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The news of the world, as told by different sources from the planet we inhabit. It's a weekend, a Saturday. It's the season of Christmas.. but so many things point to reasons to not be optimistic about the future of our world.. A sampling of the cull I have done, the season of the witch is over. But it may as well keep on going..

Welcome to the age of the supermouse! It's four times smarter than the average little vermon.. it had human fetal cells injected into it to get its status.. I personally feel very uncomfortable about celebrating the 'supermouse' .. But before you get your extra strength cheese traps out, we're not trying to create super rodents--they are fine at that tthemselves We are instead just attempting to make a mouse brain closer to the human to study it better. Makes sense. I guess.

Welcome to the creepy town of Sunnywide, Washington.. a place where tens of thousands of crows descend on homes every single night.. And yes the comparison is obvio…

8mm creepy: PORTRAITS OF A NIGHTMARE may cause uneasy sleeping

December is a time for happy songs and pale ales.. however, as I have written, Christmas is also  a very paranormal time of year. One way to celebrate it may be with an extraordinary new video from JILL TRACY. The video has been uploaded to YouTube, it has received links on various message boards and other websites, including BLOODY DISGUSTING.

The video itself is low key.. It is titled 'Portraits of a Nightmare' .. The music is by Jill Tracy, it is directed by Jeremy Carr.

The interesting aspect of this video is in the description: It was created by 8mm footage. It was filmed after fan support from Kickstarter allowed it to be made.. The never before seen footage featured, along with additional 8mm vintage archive shots, create an actively frightening scene. The video is not jump out of your seat scary, but instead much more subtle. And maybe even in that sense more disturbing.

The first thing it reminded me of was the footage from the …

PRAYERS FOR THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS: Typhoon Hagupit now striking

Typhoon Hagupit will cause destruction as it slams into the Philippine islands--the main island is  being affected already as the storm begins to hit land..

Wind and rain has already triggered a small landslide in Eastern Samar.. Provinces are expected to further lose power as the monster storm drives itself inland..

This is a NASA flyover from December 6--note the enormous eyewall and vast amount of oceanic real estate that the storm takes up..

The Philippines has been through other massive typhoons this season.. While the nation is simply prone to such activity due to its location, these storms of 2014 have been frightening.

Now, with this new massive system churning its way onto land, over a half a million people have desperately fled and have taken shelter..

They are pouring into churches, schools, and other makeshift safe houses. The evacuation that has just occurred in response to the Hagupit has been one of the biggest in peacetime.. While …

Keeping the creepy in Christmas

I posted the thought that Christmas can be creepy.. Krampus certainly helps in that regard.. even more, there are reasons to believe that Christmas was once celebrated by telling host tales and weaving intricate paranormal webs of night time stories by fireplaces with chestnuts roasting in our history.

I have argued before that we should bring the creepy back to Christmas and let it endure in the pagan paranormal way it should..

Today I offer up some visual reasons that Christmas can also be creepy: Old fashioned long ago holiday cards.. There are some weird ones now.. But the antiquated offers of yesteryear may be even stranger than any current incarnation of yuletide cheer..

A sampling of some I have found online that made me think twice about allowing St. Nick to enter my house through a fireplace this holiday season:

[caption id="attachment_4895" align="aligncenter" width="625" class=" "] This photo reminds me more of Krampus than it does Santa.…


You ought to know by now..

It seems so many times that once a major company or facility says there was a cyber attack that took place, a dribble of information comes wincing out of the PR department.. There is little news initially, except for the instance of the hack itself. It is downplayed.. in a sense, a full accounting is being conducted.

We learned of the SONY hack attack over a week ago. At that time, North Korea was suspected to be angry over the upcoming comedy THE INTERVIEW--so much so that allegations were made that the country hired on hackers to decimate SONY. If that is what actually took place, the attack went far beyond what was initially known..

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER tonight is now making the full details public.. Not only did  the hack occur, but major celebrities and insiders have had their social security numbers splashed across the world's widest web: The Internet.. 47,000 to be exact--at least according to this report. As we saw from the original trickle, perha…


"Their Sky Has Changed!" Inuit elders sharing information with NASA regarding Earth's "wobble" »
It seems the Inuit elders are also witnessing strange and unfathomable weather up there in the North.
The elders talk about how their world has changed, how it was then and how it is now.
It is a worrying picture, a picture of melting glaciers and thinning or disappearing sea ice.
Seals with burns on their coats and covered with sores and a thinner hide, the Seal skin has deteriorated and while scientists maintain man made pollution is contributing to climate change the elders are convinced something much much bigger is going on!
Astonishingly what the elders are saying is global warming is not the whole story…

The elders maintain the Sun doesn’t rise were it used too, they have longer day light to hunt and the Sun is higher than it used to be and warms up quicker than before.
The elders who were interviewed across the north all said the same thing, their sky has changed.

BABADOOK gets high praise from horror director

The HORROR REPORT has been taken off guard by the review roundups for the movie BABADOOK.. The film has been heralded by typical horror sites.. but what made this unprecedented in my opinion was the shear love that mainstream media and entertainment sources showered on the Jennifer Kent film..

Now the director of the EXORCIST is increasing the abundant amount of hype being bestowed on the movie about childhood horrors: William Friedkin stated that he has never seen anything more terrifying that BABADOOK.. He said it scared the hell out of him..

Proof here from the page snap of his Tweet:

But the fanbase of horror has not welcomed this movie with open arms as much as mainstream sources of the lame stream..

What took me off guard even more than the positive reviews was the not so positive statements I have seen on various horror sites and message boards.. People who undertake the grim reality of eating up every bit of horror movie and delving into the devilish details don't have an over…


Protesters Swarm West Side Highway, Tree Lighting After Eric Garner Decision »
Some protesters said they planned to disrupt the Rockefeller Center tree lighting — following a decision by a grand jury not to indict an NYPD officer involved in the apparent chokehold death of Eric Garner.
There is high tension on the streets of New York tonight.. only days after the Ferguson grand jury decided not to charge Darren Wilson, this new story emerges from Staten Island..

The grand jury was able to even see the video in which police held down a dying Eric Garner.. his crime was selling loose cigarettes and force of several police officers killed him, as he begged for air before his death.. Garner’s crime was tax evasion.. In a sense, it’s fair to say that Garner was executed by the state for the failure to relinquish tax dollars to the city..

There are people on the TEE VEE sets tonight defending the police and the grand jury non-action.. there are also some demanding more protests.. And the rest o…

World report: A brief walk down headline lane

A brief walk into charted territory. Totally charted.
Here are the news headlines making noise on newspapers and media sources around the globe..
The BIG WOBBLE website details all of the ways that November 2014 was really not good at all..

A sudden rash of Stephen Hawking news has been streaming out.. First, Hawking is warning seriously that as artificial intelligence continues to dominate our collective future, it could end mankind.. But before the run is over, Hawking has one goal: He would like to play a villain in a James Bond movie, with his wheelchair and voice being perfect for the role!
The University of Texas appears to have lost 100 brains.. While some may wonder if there's any brains at college to begin with, this school did have many specimens including that of clock tower sniper Charles Whitman.. the school is publicly saying undergraduates MAY have taken the brains for Halloween pranks. Sounds a bit like grasping to me on that one..
The future of population control all c…

Every holiday has a demon: Keeping the Krampus in your Christmas

There is this notion that once Halloween ends, the paranormal world closes down and the thin window between the here and there closes until the next go around a year later.. But that is hardly true--if you believe in the paranormal to begin with, there's no time or date on when ghostly affairs can take place. Even more, history shows that Christmas, throughout history, has been a time and place for creepy tales and weird stories. Even more, religious believers claim that Christmas is the greatest time of year for a release of souls from purgatory..

So Christmas, my friends, is not rest for the weary..

But there is an even darker creature who lurks behind your Christmas tree while you innocently sip on warm egg nog: Krampus.

Krampus is the Christmas devil who haunts children..
Krampus is not a very nice creature.. Santa Claus brings presents to children who were good.. Krampus punishes those who were not. He puts the children, those especially too naughty that even coal will not suffic…

Jared Leto? You've got to be 'joking': SUICIDE SQUAD CASTING REVEALED

JARED LETO will play the JOKER..
TOM HARDY is Rick Flagg..

All of this casting will occur for the film SUICIDE SQUAD, expected to begin filming during the spring of 2015..

WARNER BROS announced the news today with fanfare, saying that the comic book film will center  around the vaudevillians and their chance of redemption in the eyes of the government that denounced them..

The movie is planned for a release August 2016..

There are more casting rumors saying that Lex Luther will be played by Jesse Eisenberg..

However, it's not all rosy news for the press release naming the big stars to the cast..
Some DC Comics fans are concerned about the use of character actors to play lead roles--in this regard there is concern as well that none of the female leads are strong actresses ..  User comments on various stories in relation to this press release seem lukewarm to the cast. While som…


A few days ago I wrote an article concerning a sad and tragic historical account of the killing fields in Guyana Africa in the late 1970s at Jonestown.. The term "drink the Kool-Aid" comes from a minister who inspired his flock to take a suicide poison.. to die..  those who did not freely except their fate were met with forced murder at the hands of this so called Reverend, a man of God.

Jim Jones, someone who was politically heralded for many years and supported by money of the elite, spoke words during an eerie and bizarre final ceremony at the compound telling his flock that they will be dead anyway so there's no other way to die and by taking his poison drink. He spoke of it as though it was a religious ritual which would save them from judgment and speak to the world. He said it was an act of defiance to the cruel world--a message to the entire planet from the small branch of imprisoned souls who could not escape the evil clutch of the man who wanted them all to die.…

Another day another nipple

She was once the material girl, then became the material mom. Now it's time is going on, she is nearing old age but yet still has nipples of perfection.

My only thought is that Madonna had her nipples coated with a clear plastic or her breasts were heavily touched up by Photoshop users at Interview magazine..

Nonetheless, at age 56, Madonna is make it again. Obviously that is something that we had seen before in a number of different forms and venues, but the increased age of Madonna certainly has some eyebrows raised.

While others sag there is no lag with Madonna in her Interview magazine spread. But there is a chance that other people at her age don't have the same magicians helping them look as good as her.

And now the war is on, what will take the prize as the most memed pop culture photo of the year: Kim Kardashian's dump of a lump it Madonna's sheen plastic breasts in publication?

Pop culture is so cruel to the eyes often times..

From this:

to this?

I certainly do ha…


The WALKING DEAD show had a major development last night in its midseason finale.. a major character died. And the East Coast knew it first.

Unfortunately in our wired world of uber connectivity, it's tough to keep things of the pop culture category secret for very long.

Normally its fans that spoil the show.. last night, though, it was the show itself..

After the EAST COAST airing of the was complete, someone thought too fast and posted this image on the official WALKING DEAD Facebook page:

The response was immediate--and angry.  The entire West Coast audience just had the major plot twist revealed with a photo and an "RIP BETH" underneath..

At the time of this post, the image has garnered 190,000 shares, 540,000 likes, and 140,000 comments--most of them negative and containing humorous memes insulting the people behind THE WALKING DEAD for revealing by accident such a major affair on the program..

One demanded to 'fire your social media manager.' Another posted these

Post holidays blues and news

My coffee cup is aside of me, it's 5:30 am and I am awake and wondering where in the hell the entire weekend has gone.. Four days off, and a fifth was included because of the snowstorm prior to Thanksgiving. And now, all that is just rubble.. even the turkey and stuffing is gone..  The highways nearest to my home are buzzing this morning.. while I took Mutley the dog for an early stroll, I heard every type of vehicle echoing through the morning air..

The only other thing more depressing than the end of a holiday may be the news of the day. Which is presented right here..
For what makes you sad this morning: Pick your poison..
The news:
After a long holiday weekend of eating as much grunge as the body can devour, you may want to consider fasting. Science now suggests that it has a ton of health benefits, including warding off diabetes, heart ailments, and even Alzheimer's .. 
Half of the people who die in hospitals die of sepsis..  Even part time host of Coast to Coas…