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There are a number of watches and warnings for the Bering Sea and Alaska right now.. This storm is intense and is going to be developing over the next several hours. While it has not a named storm anymore due to its location, it certainly should be.. This monster has so many characteristics of a disaster in the making..

It is striking Alaska today.. With it came 50 foot waves and near 100 MPH winds..

This storm is also a weather changer: It will cause polar air to sink into the United States early for the winter season.. Along with the chill comes chances of snow for many places not accustomed to seeing flakes that early..


Christopher Nolan spent oodles of cash bringing us the loud and boisterous INTERSTELLAR.. But tell that to the nearly 30% of people on ROTTEN TOMATOES who didn't like it..

Meanwhile, ROTTEN TOMATOES gave BIG HERO 6 a 90% rate..

This weekend's box office was made for INTERSTELLAR.. News outlets admired it before seeing it and gushed after their viewing parties..

But the kids still rule. This weekend, after the dust settles and the money is counted, it looks like the epic Nolan budget breaker will not break people's wallets, instead the family friendly BIG HERO 6 will rule..

Friday night opening dollars were strong for INTERSTELLAR..
Saturday, though, it's predicted that it becomes a family affair..

BIG HERO will be the big hero of this weekend's box.. after all those news blitzes and TIME magazine cover stories..

Take two: Art Bell's midnight express back?

After a day of clear tension between Art Bell and his webmaster Keith Rowland, it would appear that Friday night fights and frights have been avoided..
Bell posted this moments ago to his legion of Facebook fans:

Things appear to be a go for Jimmy Church as a Sunday night host of Coast to Coast Am, but even more, the situation between Bell and Rowland has apparently taken a better turn over the last 12 hours..

But most important the latest information in the post is the clearest and most definite annunciation of Bell's return yet, saying that Rowland's Dark Matter website will be the home for Art Bell starting in the summer of 2015, something fans have been clamoring to get in some form of a concrete and non cryptic statement..

So at press time, isn't back yet. But things seem to be shining brighter in Pahrump..

Oh the day of drama it has produced...

The rage I feel over the Scott McMillan case in Chester County Pennsylvania is too difficult to even explain.. My anger is beyond anything I have ever felt about a news story, and yet my grief is equal in strength

Pennsylvania prosecutor: Boy’s beating death ‘just evilness’ »

Yesterday I linked a few news articles about the Chester County PA boy who was tortured to death over a three day period of time.. I was hugely emotional about these articles yesterday.. the people who I spoke to about it were as well, with some of them immediately expressing rage and others weeping for the child who no doubt endured long and awful torture before succumbing to his fate of death at the hands of the two monsters who were supposed to protect and love him..

Today I am no less emotional.. as a matter of fact, I am still tearing up as I even write this post..

These are the two animals disguised as humans:

Jillian Tait, 31, and Gary Lee Fellenbaum, 23..

You want to hear some more to just make you feel even more disgusted? Here goes..
Tait and Fellenbaum went car shopping, bought pizza and engaged in sexual activity as the boy lay dying Tuesday after weeks of escalating abuse that ended in three days of systematic tortu…

Art Bell streaming now in question

UPDATE: Art Bell has announced that differences have been worked out and his return is solidified for July 2015.. more here..

The original story:

Is his newest return over before it even begins?

Controversy began days ago when Dark Matter Network radio host Jimmy Church posted a photograph of himself standing with Coast to Coast AM host George Noory. The message that accompanied it: He would host Sunday's upcoming Coast to Coast AM program. The outcry was immediate; fans of Church on the Dark Matter network smelled a rat.. and foes said it was what they expected.

The notable part of Chruch's sudden apprenticeship with Noory is that his Fade to Black program is on the network built by Art Bell's webmaster Keith Rowland. The Dark Matter network was also the expected vehicle for Art Bell's return to streaming radio in 2015 when his Sirius XM non compete clause expired.

Until now..

Last night, a seemingly angry Art Bell t…


What a way to make a living..

For those reading this under the age of 18, you’re probably deciding how to act in your high school career.. jump on the bandwagon? Be apart of the group? or just jump off the cart and go your own way, risk it all, and be apart of the anti establishment..

Keep in mind this: The high school worries will end fast. On the final day of senior year.. all of the Facebook posts and gossip, rabble rousing of teachers and lunch room battles will become so insignificant.. They will hold no more weight.. the importance will be about as large in stature as a game of high school football. Varsity jackets will grow old and tear, the fabric will come apart. Nothing is forever.. except one thing: The dangers of conformity. And I argue this: it gets worse after high school is said and gone..

The working world is filled with less than moral creatures. They wear three piece suits and have a smile faker than a Hollywood face after plastic surgery. They attempt to comfort co wor…

The cold November Rain

Cold November Rain is falling outside my home base..Maybe yours as well. I recall that ancient 1990s Guns N Roses hit, playing constantly on FM radio back when people listened.. and as a high schooler in the late 90s, that song was the go-to classic for anyone trying to overcome a back breakup. I am sure a whole new generation discovers the power of sadness with the song each and every day. The only difference: Now the song is added to playlists for all 'friends' to see on Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr or Wordpress.. Back then a hormone-infused teenager with angst would drive around towns and blast the song so no one who knew him would hear it. And they'd know.. that boy just got his ass ditched.

And now the news.. of the world.. under a cold November Rain..

A new book is going to tell us how Nazis succeeded after losing World War II: They just moved to the United States and were rewarded with secret lives and a fresh start. The book is called THE NAZIS NEXT DOOR.. The CIA scu…


NY POST REPORTS: Inside Manhattan's secret ‘cult’ »
It’s a secret society that claims its followers descended from a “master Aryan race” on Atlantis and that ­humans once lived on the moon. Homosexuality is banned, corporal punishment encouraged 
This is a great article written by Kate Briquelet at the POST…

For those of you who think secret weird cults are confined to either history or is just fodder for conspiracy kooks, get a load of the POST article that details the life and times—in our modern times—of the secret society of Murray Hill.

One member said that it’s the cult next door to every New Yorker—and no one knows it’s there.

From the POST:
The former worshiper, a Manhattan woman who spoke on the condition of ­anonymity because she fears retribution, joined the group in 2003 while dating a man who was raised in it.

“I totally wanted to know what was going on,” she said, adding that her boyfriend assured her it was “nothing creepy . . . just the basic tenets of all religions.”

The …


Two fireball videos on Nov 3 from Chicago and Japan »
A major fireball was seen around 6:30 PM EST in the eastern US with video from Chicago, and a more impressive video over western Japan the same evening.
Very strange times for a few months now.. the skies may not be falling but the pink stars sure are..

I did not see this latest fireball, though I have seen a few of the most recent ones that have been spotted over the East Coast of the United States.. One a few weeks ago looked so close I thought it would slam down in front of me..

This fireball event last night is notable not only because IT WAS A FIREBALL event, but because it was over the sky in two separate locations: The United States East Coast and Japan..

The reports indicate that a low flying object was burning up, in both venues.. The sightings across the United States were amazing in the sense of how much mileage was covered by witnesses.

There were multiple reports of green streaks through the sky..

From Kentucky to Pennsylvani…

Tuesday terrors: Crystal meth and Alex from Target.. all in an election day's news

UNCLE SAM wants you to be apathetic

Even though I have stated repeatedly that I do not want politics consuming my life, last night I had a dream about Michelle Obama. During the dream, she was making a speech to a convention of the party faithful, and was sarcastically joking about making children in school lunches eat frog soup.. During the dream, the audience was eating it up, literally, laughing at her every word.. The President was proudly on a monitor watching her, laughing as well. But then her eyes changes shape and she said with a rough voice, "I will make you eat frog soup." In  my dream the atmosphere changed.. the room got silent, and she began breathing heavy. Instantly, she was becoming a demon before her fans' eyes and presumably on live network news coverage that would accompany a convention of that nature. And finally, right before I woke up, she seemed to look directly at my mind's eye and said, at this point in a voice that resembled Freddy Kreuger,  "And you will eat frog soup t…

Those eyes...

The person in the middle of this photograph was not alive when it was taken.. she was deceased and, after death, her pupils were drawn on the photograph to make her appear more alive:

This picture is just another stunning example of the Victorian age’s fascination with morbid photographs of lifeless corpses, but bodies made to look and seem very much like they were still living.. Children propped up, or even looking like they were sleeping.. parents, looking distraught from the fact they lost a a child, holding the baby as the photographer snaps away a shot..

The idea of the pictures was not to display the dead in some twisted game, but instead to memorialize a life that once lived.

What gives these pictures that creepy and macabre feeling, so often though, is the amount of children in photos. Little lifeless beings who once were alive but cut down early by the time’s disease and other problems that often befell people..

While the photos can be called ‘creepy’ by our standards, a future g…

Mr. Leeds is watching: Upside down and hell all around

What is up is down and what is down is up. Nothing makes sense now.. all that once did has been trampled by the fierce weight of the modern age.

That seems to be the common sentiment among many people I talk to anymore, this notion that everything that was once true has suddenly become a mystery and everything that was once mysterious has become fact.

There is this theory that exists in the paranormal realm, one that I do not necessarily subscribe to but one that has a very interesting premise when you consider it. The idea is that the earths magnetic field is what separates the here and there, that the netherworld is actually existent but because of gravity and the magnetic layer around this is there, the paranormal world does not interfere with our reality.  The theory then goes on to say that with the weakening of the magnetic field, more ghostly activity and strangeness occur. We do know too that the earths magnetic field has been weakening over the past several years, and scientist…

Where the psychopaths rule

UK Government officials considered recruiting psychopaths 'to keep order' after nuclear attack »
A Home Office official suggested recruiting psychopaths to help restore order in the event England is hit by a devastating nuclear attack, files released by the National Archives have revealed.
So if law and order breaks down, you will need people who don’t contemplate human emotions or care about feelings and pain to inflict their own brand or order to the disorder? Apparently yes.. The government must think the only ones they can have confidence in during some crises would be those who are heartless, cruel, and succinct in the style of leadership.

No moral code, no feelings for others.. and filled with logic.

Exactly what would be necessary after horrors of nuclear attacks..

I wonder what other types of crises the government would think psychopaths are good for? … and one must ask, obviously, if the government is simply creating a way for THEM to continue leading..

The future is now..

A cold and dreary Sunday morning sidewalk in a world of war. All the spaceships to safety have crashed

A view of the planet earth from a very cold Sunday morning sidewalk, with some flurries in the air and the chilled winds of winter blowing..

The fall of a potential empire already? The space program that could not get off the ground.. After the tragic crash this week of Richard Branson's space vehicle, his dreams for commercial space tourism is in doubt.. It's somewhat sad to see the crashing.. but it's also a part of the process to get to space. No one said it was going to be easy or safe.. Human beings should be busy attempting to expand off of the planet earth.. to go where no man has gone before.. to spread our wings and fly away.. This week, that new frontier seems unlikely.. and we see locked on a planet mired in hell and horror..

Chris Rock pushed the envelope last night on Saturday Night LIVE with jokes about the Boston bombing and 9/11.. While the media is rushing to condemn him and users on twitter are happily joining on that bandwagon, we will not.. the jokes were…