There are a number of watches and warnings for the Bering Sea and Alaska right now.. This storm is intense and is going to be developing over the next several hours. While it has not a named storm anymore due to its location, it certainly should be.. This monster has so many characteristics of a disaster in the making..

It is striking Alaska today.. With it came 50 foot waves and near 100 MPH winds..

This storm is also a weather changer: It will cause polar air to sink into the United States early for the winter season.. Along with the chill comes chances of snow for many places not accustomed to seeing flakes that early..



Christopher Nolan spent oodles of cash bringing us the loud and boisterous INTERSTELLAR.. But tell that to the nearly 30% of people on ROTTEN TOMATOES who didn't like it..

Meanwhile, ROTTEN TOMATOES gave BIG HERO 6 a 90% rate..

This weekend's box office was made for INTERSTELLAR.. News outlets admired it before seeing it and gushed after their viewing parties..

But the kids still rule. This weekend, after the dust settles and the money is counted, it looks like the epic Nolan budget breaker will not break people's wallets, instead the family friendly BIG HERO 6 will rule..

Friday night opening dollars were strong for INTERSTELLAR..
Saturday, though, it's predicted that it becomes a family affair..

BIG HERO will be the big hero of this weekend's box.. after all those news blitzes and TIME magazine cover stories..



Take two: Art Bell's midnight express back?

After a day of clear tension between Art Bell and his webmaster Keith Rowland, it would appear that Friday night fights and frights have been avoided..
Bell posted this moments ago to his legion of Facebook fans:


Things appear to be a go for Jimmy Church as a Sunday night host of Coast to Coast Am, but even more, the situation between Bell and Rowland has apparently taken a better turn over the last 12 hours..

But most important the latest information in the post is the clearest and most definite annunciation of Bell's return yet, saying that Rowland's Dark Matter website will be the home for Art Bell starting in the summer of 2015, something fans have been clamoring to get in some form of a concrete and non cryptic statement..

So at press time, isn't back yet. But things seem to be shining brighter in Pahrump..

Oh the day of drama it has produced...

The rage I feel over the Scott McMillan case in Chester County Pennsylvania is too difficult to even explain.. My anger is beyond anything I have ever felt about a news story, and yet my grief is equal in strength

Yesterday I linked a few news articles about the Chester County PA boy who was tortured to death over a three day period of time.. I was hugely emotional about these articles yesterday.. the people who I spoke to about it were as well, with some of them immediately expressing rage and others weeping for the child who no doubt endured long and awful torture before succumbing to his fate of death at the hands of the two monsters who were supposed to protect and love him..

Today I am no less emotional.. as a matter of fact, I am still tearing up as I even write this post..

These are the two animals disguised as humans:

Child Torture Death

Jillian Tait, 31, and Gary Lee Fellenbaum, 23..

You want to hear some more to just make you feel even more disgusted? Here goes..
Tait and Fellenbaum went car shopping, bought pizza and engaged in sexual activity as the boy lay dying Tuesday after weeks of escalating abuse that ended in three days of systematic torture, officials said.

Investigators found no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved.

“This is just evilness,” said Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said. “It is an unspeakable act of depravity.”

The case is being called “an American horror story” by Hogan..Even the nurses in the emergency room wept when the small boy beaten and battered was brought in.. they could not save his life.. his corpse was laying in front of the hospital staff in the most likely disturbing condition that even rodents don’t deserve..

This has quickly become a huge story in my home state.. Philadelphia is rocked by it.. No doubt Chester County children and youth have some answers they need to find—and give us, especially if prior instances of investigations occurred. And also, teachers? What about anyone else.. did anyone see abuse, or suspect it, and not say anything? Prosecutors are alleging that systematic abuse took place, with a 6-year-old also being a victim..

Still today, I don’t have any words to accurately describe my feelings on this.. Even the most cold-hearted person may read the details of this grisly case and wonder how these two ghoulish figures were able to function..

And quite frankly, as said yesterday, I don’t know if a God above exists.. but I sure as hell am starting to believe a devil on earth is strong and real..

This is the little soul who escaped the earthly bondage. I hope and pray there is a God who took him..

Scott McMillan, the 3-year-old boy allegedly killed by his mother and mother´s boyfriend in Chester County. (courtesy photo)<br />

Art Bell streaming now in question

UPDATE: Art Bell has announced that differences have been worked out and his return is solidified for July 2015.. more here..

The original story:

Is his newest return over before it even begins?

Controversy began days ago when Dark Matter Network radio host Jimmy Church posted a photograph of himself standing with Coast to Coast AM host George Noory. The message that accompanied it: He would host Sunday's upcoming Coast to Coast AM program. The outcry was immediate; fans of Church on the Dark Matter network smelled a rat.. and foes said it was what they expected.

The notable part of Chruch's sudden apprenticeship with Noory is that his Fade to Black program is on the network built by Art Bell's webmaster Keith Rowland. The Dark Matter network was also the expected vehicle for Art Bell's return to streaming radio in 2015 when his Sirius XM non compete clause expired.

Until now..

Last night, a seemingly angry Art Bell took to Facebook to announce several things, including his website being taken down and any mention of his name ont he Dark Matter page being scrubbed.

In totality, Art Bell wrote this to his fans and followers,
The Dark Matter Network was established as a Forum to showcase new Talent and as a place where after my two Year Non-compete was done (In July next Year) that I could begin streaming live, it was run by Keith Rowland and of course a alternative to Coast. In the last few days I began getting email's from many of you who could not believe that one of the Talk Host's on DM was invited to do a Guest Host gig on Coast. This was done I am sure to irritate me which it did, however the straw that broke the camels back was that Keith did not have the courtesy to call me. When I called him, his response was "don't worry he will stay on DM and Coast". At that point I decided to pull my Web Page and asked Keith to remove my name from the site. This is not about Jimmy Church, I wish him all the luck in the World, this is about trust in relationships.

Where this leaves me in terms of where I can stream a show now is a open question. What I do know is I have to be able to trust the people I work with.


The message was strong: A rift has seemed to develop now between Bell and Rowland--the man who has been Art's right hand webmaster since the early days of the internet all the way to the Sirius XM shortfall.

Rowland himself posted  brief responses to the Bell message on Facebook:
So because I didn't call Art and advise him that Jimmy would appear on C2C, I'm tossed under the bus, even though many DMRN hosts and guests have appeared on C2C already

Rowland went on to write,
The appearance of Jimmy Church on C2C was to promote the Dark Matter Radio Network, the place where Art Bell was to return. I'm sorry that Art did that see that as its purpose.

I would love to resolve the issue, but Art doesn't trust me anymore. I'm sorry that I wouldn't be part of the Art Bell web site any more. I am running Dark Matter Radio Network as a basis for Art, but maybe that wont happen.

The always popular and readable BellGab website immediately lit up overnight with questions as to why was suddenly unavailable. Some argued it was an error with the DNS. Then the truth came out when a message poster who emailed Rowland said that Rowland's response to the web troubles was ,  "Ask Art."  Other posters guessed correctly what the problem was: The Jimmy Church exploration of Coast.

Apparently, as was expected by some watching the affair develop from the beginning, Rowland did not bother to mention to Art Bell that one of his radio allies was about to cohort with the enemy.

This newest event seems to continue the process of Coast to Coast AM constantly one upping the talk show giant. Bell left Coast to Coast and George Noory took the program into a new direction. Fans of Bell often will complain that Noory bastardized the Bell traditions, like open lines and Ghost to Ghost. After Bell came back to SiriusXM radio for a short stint, Coast began plucking off guests from Bell. Even more, they worked behind the scenes with Sirius radio and when Bell left, Coast to Coast AM took over the time slot he had occupied immediately. And now this newest event, plucking hosts away from the Dark Matter network, is the newest dagger.

Some will argue, including Jimmy Church himself, that when a big named national radio show calls and asks to host, you don't say no. That may be true. But in Art Bell's circle, it seems that trust weighs far higher in the pecking order than fame or fortune. The private and often quirky Art Bell's beef does nto seem to be with Church, it is apparent that the focal point of the newest controversy is his relationship with long time friend Keith Rowland.

Those who understand the situation know this: A host being taken from the DARK MATTER network to host the enemy terrestrial radio program is a big deal. For Church, it could be the deal of a lifetime. It may begin a new career as a potential weekend host on a radio program with over 500 affiliates. But for Bell, it apparently is something he wanted to know about. He did not find out for Rowland, but instead fans on Facebook who undoubtedly expressed anger in a multitude of messages.

So where does this leave Bell?
Up in the air, as so often happens.
The planned return to radio was going to be done in a new medium for him: Live streaming.  However, this rift seems to have stalled that plan.

There is a number of opinions being expressed on forums across the Internet, most notably on Bellgab. Some are angry at Bell himself, arguing that this is simply another temper tantrum and that he was looking for a way out of coming back. The majority however saw it coming. When Church announced his no professional relationship with George Noory--a man he once did not say many kind things about--the writing was on the wall: He wants to move on from Dark Matter. Keith Rowland neglected to tell Art that.

It's tough being a fan of Art Bell. You never quite know where he stands on certain things. And when you do think you have it figured out, he takes his website down and exits the stage again.

As the famed 'bateman' on Bellgab said today: "Someone shit the bed big time here." Perhaps the perfect summation to Church on Sunday.

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What a way to make a living..

For those reading this under the age of 18, you’re probably deciding how to act in your high school career.. jump on the bandwagon? Be apart of the group? or just jump off the cart and go your own way, risk it all, and be apart of the anti establishment..

Keep in mind this: The high school worries will end fast. On the final day of senior year.. all of the Facebook posts and gossip, rabble rousing of teachers and lunch room battles will become so insignificant.. They will hold no more weight.. the importance will be about as large in stature as a game of high school football. Varsity jackets will grow old and tear, the fabric will come apart. Nothing is forever.. except one thing: The dangers of conformity. And I argue this: it gets worse after high school is said and gone..

The working world is filled with less than moral creatures. They wear three piece suits and have a smile faker than a Hollywood face after plastic surgery. They attempt to comfort co workers with words of wisdom, and have vacant and stale conversations in elevators about ‘weekend plans’ or ‘the wife and kids.’ And weather. They talk about weather. And when they do, it’s only to fill the gap that they fear: Silence in the workplace..

The quest to succeed in a job is dangerous, often. Especially when success depends on becoming a part of a ‘team.’ Conforming.. Agreeing to things that you don’t agree with.. and trying to pretend to be agreeable.

The bandwagon effect, I argue, is much stronger after high school than it was during. People change their entire persona for a job. They act like someone else.. They minus out the truth of their character and put up a facade–often times it’s based off of acting how they perceive others want them to..

Those who act the most unlike themselves often face evenings of heavy drinking.. drug use.. scandalous sex.. Anything to subtract the truth of their cowardly ways from their mind.. They feel torn between the real person deep inside the layers of fraud that they have built, with their glass house being easily shattered, they delve into the twisted and sick world of television.. They pretend to enjoy what they watch, and often watch the ‘most viewed’ programs just in order to be able to maintain a steady stream of drivel the next day in their job with co workers. The water cooler is a place without emotion. It’s a sad place.. One where people attempt to pretend to like each other, and then slowly sink the knife into the back of the ‘friend’ who walks away first..

Yes. The working world will cut you down. Your friends are your enemies and your enemies are simply dangerous. You’re on your own. Unless you’re a member of the team, someone who will actively participate in group think and do what you’re expected. Stay inside your box. Don’t dare think for yourself..

Give me the high school fights any day. They were real, filled with hormones, angst, and teen rage.

The dangerous bandwagon shows up when you decide to jump on it.
In the working world, some people want to drive it..

The cold November Rain

Cold November Rain is falling outside my home base..Maybe yours as well. I recall that ancient 1990s Guns N Roses hit, playing constantly on FM radio back when people listened.. and as a high schooler in the late 90s, that song was the go-to classic for anyone trying to overcome a back breakup. I am sure a whole new generation discovers the power of sadness with the song each and every day. The only difference: Now the song is added to playlists for all 'friends' to see on Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr or Wordpress.. Back then a hormone-infused teenager with angst would drive around towns and blast the song so no one who knew him would hear it. And they'd know.. that boy just got his ass ditched.

And now the news.. of the world.. under a cold November Rain..

A new book is going to tell us how Nazis succeeded after losing World War II: They just moved to the United States and were rewarded with secret lives and a fresh start. The book is called THE NAZIS NEXT DOOR.. The CIA scubbed some peoples' files.. Some were brought into the fold of NASA and helped get the United States to the moon.. And many lived into their 90s without retaliation for the war crimes they committed during the dark period of WWII.. It looks like a good book. It may rock your paradigm. Unless of course you're like me and knew of these conspiracy FACTS for some time now..

Another book about why Jimmy Carter failed in 1980 may equally rock your mental confidence in mainstream theories of why presidents lose elections: This one claims that a deep state plot existed to elect Reagan into office and destroy Jimmy Carter. There was the perfect swerve: The oil and hostage crises..

It's cold November RAIN today.. but maybe arctic November snow tomorrow.. All indications are a go for a big wave of cold the second half of November.. The arctic plunge will come fast and early.. Winter is about to come to our doorsteps..

A man is claiming that his photograph of a double rainbow (go ahead say it..) features ghosts.. It's making the news--as so many times these days ghost stories do.. I am not convinced I am seeing what they think they know they've seen. But I was not there, none of us were.. so for us to judge their paranormal experience would be unfair..

The name of the NAVY SEAL who shot Osama Bin Laden three times in the head has been revealed by world media.. His photo is being splashed everywhere now, as well..

The Holy 'Gust,' as it is being called, was enough to make Pope Francis' cape close over his face, masking his head to the crowds adoring him..

Rose McGowan attacked the LGBT community for something not often said: Gay men are most misogynistic than straight men.. And a multitude of opinions let loose..

The BBC reports on an 'Ebola body collector' Mariatu Kagbo in Africa.. She volunteered for the job to protect the dignity of woman who died from the disease.. The video provided by the BBC is disturbing.. Kagbo says now she has nightmares.. cannot blame her after witnesses some of the video images that she has seen in real life..

Just when you thought Ebola and other viral infections were the nightmare on main street, get ready for this just in time for Mistletoe romance: Chagas, the kissing disease, a bug that medical professionals are warning is much more dangerous than anyone thinks..

Return of the Jedis!! Maui has defied the empire.. They passed a back on GMO Monsanto farming..
The Empire Strikes Back in Oregon and Colardo, where GMO labeling was defeated with help from Monsanto's million$$$..

Alarming ride in colon cander in the 35 to 49 age group..

Man to be 'eaten alive' by a snake on DISCOVERY show.. What could go wrong..?

4CHAN is back in the news.. Ealier this autumn, it was because a user was actively posting nude celebrity hacked photos across the message board service. Today it is because a murderer used the site to post grisly images of a corpse he had just ended the life of--he strangled the woman and then joked in messages that she fought back and that it was tougher to kill someone in real life than it was on the movies. Even more, the body was posted on 4CHAN prior to police or anyone discovering it.. In one taunting message, the killer stated that people will find out about the murder as soon as the woman's son gets home from school and calls the police.. THE SMOKING GUN website has a full story on the horrid murder of Amber Lynn Schraw from Washington State.. She is a mother of four.. And now, thanks to the killer posting the morbid images, people saw her naked body with strangle marks on her neck.. While vile crimes and true horror has become commplace since the gates of hell opened, this murder seems to be especially revulting.. At the hour, we know this: The 4CHAN murder suspect David Michael Kalac has surrended in Oregon .. he did not pull the BB gun on cops as one message on 4chan suggested he would.. But 4CHAN is also in the mix on this. That website may be the brain and engine that gives us the MEMES and GIFs that are used on Facebook by the elderly and aged.. I am serious about this. 4CHAN may be one of the most important websites in existence, though so often is involved with crude and disgusting things.. Michael DALY of the DAILY BEAST wrote an interesting question in that publication when he asked if the murder of this woman 'sicken the creeps of 4chan?' Daly reports that the 13-year-old son that Kalac made reference to did indeed find his mother dead on a couch--something that boy will never get passed for the rest of his life thanks to a demonic vile creature who inhabited a body.. And even more, Daly asks this remarkably important question for the teenagers who run the net at 4CHAN: "They might take a moment to wonder why the killer thought they were just the ones with whom he wanted “to share the pics.”" I am very disturbed by this story.. it rocked me when I first read about it and hesitated actually sharing any thoughts on it immediately. Those thoughts I had were laced with swear words and vitriolic rage.. The perversion of the Internet Superhighway has happened. We ruined the roads and crashed the bridges long ago.. Suicides streaming live and now murder victims with their naked bodies and strangled necks posted for the world to see.. This indeed is too much. And a clear indication of how much further we have to go down the path of hell on the planet earth..


NY POST REPORTS: Inside Manhattan's secret ‘cult’ »

This is a great article written by Kate Briquelet at the POST…

For those of you who think secret weird cults are confined to either history or is just fodder for conspiracy kooks, get a load of the POST article that details the life and times—in our modern times—of the secret society of Murray Hill.

One member said that it’s the cult next door to every New Yorker—and no one knows it’s there.

From the POST:
The former worshiper, a Manhattan woman who spoke on the condition of ­anonymity because she fears retribution, joined the group in 2003 while dating a man who was raised in it.

“I totally wanted to know what was going on,” she said, adding that her boyfriend assured her it was “nothing creepy . . . just the basic tenets of all religions.”

The deeper she got, the more skeptical she became.

Baer spoke to her of battling evil people in lucid dreams and how cancer and other illnesses were the result of karma, not health habits, genetics or environment. She noted Baer’s repeated, odd mispronunciation of “awry” as “ow-ree.”

It gets weirder:
During a meeting at the end of the year, ­everyone was handed a white ­envelope — except for her. The next day, she joined her boyfriend, who had since become her fiancĂ©, and his parents for dinner.

The food wasn’t even served before her ­fiancĂ©’s mother stood at the table and announced: “If you think you’re marrying him, you’re nuts. I remember you from 10,000 years ago, and you tried to bring down the Light.

And this:
Ex-members told The Post they couldn’t even have artwork or bric-a-brac in their homes unless it contained one of the signs, which include an “owl,” or watcher protecting Light members, and a cross with an “X,” the group’s greeting sign.

So the next time you’re in someone’s humble little home, check for the X.. maybe you’ll be right next door to the same strange cast of characters who worship the owl and wait for the end times in Murray Hill..

Former Congregation for the Light member Paul Arthur Miller with approved owl memorabilia in his home


Two fireball videos on Nov 3 from Chicago and Japan »

Very strange times for a few months now.. the skies may not be falling but the pink stars sure are..

I did not see this latest fireball, though I have seen a few of the most recent ones that have been spotted over the East Coast of the United States.. One a few weeks ago looked so close I thought it would slam down in front of me..

This fireball event last night is notable not only because IT WAS A FIREBALL event, but because it was over the sky in two separate locations: The United States East Coast and Japan..

The reports indicate that a low flying object was burning up, in both venues.. The sightings across the United States were amazing in the sense of how much mileage was covered by witnesses.

There were multiple reports of green streaks through the sky..

From Kentucky to Pennsylvania—and Pennsyltucky no doubt.. One report said it was the brightest meteor the person has ever seen.

The concerning part is that Japan saw some of the same exact sights.. Is there a chance a large object broke in that much up? How large exactly was that object if that is the case.. or are these events isolated?

This really is nothing new, in a sense.. meteors and fireballs have always streaked across the sky.. some think that it’s only because these days we have better reporting that more sightings are being documented..

What troubles me is that so many fireballs lately seem to be occurring in big numbers—and those fireballs are bigger each time..

What worries me more than anything, if you want to be scared, is the amount of debris, space junk, and plain old dangerous rocks that are close by earth but unknown.. The meteor that slammed into Russia was dangerous—and unknown. While the world was watching another meteor ‘safely’ miss Earth, that one hit Russia..

And lately, with all of these fireballs zooming across the planet (And with so many people seeing them) it worries me that the next big one will be missed, too.

Tuesday terrors: Crystal meth and Alex from Target.. all in an election day's news

Politics will dominate news coverage today.
But real news and things of importance are still out there.. You just have to look.. We did, for you. The information as follows is free and vital to your morning .

Reports claim that a new nose spray protects monkeys from Ebola.. but the company is out of money to fund further vaccine studies. Hmmm... I detect a very smart way of getting more funding..

It was a scary time for parents after CHARLIE BROWN AND THE GREAT PUMPKIN was over on ABC the other evening.. immediately following, a steamy sex scene that kids had to have seen..

Crystal meth in the United States is being blamed on BREAKING BAD..

Claim: Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are capturing Christians, dissecting them alive, tearing out their organs, killing the victims, and then selling the organs to Saudi Arabia and Turkey..

Apparently MARVEL is going to be really angry about Rob Zombie's '31' ..  Is he copying? I don't know. But I know this: Zombie has released teasers and posters for this film for a few months.. It involves clowns and sadistic things— clowns..As though Rob Zombie was able to see the future.. Clowns are so en vogue now..Clown sightings in California, evil clowns in France, England, and many other parts of the world have taken a stranglehold on mainstream news..And now a menacing clown movie from Zombie is in the horizon…

A must read and a must know bit of information: Plastic in chemicals is being linked to changes in baby boys' genitals.. 

Another must read and must know: Your television set is watching you.. the smart TEE VEE sells your face and voice to third parties.. This rates very high on the creepy scale..

Want to live forever or at least live good? Get the blood of the young.. the new science of 'vampire therapy' is upon us.. TRUE BLOOD indeed..

Humans often argue that robots will not be able to do anything that requires emotion.. Oh? Well there is a breakthrough where a microchip can now implant a robot with emotion! Artificial intelligence complete with sadness, laughter, trust, anticipation, anger, and all the rest.. There really is no stopping this.

Obama signs disaster declaration to help the town of Pahoa, Hawaii, dealing with a smoldering volcano..

A creepy story of the ghosts of Leyte Philippines.. as told by a priest who prayed the Hail Mary and was joined by a chorus of spirits doing the same..

The newest flu shot: Made with dog cells.. This year the new batch of the flu shot vaccine has been scrapped of its chicken eggs.. instead dog cells dominate.  The kidney cells of dogs as a matter of fact. That's right: This year, 'your flu vaccine' is not like the others..

This is very troubling: Kelloggs cereal is double in GMO and pesticides.. Perhaps now we see the reason the company pays so much money to stop food labeling in whatever states it pops up.. Get this: A consumer recently sent a box of Froot Loops to a lab for genetic testing and found that the corn and soy used in the cereal are 100% RoundUp Ready GMO. So is the sugar.. And even the "non-GMO" brands are in this category.. KASHI as well..

A new warning! Selfies spread head lice!

Real headline (not sure if it's real information though): Priest called in for exorcism after family complaints of their son sharing a bath with a ghost..

Alex from Target
And now the newest internet famous person: Alex from Target. Someone snapped his photo... and suddenly his picture was beamed around the internet world..
 And quite frankly, suddenly, I think we all know too much about this kid named Alex.. See, Alex lost control of the incident. He actually never really had a chance. He didn't know his photo was snapped, nor did he know his image would take Twitter by storm.. Target had no idea that, despite all of the models they have paid big bucks for, free advertising was going to get their brand name associated with lots of tweets.. What is weird is how, without someone even asking, hundreds of thousands of people--or more--will pass an immediate judgement on his looks.. He has no chance to reply or rebut.. Some on Twitter are now calling Alex 'ugly' .. Some have apparently tracked down his girlfriend and are now sending her threatening messages.  Internet fame is quick, though.. Normally, it will come in a big wave with smiles, destroy a few lives, and move on to the next unsuspecting victim..

Times have changed.. A lot. I  remember back in the 1990s when David Letterman found footage of a woman eating a peach at a game and put it on the big jumbotron in New York City. She sued him..

Alex's rise to fame reminds me of another instantly famous person: The woman dancing on a street in 2013..

Now, there's no stopping internet fame from coming, taking your image, and literally the information superhighway with the troubled souls of adolescence.. Good luck stopping it..
And now forever, you'll be ALEX FROM TARGET. And in a few hours you won't even know why..

UNCLE SAM wants you to be apathetic

Even though I have stated repeatedly that I do not want politics consuming my life, last night I had a dream about Michelle Obama. During the dream, she was making a speech to a convention of the party faithful, and was sarcastically joking about making children in school lunches eat frog soup.. During the dream, the audience was eating it up, literally, laughing at her every word.. The President was proudly on a monitor watching her, laughing as well. But then her eyes changes shape and she said with a rough voice, "I will make you eat frog soup." In  my dream the atmosphere changed.. the room got silent, and she began breathing heavy. Instantly, she was becoming a demon before her fans' eyes and presumably on live network news coverage that would accompany a convention of that nature. And finally, right before I woke up, she seemed to look directly at my mind's eye and said, at this point in a voice that resembled Freddy Kreuger,  "And you will eat frog soup too"...

While I may not truly know where the frog soup angle originated from, it's no doubt that I had a political nightmare.. The advertisements are deluging me. And you .. News anchors with their script tells us what the election will mean. And then will remind us that their coverage tonight will be best..

And in the end, the true irony of this whole thing, is that apathy is going to dominate the election of 2014.. Are people mad at President Obama? I think so. I perceive anger among the people.. Economic conditions have been so slow to recover.. there are signs of good things but are so often hidden behind the murky waters of monetary instability.

Regardless, there will be a lot of people who do not vote today.

America may make a sea change, a dramatic re-setting of the course to a more Republican rule. The same thing happened in 1994, that time though Bill Clinton's presidency was in its infancy and he had a way to work with Congress, change direction back to his own beliefs by triangulating with Dick Morris, and still had time to lie under oath about sexual relations with cigars and interns. The roaring 90s were amazing.. the only time in history that the evening news came with an X rating at time with nervous news dudes cautiously trying to explain why a stain on a blue dress was enough to potentially bring down a presidency.

In our current time, it's very interesting to see the fervor over the previous few elections and compare it to the quiet zeal of a few today. Republicans may very well increase their lead in the House of Representatives and despite what Joe Biden said in some early damage control gone wrong, take the Senate. There is also the very big likelihood--even if Republican gains are held off by Democrats--that this is the beginning of the famed 'lame duck' portion of the Obama presidency..  From the winds of change and massive audiences of 2008, and young people continuing to vote in 2012.. we have this: A probable election victory for the opposition with so few casting ballots.

Don't get me wrong, a victory will be a victory.
But the apathy is what is truly winning..

So that is the story from this morning patriotic glory.. Michelle Obama's evil menu haunted my night and now, as the day progresses, politicians will continue to smile with their unnerving fright..

They are look so strange though, don't they? The elected officials and people trying to unseat them have a creepy feel..

They Live..

And today is the day for them to haunt..


Those eyes...

The person in the middle of this photograph was not alive when it was taken.. she was deceased and, after death, her pupils were drawn on the photograph to make her appear more alive:


This picture is just another stunning example of the Victorian age’s fascination with morbid photographs of lifeless corpses, but bodies made to look and seem very much like they were still living.. Children propped up, or even looking like they were sleeping.. parents, looking distraught from the fact they lost a a child, holding the baby as the photographer snaps away a shot..

The idea of the pictures was not to display the dead in some twisted game, but instead to memorialize a life that once lived.

What gives these pictures that creepy and macabre feeling, so often though, is the amount of children in photos. Little lifeless beings who once were alive but cut down early by the time’s disease and other problems that often befell people..

While the photos can be called ‘creepy’ by our standards, a future generation may one day raise its collective eyebrows at our modern ways of holding viewings.. Or whatever other things cultures around the world currently do.

I am certainly not a proponent of bringing this custom or tradition back, but i have recently been seeing photographs of corpses occurring at viewings..

We all handle death in certain ways.. different ways.. And these days we live with a camera constantly in our hands.

I predict it won’t be too long before these seemingly strange Victorian customs come back again—just in a different Instagram-hue colored sorta way..

Mr. Leeds is watching: Upside down and hell all around

What is up is down and what is down is up. Nothing makes sense now.. all that once did has been trampled by the fierce weight of the modern age.

That seems to be the common sentiment among many people I talk to anymore, this notion that everything that was once true has suddenly become a mystery and everything that was once mysterious has become fact.

There is this theory that exists in the paranormal realm, one that I do not necessarily subscribe to but one that has a very interesting premise when you consider it. The idea is that the earths magnetic field is what separates the here and there, that the netherworld is actually existent but because of gravity and the magnetic layer around this is there, the paranormal world does not interfere with our reality.  The theory then goes on to say that with the weakening of the magnetic field, more ghostly activity and strangeness occur. We do know too that the earths magnetic field has been weakening over the past several years, and scientists say it will continue to do so.

If you believe in the dramatic theory of how the paranormal could become normal, that we are very close to the gates of strangeness, and you concur with the magnetic field is actually weaker than before, then you may not be shocked at the stories in the news as of late: Tales of demonic possession, houses of politicians being haunted, and exorcists in demand across the world.

Over the weekend as my son–along with my wife and I– was attempting to get past strep throat and other cold like symptoms that suddenly struck, I was perusing some news articles and came across a horrific tell from the Congo. Apparently a mob mentality–literally–struck. Witnesses said that a mob of people stoned to death a man who was unable to speak the native dialect … he was on a bus and carrying a machete. They killed him, suspecting he was a member of ISIS, after terror attacks have killed 100 in the country..   But then (graphic content warning now) things got ‘real,’ with the mob burning the lifeless corpse of the suspected terrorist and then–drumroll please–eating him..

They consumed the evil they murdered and feared.. There are also photos in global media to prove the horror..

The horror that occurred in real time to the man now consumed by the angry group of people is no match to the terror that has been unleashed in the nation of Iraq.. This weekend, again, was no different.  More brutal executions.. Women and children, as usual, were not dismissed of their unearned early murders. They were found in a well, we are told by media reports.. Dead and tossed like garbage.. Entire families were marched to their deaths.

This is really real. This is happening. It is not murder and genocide confined to the safe pages of history books. It is now.

While speaking to a family member today who recently lost a loving husband and good man–a very big loss personally for my family and this world–she told me that she is distressed more and more by reality taking place.. She said that things have even become more serious since losing someone, and that the witching hour of 3am is often in her blurry sleepy vision as she awakens in distress from sleep.

I have heard this a lot recently..

The 3am witching hour, complete with the fear of the world and the weight of the gates of hell, wide open and giving us a daily dose of demonic activity..

I have written before about that hour, a time when the thinness of the here and there seems to be the weakest and thinnest. But so many people lately have spoken of the same troubles sleeping.

While that may not be enough to develop a thesis that the world is about to dramatically change, it certainly has raised my eyebrows.. why so many now, at this time, with the same ailment: Waking constantly, especially at the time of the night we dread?

Maybe the news of the day is just too much to deal with.. perhaps headlines are dreadful, so much so that our brains have been impacted and our inner night owls are taking over?

I frankly don’t know..

I know this: Life has always been violent. People have always been crude, rude, cowardly, desolate of morals and filled with depravity. There have been handfuls of goodness and pockets of pride. So often, though, the loudest were the degenerates who mocked God and made a mockery of the creation.

Despite it being one of the lowest rated movies of M. Night Shyamalan’s career, I loved LADY IN THE WATER. There is one character in particular who reminds me of so many people in our current time.. His name was “Mr. Leeds” played by actor Bill Irwin.  He is one of the tenants in the apartment building where a magical fairy tale will soon ensue.. but until it does, he is busy daily watching his television set of the latest scenes of chaos, strife, warfare and murder across the planet. Shyamalan presents him as a stoic man, someone who seemingly watches in a silent agony as the chilling news broadcasts play out 24/7 in his living room. And really, isn’t that all of us? The silent majority, not condemning the atrocities across the earth but instead attempting to live our lives as though they aren’t happening? Traveling to work in heavy traffic, consumed by radio interfering with our souls, standing around a water cooler with mindless dribble spewing? That is us.. We are good at heart.. But scared of the consequences of speaking out.

The scary scenes of warfare.. ‘at least it’s not here’ as a general attitude is never good.. It’s akin to someone saying “if I’m not doing anything wrong I have nothing to fear” when presented with news that the government and corporations are relentless spying on us to no end. It is wrong and unhealthy to just accept all things for the sake of creating peace. No peacemaker who was successful ever said no to battle and a good fight.

As said previously, there has always been horrors on this planet. Dictators have ruled with iron fists, entire peoples were wiped out by chemical and nuclear weapons.. So what is any different about today as opposed to then?
The fact we are in the 21st century.. the fact that this should all have been settled by now.

No matter how far we progress, we use the technology of the day for the sordid affairs of murder and pillage. We are more connected than ever. We can talk to someone in real time anywhere on this planet.. and with live web cams see their every move. Then beheadings fill our newsfeeds..
And our response? Apathy..
Cautious carelessness.. instead we’ll Tweet and simmer in anger over the latest meaningless football game that quenches our simply Sunday mindsets.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In LADY IN THE WATER, Mr. Leeds’ took on a very important role.  He questions whether humanity should be saved in his dialogue in the film. He goes on to inspire the main character of the film at the most crucial time. And it leads to redemption–redemption of the entire group of apartment misfits that never realized the power of humanity to work as one.

We are all Mr. Leeds, engrossed in the mundane violence that television news has become.. But all the while, feeling powerful to face the brunt of the devastation..

This past weekend, Halloween weekend no less, the news of the world was scarier than any ghoul or monster on your door steps cutely asking for candy. Those monsters are innocent after all, dressing like the things that haunt them at night, or the heroes who save their days.. But the real monsters and demons wear suits and ties and play chess with the lives of all of us. Meanwhile terrorist splinter groups take aim at fellow man and inhumanely create a hell on earth ..

Yes indeed.. the gates of are wide open and giving us some troubling times on Earth..
As the veil things..and the field weakens.

Where the psychopaths rule

UK Government officials considered recruiting psychopaths 'to keep order' after nuclear attack »

So if law and order breaks down, you will need people who don’t contemplate human emotions or care about feelings and pain to inflict their own brand or order to the disorder? Apparently yes.. The government must think the only ones they can have confidence in during some crises would be those who are heartless, cruel, and succinct in the style of leadership.

No moral code, no feelings for others.. and filled with logic.

Exactly what would be necessary after horrors of nuclear attacks..

I wonder what other types of crises the government would think psychopaths are good for? … and one must ask, obviously, if the government is simply creating a way for THEM to continue leading..

The future is now..
I would think the psychopath idea is very 20th century. Now it’s robots and heartless machines to rule us in the future. And maybe not just disaster or Armageddon, but every day order, too..

A cold and dreary Sunday morning sidewalk in a world of war. All the spaceships to safety have crashed

A view of the planet earth from a very cold Sunday morning sidewalk, with some flurries in the air and the chilled winds of winter blowing..

The fall of a potential empire already? The space program that could not get off the ground.. After the tragic crash this week of Richard Branson's space vehicle, his dreams for commercial space tourism is in doubt.. It's somewhat sad to see the crashing.. but it's also a part of the process to get to space. No one said it was going to be easy or safe.. Human beings should be busy attempting to expand off of the planet earth.. to go where no man has gone before.. to spread our wings and fly away.. This week, that new frontier seems unlikely.. and we see locked on a planet mired in hell and horror..

Chris Rock pushed the envelope last night on Saturday Night LIVE with jokes about the Boston bombing and 9/11.. While the media is rushing to condemn him and users on twitter are happily joining on that bandwagon, we will not.. the jokes were tame--he did at all mock the victims who perished, but instead make safe quips about each. He said this about the Boston bombing: "That was probably the most frightening, sadistic terrorist attack ever," he said, describing the strain on the competitors who run 26 miles. "Their knees are hurting, their feet are killing them. ... You've been training for a year, you finally get to the finish line, and somebody screams: 'Run!" On the new Freedom Tower in NYC, he said: "They should change the name from the Freedom Tower to the 'Never Going in There' Tower. Because I'm never going in there. There is no circumstance that will ever get me in that building. Are you kidding me? Who's the corporate sponsor, Target? I am never going in the Freedom Tower. I don't care if Scarlett Johansson is butt naked on the 89th floor in a plate of ribs." And with that controversy spilled over.. The monologue was awkward a bit, though.. some people, it would appear, didn't know of they should laugh or squirm.. But that is what comedy is for, to take us away from reality, to a new level, and provide humor and laughter in a dark world.. Joan Rivers made that point eleoquently when she dealt with a heckler at a Wisconsin act.. Rivers said that comedy is to make everybody laugh at everything 'and deal with things.' And that is absolutely true.. Since when did the United States become so offended by everything? At what point did we decide we were going to seek out the next offensive thing for us to decry, Tweet about, and 'boycott'? It's getting old, America.. getting very old indeed..
I support Chris Rock in this.. he did nothing wrong. Now as for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? My God that show needs new writers.. so awful..

America is big. Very big.. so what happens when a larger than average American gets into a traffic accident? Thanks to some larger crash test dummies, now we can find out before it actually happens.. That's right.. the dummies are being made to match the obese..

A very angry Lena Dunham lashes out at NATIONAL REVIEW after they accuse her of molesting her sister.. This story is a little graphic.. but the actual content is graphic..

ISIS continues its public executions and mass graves..45 Iraqi men were executed by the terror group and their dead corpses were displayed in public--and photos and videos were posted on the internet.. The executions came two days after the United States dropped food for the tribe of people being targeted by ISIS.. Even more disturbing to contemplate: Families being marched to their deaths..

Do wireless carriers intentionally slow internet speed? YES! I get a warning prior to them doing it warning me they are about to.. why is this question even being asked..

Static-X frontman Richard Wells is dead at 48.. The cause of death has not been disclosed at this time..

A court has ruled that FINGERPRINTS are not protected by the fifth amendment and that police can force people to unlock their phones..

Confusion in Ebolaland: The CDC has deleted a section of their website warning that sneezing can spread Ebola.. Gone now.. confusion reigns.. along with the confusion: Hospitals are now forced to prepare for a season where many will think they have Ebola but just have a flu. Or vice versa.. Scientists are predicting that up to 130 more cases of Ebola will be in the United States by the end of 2014.. Meanwhile: The CDC is busily preparing for ... something ... They posted a notice on FedBizOps for safe body bags..