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Saturday begins.. noteworthy events continue.. a conglomeration of things that matter from the fruited plain and beyond..

Today is the 51st anniversary of the JFK assassination. I contemplated this all week, and listened to some amazing GROUND ZERO WITH CLYDE LEWIS shows as well. It angers me to think that we don't have truth, and that even after all these decades are done, the main theory of the assassination being perpetrated by one lone gunman still seems to rely on such shaky truth. And the girls seeing Lee Oswald drinking a Coke!? Ignored.. a man at the underpass being hit by a stray bullet? Forgotten.. A rush of a crowd running to the Grassy Knoll? We are told they were simply chasing echoes from the main shooter: Oswald on the 6th floor in his 'sniper's den.' And then, Jack Ruby kills the main that Hoover and company immediately blamed for the assassination and America, as a result, skyrocketed involvement in foreign entanglements.. The only thing that makes sense is that the cover story for the JFK assassination does not make sense, at all. Take just one minute out of your busy Saturday and picture one single shooter--avoiding the easy shot--but still getting each and every shot perfectly right. The magic bullet theory..And the magic easy one shooter assassination theory. Forgetting, of course, Oswald's ties to alphabet agencies..

Speaking of JFK.. A mob hitman named James Files claims he was the man responsible for killing Kennedy and that Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single shot..

This is an interesting little tale being weaved by the religious power brokers of the planet: The Pope and Peres meet and discuss a sort of 'United Nations for religions.' You ever hear of those weird conspiracy theories that a one world religion would occur? Maybe that will happen after all. With Petrus Romanus to boot us into papal submission. Infallible style.

The future is coming so fast it's already sort of behind us.. So what happens when robots not only replace the manufacturing jobs as they have done, but also the service economy as they are beginning to do now?? A WAGE FLOOR! Switzerland is preparing to give a 'living wage' to every citizen in its country. A monthly income with no strings attached. This may start to become a permanent reality for lots of people living in a jobless society. And the living wage could be a good thing for conservative minded people, too! It would replace social safety nets like food stamps and welfare. Instead, you'd get the income you need on a monthly basis to live. No more need for jobs. Let the robots do it.. I think this is going to happen more and more in places you'd never expect it. But in reality, what is the solution without the wage floor? What do you do with a nation of 300 million in America, let's say, where only 40% of a country works and only 20% of them have jobs with good benefits or pensions? The failure has already occurred.. the 'jobless recovery' has paved the way for a wage floor in the future. Checks handed out by government robots...

Bill Cosby has been getting hit lots of picture pages from women lately.. But when he continued to entertain at his sold out show in Florida, he received a standing ovation from his audience.. The Cos comeback tour beginning? Or sentimental people who are allowing their nostalgia to cover their eyes to high crimes committed by the man who once made us laugh?

The Obama Administration issues warning to America: Don't waste your Thanksgiving food.

This is an amazing story--I have written previously that the nuclear situation in Hanford, Washington, was being ignored on purpose my national media. I believe that continues to be the case. But the local affiliates are still reporting on situations, with the latest news being a blip about a damning picture of worker safety protocols at the Hanford site. Previously, Hanford workers received claim denials .. Something surely is rotten..

Fear for Thanksgiving: Lindsay Williams back with ominous warnings of chaos inspired by the elite...

Fear for Christmas: FOX NEWS warns that hackers could send America into an uncontrollable downward spiral. Like WALKING DEAD stuff.. only the hosts with three inches of makeup will survive.

Fear porn. War. Terror. Economic realities.. This is how your brain turns remote threats into anxiety. Cue the air hunger, coming to a lung near you.

An old debate (as well old as video games at least) rears again: Do violent games make us violent?

While Obama took to the nation to discuss immigration, causing deep hatred to flow and bitter anger to surface, something else was going on. He was very quietly extending the US combat mission in Afghanistan.. As a matter of fact, it expands what troops in the nation can do through the year 2015. Previously, our leader stated that the mission would be limited.. This may come as a surprise to those not paying attention. Okay. Back to your immigration debate now, sheeple.

And interesting note to make on the immigration issue, as well: Obama has signed the order paving the way for at least 5 million illegal immigrants to get citizenship, all with the stroke of his pen, obviously mightier than his sword.. But he is still being heckled by immigration activists wherever he goes. And their stance is interesting: Why did he leave their moms behind?

American led air strikes in Syria have killed 910 people including 52 civilians.

A SHINING musical parody coming in 2015..

NEW YORK TIMES reviews EXTRATERRESTRIAL --and not very well, either.


The very normal and random act of a cup falling down off of the sink today caused me a little concern until I contemplated what had just occurred.

I was moving from one room to the next when I placed the cup on the edge of the bathroom sink. I left the room for a split second and thought to myself, “that coup is going to fall” ..

And that it did.

I went back into the room, wiped up the coffee which had fallen from the cup onto the floor, and checked the mug for any potential breaks. This was a very special mug after all, it was my Batman Father’s Day hero cup given to me the first year my son was alive..

After cleaning up and leaving the room, I stopped to think back as to what just happened.

Quite literally, I even retrace my steps. I went back into the room and realized where the cup markings had been, as we know coffee cups often leave a stain outline of where the its put down.

What I realized was astonishing. There should be no logical way the cup would’ve fallen off of the sink judging from the markings of where it was but I placed it down. It was literally inches away from the edge, but yet somehow when I left the room the mug had fallen down from the location.

My mind is boggled, and it continues to be so. I continue to rehash the scene in my mind over and over again and wonder if somehow perhaps as I was leaving the room I didn’t quite unhand the cup fully from my fingers and shifted it towards the edge too much, allowing it to gracefully fall from the sink onto the floor below.

Even stranger I thought, why did I think the cup would fall before it did? Did I create this action by my thoughts? Or, did I subconsciously make the cup fall down by moving it towards the edge of the sink, and somehow convincing myself it was a random act of fate?

I know this: the cup is fine, it seems 30. I also know in my deep heart of hearts that I did not make that cup fell down by any physical action.

As far as how the cup fell? I really don’t know.
An abundant amount of theories are exploding in my head, some metaphysical and some paranormal, even a peppered bit with the notion that time slips or an alternate reality of me was present on another time line, and for one second we interacted.

Quite frankly, there is no logical way that the cup should have fallen from the sink. But it did.

And it bothers me..


It was a normal late evening rush hour.
Cars attempting to burst out of the moving traffic jams caused by too many people leaving work at the same time..
Trucks pushing and shoving themselves into the front of the line, just to make traffic back up further..
And noise..

Voices raised on radio..So much noise.. So much clutter. The voices on the radio wildly claiming that President Obama should be impeached for amnesty.. And all the while, proponents of the President, like Nancy Pelosi, were making their own wild claims by saying the Obama plan to legalize millions of Mexicans was akin to Lincoln’s proclamation freeing the slaves..

But the sun was setting.. and those voices were being suddenly drown out by the reality in front of me.

The clutter of the day, along with the tension raising diatribes of talking heads in the air, didn’t matter.. Their sounds were gone. Instead a brilliant sunset was taking place in front of me..

The countless stresses were immediately alleviated. I was almost frozen in awe at the deep red and orange haze that was glazing the sky over.. Like a homage to the day, the sun was cleverly saying goodbye to all that was when it was shining bright.. now night was falling, the atmosphere was darkening.. but the sun’s final hoorah was complete with one final serenade.

For a moment, it was like the sky turned the color of blood red ooze..

These sunsets are synonymous with this time of year..
And then.. the sun was gone.
Tucked away behind a mountain… a cloak of darkness took its place. The faint bright outline of red still topped the hills. But the beauty of that sunset became just a fleeting moment in recent history..

And with all of the sudden, those voices still clamoring about daily headlines went up in volume.. And life was back to normal again..


A family member of mine, name and official title nameless at this point, told me a strange story of a bizarre nature. She swears by it, and I can relay it only with this caveat: She comes with a strong mind, a strong will, and an amazing ability to sense things that others may not. Along with that, she is not the person who ‘cries wolf’ or sees oddities where there are none. In essence, she’s the perfect witness to a crime: Someone who will restate the factual and not embellish on the unseen. In the case of the story she told me today, the unseen in the central focus of what has happened to her..

In short, her family dog has been acting strange as of late. Each time the family leaves the house, the pet makes a bowel movement on the same place of the upstairs hallway in her house–like clockwork and with pinpoint resolve, the dog is in the focused spot each time. The latest time she went out, just last night as a matter of fact, and came home, a dog mess was right back where he always leaves it..

This time, though, had a twist.

While she was on her knees scrubbing the floor, she was tapped on the top of the head by some sort of object. Blaming her husband for mindless frivolity, she spoke his name aloud but he was not present.. Instead, the hallway was empty and not a soul was seen.. But a coin was right in front of her–a coin that was not there seconds prior to the hit on her head and certainly not there when she had started cleaning up after her animal..

The other extraordinary part of this strange tale: The coin was a Euro one cent piece..

Logic has escaped her. She is void of an explanation to the monetary strangeness, instead she has decided to chalk it up to the antics of some sort of spirit, time warp, or portal.

I went through likely scenarios of a skeptical nature–a piece of money on the door frame above her, perhaps even stuck in a ceiling block. But both are impossible–there are no door frames where she was kneeling, nor ceiling blocks. This Euro cent just, in a sense, fell on her head from no where–materializing from the sky and slamming down into the reality in front of her..

In my own thoughts on this matter, I did the old 21st century method of attempting to quantify this story with other similar ones. I found an interesting link on a PARANORMAL About website, one that details some historical moments when money seemingly fell from the sky without a source.. Some of the stories describe potentially deceased loved ones giving signs to the still living. But in my family member’s case, no one to our knowledge has died in Europe recently.. Sure, distant relatives came here decades ago, but at this point nothing to ‘write home about’ .. There is one important connection to someone serving in the military in Europe. But he’s fine at press time and, again, a connection between that and this Euro from heaven incident seems to be nothing worth mentioning..

But there is one last thing worth mentioning..
While the sign may not be obvious, that Euro from heaven may have helped do one thing: save a life. Today, that same family member who has become perplexed by the whole notion of something coming from no where and striking her clear right in the middle of her head was looking for the penny in the pants she wore yesterday, she told me she wanted to get the Euro and just make certain that it was all true. The Euro was there–but she also made herself late for work because of the search. In the mean time, on the same route she travels, an accident occurred and claimed two lives. Moments afterwards she drove by the scene, peering our of her window and … thanking that little Euro for buying another day…

This story is true..
At least as true as it was told to me..
Relayed to you. From this time period to yours.. Money from heaven?
The magic Euro theory.. perhaps.


Janice Dickinson accuses Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her »

This is getting really bad for Bill Cosby..
The man who wanted people to meme him..
And now this.

Meanwhile, the controversy over how journalists are covering the Cosby scandals from the 20th century is taking center stage—yet again thanks to CNN no less. A few days ago anchor Don Lemon made some news by saying ‘there are not ways to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it’ ..  Even more, Lemon thinks that the accusers, including Janice Dickinson, should have bitten off Bill Cosby’s genitals. 

That got me thinking about how much different the 1980s would have been without the Huxtables. And if the first woman would have done it, how none of the other women would have been raped by Bill Cosby.

Oh .. Cos.. you’re just not going to stop the floodgates on this one.

I found a little treasure trove on Tumblr that hasn&#8217;t been updated for several years.. it&#8217;s And yes, you can imagine the unfortunate jokes that can be now made about each and every moving picture..<br/><br/>Now we just need CNN&#8217;S Don Lemon to ask why no one bit off his genitals in those pictures..

I found a little treasure trove on Tumblr that hasn’t been updated for several years.. it’s And yes, you can imagine the unfortunate jokes that can be now made about each and every moving picture..

Now we just need CNN’S Don Lemon to ask why no one bit off his genitals in those pictures..

And this..

DANA KENNEDY WRITES: "Bill Cosby didn’t rape me but what he did has always given me the creeps" »

And her description as it appears in RAW STORY is certainly one of a creepy nature. She types this,
Bill Cosby never hit on me and was never seductive in any way. But I remember how intimidating and menacing he was all the same. I met him when I was assigned to write a feature story on him for the Associated Press in February 1992.

He was at the peak of his powers when I was ushered into his dressing room at the Kaufman Astoria studios in Queens. The groundbreaking Cosby Show, one of the most successful TV series of all time, was in its eighth and final season. The year before, this 54-year-old son of an alcoholic father who grew up in a North Philadelphia housing project had made $113 million.

Gets weirder:
However, as I wrote in my ensuing article about Bill Cosby, “the tension in the air was remarkably thick” as Cosby immediately took control of our interview by treating me to a fairly hostile 14-minute discourse on why he distrusted the press. (You can find the article online.) Cosby’s attitude was especially bewildering because he usually got good press. He was for years one of the most beloved performers in show business.

“Tell me what you want to ask and we’ll see how it goes,” he told me, speaking slowly and measuring his words. “If it doesn’t go well, I’ll give you a piece of fruit. I’ll give you an apple or pear and you can be on your way.”

My questions apparently passed muster, although as I wrote, Cosby “controls the interview by stretching each answer into a lengthy soliloquy.”

The interview was so unusual and uncomfortable that it seeped into the article I wrote. It’s hard to know how else I could have written it. The substance of what he said took a back seat to the atmosphere Cosby created between us. He was a very scary guy.

Less than a week after the story was published, I received a package at AP’s world headquarters, which was then at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. This was years before 9-11 so of course I opened it without trepidation.

Inside was a sheet of paper with three typed words: “Here’s your apple.” The signature in black ink read “Bill Cosby.” And wrapped in a paper towel was indeed an apple, dried and withered.

So back to the for the appropriate picture:

Choking Cosby<br/><br/>(And yes, that&#8217;s Twin Peaks&#8217;s own Bobby Briggs being choked by Bill!)

Geez.. and ya think ya know someone..


Filming is just about over for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN.. and a trailer is on the way soon. That is pretty exciting news for me, how about you?

There is a high chance, according to these online trade rumors, that production of the film will soon be complete, and that Henry Cavill has concluded his scenes..

There are some major rumors brewing that the trailer for this movie will be attached to THE HOBBIT release on December 17th 2014.. If so, an early Christmas gift for people awaiting the BATMAN VS SUPERMAN movie will be the slickly produced advertisement to drum up even more excitement about the movie..

That is what also makes me worry about BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. They need to do this right.. The word is the trailer will be BATMAN HEAVY.. I think that is understandable. We have not had SUPERMAN invade our pop culture as much as BATMAN over the past 10 years..

But let’s just hope the trailer is great. And hope the movie is greater..


Additive found soap, toothpaste and shampoo is linked to cancer »

Alright.. let me level with everyone. I am a germaphobe. But I am also a hypochondriac. So on any given day at any given  time I fear germs, but also think I will get some form of obscure cancer..I feel very bad for people who live with me.

That said, this story is detrimental to my mental security! The prospects of something that I worship, the antibacterial soaps of all kinds, giving me cancer of the liver!?

The fear I have of each has suddenly skyrocketed.. my mind is perplexed by which is the greater fear—the biggest of the two should be the guiding light for the rest of my life, right?

The other part that may be fascinating.. Antibacterial soap, for all the worship veneration occurred, may not work anyway!

The DAILY MAIL report says,
 One basic problem is that antibacterial soaps specifically target bacteria rather than viruses. But it is viruses that cause the majority of illnesses, such as colds and flu.

The most effective scientifically proven way to keep bacteria at bay is regular hand-washing with ordinary soap, along with good food hygiene in the kitchen.

Antibacterial soaps may actually cause health problems, too. 

Evidence shows children with prolonged exposure to triclosan over months or years have a greater chance of developing allergies, including peanut allergies and hay fever, according to studies in the Journal of Allergy And Clinical Immunology in 2012, and in Environmental Health Perspectives in 2011.

This may be due to the fact that youngsters who use antibacterial soaps and cleansers reduce their exposure to bacteria. 

So there you go..there I go.. What to do?
Throw away the soap? Start cleaning with just baking soda.

I will be honest though. I have been aware of this constant underbelly of research—bacteria soap problems. But I continued to somehow see the word ‘antibacterial’ and bought in to the lie.. Hook, line and sinker.. Now the newest reports of this issue come from the mainstream media.. headlines that hand soap, toothpaste and shampoo may not be our friends..

Do you know your enemy?
Maybe you do.. it’s being rubbed on your body each and every day//


….but I really did not realize just how bad it was until further research into news bits and the study of the photographs.. the snow is piled high—residents who have been witness to monster snowbursts before said they have never seen anything quite like what has occurred. Even more, four are dead due to lightning strikes and thunder snow.. An entire basketball team was rescued after becoming stranded.. 

At this point, the motorists who are stranded on I-90 have no idea when they will get off the highway.. And get this: NBC news reports,
Almost 76 inches of snow fell in the suburbs in southern Buffalo, according to The National Weather Service. This total was a record over a 24-hour period for anywhere in the U.S. on record. It prompted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to declare a state of emergency in 10 counties. Among hundreds of trapped vehicles on the roads was the team bus of the Niagara University Purple Eagles women’s basketball team. It was stuck for more than 24 hours around 50 miles from the team’s Buffalo campus. Players tweeted early Wednesday that they had been rescued.

That is scary.. very very scary.

I recall the now famous Valentine’s Day Ice storm in Pennsylvania back in the mid 2000s when people were stranded on several major PA highways for up to 25 hours.. That was a disaster, and the temperature was warmer than what Buffalo has and the snow was much less..

In this situation: The snow amounts in photographs look downright frightening..

So for now, this has become a 50-state freeze.. Major cold across the entire country. All thanks to a Super Typhoon a month ago.. amazing how weather works..

So much snow, you have to jump to spat..


There is trouble on the VIEW—the most annoying show on television I made add, one I only watch when I am sitting in a Jack Williams waiting room or doctor’s office.. Nonetheless, many people watch it. And the studio audience shrieks like wild hyenas daily.

The latest bit of gossip that, in the end I don’t care much about, is this: Whoopi and Rosie are involved in quite the back stage feud since O’Donnell returned to co-host the show.. Along with that feud: Bad ratings for the program.. Now the rumor  mill churns: Maybe a nationwide search for a new host once Rosie gets fired, something insiders claim is coming.. 

I have a major problem with the VIEW.. The few times I have watched it, the entertainment value was less than enjoyable—yes, I suppose I did not ‘enjoy the view’ as the hosts admonish us to do daily.. But even more, the dumbed-down type of information spewing is the worst. The women are opinionated.. but the news that is offered is a shell of reality. We are treated to talking points from some less than revolutionary thinkers. I highly doubt that these women showcase any of the realities of what women really think on any issues.. Instead, ABC’s version of the news is to splash in George Clooney along with watered down factoids.

There are very serious women who are journalists.. Lisa Ling would be a fine addition to the program. If you want to get political, team up someone like Ann Coulter and Janeane Garofalo .. that would be a view worth watching..

Instead we are subjected to Rosie O’Donnell and other leftover spoils from the 20th century.

And finally, on this matter, I think I am team Whoopi. As a matter of fact, I think a Whoopi only show would work quite well, to be honest..

Rainfall from the soul

Darkness pervades,
Unity evades,
Rainfall is strong,
Nature's not wrong

November is here,
And almost gone,
The cold will begin,
Nature's not wrong

A deep and dark fog
A drenching soak,
The cloak of cold is long,
But nature's not wrong