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Enterovirus beginning to get scary

a Michigan toddler dead from enterovirus D-68..

This beautiful girl died in her mother and father's arms.. I cannot imagine the grief.. The pain.. The complete and utter breakdown of life. I don't know these parents but I send my conscious thoughts to them..

I fear that we are looking at a new polio of our time.. A new scourge that only seems to kill the most innocent in our society.. That is what is scary about it. No rhyme or reason.. Lists of sick and now dying children.. It's awful and frightening. Especially for parents who want to provide the safest and most secure home for a child in a world filled with misery..


Nasa spots unexplained methane hotspot over the Southwest »
The ‘hot spot’  produces the largest concentration of the greenhouse gas methane seen over the United States.
People are actively searching every available map to figure out why such an output would occur..

Lest we forget: The allegations of an underground base near DULCE. Maybe this is some form of evidence that such a base exists—or at least something that will inspire the people who believe it to investigate further..

The HORROR REPORT is also aware of constant rumors of nuclear testing--especially in the years when the data was being studied..

But I just keep coming back to that mysterious DULCE base.. and the location being so close to the place where this hotspot is making itself evident at..


I get messages all of the time about how God is angry and his wrath is giving us hell on earth. Okay.. fine.
But no..

Read and weep.
Promises to keep..
Hold you head high..
The end is not nigh.

So you’re be fine.
No need to wine..
If you must opine,
Just stand in line.

The end is fun.
But it’s not here,
No need to run,
Just sit in fear.

Friday facts: The happenings from the earth and beyond

A collection of news, horrors, tales of demise, and true accounts of imperative problems taking place on the planet Earth..

Read and weep.
Promises to keep..
Hold you head high..
The end is not nigh.

Ebola is spreading.. some scary math portends that the spread of the disease is going to continue..

I want to thank readers who have been sending me THIS LINK for a few days now.. The headine is: EBOLA VACCINE ONLY WORKS ON WHITE PEOPLE. To those who believe this article, please understand what the website is: PARODY. The information is wrong. It's a joke. IT's not real. And you fell or it. And with the amount of times I have seen the article shared, apparently a whole lot of people fell for it. There is one thing I have learned online after 14 years of this website.. it's to check sources. Actually a triple check method is good. If you find an article, get the source of the information..after getting that source, find the source for the source. And finally, go and search for other …

Dreams of my readers: Why am I suddenly getting so many messages from readers of nightmares and terrors at 3am? Is it something I've said?

The HORROR REPORT posted a few articles recently on dreams, including some personal nightmare scenarios that played out during my own night terror the other evening .. In it, as I wrote, Ebola was rampaging the world, a barroom of children was singing patriotic songs, and I was being warned that either November 11 or November 17 would be dramatic days of change..

Since that time, a few readers responded to me publicly in comments on this site, but also in private in email. One email I got was exceptionally chilling. I asked the person if I can reprint the very short text of his message. He agreed, but asked for me not to use his name.

This is what we will call the dream of a Reader. Take it for what it's worth:
I woke up in a silver lined casket. It scared me immediately, but the part that scared me more was the noise of horses or other things trampling on the casket above. So I figured I was underground. However, I noticed the lock on the lid of the coffin was unhinged, so I pushed …

Life after death. And before life. When you’re dead.

The other day I promised I’d have some more thoughts on the new much publicized life after death study that took place—the one which we are told provides evidence that we may not be dead when we think we are..
I have been doing some deep thinking about this. Actually it’s been on my mind my entire life, and probably yours too..

It is the most troubling and yet amazing question to ask: Is this it? We have debated, prayed, questioned, been hopeless, and hopeful. Sometimes all at the same time.

Here is the basic facts you need to know about the actual study:

A team based in the UK has spent the last four years seeking out cardiac arrest patients to analyse their experiences
46% described having some form of “awareness” at a time when they were declared clinically dead
The new study sort of makes garbage of the premise that the brain survives 30 seconds after the heart stops. Instead, the new conclusion we see is that it may be up to 5 minutes.

But here is the money quote from the TELEGRAPH stor…


You are looking at the face of Jamal Jones.

He was tased in a routine traffic stop.

As FOX in Chicago reports,
The moment captured on cellphone video is now at the center of a lawsuit against Hammond police.

"The whole situation was just crazy," said Lisa Mahone.

Mahone, her boyfriend Jamal Jones, and Mahone’s two children – 14-year-old Joseph and 7-year-old Janiya — were driving in Hammond in late September. They were headed to Stroger Hospital in Chicago, where Mahone said doctors had called and said her mother was near death.

"I said ‘oh my God, he’s pulling me over like I robbed a bank,’" Mahone said.
And it was crazy.
And worse than that perhaps.
I cannot do the story justice.. the FOX reports sums it up perfectly..
MORE from that: 

With her son recording on his cellphone in the backseat, Mahone dialed 911.

"I gave him my license and insurance. I also let him know at the beginning to please hurry up because my mom is about to die," Mahone told 911.

Jones said he …

America finally excels at one thing

Be proud America.. you’re good at something…

As a matter of fact, the next time you’re cruising the bar scene looking for a potential mate.. there’s something else to keep in mind besides using that hand sanitizer in the bathroom: The rapid spread of STDs in America.

World media now knows the United States’ dirty little secret: There are 110MILLION cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States - and 20 million new infections every year

HPV is the most common. The most infections occur between the ages of 15 and 24—50% of the new cases as a matter of fact.

Southern states seem to be exceptionally bad for chlamydia. Congrats Louisiana, you’re number one. But you can;t beat Georgia in the syphilis category..

Apparently the Bible belt lost its chastity belt.

So tell me again, you’re scared of Ebola?

The perils of being first: You can get things very wrong

Getting the story first often means the wrong person is dead.
CBS news today was one of the first sources to report that actress Sarah Goldberg was dead.. And quite sadly, too.. the 7th HEAVEN star died in her sleep from ‘natural causes’ at the young age of 40..

Sometimes begin first is fraught with danger.. CBS news posted an image of Sarah Goldberg .. but not the right one.

The photo depicts THIS Sarah Goldberg, a Canadian film and television star.

The one that died, and not pictured by CBS, is Sarah Danielle Madison. This one. Her legal name was Sarah Goldberg.

Being first is fine. But try to be right.

But there are at least three commenters that deserve a  job as fact checker at CBS NEWS:

The Dallas death: Patient 0



And I cannot help but think of those rumors days ago that Duncan already had died but there were emergency crews rushing to the hospital to properly dispose of the body, hence the news wasn’t revealed.

So either he was dead then or now.. but he’s dead.
Ebola kills the first US patient..

FLASHBACK OCTOBER 3 2014: Sgt. Monnig and the other deputies were not wearing any type of protective gear when they accompanied county health officials into the apartment late Wednesday to issue an order to the people inside, forbidding them from leaving the apartment. »
And now, days later.. Monnig is being tested for EBOLA..
Could take 48 hours to confirm if deputy has Ebola »
More on this as it develops.. But here is what is known so far according to the WFAA reports:
The patient was identified as Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Michael Monnig, who accompanied county health officials Zachary Thompson and Christopher Perkins int…


This is superstorm, supertyphoon, hell in a spiral. It’s name is Phanfone, and it’s heading towards Japan—a nation crushed by storm after storm this season..

Waves of 50 feet are possible. Its strength is now the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane..

Few storms on earth have reached this intensity—that we are aware of at least..

At this point, this storm is now the strongest of 2014.

One worry I have: How this will impact the world’s most underreported story: Fukushima..


The talk show was that was and will be in 2015 went to Facebook to speak to the thousands of friends and followers .. He wasn't cryptic, but instead sounded alarms.

Art Bell has broken his silence online concerning EBOLA.. and I agree with his statements..

He said both of these tonight on FACEBOOK:
Watching Ebola closely: Not at all sure we are being told the truth. Pretty sure we should start thinking of stopping flights from infected areas and if it gets any worse, perhaps closing borders.

The facts on the ground do not support what the CDC is saying about the way it is and is not spread. The borders should be closed to any Civil traffic from infected nations at a minimum.


My uncle passed away on Monday morning. He was a good, proud man..

His role in this planet, for what I can take from his life, was to be an inspiration for his children, his wife, his co-workers, and his extended family. Even though cancer ravaged every part of his body, his attitude was steadfast and his mission was strong: To live another day, and die some other one..

His battle was lost.
But he was still the victor..

Sometimes death is not a surprise, nor is it the worst case scenario. When someone is destroyed by a vicious circle of disease that never ends with radiation that kills, living becomes more difficult. The possible becomes less likely: To recover fully..

The man I knew on this planet has now met his fate.. The reaction from those who find out: He is in a better place.

And I hope he is..

For those who have read any of the text presented on this website since its inclusion into the World War superhighway web of lies and endless websites that offer up opinions, you may already kn…


From time to time, when a dream warrants some form of attention, I will speak of it, write it down, and use this venue as the means of broadcasting the information. While I don't think any person truly can prognosticate the future, I do believe that often times the bumps in our night are caused by some form of knowledge that is either suppressed during our daylight hours, or foresight into the future. With specific dreams, those that mention names, or dates, I think there is something more to them. Enough, at least, that it a record of them should be kept..

One such dream, perhaps a night terror in a sense, happened to me last night. I woke up around 3am--that witching hour I have written about before--from a dream. I immediately typed down the dream on my phone to keep an account. But I didn't forget it, even with a few more hours of groggy sleep.

In my night vision, I was cruising through town and ended up at a dive bar, one I haven't been to in real life for a long time. …

You ask, I answer


I suppose an ‘all caps’ message is necessary when asking about the Penn State Ebola case. I am aware of it.. As of now, there are no cases to report.. But there are 80 Penn State students being monitored, as reported in this Lancaster PA newspaper.. the latest is that no signs of Ebola are present. Good news.

I actually was watching this since mid-September, that was the time frame when the original story was posted about the 80 students.

My only criticism on the story is this: Why would 80 students take part in an type of trip to Africa at this time? I understand there may be educational purposes and learning experiences, but when they enter the hot zone of the deadliest disease on the planet, I question the intelligence of any university.. Or that’s just me.

In the mean time, at least at Penn State, Captain Tripps does not exist.


This is Michael Lively, the homeless man who caused a crisis this weekend and an exhaustive search..

Michael Lively was the first patient to ride in the ambulance that was used to carry Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan to Presbyterian Hospital, Texas.
It is possible that Lively came into contact with Duncan’s Ebola-infected bodily fluids during that ride.


Another day. Another dollar. A dollar short..
Welcome to your Monday..

I woke up early to peruse headlines in an attempt to find the best and the worst of the world.. Here are the findings, in nutshells and links. Read them and weep..

The family of the patient in Dallas infected with Ebola said that they are being ostracized by the Liberian community.Read more on that here.. They are coping with isolation.. But the part of the entire Ebola story that confuses me: The first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States was fighting for his life at a Dallas hospital on Sunday and appeared not to be receiving any of the experimental medicines for the virus, the director of the U.S... They say the drug is 'all gone.' They say that it will not be coming.. So this patient fights for his life..
I wonder if the NBC news photographer will get the same no drug treatment..?

Speaking of the NBC freelancer: Ashoka Mukpo -- who contracted it while covering the outbreak's carnage -- was on…


The first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States was fighting for his life at a Dallas hospital on Sunday and appeared not to be receiving any of the experimental medicines for the virus, the director of the U.S.

The drug is ‘all gone,’ they say.. and nothing coming any time soon.

So as a result of the lack of medicine, our now famous American Ebola patient is fighting for his life tonight..



Horror flick Annabelle is going to do what others couldn't this year: Have a strong debut, something strong for a horror flick in 2014.. but in a surprise, Gone Girl will be stronger ..

Good news for Annabelle: the film will make more than $37.2 mil strong. The movie had a strong Friday night, boosted by younger crowds and social media and YouTube trailers that were shared heavily among horror fans..

But Gone Girl will finish near $38, something that may have been helped by strong online reviews and praise..

The weekend race for the top spot ended up close. Horror was strong with ANNABELLE, and those I spoke to who saw the movie said there was a positive movie theater experience with the film..

A young crowd went to see horror Friday.. The grownups went on Saturday. Social media helped both movies ... and Sunday looked just as strong both them ...

The rebirth of movies!?
No.. maybe just a fluke.
Times are getting colder.. warm popcorn and closely sitting next to your date in a the…