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The monkey village of Jakarta

This is a little creepy on one hand and awful on another..

There is a village in Jakarta where the masked monkeys prevail..

It’s known as the monkey village..Their plight is wretched.. and then they are forced to wear the creepiest masks I have ever seen..


Pounding away finally pays off..

Big news in the radio world..
You may remember the deep voice of John B. Wells on Coast to Coast AM. He was the weekend guy on the show until George Noory figured out that he was getting more popular than him and had him terminated from memory at the show..

Wells went off into Internet radio land, doing his own show called Caravan to Midnight—an odd name for a morning program..

But the uphill battle is paying off.. Wells has now been launched into national syndication..Talkers Magazine reports, 
Entercom’s WRKO, Boston joins the affiliate roster as the first major market station, airing a Saturday evening edition of the show.  The “Caravan to Midnight” program debuted in February of this year
Wells’ website offered up a brief feature of the types of programs he has been broadcasting..

I have constantly supported Wells, except during those times when he delved a little far too much off a deep end of Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.. But it’s good to see him suc…


Yet more paranormal activity makes the rounds on mainstream news, as it so often happens these days in the aftermath of the gates of hell exploding open..

There is video online and being shared amongst the masses of an exorcism outside a Starbucks in Texas.. Some are mocking the scene as just another day in the Bible belt, others are freaked out to their core by the nature of the footage..

The video was posted on REDDIT.. the user said that he regularly sees Bible meetings at the Starbucks, but that this was the first time a saliva spewing exorcism took place..

No word on the amount of expresso that went into the possessed man before the video was filmed. Nor is there any expression of opinion from anyone involved or the Starbucks where it was filmed..

And as to whether it’s a hoax? Also unknown..

But this is: The woman person right inside the window could care less, with each photo showing the person continuous reading a book as though the demon is not being expelled outside..

Bizarre scen…

In youuuuurrr face: Just a few cracks and headlines


When I tell friends, family members, and co workers that there is a very real hunt to find the key to live forever, I’m scoffed at. Some inform me that the prospect of unending eternity is never going to happen.. They assure me God will step in and disallow any science to give us the ability to extend life far beyond the measure we currently can. I’m told it’s the stuff of science fiction and improbable if not just downright impossible.

Of course at one time that was also said about discovering the world.. Imagine the first person who announced that he or she would set sail across the world to find new land–not Columbus of course, since we know he was not first in 1492 no matter how much the ocean was blue.. They were most likely mocked too, told that their mission was in vain and success would never be found. Impossible!

The future is coming very quickly.. actually the future 2 seconds ago just became the present. With each discovery and invention, each new medical advancement and trea…


It was the year 1919. The Treaty of Versailles was signed.. a cease fire ended hostilities..
World War I had just ended.. Those of us who remember those fairy tales from from history class know that it was termed ‘the war to end all wars.’ Instead power brokers created an entirely new version of the Middle East, one that seemingly has doomed the world to eternal conquest and quagmire..

But back during those happy times of the war’s ending, right after Sgt Henry Gunther had just either commited an act of valor or suicide, the powers in conflict declared Armistice. The war had ended.. and with this newfound peacetime came a widespread global thanksgiving to the troops that weathered the war.. A minute of silence to honor veterans who fought is often used across the planet on November 11 at 11am.. after that minute comes another, one to honor the wives and children of the men who sacrificed time and toil to fight the war that didn’t end a thing..

This day is not just Veterans Day in the Uni…

The Sunday morning sidewalk

A Sunday morning sidewalk view of the planet earth and beyond.. things making news from sea to sea and everywhere in between..

This week: The polar vortex comes back.. and with it, 200 million Americans will be struggling to find winter coats, and in my cases, snow shovels.. I am not looking forward to the cold and snow--for the first time in my life.. Just not looking forward at all..

News from the media world.. The HUFFINGTON POST is busy defending itself after several news reporters were disciplined.. High drama. I assume these are the handful of reporters that the HUFFINGTON POST actually pays for working..

Pope Francis strikes again: He says that many people claims to be Christians but are in name only.. they are living the life of pagans, he says..

Yes, you are looking at an image of a girl slicing her wrist.. The oddest part of all: The image was revealed by a girl playing with a 'princess wand.' The wand is also called an 'evil stick,' so some argue the woman shoul…


I took some notice so something..

I am eating way too much of my son's Halloween candy, sugary snacks he earned by dressing as Spiderman. I  was just a dad that night, no Freddy attire.. nothing. He rightfully has the candy jar..

But.. at the same time, I am perplexed by his non-desire to eat it.. He likes the Skittles and a few of the taffy candies, but the majority of the chocolate bars go untouched. Which is a problem for me..

I am the hunter an I found my prey.. Hershey bars and, my favorite, Baby Ruths.

I secretly put them in the freezer to get them nice and cold.. when  Ayden Morris is not looking, I get one out.. munching on it in private like it's a piece of the most desired product on the face of the earth.  I used to drink a lot of beer and wine. I stopped months ago and really don't regret that conscious decision to get healthy and cleanse my body.

Since October 31st, I have replaced the goodness of having no vices with a major body bomb: Endless pieces of candy from…