Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Friday, October 17, 2014

Get to know your local clown

Just days ago, the news of "Wasco the Clown" dominated headlines in California . . The creepy clown was spotted on park benches, and people were following him on social media, often scouting out at night to see if they could catch a glimpse. There were even tales of copycat clowns, some who may have chased children with an ax through dark streets..

Apparently the great 2014 clown scare is broadening.. freakish and ghoulish images of clowns nationwide are now trending on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The latest location for clown sightings include Florida, Indiana, and New Mexico.

Jacksonville residents, UPI tells us, are uniquely freaked. Clowns are now appearing in surveillance and security cameras.. UPI reports that one clown walks up to a person's porch and tears a pumpkin apart--all the while staring into the camera.

Thus far, the clowns are simply scaring with their actions. Crimes are not being committed--but a sense of security is being hurt.. The idea of a clown, sometime around midnight, staring in your window is haunting. This Halloween season, with all the trouble in the world, clowns are back en vogue. You can thank  AMERICAN HORROR STORY. You can also thank Wasco. But mostly, you can thank the endless number of people who want to join in the bizarre craze across the nation..


The family member of mine, someone who I will remain nameless, told me of a story that has been happening..

Two times over the past week as she was driving her car alone, a man appeared in her rear view mirror.. she said each time the man was in the passenger seat, when she looked closer and took more than a passing glance, he vanished from sight.

While it is the season to see spirits of other worlds, she felt this foray to the netherworld was a bit alarming.

The interesting thing she relayed to me, and the part that she couldn’t truly understand was as follows: When she first glanced at the man, or figure, she said that she recalled have a 100% recognition of who he was. As a matter fact, she said she thought to herself “hey what are you doing here”.. When she looked away and then re-locked her eyes back on the empty space the entity sat in milliseconds earlier, she had absolutely no recollection as to who he was or how she may have known him for that short instance.

She knew that she knew him, but only for the brief fleeting moment in time, and the memory of whoever he was with quickly gone again .. as far as he was.

There are a number of different theories in the paranormal world as to why someone or something would appear in your backseat as you are driving. Some believe that there is a message a spirit guide is attempting to get to you, others foresee such an occasion as a harbinger of some dreaded doom coming your way. And the best time to reach you is when you are alone in the car with your attention being divided between workings of your vehicle and throw it around, it is claimed ..

That being said, at least for my family member who experienced this is our set of paranormal circumstances, she’s rather dismiss the entire incident from thought. She did the first time. And then the second time it became harder..

I believe wholeheartedly in what she told me, . For me, I was able to judge the truthfulness of her story from the emphatic nature in her voice s she relayed it.. Even more, and the part that scared her the most, she has lost her ability to logically think through why this person in the mirror was there and what is haunting presence means for her.

A true ghost story of the man in the rearview mirror

The family member of mine, someone who I will remain nameless, told me of a story that has been happening..

Two times over the past week as she was driving her car alone, a man appeared in her rear view mirror.. she said each time the man was in the passenger seat, when she looked closer and took more than a passing glance, he vanished from sight.

While it is the season to see spirits of other worlds, she felt this foray to the netherworld was a bit alarming.

The interesting thing she relayed to me, and the part that she couldn't truly understand was as follows: When she first glanced at the man, or figure, she said that she recalled have a 100% recognition of who he was. As a matter fact, she said she thought to herself "hey what are you doing here".. When she looked away and then re-locked her eyes back on the empty space the entity sat in milliseconds earlier, she had absolutely no recollection as to who he was or how she may have known him for that short instance.

She knew that she knew him, but only for the brief fleeting moment in time, and the memory of whoever he was with quickly gone again .. as far as he was.

There are a number of different theories in the paranormal world as to why someone or something would appear in your backseat as you are driving. Some believe that there is a message a spirit guide is attempting to get to you, others foresee such an occasion as a harbinger of some dreaded doom coming your way. And the best time to reach you is when you are alone in the car with your attention being divided between workings of your vehicle and throw it around, it is claimed ..

That being said, at least for my family member who experienced this is our set of paranormal circumstances, she's rather dismiss the entire incident from thought. She did the first time. And then the second time it became harder..

I believe wholeheartedly in what she told me, . For me, I was able to judge the truthfulness of her story from the emphatic nature in her voice s she relayed it.. Even more, and the part that scared her the most, she has lost her ability to logically think through why this person in the mirror was there and what is haunting presence means for her.



Just the facts Freaky Friday

A collection of things, events, news bits, and oddities from the world at large, presented in a snippet view of the world, often the easiest way to look at things..

A plea from help from nurses across America.. they want protective gear.. And who could blame them.

White House continues to reject bipartisan calls for a travel ban due to Ebola..

CNN attempts to explain why the guy with the clipboard stood out of place behind Ebola patient..

Video revealed of nurse Nina Pham in hospital bed.."Party in Maryland"

DALLAS' top public health epidemiologist being monitored for Ebola!

Real headlines: The cruise ship trap: Belize confirms that a patient with Ebola symptoms is on a cruise off its coast.. The person is a nurse from Dallas..

Now revealed: The infected Ebola nurse Amber Vincent who traveled by airline to Cleveland also went DRESS SHOPPING with her friends! Along with a ten year old.. I picture the scene from BRIDESMAIDS in my head.. Can't get the image out.

Scary to contemplate: The next big disease that spreads could be aided by the diseased rats of New York City.. I think the same thing happened in Plagues past. Some pest control is in order..

Get ready: Winter will arrive without delay, according to Accuweather.com, with frigid air from another polar vortex seeping down into the country's midsection and Northeast as early as November
The long coming winter: Forecasters warn of upcoming polar vortexes poised to strike the United States..

California nightmare: Some major fault lines may be prepping to rock..

Joan Rivers' cause of death announced..

Watch a reporter get the complete daylights scared out of him by an enthusiastic Kansas City Royals fan.

Once in a million year year comet SIDING SPRING will pass by Mars on Sunday..

50 facts about horror movies you may not have known.. One fact I never knew: Because he was so young Danny Lloyd, the kid who played Danny in The Shining, was not told he was making a horror film. He thought it was going to be a drama...

City postpones trick or treating to All Saints Day..

Is conservative talk radio killing itself?

This would certainly be a gamer changer if true: Are patients in vegetative state aware of their surroundings?

Real cases: Seeing visions of dead people before you know those people are dead..

STAR WARS 7 close to finishing filming..

DJANGO curse? Actress Misty Upham found dead..age 32..

A collection of why we do what we do on Halloween..

HORROR REPORT flashback: Edward Mordrake

The curious case of Edward Mordrake »

Now that AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAKSHOW is taking ont he paranormal uberlegend, it will be fun to actually go back and figure out of the story is true. Here’s a link taking you back to when I discussed this months ago, long before AHS made it a subject matter issue.

As far as my opinion, while I don’t dismiss it completely, I find it a bit unlikely.

But the images and story are creepy nonetheless..

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Pro Clown world is testy over AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAKSHOW

When AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW debuted this month, strong ratings gave the show one of the biggest premieres. Ever..

But the theme of the show was unsettling to some who enjoy the finer things in life. Such as clowns..

According to various reports now, the 'pro clown' community is freaking out over the freak show. While it is strange to even comprehend an entire community of people being pro clown, it appears to be the case..

The show's scariest character is killer clown. In all actuality, the role in the show actually has people truly freaked out..  People are scared .. and real life clowns are lamenting the bashing of their cherished trade.

Clowns in pop culture are nothing new.
When I was young, Pennywise the Dancing Clown appeared in the television adaption of Stephen King's IT. Tim Curry's role as the dancing clown was haunting and effective. Until FREAKSHOW, Pennywise may have been the scariest clown to grace our society..

Michael Myers is also a bit of a clown--the blank face of pale death is reminiscent of the appearance of the zany circus actor. Even professional wrestling tried the clown role with "DOINK and Dink" in the 1990s--of course he was a good guy at first and then took on the role of a villain.

Why are clowns scary?

You may want to check out an truly amazing and listenable GROUND ZERO WITH CLYDE LEWS radio program from the other evening he called "MEDIEVAL CARNIVAL 666." Lewis did he best to track back the origins of the pale white figure to the Middle Ages, when clowns were introduced to the masses dying from the Bubonic Plague. The clown's appearance was devised to mock death--the embellished aspects of a clown all had a meaning to represent some part of the process of the body decomposing.

In a 1989 PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER article, the paper profiled a fiction play --based on reality-- in which the church employed a squadron of clowns to entertain the dying.  But clowns could be traced back even further than the dark times of the middle ages.. Some say they can be found in ancient Egypt in 2400 BC.  The ghostface appearance came somewhere in the 1800s..
Film and literature always made them seem scary..
And the fear of clowns blossomed into the phobia it is today.

Even the SMITHSONIAN studied the reasons why clowns were so frightening in a 2013 report. They conclude that people have been fearful for centuries of the appearance of a clown.

Recent news has given us more reason to be unsettled.. Only days ago, parts of California were haunted by the appearance of a clown at night named Wasco. Some reports actually had children claiming that clowns were chasing them around the streets at night with an ax.

The notion of a clown showing up at a time when reality has become unfathomably scary is frightening in itself. Imagine the planet suffering through deadly disease, a possible upcoming food crisis, droughts and plagues, and beheadings across the Middle East, and a clown shows up to sit on your local park bench. Armed with the persistent smile, balloons.. or an ax to chase a child across town..

Goosebumps times 50...

Some disagree that clowns represent death--as we see from the outcry over AMERICAN HORROR STORY, the pro-clown posse is existent.

I argue, though, that they do. Or they at least represent the attempt to mock death--the wild actions and bizarre makeup do have corpse-like features. And more, their mischievousness is tame at face value but also disturbing in a deeper way. Perhaps that is why children jump in fright so often when they initially come in contact with a clown.. especially a clown out of the element, a place such as a bus terminal or under a street light in the middle of the night..

We all seem to be a little unsettled by a clown..But we also latch on to staring at them when we see them. That may explain the amazingly high ratings of AMERICAN HORROR STORY..

So while the clown troupe is annoyed with the representation of their job, perhaps another group is going to get angry at the latest FREAKSHOW.. In the latest episode, conjoined twins played by Sarah Paulson disturbed viewers even more with the singing of the song CRIMINAL by Fiona Apple.. Let the outrage over that begin.

#GAMERGATE and all of its pop culture consequences

Welcome to the new world of GAMERGATE, where men hate the women who are now playing the games that men thought were theirs »

Video game culture wars.. They are certainly are not new.

It wasn't long ago that people accused GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 of deliberating degrading women... And that debate has only intensified with newer fights and fads online..


I have not been covering the game world lately, but there is something very notable taking place within it. Apparently there are high amounts of threats against women who review games.. the latest include a threat of violence against feminist and gaming critic Anita Sarkeesian.

CNN reports,
"It’s been the talk of video game professionals for the past two months," gaming critic Evan Narcisse said. "The culture wars that … hit other creative media (are) hitting video games now."

Here is the lowdown on something you may already know about if you’re a gamer in a gaming world. Men who play the hardcore violent video games are on one side. On the other: The new world of gamers, which so often includes women. And the world of online hate has entered the real world of pain..

CNN attempts to sum it up this way:

Then there are the others (see above) who smell a fight and have piled on. The vitriol, much of it aimed against women, has spilled from the Internet into the physical world. In recent months several women in the gaming industry say they received rape and death threats so specific they were forced to leave their homes.

Some gamers have adopted “Gamergate” as the term for a loosely defined movement defending hardcore games against criticisms from feminists and others.

It all begins, we are told, with a critic claiming that often women are the victims of violence in games. Or used as eye candy. And on that point, it’s undeniable. Women get bad treatment in really violent male-oriented games.

But it has moved on from there.. Now the allegations of sexism in the gamer world are coming to light, women claiming harassment from within the industry, and the constant barrage of rhetoric of males vs females over games online. This is the a pop culture war—not a culture one, perhaps, since it is confined to one small sliver of American life.

The gamer world needs to come out of the basement and realize that what they are playing is not real..  This nonsense of female vs male is ridiculous.

For the men who hate women in entertainment and games, get ready: Women are the ones now buying games, deciding what movies to watch, and creating popular television shows.  All-male oriented entertainment is going to be gone.. just as the movie studio creating a all-female GHOSTBUSTERS remake. The wizard master may be the male in that one..

Also, for those playing video games, mired in the world of fiction and false realities, get a grip on yourself before you wreck yourself..  I wrote about how too often our pop culture and entertainment gives us false sense of security. While you play games, the real world is at war outside your safe walls.. For some people, the walls come down and the real world enters.

I am sure GAMERGATE will continue.
After a while, it will burn itself out.. and the fight if today will be a distant memory of tomorrow.. as women slowly begin taking their path into the rough and tumble gamer world. Men need to make room.. Haters will hate. But gamers will play.

And the only way to unite gamers is to play a game.

Fanning the flames of oddity: The news of the world on an early Thursday morning in October

It was the best of times..
The worst of times..
The rest of the time,
The world's sublime.

Here is a sample of a sampling of news from the world that we think you should know today.. Some good, some bad, some scary, a few fads.. read and weep, Earthling..

Some political news to begin
Here is a bizarre story from the political world in Florida: Apparently there was a debate at the Governor's debate over a fan that was propped to keep Charlie Crist cool. Here is the VIDEO from CSpan..
The rules said no fan. Crist denied knowing about it. Eventually Florida Governor Scott came out after several minutes of shouting, jeering, and controversy from the audience..  It was tense, weird, and perhaps one of the weirdest moments in debate history in politics.

"Nothing to see here" continues strong in Japan.. Radiation levels from Fukushima are the highest ever after the monster typhoon that just struck. As a matter of fact, they are three times higher than previous levels. And the previous levels were high..

Is he with the CDC? Both the ambulance company and Emory University Hospital said the unprotected man with the clipboard (center) is not one of their employees - meaning he is likely a CDC employee
Who is the mystery man that was not wearing protective gear around an Ebola infected patient being transported from Dallas to Atlanta.. But at least he had a clipboard. Meanwhile, there are worries in Dallas that things may get worse. Also this: The hospital that seemingly has screwed up so bad in Dallas is saying sorry for the Ebola mistakes it has made.. Kevin Sack in the New York TIMES writes about the downfall of a hospital due to Ebola. This seems to be a very big wake up call hospitals that are not trying to prepare--as the hospital in Dallas apparently fell victim to.

The NEW YORK GIANTS received an EBOLA primer.. They play this weekend in Dallas.

Meanwhile in the UK, a nurse is finding herself in hot water after purposely breathing on a child ... she was doing so while she had a throat infection.

There are accusations being made of a double standard in France's judicial system. Apparently a topless woman imitated an abortion at a church. She simulated an abortion by carrying to the altar pieces of a calf’s liver, symbolically representing the fetus. The act culminated in Bouton urinating on the altar’s steps.. But amazingly, that's not the story of controversy.  Some are saying that the penalty is much less than the group got when they put a pig's head out of a mosque. A fine for the abortion stunt. Prison time for the 'religious intimidation' of the pig's head bit. Either way, always topless, rude and crude.

Real news is beginning to look like a horror movie..

This is a scary map: Watch 13 years of a drought develop in the state of California on one GIF.. the most amazing sight to see is how the dark red sort of develops out of no where over the past 24 months.

This must have been a horrific scene in Missouri: Spiders "bleeding from the walls" in a home drove the family out--6000 venomous spiders to be exact.  Two pest control companies were unable to stop the deluge of horror..

VICE has a must read article running about the man who trick the chemtrail conspiracy theorists.. Michael Allen writes in the publication about a man who used 'video evidence' to show chemtrails--all the while duping people into thinking it was evidence of chemtrails.  While this is not a commentary in my opinion that dismisses all chemtrail evidence, it certainly shows how pervasive hoaxes can be online. Perhaps someone needs to come up with the ANTI-SNOPES page, a site that will announce a conspiracy theory but discredit anyone who is trying to discredit it with fakery. Nonetheless, good read in VICE.

Here is another hoax that people are STILL falling for: The future according to Adam Sandler.  The pervasive rumor that the actor predicted many horrid tragedies was put out by the ONION in a satirical piece. That has not stopped people from believing it and re-posting the fallacious information.

TIS THE SEASON: A group of 'ghostbusters' in the UK say that when they went to a haunted mansion, they saw ghosts crawling around on the ground. The SCOTSMAN has the full creepy story of the haunted house..

Terrified mother captures snap of evil black-eyed ghost on family day out
I think this may just be a tree, but the DAILY STAR in the UK is reported that a 'terrified mum' (love their way of speaking) saw a black eyed ghost in a tree.. I still just think it's a tree.

A website posted a list of the most annoying Facebook status updates. We agree.. along with it, throw in the photos of food and other Instagramed-colored hue-ed photos that pretend life is grand.

I am sandwiched in the middle of two locations GAWKER reports have the 'ugliest accents' in the United States. I pick Pittsburgh, simply because the Scranton accent has more weight in the coal region of  Pennsylvania where I currently reside.  The dialect is peculiar and often tough to listen to.. the videos in the GAWKER article are right on the money.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shadows in the corners of your mind

This is the best month of the year for creepy stories, strange feelings, and the thinning of this reality and merging with another. Or so we think..

October's season of the witch is one of the most beautiful times of year.. Leaves are shifting from dark green to the amazing colors of autumn.. The winds are a bit more chilled, with each breeze seemingly blowing deeper into your soul than those of the warmer months..

And the darkness--the darkness!
The darkness penetrates everything in October..
The sun is seen less. When it is actually in the sky, it shines dimmer--of course if you're not reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, it's quite the opposite for you.

There's one more thing that often happens this time of year.. at least to me: Shadows.

Shadows invade ...call them shadow people, shadow figures, or just quick sliding darkness in the corner of your eye.

The 'shadow people' craze began over a decade ago. Since that time, the Internet and other paranormal sources have been in a constant buzz about what people were seeing.. But shadow people, or ghostly darkness, has been within paranormal lure for generations.  The tales of people seeing figures, dark creatures, or even shadow rats from their vision have been around for years. Some have applied very skeptical science to the notion that we are seeing quick bursts of a paranormal world. Hallucinations, perhaps.. Maybe just optical illusions that are mind is being tricked into thinking is real.

But try to tell yourself in the midst of seeing a peculiar darkness in your sight that it's not real.. Attempt to explain away what your mind is attempting to explain .. Give it a go and dismiss that creepy and chilling feeling that comes over your entire being when you see a presence of darkness, and feel the cold wrath from the corner of a room..

Floaters? optical tricks? brain lapses?

Or maybe a shadow being...
Maybe this world is thinning this time of year--the season where we are on the verge of spilling over into a spirit world..

Ever since I was a kid, I always felt a bit strange on or around Halloween. There seemed to be a very thin reality during that evening.. Maybe pop culture has reinforced the premise that Samhain is really a paranormal reality.

I cannot say if the other worldy does in fact exist. However, I can say this: I have seen more than a few shadow figures this year.. All of them have taken the shape of a human mist, and all but one vanished when I looked directly at it.. That one that did not haunts me.

More Art Bell commentary on the Ebola crisis

We may not be able to hear him nightly on the radio until his non compete clause with SIRIUS expires in 2015, but that is not stopping the talk show legend from taking to the Internet to express his anger over the apparent mishandling of the Ebola situation in the United States.

Bell posted several links over the past week concerning the outbreak. The latest update from his Pahrump homestead featured a photograph of a clearly unprepared person at the airport in Dallas as an Ebola patient was loaded no an airplane to Atlanta for treatment.


Minutes later, Bell said,
It seems to me that as long as Ebola remains spread only by bodily fluids that we will survive it, I am not sure we can survive the present level of stupid. Turns out the Nurse in Ohio actually called the CDC before boarding with a fever and they said no problem.....

And he was right.

When news today was revealed that the second nurse in Dallas actually was on two airline flights over the weekend, the government seemed to initially blame her... At one point the CDC said it was the wrong thing for patient number 3 to do. But news broke late in the day that the nurse actually called the CDC and they said it was permissible for her to take the flights! The CDC said that since her fever was below 100 she was not in the category of high risk.. Hours after taking a flight from Cincinnati to Dallas, she was in an isolation ward ..

Bell's words are right on the money.. A 'present level of stupid.' The problem is if the 'stupid' continues, the present level of reality may change.. The United States cannot afford many more stupid mistakes in the Ebola nightmare..

Tonight in an apparent attempt to save some face, President Obama addressed the nation concerning the crisis, saying that "Ebola swat teams" were prepared to respond to infections.. That term raised the eyebrows of some, with the term seemingly implying that violence against patients infected may be administered.. Instead, the nation was reassured that it simply means the CDC will be able to get to any hospital in all 50 states within 24 hours should another case pop up..

The same CDC that blamed the first nurse in Dallas, and now the same CDC that permitted a second nurse to board a flight while being in an Ebola watch group.

Art Bell is not the only former radio host who is speaking out about the latest news. Today, Matt Drudge broke his Twitter silence to post one of his first Tweets in months--after all of his others were deleted--simply saying "self quarantine." 

While Art Bell may not be heard nightly at this time, his words still register with the thousands of followers who like or comment on his semi-regular status updates. It's notable that as of late, Bell seems to be more active on Facebook. Perhaps that is because, as any veteran listener could testify, his eyes and ears have always been on the Ebola story since the early 1990s.

Without a doubt, the high desert will be active with typed words from Bell until his voice will again be on the Dark  Matter Radio Network in the late summer of 2015.

And interestingly to contemplate, but then we will know what type of story Ebola turned out to be: A scare or a culling.

The watch list.. Viral edition

The CDC is now reaching out to all passengers who flew on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth. The flight landed at 8:16 p.m. CT. »

The CDC says that the nurse who become the Latest to develop Ebola should not have traveled .. Reportedly they boarded flight 1143 with a slight temperature on Monday.. A day later it became the second health worker from the the Dallas Presbyterian hospital to be diagnosed.

The CDC insists that since the nurse was not vomiting or bleeding, the likelihood of the disease spreading is low..

Tell that to he 132 people who now are under the Ebola watch list..


This ominous Drudge tweet is making major headlines .. Earlier this year, prior to deleting all of his tweets, Drudge posted famously 'have an exit plan.'

This new tweet is even creepier to some who think that Drudge has his finger on the pulse of news and pop culture ..


Saddam's chemical weapons haunting troops in Iraq

Now revealed: Chemical weapons have been found in Iraq..

Even more, the new work times reports:

In all, American troops secretly reported finding roughly 5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs, according to interviews with dozens of participants, Iraqi and American officials, and heavily redacted intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act."

So the problem was not as the Bush administration said.. The problem for these secret missions have not been active chemical weapons but instead only and abandoned ones..

Even more from the TIMES:

The American government withheld word about its discoveries even from troops it sent into harm’s way and from military doctors. The government’s secrecy, victims and participants said, prevented troops in some of the war’s most dangerous jobs from receiving proper medical care and official recognition of their wounds."

The TIMES goes on to say:

Congress, too, was only partly informed, while troops and officers were instructed to be silent or give deceptive accounts of what they had found. “ 'Nothing of significance’ is what I was ordered to say,” said Jarrod Lampier, a recently retired Army major who was present for the largest chemical weapons discovery of the war: more than 2,400 nerve-agent rockets unearthed in 2006 at a former Republican Guard compound."

The scandal here is that we have NOT been told that chemical weapons have actually been found--instead we let the talking point survive that no chemicals were located..

The broader implications here are also that ISIS may be able to get into a stash tucked away somewhere.. The problem created over the secretive actions is that we believe, in essence, that Saddam's Iraq was free of WMD. That clearly is not true.. While there may have been no active nuclear or chemical facilities creating anything new, there certainly is enough of the 'old' laying around to cause problems..

Patient three

The Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas Texas confirmed that another hospital worker tested positive for Ebola..

The worker apparently had a fever on Tuesday, was quickly tested, and was isolated within 90 minutes because results showed that the 70% fatal disease is present..

Unknown at this time are several facts, including who the person is and what contact with Thomas Duncan there may have been.. Regular? Occasional? Was protective gear malfunctioning in Duncan's room? Another fact missing is whether or not this person was among the 70 people already being monitored for the disease...

Also unknown at this time as how many people this new patient, and hospital worker, actually came in contact with! The ever broadening Ebola crisis is now taking center stage deep in the heart of Dallas.

It seems very likely that we will hear more cases pop up over the coming days, if not hours. That 21 day incubation period has come and gone in many cases, and now the people who have been exposed to Ebola will undoubtedly begin to get revealed as the disease takes over their internal organs and begins to cause hemorrhagic conditions..

The concerning part, too, is that American hospitals may not be equipped for a rush of hundreds of patients coming to emergency rooms with symptoms of Ebola, even though many of the people who think they have it will not and fear will guide them to the hospital... Hypochondriacs exist.. But what if one actually has Ebola...?

The World Health Organization warned that 10,000 people per week will soon get Ebola...

I think back to the Georgia Guide stones intrigue from a few days ago, when the new pillar that said 2014 was installed--and removed a few days later. It would certainly seem that somebody knows something more about big events place final months of this year

All of the strange blood moons may now make sense. Blood above and below.

Is it raining is it snowing, is a hurricane a blowing? The danger must be growing.. IMG_1878.JPG

This is your life on Mars. Any questions?

The excitement has long been building for the inevitable mission to Mars. The notion is amazing that human beings will expand their reach, reach for the stars themselves.. and the planet Mars..

But reality is not always as pleasant as some of our hopes and desires.
Such is the case with the Martian experiment. Those who would venture to the rocky red planet may not have much time to enjoy it..

According to new research from the University of Massachusetts, humans would likely perish after about 68 days on Mars.

Limits to the human condition.. Limits to technology. The colonization of Mars may be difficult if it only lasts days instead of years..

Are humans destined to be stuck on Earth for the rest of existence? Are we trapped in this war and modern dystopia for good?

It's either here for 68 years.. or Mars for 68 days.
You pick your poison..

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday terrors: Scary stories to tell on the news

A smattering and splattering of news of the real, the weird, the fictitiously, and the scandalous .. There are volumes more of daily headlines that can be covered.. but the wrap up would be far too many words .. Here's the briefs:

A new report out today says that the pesticides used by farmers is not only deadly for the bugs on the crops, but also the workers who are around the chemicals. Brian Bienkowski writes that the pesticides are linked to depression and suicides, along with very sudden shifts in behavior.

Nichole Beaudry wrote an exceptionally emotional piece in the ATLANTIC today called "Murder in a time before Google." It's a good read, and focuses on the 1973 murder of her father--a man, that she writes, did not exist according to the internet..

Ebola is on our shores.. but do you want it at your doorstep? It may be, just in time for Halloween. As usual, there is at least one controversial Halloween costume each year. This time, it does not involve breasts hanging out or sexualized cartoon characters, instead it's the disease that is ravaging a number of countries. Some wonder if the Ebola related Halloween apparel is too soon..

Another bit related to Halloween: The candy in Denver may contain pot. That dire warning comes from police in the city who are telling parents to brace themselves for the possibility of marijuana in this year's candy haul..  In the 1970s, we checked apples for knives that never were in there.. is this the latest fear that will not materialize? Dude?

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and show people from another generation in time this headline: "Skype Takes on Snapchat with Qik App"..    Quite frankly, I don't even know if I understand it.

Kachinga .. Ke$ha is in the news again.. This time, her haunted vagina has taken a backseat to real news. The star says that she was sexually, physically, and verbally abused by her producer.. According to her lawsuit, she would be forced drugs and alcohol and then the abuse would commence.  Even more, she makes the allegation that it almost led to her death..

Bill Murray says that the desire for an award for acting is like a disease, and argues that winning an Oscar can hurt your career. In the mean time, he has appeared on the cover of VARIETY magazine with the headline "Saint Bill." And it's a strange cover, indeed..


And finally some food for thought on why people are so curious about the morbid.. a fascinating tale of truth..

The kids aren't alright..

Quiet communities are becoming shocked in 2014.. Slenderman stabbings, murderous rampages by the youth, PURGE style threats, and cyber stalking..  While crime rates are falling, the crimes that are occurring are garnering headlines around the world for the outrageous nature they posses.

Enter this story from Pennsylvania, something you have probably already heard about on the news. A 10-year-old boy killed a 90-year-old woman.. He told police that he held her down with her cane and punched her. Some media outlets called it a temper tantrum.. To me, it sounds more like an other-worldy rage that possessed him for the time he was murdering her..

Sources are calling him 'the boy.' He was visiting his grandparents.. the woman the 'boy' killed was Helen Novak..

An autopsy confirmed what 'the boy' told the police.. Blunt trauma.

WNEP in Pennsylvania reported the boy's name: Tristen Kurilla. 

Prosecutor are charging 'boy' Tristen as an adult.. His image is now being plastered across the web.. Adults who use the internet--the same adults who converge to say cyber bullying is a crime--are calling for horrid treatment of Kurilla. A few posts I saw actually said he should be publicly hanged, or that a firing squad was appropriate..

This entire debacle is tremendously difficult for the mind to comprehend.

On a personal note, I was actually waiting for my car to get some work done on it this morning at the garage.. the television was airing the early morning newscast of WNEP, with the report on the 10-year-old's killing as their top story.. The room went silent, with all of the people looking at the screen in shock. Their speechlessness made me speechless, I actually watched them digest the news instead of watching the news itself.. For me, that was the stunning part.

Anymore, crimes are tough to shock. Snuff films like what ISIS publishes are all around us.. It is alarming to hear of criminal at such an early age.. But watching the adults try to come to grips with the evil that has seemingly invaded their surroundings chilled me a bit.

The 'safety' is gone.. nothing feels right anymore. Something seems off balance. What's up is down and vice versa.. And now, children are committing horrible crimes right in the backyard of places that once were deemed civil and secure. . Watching people see that with their own eyes, knowing that they they are defenseless to the tidal wave of evil, is frightening..

Going deep into the tunnel

In the words of Willie Wonka as he took a boat of children through hell in his chocolate factory,
There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing?

Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing?

Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing!

It feels a bit like we are moving into uncharted territory for our generation.. A time where disease and pestilence plague the landscape.. a time when the young eat the old, and where the demons inhabit the most innocent people and places on the planet.

This is the new world..
A ravaged population..

The Halloween season upon us again, and yet again there are things taking place in the real world that make the symbols of the season of the witch look tame. Images of Thomas Eric Duncan's family after his death, and now a new nurse infected--with up to 70 other hospital workers deep in the heart of Texas coming in contact with the dying Duncan before he succumbed to his fate on earth..

The United States and Europe are attracting the majority of headlines--amazing since they have the vast minority of cases. Nonetheless, they want to keep it that way. Budget cuts over the past few years may make that difficult to do.. Lawmakers are now rushing to fund anything they can throw money at to keep Ebola at bay. At least until the November election passes and it doesn't turn into a November insurrection.

But here is the problem: We are a free-flowing population of billions of people. Airfare happens. And with it comes sickness, as we saw from the Duncan case.  The WHO is warning us that air travel may even become more dangerous--even if that is implied. the WHO said that there is strong evidence that the Ebola epidemic in Africa is still spreading. The number of cases in West Africa will exceed 9000 this year.. This plague of the people has gone on for months now, and there are some signs that the hardest hit areas are seeing less cases. On the flipside: There are more prefectures and districts coming in contact with Ebola..

The other problem may be the underreporting of cases on the African continent.

The media isn't helping.
Their focus has solely been on the spread of Ebola to nations that are not in Africa. That is typical of their journalistic style but not doing anything to address the root cause of the problem or find solutions so future epidemics don't happen. The ignorance of Africa is appalling. On many levels. Even from me.. I took a quiz on JetPunk days ago and had to take a long look in the mirror. My least strong continent was Africa. We don't hear about it from our news sources unless there is a 'strange' or bizarre story that only reinforces the images that the Western world has of the land.. That has not done anything to help this Ebola situation.

When the disease began to ravage, instead of completely ignoring information, the media should have been quick to report it.

I recall the 1990s outbreak.. Ebola always felt like it was 'there.'  Though I go back in memory and recall old Art Bell shows in which he was worried Ebola would break out here, things were not nearly as close together as now.

Now.. no screening for Ebola takes place at airports, but hands are quickly down pants of every age to sniff out the shoe bomber .. even though the shoe bomber had a well dressed man helping him on board. I digress...

Now, as Halloween approaches, we are forced to deal with a potential outbreak. At this point, it appears that the fear is catching on quicker than the actual plague. That could change, though.. especially if 70 people handled the blood, sweat, vomit, and tears of Mr. Duncan. Seventy people can multiply like wildfire.. Breed like rabbits.. and hop from continent to continent.

EBOLA is not just 'there' in one of those countries run by warlords on a continent far away. It's here. And it could be everywhere..

Maybe this is a lesson: The next time that a disease breaks out among poor indigenous people someone on the planet, the media should pay attention, report, and realize that we are all connected. Not only by plane, train, and automobile, but in spirit. And for that, the media owes it to other humans just to report their plight--before it takes flight.
Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Halloween from the sun

A few days back, people who study space weather and solar flares noticed something: The sun looked strangely like a carved out pumpkin..

Even the WALL STREET JOURNAL said that the sun looked like a Jack O’Lantern..

Some are suggesting that the pumpkin sun may be the best ever seen..

While there is no indication that intelligent design or demonic possession of our solar system has made itself evident, this photo is still spooky. Especially this time of year…

Blood moons.
The solar pumpkin.
Signs in the sky and night terrors tomorrow.

The tangled web

News tonight that dozens of people in the dallas hospital cared for Thomas Eric Duncan is disturbing..

The chances of Ebola spreading seemingly have risen exponentially with this news..


They wiped his blood.. They put tubes down his throat.. The cleaned up his fecal matter.

Common sense would dictate that more cases of Ebola will occur..

This hospital may now be ground zero for the spread of Ebola in America.. Let's hope it's not. But if 70 people were in direct contact with Duncan, then Houston we have a problem..

The case of the Mondays. Columbus Day edition

Fears over Vongfong: Direct hit on Fukushima?Battering Japan.. The storm is weakening.. But 200,000 have still fled their homes..

Clowns are king: AMERICAN HORROR STORY gets huge ratings.. Freakshow broke all FX records in debut.. Even more, the program now has the highest growth in the history of the network..

And all because of a really, really scary clown..And a bearded woman..

American Horror Story: The most watched telecast. Ever.

GOTHAM gets full season order at FOX..

Bizarre: Officials in LA say that a 10-month-old girl is in the hospital after being found trapped under her father's decomposing body for several days.. .. The story seems very chilling. The man was 43.. he died and collapsed onto his own child.. No autopsy will be happening because of the condition of the body... This seems to be more of a Halloween tale than news story, but it is being reported by the AP. It's fact..

Perhaps a part of the problem: Box fans were the only method of cooling the home.. But there are two mysteries: A 5-year-old who lived in the house alerted neighbors--apparently up to three days after the death. The mother of the children is in jail.. She is being released early to be with her kids..

The vast majority of nurses are not trained to deal with Ebola..

That could be a problem if stark warnings prove to be correct.. Such as this warning: Ebola is the 'most severe health emergency in modern times.'

The nurse in Texas who has contracted Ebola has now been indentified as Nina Pham....

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE ratings have never been worse..

What did the Vatican REALLY say about homosexuality?

Severe weather and tornadoes slam Louisiana..

Not loving it: McDonalds’ new media blitz attempting to prove that they actually serve food..


Submitted for your approval: The creepy clown of Southern Cal..

Imagination dead: Now the zombie hot dog..

All the rage: What kids will be wearing this Halloween..

Dreadfully true and scary news.. this story from SYRIA: Thirteen-year-old Dillyar cannot get the image of his cousin being beheaded out of his mind. The pair were fleeing Kobane and running down a street when Islamic State fighters blocked their exit. Dillyar managed to slip through their grasp but his cousin Mohammed, 20, was seized, and gave a blood-curdling scream as one of the black-clad maniacs drew out a knife. 'They pushed him to the ground and sawed his head off, shouting 'Allahu Akbar',' the schoolboy told me yesterday. 'I see it in my dreams every night and every morning I wake up and remember everything.'


Claim: Ghosts ‘possess woman and then write letters using her hands’ ..

Claim: 'Ghost' Of Condemned Criminal Wearing Hangman's Hood Photographed In Former Prison Cell..

Claim: Donald Trump evicts a ghost..

McDonalds' new social media campaign insists that they actually serve food

ABC news had an exclusive behind the scenes look at the massive operations at McDonalds. The food production system is clean and on time, on task and sublime.. Video here:

More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News

However…there’s always a critic. And in this situation, one I that I agree with. This from the famed “FOOD BABE” online:


As far as marketing: McDonalds is doing it because they have suffered greatly with the free flow of critical information online. Wage scandals, food problems, and all the rest.. They seemingly have decided to go on the offensive and change the game plan.

I think if they continue to roll out answers in this form, with an aggressive media campaign and slick advertising, they will succeed. But the most important question, as the Food Babe is asking, need to be answered…

But while I am typically negative by default, I am actually a bit hopeful that this latest experiment could have good results. Maybe, just maybe, the corporation—and others who follow a successful campaign—will begin to listen to consumers and actually get rid of the nonsense and chemicals that have no place in food, or purpose..

The lack of inspiration: Now you can be a zombie hot dog on Halloween...

Yes indeed.. A zombie hot dog Halloween costume proves we have reached the peak in the pop culture world for zombies ..

Ironically at this time rumors abound that Ebola patients rise from the dead..

I am not sure I am really comfortable with the zombie version of processed meat. But if it helps kids eat healthy, let’s give it a whirl..

Submitted for your approval: The creepy clown of Southern Cal

This can be contrived as a threat, say some. A scare.. a gag .. While I don’t pretend there is anything paranormal about it, this time of year brings with it creepy winds and frightening darkness..

Enter this story: California police are busy fielding complaints of creepy clowns. We’ll let REUTERS do the talking on the facts of the strange accounts:

Reports of creepy clowns carrying knives and other weapons have been scaring people in the California city of Bakersfield for the past week, police said on Sunday.

In the latest incident, a person telephoned the Bakersfield Police Department on Saturday night, reporting a clown armed with a firearm, said watch commander Lieutenant Jason Matson.

"We’ve been having sightings all over the city," Matson said. "They range from anywhere from a guy carrying a gun to a guy carrying a knife running up to houses."

The Bakersfield Californian newspaper reported earlier in the week that at least some of the reports were hoaxes. Matson said he did not know whether the incidents were pranks.

Sharon Bernstein goes on to write,

At least one of the reports was not a hoax - police arrested a teen on Friday who had dressed up as a clown and was chasing children on the west side of town, Matson said. The juvenile, whose name was not released, said he was doing it to perpetrate a hoax he had seen online.

He was arrested on suspicion of annoying a minor and booked into the Kern County Juvenile Hall, Bakersfield police said in a news release.

A child who had been chased “was clearly scared,” the release said.

That’s not it, either.

There are photos.

Here is one:

This clown was sitting on a park bench. He is just one of the many people dressing like clowns showing up in the area.. His name is WASCO. And he is followed by many people on Instagram—including a friend of mine.

He looks as harmless as any other clown—the Pennywise outfit and the terrible dark facade of a death face..

Wasco is finding fame. There are dozens of stories online now about him roaming the night streets—and with a link tonight on the DRUDGE REPORT, chances are his Instagram following may increase in size.

What I frankly don’t understand is this: Why are officials and police trying to find Wasco? He did not commit a crime.. he also did not get accused of committing a crime. His only sin: Dressing as a frightening clown late at night.

The media is playing up Wasco a bit, though.. The headline from NEWSCHANNEL 4 is enough to scare anyone: "NO LAUGHING MATTER: CREEPY CLOWNS TERRORIZE CITY."

My God..

The NEWSCHANNEL reports this:
Barker Park is one of the many places this clown has been spotted. One child said he was chased by the clown through Barker with an ax. A Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy says they’ve gotten reports of a clown committing crimes in the area, but so far, the claims are unfounded

….before we believe a child saying that a horrific clown chased him through the streets with an ax, we should double and triple check the facts.

And just look at WASCO, you think he’d do something like that?

Imaginations are roaring. And the fun of it rests in that premise. Teenagers walking through the streets at night, guided by a flashlight, looking for the latest creepy bit of pop culture in their area. A clown, with a frown..

Wasco now has the spotlight. He’s the showstopper.. the bright lights of the media glare are now shining on his makeup and attire. Wasco, the floor is yours.. Your timing is hot: OCTOBER. Halloween breezes blowing and leaves flowing.. a clown is roaming. No better time than the present to be alive. And dressed as a dead walker..


Cautionary tales of Halloween danger

When you mess with the season of the witch, you often get the horns..

There are some who deeply believe that Halloween inspires the dark command, that the paranormal is real and the spirits of demons or the ghostly realm that exists briefly enters our own reality.

With that said, there are cautionary tales of danger and doom this season.. Two separate events over the weekend may be enough to propel those who already fear this time if year to become even more true to their beliefs..

1 is dead and 20 are injured as a Halloween hayride went berserk in Maine. A 17-year-old was killed when the hayride wagon at Gauntlet Haunted Night Ride overturned and slammed into a tree.. Brake failure is being blamed for the scene of real horror..

In Idaho,  a man was killed by a bus at a zombie attraction in a corn maze.. The bus was carrying paintball players. When the man was struck, some thought it was part of the attraction..

Be careful out there.
Avoid corn mazes.
And hay rides.
I always do.
Especially in October.



There are reports that witchcraft related child abuse is on the rise in London.. For example, as NBC starts their report with, this:

Kevani Kanda was just six years old when her family accused her of being a witch. She was being molested by a relative and the trauma made her wet the bed and sleepwalk.

But instead of trying to find out what was wrong, Kanda’s family were convinced she was possessed by an evil spirit. For the next five years, she was starved, forced to eat her own vomit, beaten repeatedly and given suppositories containing spices to “get rid of the evil spirits.” And the torture occurred in a London suburb.

The story of Kanda is horrid and disgusting.. But is it evidence of a bigger issue taking place? London’s Metropolitan Police announced this week that reports of abuse where the child is accused of being a witch or possessed by an evil spirit are on the rise..

The Satanic Panic of the 1980s is back..
This new version has a witches brew..

NBC has more..