porn stars have raised tons of money--just by letting people grope their breasts.. It was called the BOOB AID CHARITY in Tokyo. It was for HIV awareness.. and for 12 hours, the 'porn queens' permitted the sanctioned fondling. 4,100 pairs of hands in total groped them.

Last week, the official porn industry shut down after tests revealed that a major star contracted HIV. 

Fake cell towers may be intercepting your phone calls.. Andrew Rosenblum writes that every smart phone has a secondary OS which can be hijacked by hackers..

Major companies accused of massive wage theft..

Atlantic City is facing a an unprecedented economy collapse.. 

x x x x x

Bloody Disgusting says AS ABOVE SO BELOW is the scariest movie in years..

Argentina government setting aside specific tax dollars for horror movie production.. (Could you just imagine if this happened in the United States!?)

If you want to see a good horror movie, watch DEAD SILENCE.  I think I saw it when it originally came out in 2007.. but I watched it again this weekend. It was creative, amazing, and exactly what I want a horror movie to be.  It's a case in which your ignorance of ROTTEN TOMATOES reviews may be in order, because I disagree  with the vast majority of them.

Happy birthday to anyone else who shares today as their day to mark another year alive.
Be safe.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Red alert on Yellowstone? Or nothing to see here..?

Yellowstone super eruption possible but will not be apocalyptic: USGS »

A volcanic super eruption at the Yellowstone National Park is possible but will not be catastrophic. Ash deposits from the eruption may impact communications system, aviation and more.

Scientists estimate that a super eruption may create an umbrella ash cloud, which can impact near as well as far away cities in the U.S. Using a so-called program Ash 3D, USGS researchers were able to estimate that cities within 300 miles from Yellowstone National Park may get covered by up to three feet of ash. Cities beyond 300 miles from the National Park may experience a few inches of ash while cities as far as New York may be covered in just less than an inch of ash.

But nothing .. end of the world-like to worry about. No apocalypse.. The USGS says—this after years of public worries that we would be doomed if Yellowstone went again, something by the way it is overdue for.

Here is what the NOT THE END OF THE WORLD would look like:
A super eruption is expected to disrupt normal life of people but it will not be apocalyptic. Water and sewage system will be blocked due to ash deposits. Communications system across North America will be obstructed. Roads may get slippery due to ash, which will make it difficult to drive. The aviation industry will also be impacted making it difficult for people to transport from one city to another.

A super eruption at the Yellowstone will make the air unsuitable for humans and animals to breathe. The crops in fields will be destroyed and the land may get unsuitable for agriculture.

Scientists say that life in North America will get affected in case a volcanic super eruption occurs, and it may take time, effort and money from government agencies to get everything back to normal.

Seems to me that it could be pretty life altering, and in a sense life ending in some instances.

And even weirder: All of these stories lately about Yellowstone, including melting roads and running bison. Seems to be a mental preparation for, oh.. well. Probably nothing.

Move on.

Francis vs the Sisters of the traveling nonhabits

The Vatican has declared war on nuns!

So says TIME magazine (and lots of other religious insiders for some time) ..

Jo Piazza from TIME writes,
Most people don’t know about Sister Nora Nash, a Franciscan Sister who lives just outside of Philadelphia. As her order’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sister Nora wakes up every single morning determined to make corporations more responsible to the human race. Sister Nora and her assistant director, Tom McCaney have taken to task the grocery store chain Kroger over the rights of farm workers, Hershey’s chocolate company over child labor, McDonald’s over childhood obesity, Walmart on raising their minimum wage and Wells Fargo over predatory lending practices. Nash wakes up every single morning determined to make corporations more responsible to the human race. Then she follows through on it.

For more than four decades Sister Jeannine Gramick has been tireless in her fight for gay rights through her organization New Ways, despite coming under intense scrutiny from the Vatican.

Sister Dianna Ortiz made headlines in 1989 when she abducted, tortured and raped while working as a teacher in Guatemala. After living through that horror, instead of allowing herself to sink into a terrible depression, she headed up an organization to help thousands of torture survivors around the globe find the will to keep living.

The Catholic Church isn’t used to strong women. Or progress.

I recall many strong nuns as I grew up with them as my teachers in grade school—I still have nightmares from time to time about them yet. With the exception of a nun we wisely nicknamed “Sr. Bitchass” in high school, most of my early years were filled with fear of rulers and hair pulls in my early schooling. But damn, I could do sentence diagramming like nobody’s business.

But those sisters’ strength was not the same as the nuns of the 21st century.. And the Vatican is a little worried about the progress taking place before their eyes..

New medical concerns for radio host Clyde Lewis

After a number of medical ailments that Ground Zero radio host Clyde Lewis has talked about on his program, a new crisis has his the personality. According to his Twitter and Facebook page today,
Clyde Lewis was admitted to a hospital in Vancouver, WA today and diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. He will be staying approximately three days while they clear it. Thank you for your continued support. Clyde is, at the moment of this posting, awake and resting.

The news has unleashed a barrage of kind comments from readers, wishing Lewis a speedy recovery and hoping that he will soon return to his rightful place on the radio.

The HORROR REPORT agrees with this sentiment. Lewis has been an amazing influence in the world of paranormal and parapolitical topics. His own personal health is the top concern at this time. We are praying for his recovery and hope that he's in good hands the hospital.

May his recovery be speedy.. and his health be soon better.
He's been through too much.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Storm iClouds brewing

A few years ago, I got into a deep conversation with a techie about the coming of the ‘cloud’ computing. He didn’t like it, not one bit. His doubts about the cloud stemmed from his paranoia over big government spying, but more importantly, hackers hacking.

This weekend his nightmare vision he relayed to me came to fruition. Too bad the Hollywood elite who have their naked bodies plastered all over the internet never talked to my lowly paid computer friend. They may have thought twice..

A hacker published Jennifer Lawrence nude on 4CHAN today.. yes, 4chan, the site that constantly guides the internet into new territory.
But even more alarming; The hacker claims to have more private pictures from more than 100 A-list celebrities who apparently have been busily putting nude images of themselves into their safe clouds..  This from Josie Ensor in the London TELEGRAPH today:

An anonymous hacker reportedly gained access to private photos on the Hunger Games actress’s phone, and those of more than 100 others, after a leak on Apple’s online storage system iCloud.

The 60-odd pictures of Lawrence in varying stages of undress were then posted on the bulletin board website 4chan.

More than 100 A-list celebrities are alleged to have been targeted, including reality TV star Kim Kardashian, singer Rihanna, models Candice Swanepoel, Cara Delevingne and Kelly Brook, and TV host Cat Deeley.

This story has big ramifications for everyone.

First off, it compels me to believe that my no-named IT geek knows what he’s talking about. He hates the cloud. I can see why..

And secondly, this shows us how unsafe cloud technology is.

Yes, hard drives can be hacked and attacked. But for God sakes, you still have a plug and a hard-wired device that is your personal possession. When you store in ‘the cloud,’ it’s up there.. in the air.. above your head and over the hills. Far away. Cloudy days..

And finally, the most alarming part of the cloud: The cloud never dissipates, apparently.

One of the hacked now revealed nude celebs: FINAL DESTINATION star Mary Winstead. She tweeted this:
Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.

Deleted long ago. But still around. Never gone.

This is now being called the biggest celebrity hacking scandal. Ever. Some stars say their lawyers will be taking action on anyone who re-posts the naked images.. Twitter is busy suspending accounts of those who publish..

Jennifer Lawrence said tonight: “It’s so weird and hard how people take your privacy away from you.”  Yes, indeed.. but when you trust cloud technology, you’re agreeing to allow your privacy to be entrusted to shaky technology to being with..

The clouds are forming.
A storm is brewing..
This sadly is just the beginning of data never being secure, safe, or sound in the high sky.

Behind the scenes.. and deep in the mind

Remember, during that horror movie you&#8217;re watching, it is all just make believe.<br/>If you still don&#8217;t believe it, consider this: Behind the scenes photographs of horror flicks .. Hannibal Lector eating not flesh, but a french fry.. Michael Myers enjoying a Dr. Pepper.. And yes, even the gang &#8216;chillin&#8217; with Freddy K..<br/><br/>A lot of the behind the scenes images are fun and frivolous, but one stood out to me as a little more painful, a little deeper: Heath Ledger, alone, walking with the JOKER mask in hand.<br/><br/>A little interesting side note on that Joker mask used. In the 1960s, Ceser Romero starred in one of the BATMAN shows, called THE JOKER IS WILD. During a scene in the program, Romero is wearing that same clown mask before it is taken off and his true identity is revealed to the viewing television audience. The homage by the use of that mask was to Romero&#8217;s version of the villain.. <br/>The BUZZFEED list   is a great way to pass the time, have a few chuckles, and see some irony. There&#8217;s even an image of Linda Blair next to her robot double&#8212;the one whose head turned around while green vomit spewed.<br/>But sorry to be the buzzkill on the fun BUZZFEED lst, but the image of Hedger is a true reminder of the &#8216;behind the scenes&#8217; hell that often takes place in the mind of an actor.<br/>As a matter of fact, in 2013, we saw how immersed Ledger became in the Joker behind the scenes when his haunting private diary was revealed. And yes, some even hinted as "satanic influences of the JOKER" as the blame for Ledger&#8217;s death, and others spoke of a "DARK KNIGHT curse" that probably isn&#8217;t true, but certainly is thought provoking to consider. <br/>Nonetheless, there&#8217;s lot of behind the scenes images we don&#8217;t see. Wish we could.<br/>But until then.. who&#8217;s that Joker?<br/>

Remember, during that horror movie you’re watching, it is all just make believe.

If you still don’t believe it, consider this: Behind the scenes photographs of horror flicks ..Hannibal Lector eating not flesh, but a french fry.. Michael Myers enjoying a Dr. Pepper.. And yes, even the gang ‘chillin’ with Freddy K..

Freddy chillin' with his walkman on the set of "Nightmare On Elm Street"

A lot of the behind the scenes images are fun and frivolous, but one stood out to me as a little more painful, a little deeper: Heath Ledger, alone, walking with the JOKER mask in hand.

Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight"

A little interesting side note on that Joker mask used. In the 1960s, Ceser Romero starred in one of the BATMAN shows, called THE JOKER IS WILD. During a scene in the program, Romero is wearing that same clown mask before it is taken off and his true identity is revealed to the viewing television audience. The homage by the use of that mask was to Romero’s version of the villain.. 

The BUZZFEED list   is a great way to pass the time, have a few chuckles, and see some irony. There’s even an image of Linda Blair next to her robot double—the one whose head turned around while green vomit spewed.

But sorry to be the buzzkill on the fun BUZZFEED lst, but the image of Hedger is a true reminder of the ‘behind the scenes’ hell that often takes place in the mind of an actor.

As a matter of fact, in 2013, we saw how immersed Ledger became in the Joker behind the scenes when his haunting private diary was revealed. And yes, some even hinted as"satanic influences of the JOKER" as the blame for Ledger’s death, and others spoke of a"DARK KNIGHT curse" that probably isn’t true, but certainly is thought provoking to consider.

Nonetheless, there’s lot of behind the scenes images we don’t see. Wish we could.

But until then.. who’s that Joker?


Famous summer last words

The annual tradition: The playing of the Famous Last Words song by Billy Joel.. I have linked up this song yearly this weekend for as  as I have had a web presence.. It’s doubly fun this time of year: Autumn is in the air, and it’s my birthday. But as I get older and older, each year’s birthday aspect becomes less enjoyable than the previous 12 months ..

I am 34 now.. the show’s not over but it’s ‘halfway’ home for my caboose.

The most poignant words, in my opinion , of this song (besides ‘comfort in a coffee cup, apples in the early fall’) are these: ‘They swept away all the streamers after the Labor Day parade. There’s nothing left for a dreamer now only one final serenade.’

With summer ending.. and the cold winds ready to invade, I wish some streamers would just be left on the streets.. a little longer.. another day.