The news of the world, as told by different sources from the planet we inhabit. It's a weekend, a Saturday. It's the season of Christmas.. but so many things point to reasons to not be optimistic about the future of our world.. A sampling of the cull I have done, the season of the witch is over. But it may as well keep on going..

Welcome to the age of the supermouse! It's four times smarter than the average little vermon.. it had human fetal cells injected into it to get its status.. I personally feel very uncomfortable about celebrating the 'supermouse' .. But before you get your extra strength cheese traps out, we're not trying to create super rodents--they are fine at that tthemselves We are instead just attempting to make a mouse brain closer to the human to study it better. Makes sense. I guess.

Welcome to the creepy town of Sunnywide, Washington.. a place where tens of thousands of crows descend on homes every single night.. And yes the comparison is obviously being made to Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS.. but this comparison is one I'd certainly agree with after reading the story and seeing the photos..

This is a more religious perspective on Christmas but interesting nonetheless: Here are some little known tales about Saint Nick..

Meanwhile: Krampus has come and gone. In Europe, big parties and parades celebrated the devilish Christmas demon that the HORROR REPORT wrote about just a few days back.. The DAILY MAIL reports on the bizarre parade in eastern Europe that sees beasts grapple with men and children who have misbehaved..

Closer to home, a few people I have seen posted FACEBOOK messages that they have resumed the tradition of having their children put shoes outside to see if St. Nick delivered candy or treats .. They are not telling their children about Krampus, however..

Stephen Hawking things so, but does ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE really threaten the future of the human race?

Clearly the fears expressed by Hawking has caused quite a debate. And maybe a much needed one. We are about to experience a societal shift. We need to talk about it, mentally prepare ourselves, and know the landmines before that change in our world occurs.

Taylor Swift's rep denies she is consorting to lesbian acts..

Justin's Bieber's mission to look just like Miley Cyrus is almost complete.. he's gone bright blonde..

INDIE WIRE says 'found footage' horror movie THE PYRAMID is the worst of any so far..

Paper calls THE PYRAMID 'silly in the extreme' ..

Waco Texas newspaper celebrates THE PYRAMID creator Scott Silver..

Ghost hunter claims camera attack at Lizzy Borden house..

Another rescue attempt fails: Luke Somers, American Hostage, Is Killed During Rescue Attempt in Yemen.. Even more: The New York TIMES reports, "In a statement, President Obama said the hostages had been “murdered” by militants belonging to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula during the rescue operation. A senior United States official said that the American, Luke Somers, 33, was badly wounded when commandos reached him. By the time Mr. Somers was flown to a United States naval ship in the region, he had died from his injuries, the official said Saturday."The New York POST spins it this way: A drone kills 9 militants on serach for Somers.. Still does not change the fact that the intended goal of getting back Somers did not play out the right way.. And it should also be noted; President Obama said that Al Qaeda had been decimated during his most recent campaign.

The death of Eric Garner in New York has revived a spirit of protest across the United States.. the way Garner died is atrocious--being slowly killed as he lost air, and having the entire thing on video.. But an explosive report now appearing in the New York DAILY NEWS could make tensions even worse between the badges and the blues: After the police officer shot Akai Gurley once in the chest after being startled in a dark housing development stairwell, he spent six minutes or more contacting his union representative while Gurley was bleeding on the floor.. His union rep, instead of 911..?

As demonstrations of the police state continue in the United States, here's a piece of knowledge protesters should know: An audio recording leaked by the hacktivist group Anonymous appears to prove that Chicago police used an IMSI catcher, commonly referred to as a Stingray, to intercept phone calls during an Eric Garner protest Thursday evening...

Man dies after being shot to death in Hollywood in front of tourists.. The police did it.. Police say he was carrying a knife. Cops say they found a combination knife at the scene and posted Twitter images to prove the dangers..

One Tweet that has been seen around the world many times over now was from someone who wrote "The LAPD JUST MURDERED AN UNARMED MAN RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME #LAPD"

Video proof! The original STAR WARS will never be beat.. As proven by this fan who used original movie footage to the audio of the new FORCE AWAKENS trailer.. I loved the ending of the fake trailer: "May 1977" as the release date. But the faux video also reminded me of something, something I have previously written here on the HORROR REPORT: The villain in the newest trailer looks different. We will take some getting accustomed to him... but will he be the villain this generation wants or needs? Darth Vader in so many ways just can't be beat..

Google now targeting the under 13 crowd!

8mm creepy: PORTRAITS OF A NIGHTMARE may cause uneasy sleeping

December is a time for happy songs and pale ales.. however, as I have written, Christmas is also  a very paranormal time of year. One way to celebrate it may be with an extraordinary new video from JILL TRACY. The video has been uploaded to YouTube, it has received links on various message boards and other websites, including BLOODY DISGUSTING.

The video itself is low key.. It is titled 'Portraits of a Nightmare' .. The music is by Jill Tracy, it is directed by Jeremy Carr.

The interesting aspect of this video is in the description: It was created by 8mm footage. It was filmed after fan support from Kickstarter allowed it to be made.. The never before seen footage featured, along with additional 8mm vintage archive shots, create an actively frightening scene. The video is not jump out of your seat scary, but instead much more subtle. And maybe even in that sense more disturbing.

The first thing it reminded me of was the footage from the movie THE RING, the black and white scenery that created the tension in the film.. But this, PORTRAITS OF A NIGHTMARE, seems more brilliant than anything of Hollywood fiction.

This short film could be considered frightening, disturbing, even erotic in some sense depending on your viewpoint on the imagery.

What I took from it was the same feeling I'd have when I awaken from a bad dream: A little confusion, a little strangeness, and a little relaxation. All thrown together..

I highly recommend viewing this during the night.. It's effect would be so much stronger..

Three cheers for a great little video ..

PRAYERS FOR THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS: Typhoon Hagupit now striking

Typhoon Hagupit will cause destruction as it slams into the Philippine islands--the main island is  being affected already as the storm begins to hit land..

Wind and rain has already triggered a small landslide in Eastern Samar.. Provinces are expected to further lose power as the monster storm drives itself inland..

This is a NASA flyover from December 6--note the enormous eyewall and vast amount of oceanic real estate that the storm takes up..

The Philippines has been through other massive typhoons this season.. While the nation is simply prone to such activity due to its location, these storms of 2014 have been frightening.

Now, with this new massive system churning its way onto land, over a half a million people have desperately fled and have taken shelter..

They are pouring into churches, schools, and other makeshift safe houses. The evacuation that has just occurred in response to the Hagupit has been one of the biggest in peacetime.. While war itself may not have caused the massive people movement, what is about to happen may be as frightening as a battle. Winds will howl and rains will deluge.. The world just prays that those houses of God and 'safety' are truly safe during what is about to occur in that nation.

For perspective, this storm--also being called 'Ruby' in the homeland it will hit--will be the equivalent of a large and powerful Category 4 hurricane in North American language. ACCUWEATHER is calling for one particular part of the nation to face catastrophic dangers:

THE HORROR REPORT will continue to follow the storm..

It would be suggested that you follow these news links should you want to see radar and other information about Hagupit:

Keeping the creepy in Christmas

I posted the thought that Christmas can be creepy.. Krampus certainly helps in that regard.. even more, there are reasons to believe that Christmas was once celebrated by telling host tales and weaving intricate paranormal webs of night time stories by fireplaces with chestnuts roasting in our history.

I have argued before that we should bring the creepy back to Christmas and let it endure in the pagan paranormal way it should..

Today I offer up some visual reasons that Christmas can also be creepy: Old fashioned long ago holiday cards.. There are some weird ones now.. But the antiquated offers of yesteryear may be even stranger than any current incarnation of yuletide cheer..

A sampling of some I have found online that made me think twice about allowing St. Nick to enter my house through a fireplace this holiday season:


[caption id="attachment_4895" align="aligncenter" width="625" class=" "]This photo reminds me more of Krampus than it does Santa. It appears the jolly old St. Nick is taking a child. But look close, it appears to be a doll. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see Santa ditched the sleigh for a rattly old truck.. This photo reminds me more of Krampus than it does Santa. It appears the jolly old St. Nick is taking a child. But look close, it appears to be a doll. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see Santa ditched the sleigh for a rattly old truck..[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4897" align="aligncenter" width="277" class=" "]Christmas pigs.. I can't say much to add any more oddity to the card.. Christmas pigs.. I can't say much to add any more oddity to the card..[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4900" align="aligncenter" width="584" class=" "]A depressed moon is welcoming the first day of a new year.. He's clearly unimpressed with the planet's celebration. That or his image represents the massive hangover people feel around the holiday? A depressed moon is welcoming the first day of a new year.. He's clearly unimpressed with the planet's celebration. That or his image represents the massive hangover people feel around the holiday?[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4899" align="aligncenter" width="625" class=" "]A child holding alcohol.. not the best idea. A child holding alcohol.. not the best idea.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4898" align="aligncenter" width="513" class=" "]Something very odd about this one.. It appears to be two town drunkards counting down to something. The implication is that they spent their begged dollars on liquor. But what explosion of fireworks are they waiting for exactly? Something very odd about this one.. It appears to be two town drunkards counting down to something. The implication is that they spent their begged dollars on liquor. But what explosion of fireworks are they waiting for exactly?[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4901" align="aligncenter" width="480" class=" "]This seems to be the plot of a horror movie. A happy living snowman impresses people and animals with his clever hi-jinks and tricks. Suddenly a gorefest ensues and the dog is the only one that survives.. This seems to be the plot of a horror movie. A happy living snowman impresses people and animals with his clever hi-jinks and tricks. Suddenly a gorefest ensues and the dog is the only one that survives..[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4902" align="aligncenter" width="531" class=" "]She's fallen. She can't get up. She's fallen. She can't get up.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4905" align="aligncenter" width="400" class=" "]"..and then I will drone attack this nation." "..and then I will drone attack this nation."[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4904" align="aligncenter" width="381" class=" "]Come on, family, let's gather around the pagan tree for this year's occult festival! Come on, family, let's gather around the pagan tree for this year's occult festival![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4903" align="aligncenter" width="640" class=" "]The year the elves went on strike, Santa was forced to learn the trade The year the elves went on strike, Santa was forced to learn the trade[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4906" align="aligncenter" width="320" class=" "]A very Merry Christmas. Courtesy of the Black Eyed Children. A very Merry Christmas. Courtesy of the Black Eyed Children.[/caption]


You ought to know by now..

It seems so many times that once a major company or facility says there was a cyber attack that took place, a dribble of information comes wincing out of the PR department.. There is little news initially, except for the instance of the hack itself. It is downplayed.. in a sense, a full accounting is being conducted.

We learned of the SONY hack attack over a week ago. At that time, North Korea was suspected to be angry over the upcoming comedy THE INTERVIEW--so much so that allegations were made that the country hired on hackers to decimate SONY. If that is what actually took place, the attack went far beyond what was initially known..

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER tonight is now making the full details public.. Not only did  the hack occur, but major celebrities and insiders have had their social security numbers splashed across the world's widest web: The Internet.. 47,000 to be exact--at least according to this report. As we saw from the original trickle, perhaps more will eventually be known..

But tonight, the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is naming names: Sly Stallone's SS number is now known.. As is Judd Apatow, and Rebel Wilson's..  Along with SS numbers: Personal addresses, salaries, and other private information kept on computer file at SONY going back to at least the year 2000...

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER further mentions North Korea as the suspect nation in massive attack..

Other news agencies are beginning to take the lead from the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and talking about just how massive this data breach is--historic in every sense.. The SONY attack is exposing stars and their personal information, they are naked the protections of body guards and data filters ..

SONY had mass amounts of data stored in a place where lots of it could be stolen in one lump sum..

We also know that the GUARDIANS OF PEACE, or the GOP, did this.. Whether North Korea was behind the GOP attack or not is still a million dollar question. BLOOMBERG wrote about this very issue hours ago.. They questioned whether North Korea was the villain in the hack attack, namely because one would assume THE INTERVIEW would have been a subject of the attack itself. In this instance it was not.

But North Korea has also not denied the incident being their fault--but why would they? After all, even if they didn't do it, their would get some kind of potential street cred on the global fear stage if people at least thought they did..

There seems to be something missing in this North Korea theory.. something big. Like common sense..
I don't think it translates well..

And if North Korea did such a thing, attacking an institution like Hollywood here in the United States, would that not be some form of an act of 21st century war?

That's the other unanswered million dollars question...

THE INTERVIEW premieres Christmas..

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"Their Sky Has Changed!" Inuit elders sharing information with NASA regarding Earth's "wobble" »

It seems the Inuit elders are also witnessing strange and unfathomable weather up there in the North.
The elders talk about how their world has changed, how it was then and how it is now.
It is a worrying picture, a picture of melting glaciers and thinning or disappearing sea ice.
Seals with burns on their coats and covered with sores and a thinner hide, the Seal skin has deteriorated and while scientists maintain man made pollution is contributing to climate change the elders are convinced something much much bigger is going on!
Astonishingly what the elders are saying is global warming is not the whole story…

The elders maintain the Sun doesn’t rise were it used too, they have longer day light to hunt and the Sun is higher than it used to be and warms up quicker than before.
The elders who were interviewed across the north all said the same thing, their sky has changed.
The stars the Sun and the Moon have all changed affecting the temperature, even affecting the way the wind blows, it is becoming increasingly hard to predict the weather, something that is a must on the Arctic.

This sun not rising where it used to rise issue is something I am fully aware of.. I have also noted to friends and family my own personal confusion over that very issue, presenting a photo taken at one time years ago and comparing it to the position of the sun in the same place during the same season years later.

There are a variety of sources saying that this sun not rising issue is a myth and that the claims are easily debunked.. 

However, magnetic north is changing. Airports have had to re-calibrate their runways for global positioning.. and place that would usually get no sun in the summer time at my house were bright this year..

The elders mentioned in this article all think that the earth has tilted to the North..

We also know from science that magnetic north is shifting more than ever..

I know through my own personal observations that there seems to be a change, that the placement of the sun has gone to extreme angles compared to years previous..

And I also know what I read from science journals: That a pole flip could happen within the next 1000 years..

All that said.. does the sun rise and set where it should? I guess there’s peace of mind at least seeing the rise and set to begin with..

BABADOOK gets high praise from horror director

The HORROR REPORT has been taken off guard by the review roundups for the movie BABADOOK.. The film has been heralded by typical horror sites.. but what made this unprecedented in my opinion was the shear love that mainstream media and entertainment sources showered on the Jennifer Kent film..

Now the director of the EXORCIST is increasing the abundant amount of hype being bestowed on the movie about childhood horrors: William Friedkin stated that he has never seen anything more terrifying that BABADOOK.. He said it scared the hell out of him..

Proof here from the page snap of his Tweet:



But the fanbase of horror has not welcomed this movie with open arms as much as mainstream sources of the lame stream..

What took me off guard even more than the positive reviews was the not so positive statements I have seen on various horror sites and message boards.. People who undertake the grim reality of eating up every bit of horror movie and delving into the devilish details don't have an over-enthusiastic agreement with Friedkin or others who have given the movie high praise.. Some seem to suggest that, while Kent delivers with a sound film, the movie is far from the scariest film of all time and quite the opposite in many regards.

But there may be something more at play with Friedkin that goes beyond just a mere movie review.. Friedkin has been very critical of IFC Films for their failure to secure movie screens for BABADOOK--Friedkin was so moved to help the film that he also offered to host a screening of it.

And I am surprised by that, too..
Movie companies throw abundant amounts of pure garbage our way throughout any given year, especially summer movie cycle.. It adds up. Sometimes you need to dodge the excrement that pop culture sells.. But when a refreshing horror movie like BABADOOK has the chance to do something different, nothing much is done about showing it to a wider audience..

As for the audience who has seen it? Seemingly positive and glowing reviews still abound. But there is also an underbelly of "sighs" about the attention the movie is getting, and now the hype presented by Friedkin..

Perhaps the best user comment I've seen: "Babadook should be renamed Babapuke."   Simply as that.


Protesters Swarm West Side Highway, Tree Lighting After Eric Garner Decision »

There is high tension on the streets of New York tonight.. only days after the Ferguson grand jury decided not to charge Darren Wilson, this new story emerges from Staten Island..

The grand jury was able to even see the video in which police held down a dying Eric Garner.. his crime was selling loose cigarettes and force of several police officers killed him, as he begged for air before his death.. Garner’s crime was tax evasion.. In a sense, it’s fair to say that Garner was executed by the state for the failure to relinquish tax dollars to the city..

There are people on the TEE VEE sets tonight defending the police and the grand jury non-action.. there are also some demanding more protests.. And the rest of us, the silent majority, are looking on in wonder and sadness.. Sadness over police who go too far.. sadness over a country seemingly becoming disjointed by racial tension and needless division—if only the majority of all races would see how bankers and various high powered institutions of corporate madmen are actually the ones who herald in a police state. The big picture, though, is often difficult to see..

The night air in New York is not filled with Christmas joy, but instead the anger of people who sense more police tyranny

There is one more piece of food for thought on the Eric Garner death.. consider this: The police who killed him this summer will face no criminal penalties for their actions. But 22-year-old Ramsey Orta was indited in August.. Why? Well that is the interesting part.. RAW STORY reports:
As the Staten Island Advance reported, 22-year-old Ramsey Orta was indicted this past August, 13 days after being arrested and charged with charged with felony counts of third-degree criminal weapon possession and criminal firearm possession.

Authorities argued that Orta stuffed an unloaded gun inside 17-year-old Alba Lekaj’s waistband outside a hotel. But Orta has said that the charges against him were trumped up as retaliation for filming Garner being grabbed from behind by Officer Daniel Pantaleo. The city’s medical examiner determined that Garner’s death was a “homicide by chokehold.”

“When they searched me, they didn’t find nothing on me,” Orta said to the Advance regarding his arrest. “And the same cop that searched me, he told me clearly himself, that karma’s a b*tch, what goes around comes around,” Orta said, adding later, “I had nothing to do with this. I would be stupid to walk around with a gun after me being in the spotlight.”

And now tonight, with the seasonal good tidings gone by the wayside, the crowd in New York City is shouting ’no justice no tree’  in the cold night air.. During the heat of the summer, a man named Eric Garner was shouting “I can’t breathe” as police held him down for not giving the city his taxes on loose smokes..

A tale of two seasons..
The best of times.. The worst of times.

Dissecting the Eric Garner grand jury decision

World report: A brief walk down headline lane

A brief walk into charted territory. Totally charted.
Here are the news headlines making noise on newspapers and media sources around the globe..

The BIG WOBBLE website details all of the ways that November 2014 was really not good at all..

A sudden rash of Stephen Hawking news has been streaming out.. First, Hawking is warning seriously that as artificial intelligence continues to dominate our collective future, it could end mankind.. But before the run is over, Hawking has one goal: He would like to play a villain in a James Bond movie, with his wheelchair and voice being perfect for the role!

The University of Texas appears to have lost 100 brains.. While some may wonder if there's any brains at college to begin with, this school did have many specimens including that of clock tower sniper Charles Whitman.. the school is publicly saying undergraduates MAY have taken the brains for Halloween pranks. Sounds a bit like grasping to me on that one..

The future of population control all could come down to a little mint that women put into their vaginas. If Melinda Gates has anything to do with it at least..

French Jihadist in Syria writes: "My iPod is broken. I want to come back home."

Falling oil prices may be nice for the time being. But it represents something far larger on the global economic scale..

Now Bill Cosby being sued by a woman who said that he assaulted her when she was a teenager!
She was 15 at the time..

Lady Gaga says she was raped by a producer at 19..

Power restores in Detroit after massive city-wide blackout ..

TWITTER trying to prevent abuse ..

Rosie O'Donnell's days at the VIEW are numbered..

As the HORROR REPORT said yesterday, fans of DC COMICS are painting the JARED LETO casting as the JOKER as a sacrilege.. 

Senate panel to view earthquake safety at nuke plants.. Too little too late. But why now?

Mediterranean Diet keeps people genetically young..

Abe Lincoln made history through sitting down for photos.. Now President Obama has done the same--but this time the photo was of a 3D printed nature..

Victoria Secret models take stage in London..

Actor Alan Alda challenges scientists to explain one simple thing: What is sleep?

Second STAR WARS trailer expected soon..

Every holiday has a demon: Keeping the Krampus in your Christmas

There is this notion that once Halloween ends, the paranormal world closes down and the thin window between the here and there closes until the next go around a year later.. But that is hardly true--if you believe in the paranormal to begin with, there's no time or date on when ghostly affairs can take place. Even more, history shows that Christmas, throughout history, has been a time and place for creepy tales and weird stories. Even more, religious believers claim that Christmas is the greatest time of year for a release of souls from purgatory..

So Christmas, my friends, is not rest for the weary..

But there is an even darker creature who lurks behind your Christmas tree while you innocently sip on warm egg nog: Krampus.

Krampus is the Christmas devil who haunts children..
Krampus is not a very nice creature.. Santa Claus brings presents to children who were good.. Krampus punishes those who were not. He puts the children, those especially too naughty that even coal will not suffice, into his bag and carries them to his lair.

When I was a children in a new closed down elementary school in Pennsylvania named Holy Spirit, we had a yearly regiment of putting out shoes in the hallway during a particular time of day and listening for bells. We were told that St. Nick would be coming around to give candy to good kids. You did not want a wooden stick, though--we were not told by teachers then that Krampus was the one who would give the sign that you were a bad child during the past year.. and later we found out that the school janitor was St Nick anyway, so the whole episode became defunct ..

But that little charade was a part of a grand tradition in some parts of the world--the first week of December is when Krampus gets his holiday. People dress up like the Christmas demon and have wild parties.. As custom in some nations, such as Austria, Romania, and Croatia, younger men will dress as Krampus and roam the street at night to play morbid tricks on children.. they will walk with rusty bells and chains.

In 2013, there were more and more articles popping up on the Internet concerning the Krampustime traditions. Suddenly, it seemed, Santa's sleigh broke down and a new Christmastime hero was being heralded.. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC went back in time to explain how Krampus came to be, and how he would whip bad children into being nice, a horrid thought when you consider it..  NAT GEO wrote,

Krampus was created as a counterpart to kindly St. Nicholas, who rewarded children with sweets. Krampus, in contrast, would swat "wicked" children and take them away to his lair.

According to folklore, Krampus purportedly shows up in towns the night before December 6, known as Krampusnacht, or Krampus Night. December 6 also happens to be Nikolaustag, or St. Nicholas Day, when German children look outside their door to see if the shoe or boot they'd left out the night before contains either presents (a reward for good behavior) or a rod (bad behavior).

A more modern take on the tradition in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic involves drunken men dressed as devils, who take over the streets for a Krampuslauf—a Krampus Run of sorts, when people are chased through the streets by the "devils."

In the beginning of 2014, there were even reports that Kevin Smith wanted to make a Krampus horror movie.. In the springtime, it was revealed that Smith's KRAMPUS cast included some big names.. And it's not just Kevin Smith. Only days ago it was reported that Michael Doughtery was directing a KRAMPUS horror comedy and a release of that film was set for Christmas 2015..

BOING BOING is running an article on the newfound popularity of the old soul named Krampus. He may not be the grinch who stole Christmas after all, btu the devil who provided it new meaning..

But the news lately has not just been all fun and demonic games.. Dateline Austria: A man dressed as Krampus beat a woman with a stick during one party.. The news source from that nation reports that Krampus attire is common this time of year.. Another opinion writer online says it's time to introduce Krampus to children, that the mind control on kids is needed. The article may be tongue in cheek comedy written by a humorist.. but that words would most likely resonate with some out there who want to children a bit of the bad--for those times when coal is just not an effective threat anymore..

In every sense, Krampus is a necessary part of the Christmas season..
God has the devil, and the eternal battle of spiritual warfare is said to take place in our heavens above..
Batman has the Joker.
Obama has Boehner.
Santa.. well, Santa has Krampus.

And being the first week of December, it's just about time for the Krampus festivals around the world to light up in a wicked fashion and bring the paranormal back to Christmas...

Jared Leto? You've got to be 'joking': SUICIDE SQUAD CASTING REVEALED

JARED LETO will play the JOKER..
TOM HARDY is Rick Flagg..

All of this casting will occur for the film SUICIDE SQUAD, expected to begin filming during the spring of 2015..

WARNER BROS announced the news today with fanfare, saying that the comic book film will center  around the vaudevillians and their chance of redemption in the eyes of the government that denounced them..

The movie is planned for a release August 2016..

There are more casting rumors saying that Lex Luther will be played by Jesse Eisenberg..

However, it's not all rosy news for the press release naming the big stars to the cast..
Some DC Comics fans are concerned about the use of character actors to play lead roles--in this regard there is concern as well that none of the female leads are strong actresses ..  User comments on various stories in relation to this press release seem lukewarm to the cast. While some are able to live with names like Will Smith, others are exceptionally concerned about the way Leto will play the clown prince of crime--

DC COMICS fans know the SUICIDE SQUAD well. They are the people who, in the comic, have redeemed themselves in the eyes of the United States government and have now become assets of UNCLE SAM..

There is undoubtedly a strong political message throughout the comic--it's most likely the same theme will be present in the film adaptation. It just also so happens to come at the same time the 2016 presidential election will be wrapping up, some wonder if the film will try to assert some sort of statement in the political world..



A few days ago I wrote an article concerning a sad and tragic historical account of the killing fields in Guyana Africa in the late 1970s at Jonestown.. The term "drink the Kool-Aid" comes from a minister who inspired his flock to take a suicide poison.. to die..  those who did not freely except their fate were met with forced murder at the hands of this so called Reverend, a man of God.

Jim Jones, someone who was politically heralded for many years and supported by money of the elite, spoke words during an eerie and bizarre final ceremony at the compound telling his flock that they will be dead anyway so there's no other way to die and by taking his poison drink. He spoke of it as though it was a religious ritual which would save them from judgment and speak to the world. He said it was an act of defiance to the cruel world--a message to the entire planet from the small branch of imprisoned souls who could not escape the evil clutch of the man who wanted them all to die..

Jonestown spoke to the world, and still does. It is the most deplorable of the calamities to befall a large group of people who originally wanted to be free of evil of worldly possessions and embrace God. Instead they died because of a delusional madman. Jonestown is an obvious lesson about how dangerous some religious pimps can be. Jones was not a man of God, but quite the opposite. During his final moments of recorded audio his voice sounded like it was possessed by some other worldy demon, it was a strange and unusual and cryptic few moments in time, moments that live in infamy. While people were dying and convulsing and paint before him, he continued to paint a picture that they were doing it in the form of a mass protest that could grant them entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the end, he was not even brave enough to drink his own Kool-Aid, shooting himself instead, obviously seeing the fate of others and the slow and painful death they encountered.

That is why today when I heard the words of Louis Farrakhan, Jim Jones came flashing back to my mind's eye..

I don't offer the story is any commentary on the Ferguson Missouri situation, nor do I take any position at this time about officer Darren Wilson or the shooting death of Michael Brown. That debate is for websites other than this, it's not my purpose here and this is not the venue ...But what I do want to show you all this startling video of what Farrakhan had to say:

He wants his flock to die for something.. He wants to 'tear' the country up.. the strangest part of the video was Farrakhan's face as he spoke of the death of the people seated in front of him:

[caption id="attachment_4863" align="aligncenter" width="344"]far The face of glee[/caption]

It would certainly appear that Mr. Farrakhan was filled with some sort spiritual presence in the "we're going to die anyway" statement, his eyes lighting up as though he was seeing spirits before his face. His sheer jubilation could not be masked when he mentioned that babies should be taught how to throw bottles instead of just sucking on the tip for milk, and he grew even more insane looking as his face contorted when he was filled with some sort of an exuberance about the thought of people who follow him dying in some sort of act of defiance.

Yes, there are times when people made the decision that death was more important than life and that it spoke louder than any words which could have been said during existence. We celebrate those heroes of yesterday, we even celebrate the wounded warriors who come back from war and those who never made it. Their sacrifices for us are immense.. History is filled with the corpses of martyrs and peacemakers ...

But there is something very creepy deep down when you hear a minister, a man purported to be spreading the word of God, speaking about how God would want his followers to die.  His bright smile at the thought of it makes me wince, and yet again reminded me of how many susceptible people are to fall in line with false prophets who propose a cold of death rather than warm hope..

I really do not think a God, one which would create life and want it to live, would expect people who love that very life to take up arms in violence to kill their fellow brother. But as we see from history, the prophets who pretend that they know what God wants are very quick to tell us to do just that.

Countless reverends tell their congregations to 'get ready.'
There are both right and left wing God whores who couldn't get less about scripture..


Another day another nipple

She was once the material girl, then became the material mom. Now it's time is going on, she is nearing old age but yet still has nipples of perfection.

My only thought is that Madonna had her nipples coated with a clear plastic or her breasts were heavily touched up by Photoshop users at Interview magazine..

Nonetheless, at age 56, Madonna is make it again. Obviously that is something that we had seen before in a number of different forms and venues, but the increased age of Madonna certainly has some eyebrows raised.

While others sag there is no lag with Madonna in her Interview magazine spread. But there is a chance that other people at her age don't have the same magicians helping them look as good as her.

And now the war is on, what will take the prize as the most memed pop culture photo of the year: Kim Kardashian's dump of a lump it Madonna's sheen plastic breasts in publication?

Pop culture is so cruel to the eyes often times..

From this:


to this?IMG_2153.PNG

I certainly do have questions..!


The WALKING DEAD show had a major development last night in its midseason finale.. a major character died. And the East Coast knew it first.

Unfortunately in our wired world of uber connectivity, it's tough to keep things of the pop culture category secret for very long.

Normally its fans that spoil the show.. last night, though, it was the show itself..

After the EAST COAST airing of the was complete, someone thought too fast and posted this image on the official WALKING DEAD Facebook page:

wdThe response was immediate--and angry.  The entire West Coast audience just had the major plot twist revealed with a photo and an "RIP BETH" underneath..

At the time of this post, the image has garnered 190,000 shares, 540,000 likes, and 140,000 comments--most of them negative and containing humorous memes insulting the people behind THE WALKING DEAD for revealing by accident such a major affair on the program..

One demanded to 'fire your social media manager.' Another posted these

Alejandro Fernandez-Lovo's photo.Mike Williams's photo.Christina Ulerio's photo.Ralph Realisan's photo.Karin Stahlecker's photo.Greg Castaneda's photo.Joshua Pemberton's photo.Raymsz Villz's photo.


There were countless others--countless in the hundreds of thousands now--that most people cannot humanly have time to read..

But that's the net..

There is a report circulating in the UK press that the image was pulled from the Facebook page--probably an OH S&*T moment occurred in a dark office somewhere, or a badly timed pre-written update went viral too quickly.. While the image may have been pulled quickly, the UK TELEGRAPH reports accurately that far too many people saw it already for the sudden pull down to become effective..

And with that: You have a PR disaster for a program that has a dedicated fan base who defends it to the death. Even Beth's death.. Except the West Coast. They're a bit angry..


Post holidays blues and news

My coffee cup is aside of me, it's 5:30 am and I am awake and wondering where in the hell the entire weekend has gone.. Four days off, and a fifth was included because of the snowstorm prior to Thanksgiving. And now, all that is just rubble.. even the turkey and stuffing is gone..  The highways nearest to my home are buzzing this morning.. while I took Mutley the dog for an early stroll, I heard every type of vehicle echoing through the morning air..

The only other thing more depressing than the end of a holiday may be the news of the day. Which is presented right here..
For what makes you sad this morning: Pick your poison..


The news:

After a long holiday weekend of eating as much grunge as the body can devour, you may want to consider fasting. Science now suggests that it has a ton of health benefits, including warding off diabetes, heart ailments, and even Alzheimer's .. 

Half of the people who die in hospitals die of sepsis..  Even part time host of Coast to Coast George Knapp ended up with this, and it nearly did him in as well..

The great boom: The HORROR REPORT has covered weird earth noises and booms for several years now.. the most recent--and hugely newsworthy--took place in England. A mystery bang hit the UK from London to Glasgow this past weekend.. With the large noise came rattled windows and nerves.. Some suggested sonic air craft from Russia, others thought it was routine military exercises.. Pets were spooked as well, according to the story. Earlier in the week, a boom was heard in Manchester but nothing was found to say what exactly it was.. So what is it? What are all of these noises striking across the planet? Linda Moulton Howe's website presents some even more eerie information about the UK booms: On the same day they were happening in the UK, they were also occurring in New York State in Buffalo.  My theory has long been changes in the core of the planet Earth.. But the booms are getting increasingly louder, don't you think?

There is one theory being pushed as the reasons why New York and Britain are hearing such loud booms lately: A pulse detonation engine from a stealth jet from the secert Aurora project.  At this point, any theory seems to have a likely possibility of being real..

Fear for Christmas: UK media sources are blasting readers with this bit of information today: Al Qaeda plans to blow up airliners in a Christmas attack.. There will be fear for Christmas this year.

The ISIS job just isn't for everyone: One Indian student who volunteered to join ISIS has gone back home, disillusioned because all the killer group had him do was clean toilets.  Jihadists excrete, too. Someone's got to clean it.

People now believe that ISIS is launching attacks from inside Turkey.
 Incidentally, this is exactly where Pope Francis just finished a state visit. Why does it seem that Pope Francis always leaves a nation in more turmoil than it was in when he got there?
While in Turkey: The Pope demands an end to ISIS attacks..
...But FAILS to find common ground in Turkey..

An upcoming show GHOST INSIDE MY CHILD will feature a four-year-old boy in Virginia claiming to be a reincarnated Marine.. the boy's name is Andrew Lucas. He believes he was a US Marine Sgt Val Lewis who died in the bombing explosion on October 23 1983 in Beirut. But DISCOVERY worked hard to discount the story in their article of the upcoming show..

Last week during the riots after the Darren Wilson grand jury decision was announced in Ferguson, a man was found dead and burned.. That night, there were various rumors online that chose not to publish, simply because it was wild speculation .. but now there are some more sources who are reporting on the alleged involvement the dead man had with the grand jury .. 20-year-old DeAndre Joshua, widely reported as the first casualty of the Ferguson riots, was also a probable grand jury witness.. 

VICE has an interesting article running on the Pentagon's SKYNET, long talked about but seldom understood. Vice reports about how it will automate war in the future. But it doesn't stop there.

STAR MARS WARS: You certainly don't this everyday.. a Retired Marine has publicly stated that for the past 17 years, he has been battling aliens n Mars. Even more earth shattering is this claim: His retirement ceremony of 20 years took place on the moon! And Donald Rumsfeld attended.. Of course, our alien hunter is not giving his real name..

Death toll from Ebola nears 7000 in West Africa.. I suppose for the American media, the only deaths that matter are not of the West African descent?
But good news: Mali is now Ebola free..

A very unique gift for Christmas 2014: A company will transform your child's artwork into a stuffed animal..

St Louis Rams players cause controversy after their Michael Brown tribute during entrance to Sunday game..

Ferguson activists call for nationwide walkout from school and work at 1pm..

Body of Missing OSU Player Kosta Karageorge Found, Police Say
Body of Ohio State player found dead in dumpster. 

Scientists discover invisible shield blocking Earth from 'killer electrons'
Scientists discover 'invisible shield' blocking the earth from killer electrons.. 

Magnitude 4.7 quake shakes Arizona..


THE DAILY BEAST offers up some commentary on the horror film BABADOOK. Like others they proclaim how great the film is.. they even label it as the most sincere and best horror movie of 2014..

USA TODAY: Horror gets artsy.

Another review: BABADOOK is a rare triumph in the horror genre..

Last night, the WALKING DEAD midseason finale satisfied..

SCARE FOR ANGELINA JOLIE: Tires explode in a car crash after skidding in the rain as she returned home from UNBROKEN screening..

Shia LaBeouf's art collaborators back his rape claims..

No thaw: DISNEY working on FROZEN 2..

Susan Boyle finds her first boyfriend at 53..

John Boyega's face unexpectedly pops into view, dripping in sweat and looking decidedly concerned. Oh, and he's also clad in Stormtrooper get-up.
22-year-old actor Josh Boyega hits back at racism after his face briefly appears in STAR WARS trailer..
...The "Black Stormtrooper" hits back: "get used to it"


As always, more updates and stories will be forthcoming on the HORROR REPORT. Stay tuned..
Until then, Happy December 1.