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Autism and preeclampsia: A new study examines

The studies are endless.. While causes have yet to be found, lots of data may start sook pointing in the right direction..

The latest possibility of why autism happens comes from a study appearing in JAMA pediatrics .. .. it gives evidence that preeclampsia is the cause and that the events taking place in the womb at 20 months holds the key.. In essence, people on the spectrum were more than twice as likely to have been exposed in utero to preeclampsia..

Or so the latest study says .
I think this is worth more explanation and investigation..



Hackers released a seventh cache of files leaked from Sony Pictures Entertainment on Saturday, along with a promise of more to come. 

Someone claiming to be a member of hacking group Guardians of Peace sent an email to journalists that listed two web addresses where new Sony information could be found. 

The email also said that a "Christmas gift" would be arriving soon that will "put Sony Pictures into the worst state." Countless Sony files, revealing everything from embarrassing email threads to salary details, have been released online following a Nov. 24 cyberattack on the studio.

According to Recode, the newest batch of files includes a PowerPoint presentation given about Sony-backed video site Cr…


Sony suspends filming. And lots of other sordid truths now streaming out after hack attack »
Sony Pictures, which made the James Bond and Spider-Man films has abandoned shoots after hackers crippled its computers and leaked four films
This is huge..
The news is being submitted to the masses by THE TIMES in the UK.. The reason, so the story goes, is because all of the hacking implications have now led SONY unable to process payments..

There are some other bits of news that join this headline about Sony today, including the news that Angelina Jolie cannot attend an UNBROKEN premiere because she has developed Chicken Pox!..

The brutal hack attack is doing a lot more hurt to credibility of not only SONY but other power players too.. Like Maureen Dowd, who according to leaked documents now being seen promised to show her column to Amy Pascal’s husband before publication.. Perhaps no ethical boundary was crossed, though? Dowd denies she did this. Sure the documents show she was going to, but now…

Goodbye retail hell

It is really cold as I type this, right now the temperature has been struggling to get above 25, and there is 15 or so inches of snow on the ground after a surprise storm hit yesterday and overnight last night..

There is no use crying over spilled ice, the winter has just begun and the cold times ahead are coming..

But a huge number of stores crying today, I actually had the day off from work and decided to go to a few different shopping venues .. My prime objective of the day: finish Christmas shopping for some, start for others.

I did not get too far, I walked the in the various stores, struggled to find the perfect item for anyone, and for the most part left each place empty-handed and frustrated.

While regrouping, I downloaded the app--I know I'm behind the times.

Let me first say this: a friend summed my Internet life up this way: I was ahead of the curve until the year 2004, became stagnant, and now have fallen way behind. He's right! I think about it, lamenting ma…


CBS announced that May 20, 2015, will be David Letterman’s final show on the network..

This will be a milestone for the country. I really mean that.

Letterman may not be really all that funny anymore, but he was once so cutting edge that he was sharper than new knives. He was inventive and ironic..

I was at a taping of the LATE SHOW in the early 2000s.. Not impressed completely by that but still amazing to be in the Ed Sullivan theater.

I grew up watching Letterman. Ever since, as a kid, I read the Frank Miller DARK KNIGHT I was inspired to figure out who the pop culture icon was featured in the comic:

I fondly recall Friday nights, staying up late, watching LATE NIGHT and then LATE SHOW when he switched networks..

I also had a secret in school. Not many other kids really knew who Letterman was, so I would set my VCR each night to record his show. The next morning, before school, I watched his skits and copied some of the humor off of it, doing the same types of things at school that day. N…

Fear the future reaper

The other day, while I explaining to my mother some of the best parts the future has to hold due to technology, she espoused the common belief among her age group: “I hope I’m dead by then.” Mixed in that sentiment: The fear of the future, and the regretfullness at the same time of not learning everything about the internet that she wants to.

But she is not the only one who fears upcoming upheaval. I do, too. Technology’s advancements and human beings’ changes are occurring mighty quickly lately. No more slow drips of progress.. these days we are printing in 3D everything from houses to lungs and the future, oh that future, appears to be muddled in some kind of puddle transhumanism/eternal health and happiness.

Regardless of the niceties to come, there are reasons to fear.. When certain governments use progress to hurt society that is awful. When corporations hate their customer and worker, that is equally unfair..

In a sense, robotic advancements on their own are neither moral or immora…


DEADLINE SPLASHES: Sony E-Mails Shocker: Amy Pascal, Scott Rudin Have Hollywood-Size Egos! Filmmakers React »
But even more important from the DEADLINE read on this SONY hack job: Why are people who had projects with SONY suddenly tweeting their horror at the SONY hack? One even saying the information dump is ‘terrorism.’

My take: They are reading the trove of emails between Pascal and Rudin.. they are seeing the racist comments about the President.. they are amazed at the free flowing hatred of Jolie.. and they are looking themselves in the mirror attempting to recall what type of sordid things they wrote while under contract or employ at SONY..

Philip Lord called the SONY hack terrorism—noteworthy that this battle cry waited for almost ten days to be made..

Rian Johnson said “This Sony hack is some vile shit.”

In the spirit of full disclosure, I also asked the question: If the Sony hack was inspired by a nation state or conducted by one, is that an act of war?  That was written on Novemb…

NOW WE KNOW: Jolie is a brat. Hollywood is filled with racists

Now we know..
Thanks to the Guardians of Peace, the hacking group that may have worked on behalf of NORTH KOREA and decimated the personal information of Hollywood stars and threw Sony’s entire business operations into the public eye.

And apparently lots of folks really dislike Angelina Jolie. Including producer Scott Rudin.

According to some newly leaked emails from the information dump from the GOP, Rudin is on record saying that Jolie is a “minimally talented spoiled brat.” .. and another: “YOU BETTER SHUT ANGIE DOWN BEFORE SHE MAKES IT VERY HARD FOR DAVID TO DO JOBS.”

VARIETY has the full story..
As does the group GUARDIANS OF PEACE.

But there is even more to this whole mess, as the Washington POST expands on,
Beyond the gossip about movie stars and failed projects, Sony now faces real-world financial and business threats. Leaked health information, Social Security numbers and other personal data about employees and actors could invite lawsuits under California’s strict laws on data prot…

The viral nature of the WOMAN IN BLACK 2

Among the billions of posts and GIFs online right now, there are a few little creepy ones that stand out for me.. They all come from the Tumblr account for the upcoming January 2015 film THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 . The site is you can find gems, like the one I feature with this post, and others including an arm reaching out to a woman from a baby carriage, freakish images of people screaming, and clever other ways the movie makers are getting their message out on social media.

But I see these THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 images being shared more than any others online in some time. Perhaps it’s because the there second clips are macabre and downright creepy—as the one featured here .. No matter how many loops over again it makes, each time I see it I still stop and get just a bit of a chill at the face on my screen..

And that is smart for THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 . People like GIFs.. the online community enjoys quick laughs and even quicker scares.. The movie is drummi…


TIME made its call.. the yearly ritual of waiting to see who a nearly irreverent magazine will decide was the most important person of the year is here again. This one was out of left field for me.. I did not expect them to choose a series of people, ‘the Ebola fighters,’ as the person that mattered.. I thought for sure TIME would focus in on the Ferguson story and name the ‘protester’ as the person—though they did that in 2011..  I was wrong.

Perhaps if EBOLA gets really, really bad, next year’s person could be the EBOLA patient. And then TIME could just include another mirror on the cover like they did for the 'You' as the person of the year in 2006.

This could also be a clever way to sell magazine—five covers?? I have always been aware of the theory that local newspapers utilize local sports to sell fishwrappers—every high school football player, baseball player, or track star buys up the issue when they are featured. As do their family members and friends.

In this regard, TIM…

Another civil emergency that was not

Kentucky residents were sent messages to their cell phones stating that an 'extreme alert' was being made and that there was a civil emergency.. The text sent to thousands of cell phones to people in Southern Kentucky was ominous: "Prepare for action," it said..

The only problem--maybe thankfully--is that there was no emergency at all. The Kentucky Emergency Management office said that human errors caused the machine to sent out the false alert message. Nothing at all to worry about. No zombies. No attacks.. No nuclear Armageddon.

Just a human making mistakes..

Local ABC 36 affiliate in Kentucky reports that the emergency message was sent during a period of computer testing.

The strangeness of the situation is only amplified by another incident that simultaneously occurred as the warning message was sent: The users of cell phones who got the odd alert also report hearing 'low flying' military helicopters during the alert period.. Alex Jones' INFOWARS has a su…

Fortean TIMES website goes offline today

The website for the popular British publication FORTEAN TIMES is

The HORROR REPORT has been reading this publication and a fan since we entered onto the Internet scene over 12 years ago.

But now that website is in trouble..

According to information being posted on the FORTEAN TIMES Facebook page, owner of the site Dennis Communications (* is closing down the website!

Fortean Times typically updated daily with quick news bits and other weird headlines. But that has not occurred since November 20, causing speculation as to why the news outage on the site was happening.

Just days ago, the Facebook page posted a message alluding to the seemingly strange silence:
Apologies for the lack of news updates in the last couple of weeks. We are currently unable to access the FT website as Dennis Publishing are overhauling it. Hopefully back soon....
But even odder was the thought that someone who was able to operate and update a website wasn't able to ob…


Wes Craven tweeted an image tonight of what the new ghost face mask will look like..

It glows. it's blue. It may be used for an upcoming MTV series..

Regardless of its use, the mask is certainly much different than the 1990s incarnation of the famous SCREAM painting..

Feedback has been critical.. divided. Some like. Some hate.
The white face of the original SCREAM series is iconic.. even today, kids on Halloween scout towns with the attire--most likely not even knowing how scary a scene with Drew Barrymore answering a giant portable phone was in the late 20th century..

This mask though?
I personally think it looks like a Dollar Store version of the original mask.. a bad replica.

Maybe just a bad photo..
Tomorrow: The new GHOST FACE debuts at FUN WORLD.

According to Wes Craven..

The torture report

Things to know about today's report on torture..
CIA Torture Report: Bush Was Kept in the Dark »
President George W. Bush was never briefed by the Central Intelligence Agency on the details of harsh interrogation techniques and secret detention of terror suspects for the first four years of the controversial program, and when he did find out the details, he was “uncomfortable” with some of the practices, according to the long-awaited report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
US prepares for security risks from torture report »
A scathing report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday found that the Central Intelligence Agency routinely misled the White House and Congress about the information it obtained from the detention and interrogation of terrorism suspects, and that its methods were more brutal than the C.I.A. acknowledged either to Bush administration officials or to the public. »
One new revelation I hadn’t heard of until now that surfaced in this …

Pennywise's new dance

In case you haven't heard, the clown who haunted your 1990s nightmares is about to get a redo. Stephen King's IT, the book and then subsequent made for TEE VEE movie, is going to a cinematic release.. (For better or worse) ..

In an interview with VULTURE, producer Dan Lin dropped this news: Cary Fukunaga will be will direct the film..

Lin told VULTURE,
Cary likes to develop things for a while, and we’ve been with this for about three or four years, so we’re super excited that he stayed with it. You guys are gonna be really excited
People indeed are excited but also apprehensive.

Let me be honest.. I have fond memories of being 12 years old and watching IT on television.. I even recall my sister making me get all of my homework done in her apartment one night before IT came on, because were would watch it. IT may have been the movie that made me start liking horror.. And for a kid to see a movie about kids being the heroes--kids who admittedly all had major mental and health issues …

A splattering of the Nor'Easter news of the world

My neck of the woods is plagued with heavy rain, ice, and snow. Depending on your elevation you're getting any of or all three those precipitation types. But I'm not the center of the universe.. Not sure what is, though. Nonetheless, the headlines of the world as they are being reported at the hour:
The United States is readying its bases, facilities, and other locations of interest for potential terrorism.. A Senate report on torture that occurred at black sites throughout the world is about to hit.. The report, officials say, will be causing 'unrest' around the globe.. The report will detail torture at various locations after 9/11.. One aspect of the report: It will conclude that the torture people were administered fail to do anything much to stop terror attacks..
Sick world: ISIS releases manual on the dos and don'ts of buying and selling female slaves..
Afghanistan 12 years later: Taliban indoctrinates children with textbooks paid for by the United States..
And ah…

Strange new twists in SONY HACK ATTACK

The group GUARDIANS OF PEACE, or GOP, has posted yet another message.. this time on GITHUB. They are calling on SONY to stop 'immediately showing the movie which can break regional peace and cause the war."  GOP is obviously referring to the Kim Jong Un North Korea spy spook THE INTERVIEW with Seth Rogan and James Franco.. that movie is set to come out on Christmas..

This is the latest twist in an already bizarre story .. Only days ago, this same group was blamed for the massive cyber attack that crippled computers at the company. Even more, a large data dump was made including Hollywood stars and starlets' social security numbers, contracts, and lots of other private data going back to at least the year 2000. At the time, SONY made mention of  the chance that the GOP hacked into their system simply because of the film THE INTERVIEW, and that the group hack state backing from North Korea to do it.. various media reports in subsequent days inferred that the FBI was investig…

Bankers continue to bail

This year has been marred with the bizarre suicides and deaths of prominent bankers--men you may never had heard of but men who clearly have been in the shaping of monetary policy..

The newest death is being reported by various sources.. His name was Geert Tack. He was Belgian. And how the appearance of his body off of the coast of Ostend has become 'surrounded by riddles.'  In moments like this, ZERO HEDGE is the best source.

Tyler Durden at ZERO HEDGE writes a full listing of the bankers who have succumbed to seemingly early fates in 2014:
1) David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal working at the Dow Jones news room
2) Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG
3) William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank
4) Ryan Henry Crane, age 37, JP Morgan
5) Li Junjie, 33, Hong Kong JP Morgan
6) Gabriel Magee, 39, age JP Morgan employee
7) Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investments
8) Richard Talley, 57, was the foun…

Peace #2

Last night, the HORROR REPORT published an old photo.. it was of my Uncle Andy at his home in Centralia, Pa. Before his death. Before my family moving.. before the town being decimated by government buyouts and an underground mine fire. I labeled the post 'peace' because the image from the past reminded me of how peaceful things were--and a bit of lamenting technology was included in that mindset, as well..

Today, I post this new 'peace number 2' photo. It was of Saint Ignatius Church in Centralia, PA. The building stood for over 100 years. It was built on solid rock with a cemetery behind it. However, in the late 1990s the church was destroyed by crews who also destroyed much of the rest of the town as people moved away.

My father was the caretaker of this church and grounds for over two decades. The anniversary of him going to the hospital last year has me deeply thinking about the past. His past, my past.. my family's past. And our collective futures.

The amazing s…

Peace ..

This is a scene of peace.. My uncle Andy at his homestead somewhere around the time of 1984 in the doomed town of Centralia PA..

He didn't live much longer after this photo was taken..

I stumbled across this picture. A family member of mine posted it in a Centralia Facebook group.. Initially when I saw it I was haunted by the image.. But then at peace and filled with humble nostalgia for a simpler time..

There is something purely peaceful about a man in his comfort zone.. He's home, with a grapevine growing out of view of the camera and a yard for his dogs to roam free.. He was home.

Are any of us home anymore? If we are we are on phones or eating up every bit of Wifi we can.. We are quickly running through life on a fast paced mission to no where..

But my uncle, in this photo, was home.
At peace..

I long to go back to the days when I felt at home, too.

Forget chemtrails. Welcome Gauzetrails

Get your tin foil hat tightly secured before you see this..

CBS 5 in Arizona is reporting a must see story:


This story surfaced around the middle of November.. The story captured the eyes of conspiracy sites and others immediately.. To KPHO's credit, they did a follow up on the article and they reported this only days ago: The mysterious fibers falling from military jets were just 'gauze' ... The woman who sought answers got her questions resolved by the forensics team that concluded the weird spider web substance was just a mixture of mixture of wheat, gluten, flour and bacitracin, an antibiotic..

Of course, any logical personal may wonder why military jets are dropping this from the sky..

Besides 'why' it is being dropped from military planes, does this not perhaps fill in some gaps for those who doubt chemtrails are even real? Could this not add to the arsenal of those who argue that they see airliners filling the skies with clouds all of the time?

The su…

Forget the Face on Mars!

Now we have Obama's head on the planet!!
A multitude of websites are showcasing a very interesting image taken by NASA's Spirit Rover.. the picture seems to show a rock formation that closely--almost creepy in nature--resembles the head of President Obama!

Of course experts assert that this rock formation is just a rock. And that our brains are tricking us into categorizing it as something it clearly is not..

But the image..

Here's your WHERE'S BARRY game. Find the President's head on Mars:

The image was apparently taken in 2005--a year after Obama's historic DNC convention speech.. So either Martians liked him earlier than humans..or that trick of light is just taking place.

Obama's head is not the first thing to be spotted on Mars.

There has been a rat, a human, a building, and countless other structures and entities.

Regardless of truth, this video is most likely one you will be seeing over the coming days and weeks: Obama is the descendant of a Martian ruler.  …

The foodmonger

You may or may not have heard of the FOODBABE and her army. She is one of the most important people on the social media scene today, and pop culture has been changed by her revolution..

I first heard her on Alex Jones some time ago. She was espousing the dangers of SUBWAY bread and how an agent similar to plastic was within it.. I sort of dismissed her a bit.. Then a few days later SUBWAY announced that external pressures was going to cause them to phase out this really creepy element. I thanked my lucky stars that I never ate Subway.. but then became a "Facebok fan' of the FOOD BABE..

Her name is Vani Hari. And she is getting some big attention now that her little website and Facebook fan backing has changed the way we look at food and its ingredients.

NPR just ran a story on her adding to the mix. This is what they said,
But as her profile grows, so too do the criticisms of her approach. Detractors, many of them academics, say she stokes unfounded fears about what's in our …

President Obama goes to the hospital--and the media chooses not to have a feeding frenzy

I am apparently uniquely surprised that news networks are not going wild in a feeding frenzy about President Barack Obama being whisked away to a hospital and being admitted for a sore throat that has been present for weeks.. he has been diagnosed with acid reflux, mainstream talking heads tell us. The Saturday news affair didn't get much attention besides a few blips on media sources, small links on news websites.. Drudge picked it up but spun it a different way, with a mock on Obamacare:

But should this not be a bigger deal?

I recall when George W. Bush choked on a pretzel during a football game, the media went wall to wall. Partially because it seemed like such a bonehead way to have an accident, and also because he was the leader of the free world.. grimacing in pain and losing air on the floor while choking on a pretzel..

In this instance, during a rainstorm in Washington D.C., a motorcade lined the street to take President Obama to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center i…

Another time slip on an icy Sunday morning sidewalk

There are a few unbelievable things in life. First off, the very fact that life exists is unbelievable and remarkable. Why does it exist? How does it exist? And why does it end? All of these questions have defied logic for as long as humans were alive to think about them. There is more a chance of life not existing than existing. Or so we think. That theory could also be wrong.. instead it could be a universe littered with life.

The second thing that is unbelievable, and one I have written about a number of times, is the amazing way that time passes, the fast paced way that clocks churn and calender pages turn..

This year is no different. 2014 will mark what I feel to be one of the fastest years in memory. But that may also be he product of something else occurring in my own life: Aging. I am 34 now, an age and time I never thought I'd see. Not because I didn't think I'd be alive, but instead because there is this certain sense in your 20s that your 20s are lasting for a lon…