Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Truth and dating: Two creepy clips from the past to get under your skin

Reality is stranger than fiction..

Two blasts from the past can prove that, courtesy of users who have uploaded certain videos to YouTube.

Ed Edwards was a serial killer who murdered countless amounts of people around the United States. There is even a new book claiming that he may have been involved with the 1990s famed Jon Bonet Ramsey murder.. There are others who even believe that Edwards was the Zodiac Killer. But On October 17, 1972, Edward Wayne Edwards, the man we know was a mass murderer, appeared on the game show TO TELL THE TRUTH. He was a con man.. And clearly, even on this show, was telling things very far from the truth:

x x x x

Rodney Alcala was another murderer and rapist who made a television debut on a game show in the 1970s..  A number of sexually explicit photographs of boys were also found, some of which could have been additional victims of him.. Alcala was also known as the DATING GAME killer, because that was the 1970s show he appeared on ..


There is something obviously very grisly and creepy about serial killers.. but match them up with obscure and equally creepy 1970s pop culture, and you have the ultimate of oddity and weirdness..

Keep in mind the brutality of these two people.. and couple that with the fact that their crimes had already been started by the point where they were able to get through background checks and be transmitted into living rooms across America..

The other question I often ponder based off of these two incidents: Are there people today, on modern game shows, who will one day be revealed to the world as the next horrid killer among us?


The internet is good for a few things: Cat GIFs and memes top the list as of late.. people from around the planet were quick to create a comedic goldmine of Kim Kardashian rear end jokes.. Now comes along the newest villain from the next in the STAR WARS franchise, and already creative minds have been inspired to think outside the box..

The first trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS debuted this Thanksgiving weekend.. after much anticipation, the biggest thing that people have seemingly latched onto is the newest light saber style for the Empire.. The Dark Side is back with the red color, but  the flames seem to make a letter T.. some compared it to a bizarre style of the cross, perhaps a the perversion of the trinity? A deeper message in the hooded figure walking in the forest?

As for me? I like it.. It surprised me a bit when I saw it, maybe that was the intention..
For those of you who aren't  a STAR WARS fan and don't have one in your inner circle of family and friends, you need to understand that these changes, while slight and meaningless to some, set the fanboy-girl world on fire with debate and theatrics. Thanks to the internet, people immediately rant on Facebook, cuss on Twitter, and rumble on Tumblr..

Along with this new STAR WARS light saber style, though, comes some pretty inventive memes floating around the net..

The always reliable MASHABLE has a bit of an accounting of some of the best ..Including these:


And this, perhaps my favorite:


The creative stylings of fans online never ceases to amaze me..

Inventive minds are always at work. Memes are the most refreshing of examples of how people can still think outside the box.

x x x

There is a bit of sad news in relations to the STAR WARS franchise being reported today, though.. The story comes from the UK MIRROR.. the tabloid is profiling David Prowse.. he is the giant, literally speaking at 6 feet plus, who played DARTH VADER in the original Lucas films.. The unfortunate way life has played out for him, however, is not happy: He is suffering from dementia and, according to his own confession, not improving with medication.  In the article, Prowse admits that since Darth Vader was killed from the movie, there's really no way back.. I feel awful for him, though, to be one of the few who could not reprise a role in the newest film.

And that note, memes and Prowse aside, I wonder this: The ultimate test for the new STAR WARS film will be to achieve a new Darth Vader of our time.. will that occur? Could the dark side come with a new being in this film, one that will make DARTH VADER look like an amateur?

There has been some opinions that the greatest movie villain of all time has VADER in the top 5, if not 3..
STAR WARS is awakening with a new force.. But will they be able to provide this generation of selfies and tech addicts the villain they want, or better yet, the villain they need?
We will find out in December 2015.

Until then, I trust a number of more memes will be released with each trailer..

Saturday morning cartoons: A collection of news briefs from the world and beyond

The holiday purge is over. Food is eaten and those leftovers just don't look appetizing anymore.. do they? For my they stopped being attractive to my senses on Thursday night when I had me third helping of turkey and fixins'..

In the world at large, some news can be consider leftovers.. Here's what I think matters to me, and perhaps should to you, as well. Presented in link form. Click on what you want and you can go away.

People protesting a grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. temporarily shut down the Galleria mall in Richmond Heights 10 miles away.

Shopping in Ferguson and St Louis were affected by large protests over the Michael Brown shooting.. It led to arrests and even mall closures..
ne rallying call being heard in some places on Black Friday: No justice, No profit. The protesters can't stop the steamrolling profit of online stores, though.. Amazon smashed Black Friday sales yesterday with their busiest day of the year. And if you're a protester, how do you stop online retail?

_BAC4545.jpg_cmyk.jpg / Film - Babadook
Could BABADOOK be the horror movie of the year? So many mainstream sources do the impossible: Positively review a horror movie..

Check this out: An Air Canada passenger has captured the moment a screw came loose from the plane, struck a propeller, and lodged itself in a window.. Wonder why I don't fly?

Clyde Lewis made a good point about this photo on his Facebook page. Check out the number of media whores taking a shot of the fight over this product in a UK mall.. It would almost look staged to me..

Escape Dead Island Shining Carpet Reference
There is an Easter egg in the game ESCAPE DEAD ISLAND--and an homage to Kubrick's version of THE SHINING

Cable is dying. Some predict that by 2030 it will be completely dead.. Here is an article that is detailing how streaming is taking over our lives and pop culture. And this is one future shock I am in favor of.. Cable and DirectTV and all the like give us a plate full of garbage.. the crap that is broadcast so often us unneeded. I have one friend who has completely gone off the grid known as cable, and only streams.. He's perfectly fine with that.  Netflix and Hulu are the way to go.. in the next 20 years, we will also have more options when it comes to streaming.. Cable will indeed by dead by 2030.

People are really, really excited over the new trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Thanksgiving 2014 box office: The HUNGER GAMES is ruling over the crowd.. $11.1 mil on Thanksgiving..

Benedict Cumberbatch speaks: Stop taking selfies.

In 2005, Bill Cosby made a deal with the NATIONAL ENQUIRER to block a story from a woman claiming he raped her.. But in the weeks recent, Cosby's real fate was sealed.. The deal didn't matter after more than  one woman said the same thing about him..

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 (sigh) getting a 3D release..

What scares AMERICAN HORROR STORY actor Michael Chiklis? Every script of the show..


And finally, check out this video:

Whoever posted it would like you to believe it is a flying horse in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. There are a ton of theories already online, including the possibility that it is a balloon which looks like a horse. Others who cannot discern properly are quoting scripture .. But what is clear is this: Pigs cannot fly, nor can horses. Someone needs to go back to the drawing board and get a better horse. Or maybe it was a drone in a horse's body? Whatever it was, it's comic relief for your Saturday morning..
Either that or the end times are upon us..


Dook .. Dook.. Dook.. The horror movie of the year?

Yesterday, the HORROR REPORT linked up several news sites' stories about the horror film BABADOOK. All were positive--for a horror movie that is surprising to have mainstream sources actually back the film. There's another today: SLATE magazine says that you should see this terrifying movie about motherhood.. 

And there is more: The LA TIMES says that the movie is smart and delivers grown up horrors..
The Mary Sue says you will never escape this best horror movie of 2014..

The reaction to BABABDOOK has been interesting to read.. I have read countless reader reviews and many of them say that the movie was so off-putting about children, they have decided not to have any..  One commenter on a story even wrote that the child was so repulsive in this film, they were rooting for the monster..

The BABADOOK is a metaphor in our time for sometimes.. I think for the pains of single parenting. This is a scary thought that many people have to endure .. There are tons of single moms and dads out there, split by a high divorce rate or even the tragic experiences of death itself of one of the people in the family.. Raising one child alone--or even more-- is an unsettling premise in itself. Imagine when you through in some paranormal entities and a dook dook dook pounding on a night time door.. It's a frightening thought to say the least..

The movie clearly features an overwhelmed mother and a troubled child

But if you want to see this 'greatest horror movie' of the year, good luck: 99.9% of you will not be able to in theaters, since the release is so small. You may need to be in Los Angeles to see it..
Or on Demand.
So demand it. And see it.

Empty restaurants and quiet streets

My life has changed considerably since the carefree days of my early 20s.. I am not saying that is a negative thing, but just instead a product of growing.. Interestingly, there are times I go back and see even what I posted on the HORROR REPORT about 10 years back, and really not much has changed in that regard.. It's my personal life where the most has occurred..

When you're a dad, and your wife is a mom, you're tired by ten and rarely get the chance to get out of the house.. date nights are a dime a dozen, and even when they take place you're mostly worried for the last half of it about how your child is doing at home with whoever is watching..

There are other times though where a simple act of driving can open the floodgates of memories.. Last night, a simple act like that did happen. Around 9, I got extremely hungry for food from a little place called Hollywood Pizza in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania--I name it because you should consider it if you're ever in a zip code nearby, it's some of the greatest pizza that is eaten on the crust of the planet.. Before I digress into a litany of food related statements, let me get back to my drive.. It was 9pm, cold as hell--if that's possible--and the streets were empty. Only 9pm on a Friday night? Empty? It was so quiet I could hear the electricity surge through the lines above me, that faint and dull hum that comes with it filled the night air with some form of noise..

Bars were empty, it seemed..
Even the restaurant I picked my food up was without customers most of the night..
And my nostalgia hit.. I recalled very similar nights in my early 20s, with friends, walking on a cold street into a watering house or food establishment.. I remember the laughter and the strange things we'd do, trying to act as adults when we needed to but still refrain from adulthood when we could.. I was fond of those times, though nostalgia normally shields your memory from the boring nights or horrid times..

What confounds me is this: On Thanksgiving night, while driving home from a family dinner, I witnessed with my own eyes how busy malls and Walmarts were. But that seemed to change on Friday.. I doubt that Black Friday sales will be as good as what was expected..

Last night, I was further shocked to see so little of life outside at night. I understand that this could be a product of my area, perhaps just a little hole in a wall town without people outside.. I am sure cities had bars packed with patrons.. Right?

I am actually beginning to consider the possibility that people have evolved away from enjoying night life .. It seems that once nightfall comes, house doors and windows get locked and computers go on, people slip away from life to peruse Facebook for too many hours or play Farm Heroes way too long.  The watering house always has empty seats..  We are choosing virtual reality over reality..

I am 34 this year.. While some may consider that young, I feel old. Joints are aching and my body is aging. Then again, friends and family remind me often that I shared those same complaints with them at 24.  Things have changed greatly in ten years.. And with changes comes fond memories of times past.. Nostalgia..

But is nostalgia a good thing? And even more, what is it? Smell and touch can bring it back.. short little snippets of sayings may inspire it.. times of the year often hit you with it.. But it can also be deceptive.. people can be turn a dark past into a bright memory with a bit of falsehood in a brain.  I try to explain this to people, often without success, but I get very nostalgic on 9/11 each year.. Not because I enjoyed watching 3000 people die, but because I turned 21 and recall the immense patriotism after 9/11 in 2001. Nostalgia can trick you ..

There is a study I recall reading that nostalgia is more present when you are lonely or sad.  Last night, while I walked a lonely sidewalk under a street light to get my meal, perhaps that is exactly what I was feeling. After all, here it was, a Friday night, and I heard no music. No laughter.. nothing. Just dimly lit bars without customers.   And hell, even a crowded barroom is a lonely place.. Just picture a taproom void of people..

Perhaps this generation growing is the last that will encounter social life in the same way we know it to exist. . ? Maybe those virtual reality worlds will give us the sense of companionship we desire? Perhaps we can program it into us..? Maybe the future will come complete with an adroid robot sex doll for our love and a headset and computer for social experimentation.

And if that is the case, how will nostalgia work in the future? What will people reminiscent about ?

The good old days weren't ever that good.
Tomorrow is not as bad as it seems. Billy Joel sang that long before we thought that..
And those two statements make sense now..

Crowded and smoky barrooms of my 20s weren't great. They were repulsive many times, and by 2am a complete insult to humanity itself.
And tomorrow, the future, really won't be as bad..


Friday, November 28, 2014

A Black Friday news collection

Here are the briefs and long reads to know about, now that your turkey induced coma has wore off and you're most likely caffeinated as hell for your shopping steam roll.. First take a deep breath and enjoy your worldview. Or maybe get it shattered by facts ..

The news:

Marcel-Lehel Lazar, a.k.a Guccifer, tormented various celebrities with no special skills beyond what he had picked up on the web.
The New York TIMES has an interesting profile running on Marcel-Lehel Lazar, otherwise known as the hacker GUCCIFER. 
 He caused chaos and heartache to all of those who he stole the emails of.. The New York TIMES also mentions one other Guccifer prediction that may scare your Christmas socks off: A 2015 nuclear attack in Chicago and an unnamed city in Pennsylvania.. Many are discounting that as conspiracy lunacy, while others may be getting their iodine ready..

There is some perspective on Black Friday today courtesy of a YouTube video that compares shoppers in 1983 and today.
Needless to say, our animal instincts have kicked in to high gear and we are acting like hunters in ancient times again. The 1980s outfits were more colorful, too.. why do we all dress in black anymore? SO drab and boring, so morose and melancholy. Let's pep this experience up, zombies! IT'S CHRISTMASTIME!

More on the shopping sensation: Mark Dice is back again with his annual tradition: Dressing up like Santa and shaming shoppers. It works.


Ebay has sent out an urgent message to any of its sellers: The IRS wants you to pay your taxes.. 
 You must pay Uncle Sam if you sell that old junk inn your closet. So ifs ands or buts .. You've been warned.

 Again! The sunspot is back ..it has been renamed active region 12192..It looks like quite a dangerous sunspot capable of producing flares.. be aware. You can choose between http://spaceweather.com/ or www.solarham.net for your best viewing of news in relation to the sun..

Ferguson protests are not done yet.. they have moved from the streets of fire into the stores of chaos on Black Friday.. 


There have been some very interesting cautionary tales of WIFI over the past few years.. this new story from the UK DAILY MAIL offers up some more food for thought: Is WIFI causing headaches? And pain? It profiles a person who has EHS.. Do you?

Remember the SLENDERMAN case? The girls who stabbed another just to summons their master? According to the lawyer, one of the girls who stabbed the other still believes SLENDERMAN is real.

The horror movie BABADOOK is getting some more attention.. the latest from NPR, which gives it high praise.. It is noteworthy, and mentioned in the article, that this movie is scoring nearly a 100% high rating on ROTTEN TOMATOES, coming in at 97.. that's amazing, it's a score that is difficult to get to on that site or any other.. this movie is going to be one of the greatest horror movies ever seen by those who choose to see it..

Here is another story about BABODOOK from ROLLING STONE, which says that filmmaker Jennifer Kent took a story of an imaginary creature stalking a mother and her son and created the 'scariest movie of the year' .. 

You know who Megan Fox is. But do you know the other Megan Fox? Thanks to the Internet (and a friend of mine who found her on my behalf) she is making the rounds in a viral fashion. She compares a can of Coke to evolution.. she visits a museum and mocks science. And she reviews cloth diapers. Get ready Megan Fox for the real Megan Fox..

REAL WORLD star dead at 29.. choked on his own vomit after a night of partying..

The UK METRO profiles the story of the 'tragic history' of the REAL WORLD in light of Ryan Knight death..

FILE - In this Sunday, April 6, 2014, file photo, singer Scott Stapp, of the band Creed, performs solo in concert at Soundstage, in Baltimore. In a video posted on his Facebook page, Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014, Stapp said he is broke and living in a hotel. Stapp said he had been living in his truck and had no money for gas or food. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP, File)
CREED frontman says he's broke..
 .. "Right now, I'm living in a Holiday Inn, by the grace of God, because there's been a couple of weeks where I had to live in my truck"

Shia Labeouf makes wild rape claim: "One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for 10 minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me, then walked out with her lipstick smudged to her awaiting boyfriend, who I image was quite hurt by it. All this happened in front of hundreds of people. It was really terrible"

Roseanne Barr offers graphic joke about Bill Cosby on Twitter.. takes it down. Regrets taking it down as controversy erupts..


They're off! Black Friday madness from sea to sea.

The media reminds me a lot of Andre Linoge from Stephen King's STORM OF THE CENTURY. In that fictitious horror tale, Linoge was an aging devil looking for a child apprentice to teach the evil ways.. he found one by demanding a town during a massive blizzard to give him what he wants and he will go away. After chaos and brutal fights ensued, Linoge took his child and flew off into the distance, leaving the mess of the world behind him.

The media does just that. In Ferguson last week, after drumming up people and revving their airwave engines, they inspired a riot. They wanted it. They needed ratings, and knew that once the grand jury decision regarding the Michael Brown shooting would be revealed, their dreams could be fulfilled. A town burned, even some media folk got their heads slammed with bricks. And the next day, as the smoldering mess was still too hot to touch, the media slowly vacated the scene and took their news trucks with them. They really, really don't care about Michael Brown, nor do they care about justice or a police state. They wanted ratings.. for a brief night in November, they got astounding ratings. And a city burned..

Now, with Black Friday upon us, the media has the same desire. They want rage, blood, fights, and gore. They hope that the shopping scene is chaos, that store owners will be in peril, and that shoppers fighting over foreign made slave products will punch and push their way through lines in stores all over the United States. Luckily for the media, people on Black Friday are somewhat predictable. This type of event will most likely happen today--violence has marred Black Fridays in the past, so why wouldn't this year be the same? The media will get what it wants. And it will go away..

But what do Black Friday shoppers want? They want deals..I get that.  I think they want something more than that. I believe they want to feel they are a part of a group, a little branch of humanity. They want to share laughs, share stories, and they want to be in line with other human hunters for goods.. In a sense, they are a part of something today.  A part of a herd, sure, and yes they will be cattle prodded through WALMARTS across the fruited plain.. but I think becoming a shopper on Black Friday is  a bit like being a part of a team. Either you're on team Shopper or on Team StayatHome.  You are choosing your side once you get your keys in hand and trek to the mall..

There are some horrific past experiences of people on Black Friday.. this video captures that in opening rounds from 2012 and 2013.

And this year, so far, there have been some photographic evidence of humanity's brutality over material possessions, and it's not just the US of A:

2014-11-28T092414Z_365419847_GM1EABS1CAJ01_RTRMADP_3_BRITAIN-RETAIL  This photo was taken in London, where retailers 'competed' over products on sale. This looks less like a competition and more like a brawl in the making..

And another from London:
2014-11-28T092135Z_1798880374_GM1EABS1C0J01_RTRMADP_3_BRITAIN-RETAILPeople brawling over a TV set. Who will win? ! Cut it in half and let them both have a piece!!

Just one more.. in this one, shoppers look more like brain hungry zombies as they reach as far as they can for the store's products..


These scenes will happen anywhere the smell of commerce is existent today..
Do you want to be a part of this scene? Or you can simply wait for Cyber Monday. Clicks don't hurt other people.

OR Local Saturday.. whatever they call it these days..

For a person like me, someone who actually wouldn't mind just getting out of the house today with a three year old, where would I go? Malls could be vicious and dangerous. Even grocery stores may be fraught with hidden dangers. My local Turkey Hill market is selling ice cream and soda at half price. That sounds like a trample waiting to happen, as well..

The HORROR REPORT will monitor the shopping scenes across America today.. Maybe not in person, but certainly newsworthy events will be shared and tidbits of anarchy will be broadcast on this site.

If you head to a store, may your journey be peaceful and your harvest of cheap plastic be plentiful. Just think before you buy.. And don't throw the first punch. You can be shared in a Black Friday crime.

And in the meantime, here's some humor from the ONION, in a 2012 article.. when 42 million died in the bloodiest black Friday weekend in history.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


There are so many reasons I love this photo of me and my son Ayden having a snowball fight.

First off, he is clearly winning.. secondly, I am wearing socks on my hands because I couldn’t find gloves.. and thirdly, in some artistic oddity, it appears that I am vomiting a tree branch..

While I did not do such, my hands were not kept warm by the socks. Ayden whooped me hard with giant ice bombs.. and we laughed until we couldn't feel our toes. An amazing early winter snowstorm of fun.

The big sale: Selling your Thanksgiving for commerce

NIGHT AT THE RACES! The early bird Black Friday specials begin tonight: Thanksgiving »

I am half inclined to not care about this Black Friday mayhem.. To a big degree, throughout my teenage and adult life, Thanksgiving night has been boring. Prior to my married and fatherhood days, friends and I would take to the movie theaters and then whatever 24/7 restaurant still served on Thanksgiving and burn up time.. It was awfully dull. Same often went for Christmas night, too. So I certainly get the idea that people just want to do something and get out of a house—especially if they had it up to their throbbing temples with family brouhahas..

But as far as the shopping? It’s insane to ignite any fire in my rear end to go to a mall or Walmart tonight into tomorrow morning. There will be trampling. Mayhem. Near riots. Shootings. Punches. Fights. Screaming.

Just tonight, while getting a last minute pie on our way to Thanksgiving dinner, we stopped at a Walmart since they were the only slave store still open forcing their employees to miss valuable time with family in exchange for hours behind a cash register. The pre-Black Friday sales were already being planned, with plastic wrap around the things we weren’t allowed to see or take.. There were cattle-herding-type metal gates around the store.. there were taped markers on the floor where people were to form  lines.. and there were actually store workers screaming at me, my wife, and son, because we entered on the wrong side of the cattle prodding gates..

But we got our pie..
I will be monitoring the news outlets tomorrow to see what happens in the shopping outlets..

There may be blood. We know that.
But the deals!
Spend until your can’t lend..
Can’t tell you’re in hell..
Your shopping plaza treats you so well.

Enjoy your races to the slaughter tomorrow. Your cash will be dispensed as fast as you spend it.

Or wait, we are cashless now.

So strap in and swipe away..
It’s Black Friday and the turkey has gone cold.

Cold turkeys.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


This is my son Ayden peering through a decorated window looking at the first snowstorm of the year, which incidentally falls on the day before Thanksgiving 2014.

While he’s excited by the prospect of playing in this later, it will most likely only last for a few minutes outside when he ventures away from
Technology and television sets… He’s not a big snow lover, at least not yet.. but one thing he sure loves now is his understanding that today was the first day his daycare got canceled because of the weather..

I remember those days myself as a child, staring at the bottom of the television screen waiting for my school to be named, angry when it wasn’t…

Sometimes being a parent is like watching yourself grow, enjoying the same things they do, and almost feeling like it’s happening for the first time to you as well.

So if it’s snowing where you are enjoy it. If it’s not, enjoy whatever weather nature has given you.

Mutley the Dog got in some action tonight, too..


Careful travels, and let your party night rock. Or be frozen solid as a rock, whichever nature chooses for your night before Thanksgiving..

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Season's greetings from the gates of hell

The sign could not have been in a more bizarre spot.

As protests began last night in Ferguson, Missouri, police and people had a stand off, a “Season’s Greetings” sign was evident in a number of photographs.. Fires eventually raged while President Obama addressed the nation, and rest became a blip in history. Another tale of race relations that will be taught in history books–depending on who writes them and what century a teacher picks to teach..

Seasons greetings, indeed..
A season of hell, a season of turbulence and crisis.. a season without reason..

That is what it seems like we are living in right now.

Rage without reason..
Treason in this season,
Greetings from Ferguson,
But who will stop the bleeding?

There was one other piece of oddity today from the news.. Darren Wilson, in a part of his testimony to a grand jury that eventually say no reason to go further in prosecuting the police office, said that Michael Brown looked like a demon during their scuffle. 

Demons and villains. |
The media’s ratings were high covering it all–until the media had the crowd turn on them, of course..they backed down when the burning began..


The season that greets us is starting early this year. Shopping will begin early.
Thanksgiving is virtually nonexistent at this point. No time for family or friends, kinship is dead.. The season is here, and it is happening soon..

People often lament the fact that Thanksgiving has lost its meaning, with material possessions winning over the turkeys every time..

People will line up, waiting for store doors to bust open.. They will trample people from sea to shining sea. There will be news blips and articles about people being hurt, perhaps even the Black Friday death count website will tally up the wreckage by day’s end.. and what will we gain from it? Nothing.

Absolutely nothing. Except of course a few pieces of foreign made products that found a home instead of a trash heap.

We will not care much about the personal embarrassment we should feel acting like wild loons rampaging a store for a possession..

And for all of those people who say the looting in Ferguson is reprehensible, they will be doing their own brand of looting come Black Friday, when they violently rummage through store shelves, shoving others out of the way, and getting their deals. Or steals..

Is there a dark and sinister force at play on this planet?
Perhaps a deep and dark underbelly of demonic action on Earth.
Maybe the fires that burn in the city of Ferguson are a symbol of the burning to come.. the PURGING to come..

Purging has been the theme of the year. PURGE fears have abounded many times over across the Internet… while no purge occurred, the ‘purge’ style violence in Ferguson seems to be the culmination of affairs. Other comparisons have been made to the HUNGER GAMES.

There was also a year of false faces–clowns have been abundant throughout the world. Fraudulent smiles painted on men in France, and California, and other places around the planet. The clown phenomenon seemingly has waned since Halloween came and left us, but the darkness that they seem to have represented did not. It’s still there, alive and well.. OR dead and from hell. Take your pick.

The gates of hell opened. We have been told that many times over through pop culture references and even the Vice President of the United States. The gates of hell, unleashed ..

The final seasonal greeting tonight comes in the form of a fire and killing. A teenager, African American, was found shot to death.. a bullet was placed through his head. He was also burned.. This happened in Ferguson.  He was found close to the apartments where Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson.. At this point, police say that the killing is suspicious.. It surely sounds like it is.

But these are suspicious times. Very serious times, as well.

We have a number of opinions from a number of people who were not on the scene as to what happened between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson.  And we have formed opinions.. So many have based their feelings on racism.. The word thug is being used as code.. We know that. And on the flip side, family members of Brown began screaming to ‘burn the bitch down’ after Wilson was exonerated..

This is the 2014 seasonal greetings.. From hell.
Merry Christmas from demons..
The gates of hell, decorated with blood and murder, and complete with mistletoe. Have a final kiss on Satan.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A horrible day in Afghanistan

At least 45 people were killed and 60 others were wounded Sunday after a suicide bomber attacked a crowd watching a volleyball match in Afghanistan's southeastern Paktika province, according to a spokesman for the local governor.


Preparations are being made.. Turkeys are getting set for their pardons. Others are plucked and ready for an oven baked  night of finger licking food. Thanksgiving is set for this week. No stopping it, the calender does not lie and time does not give any extra seconds to get things right.. But things this year may be very wrong. A potential storm is in the making for Thanksgiving in my neck of the turkey. Of course, the fact it could not materialize is still present--as happened with a Thanksgiving storm in 2013 that never took off--but the potential is there. It could strike on party night.. and linger into the morning. If it happens. Making the planes, trains, and automobiles even worse off ..

But it's Sunday. And if it's Sunday, there's a lonely sidewalk to stroll on. Get ready..
News of the world coming at you now:

Grounded? Thanksgiving snowstorm possible in the Northeast.. Accuweather says this:  Delays in Store for Weekend Travel // East on alert..

Washington POST Sunday slams Bill Cosby: The women speak..
To Bill Cosby's defense!! Glenn Beck!?

GRAPHIC IMAGES SHOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE.. These images are rough to see in some respects, but also extremely beautiful if you contemplate what people do to respect a corpse once a soul has left it.. The images actually forced me to contemplate even harder the question, 'what is death?'  How could someone, so active and alive, breathe one second but a human bag of flesh void of any marker showcasing the person's life the next?  Is it just like a computer shutdown? Something that works one minute just does not the next .. ? Or is it that important soul, if a soul exists? Does the entity that inhabits the body leave? So many questions that will never be answered--but my hunt for any evidence of anything continues unabated..

Image from suneris.co
This is pretty amazing .. A New York startup company has created a gel capable of stopping major bleeding within seconds! Living in a time with such medical advancements is plain fun. Hopefully this becomes a life saving treatment soon at a medical facility near you..

Dozens injured in Japan quake It was a big 6.8 ..

Witches gave invocation at council meeting in Alabama

CBS affiliate presents an expose on a school sanctioned sex conference for kids as young as 11.. Among the many things being taught: Cyber and phone sex,  and how to use the internet to remotely control sex toys for their partner. Teledildonics. The term now used by kids that parents probably have no clue of a meaning..

The propaganda video shows a toddler brandishing a toy sub-machine gun while wearing military fatigues
New ISIS propaganda video showcasing children using AK47s in their terror training..

Murdered because they weren't Muslim: Jihadists kill 28 people on Kenyan bus after asking passengers to prove they're not 'infidels'

A good British report from the UK INDEPENDENT on the 'American' Black Friday creation..
 The paper asks if the discounts are helpful or it's just a trick.. There's a chance you can find something good. Like my local Turkey Hill offering up Ice Cream for a buck. But most of the stuff that goes on sale is unnecessary junk, just heaps of plastic foreign slave labor made products that don't have a place in someone's less than stellar dwelling. Let's get real this year.. Set a budget, that's one thing. But beyond that, buy something that truly has meaning--even if you give one gift to a person instead of ten, make that one gift be heartfelt and monumental in its importance. Or just brave the madness that will be Black Friday .. you can always do that, too, I suppose (I may, for that ice cream)

Teenage delivery driver in Chicago FIRED for asking for time off for ... cancer treatment.  There is some very rightful anger over this..

SNL mocks Obama amnesty executive order with Schoolhouse Rock parody..

Are you ready to get your worldview rocked? VIOLENT CRIME in America has been plummeting. But no one knows it.

The secret that we are alive on Earth: Saturn! That's right..  If Saturn's orbit would have been just a tad bit different, chances are you would not be reading this and I would not be writing this.

Trick of the eyes.. here is a very interesting read about why our brains cannot handle the moon, and why it perceives the wrong depth perception when the moon is near the horizon..

Go to the light! Quite literally.. if you want to feel better and have something serious, light therapy may be for you. Lately, in my personal world of home base, light has been hard to find. Sunny days are not abundant, it's been a very bleak November ever since Halloween ended.. And the cloudy impact has had an emotional one on my well being, with the sun seemingly vacated life, happiness has not abounded.. I just one a sunny day, one to bless my face with warmth .. just one day. It seems so hard to find this time of year. This article is a showcase as to why light, and the sun, is important. Vitamin D's best source is the giant light in the sky.. mood depression and other disorders could be solved with some rays.. As far as wellness, here's an old article suggesting the type of light bulb that may enhance your winter blues and turn the cold frown right around.. It's all about light.

So get out there and enjoy the sun. If not, get some new light bulbs and be the ray of sun wherever it's needed.

This is an important week. Thanksgiving--one of the best holidays of the year. Don't be glum. You're not a turkey.

Happy Sunday.