The year Santa was saved

The year was 1961.. The Soviet Union was rumored to have begun a plan to test nuclear weapons at the North Pole. An 8-year-old named Michelle Rochon was motivated by the fear of this potential issue and she wrote then President John F. Kennedy a letter. Her words were simple.. she was a child with a pencil and a nerve-wracked mind.. She said,
Dear Mr. Kennedy,

Please stop the Russians from bombing the North Pole because they will kill Santa Claus. I am 8 years old. I am in the third grade at Holy Cross School.

Yours truly,

Michelle Rochon

John F. Kennedy responded to that letter after she wrote it..
The full text was republished this week by the Kennedy Library:
kennedy letterThe text in full:
I was glad to get your letter about trying to stop the Russians from bombing the North Pole and risking the life of Santa Claus.

I share your concern about the atmospheric testing of the Soviet Union, not only for the North Pole but for countries throughout the world; not only for Santa Claus but for people throughout the world.

However, you must not worry about Santa Claus. I talked with him yesterday and he is fine. He will be making his rounds again this Christmas.

The year when Santa is saved.. Kennedy made certain that be reassuring a young girl of Santa’s safety, he was also reassuring a nation. Perhaps even his own children–maybe himself.

The notion of nuclear war or other catastrophe destroying every basic fabric that holds us together is something we cannot escape. The possibility is always around us.. tragedy abounding when we least expect it, horrors and heartaches developing each day on the nightly news. But a few things hold true.. the sun will rise, the seasons will change, and Santa Claus will be coming ..

NORAD tracks him. They take their job seriously, as you can see from this blog post a few years back.

Clearly John F. Kennedy also took the matter very seriously, as well..

The future is dim, so often. People want to also rob our children each day of their innocence, take the goodness from their hearts and replace it with the depravity of this planet’s worst people. Kennedy did something else, though, with this letter. He replaced fear with hope.. He gave meaning to a child’s imagination and wonder, belief and innocence.

I would hope that any other president including our current would reassure the nation in the same way that Kennedy did.

With the news of the day and the fears of the age, it’s time for a national convergence on the principle that, above all else, we will ensure a safe passage each and every year for Santa Claus. No terrorist will take him down, and no weather system will hold him up.

His mission each year is with immense importance. There are millions of people who rely on him and his safety.
He was safe in 1961..
Let’s hope he is still delivering in 2061 and beyond..

Even is NORAD is long gone and they are replaced by robots.
Transhumanist Santa!? Never.

But maybe a 3D printed version of him and his reindeer..?

Saturday Night's Main Events

New York City police officers killed execution style.. suspect was found dead.. Police turn their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at press conference..
NYPD officers were 'targeted for their uniform'
Shot ambush style..

Thieves killed by LIGHTNING after ROBBING A CHURCH!

ISIS turning turning Christian churches into torture chambers..

Coming Christmas 2015: KRAMPUS..the movie.
Movie makers give 2014 preview of the horror movie that was bound to be made..

Weekend box office: HOBBIT on the way to $88 mil..

Curious: In a selfie later the same day, Gaga captioned 'Beware Vampires: the blood you choose to suck choose wisely, it may fill your pores from the inside out with a wicked poison unknown to you.'
Devil in a black dress? LADY GAGA posts photo with this: Beware Vampires: the blood you choose to suck choose wisely, it may fill your pores from the inside out with a wicked poison unknown to you. Perhaps you took a bite of flesh you can't handle. Perhaps I am also a Vampire, or a new creature undead you have yet to meet.

Kennedy Presidential Library republishes text of letter from Kennedy to a young girl who feared the Soviets would hurt Santa..

Dr. Oz
DR OZ called a fraud..

A security guard stands at the entrance of United Artists theater during the premiere of the film 'The Interview' in Los Angeles, December 11, 2014. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian
NORTH KOREA DENIES HACKING.. The United States continues to state they did..

Christmas Eve mess coming: Snow, wind, rain, and storms.. 


The weekend is descending.. Nervous shoppers are undoubtedly expressing their panic in stores across America. Maybe.

I heard an ad for KOHL’s today.. they are apparently set to treat their employees to 24/7 operations from this weekend until Christmas.. Before you rage against the machine, ask yourself this: Will people buy it? Literally.. will shoppers dress in their Christmas best and sweat in malls or are they done.. Have they clicked away until their bank accounts have been drained?

I note that there is hardly a peep from anyone about what the holiday shopping season will be shaping up like monetarily this year.

That may very well be on purpose.. I think the traditional stores are done.
We are living in a transformational age. We want to buy our items differently and just maybe buy smarter. Wiser..

Or am I missing the boat here?

From the people I have discussed these issues with, there is still a great generational divide. People aged higher still like brick and mortar.. those under 40 are slowly accepting what the under 20 crowd knows: The internet is where shopping will be and where drones will get directions on what location a package should be delivered..

It’s a brave new world. And you can hide away in the comfort of your dark basement, clicking products on websites that give you some sort of access to the entire world.

However, that isn’t stopping stores from being open. 24/7.

So if you still want to get giant boxes of foreign made goods, now is the chance. Time is running out.  Only 120 more shoppings hours to go. Luckily the store you’ll be going to will be open every 7,200 minutes. That should be enough time, right?

Just a few Friday night headlines

Obama gets James Franco’s name wrong, calls him FLACCO..

SONY considering releasing THE INTERVIEW but no online service has ‘stepped forward’ to distribute it..

During President Obama’s press conference today before leaving for his Hawaiian vacation, he was critical of Sony’s decision to pull THE INTERVIEW.. SONY fired back saying that they have not caved to pressure.. They clearly did. But there seems to be a question arising: Is there a bigger move happening here? Suddenly insiders are asking for CISPA again..?

Movie industry’s plan to destroy the internet going no where..

The Heatmeiser vs Snowmeiser: Massive nationwide storm set for Christmas week!

The red flags that scream “don’t take this job!”

Kepler spots ‘super earth’ 180 light years away..

NASA considering manned mission to Venus..

Lightweight to deadweight: Justin Bieber loses 3.5 million SPAM Instagram followers as the site purges its fake accounts..

INSTA-anger.. Philadelphia: Photo Posted To Paramedic’s Instagram Account Prompts Outrage..

Phobias may be passed down from previous ancestors.. This makes some true sense to me and is one step closer to what I feel the real truth is; Our reincarnated selves are being motivated in fear because of trauma in past existences.

Pakistan: The haunting afternath of the child massacre.. People were so filled with grief they were unable to comfort parents who now suffer the horrific losses of their children..

Old Hollywood glam: Lady Gaga was seen walking her dog Asia outside her New York City apartment on Friday channeling Marilyn Monroe
Lady Gaga goes with ample cleavage for Christmas
 as she ‘channels Marilyn Monroe’..

Image of Bill Clinton with young blonde has gone viral.. 
 I am sure it doesn’t take much of a vivid imagination to figure out why..

One of the most amazing light shows for Christmas Ever. Just be glad you don’t live next to the house..

AMERICAN HORROR STORY shows now connected..

Are paranormal experiences just a matter of figments of our imaginations? 

Last minute Christmas gifts for paranormal ghost hunters..

A Cosby show for 2014?

Paramount orders movie theaters not to show TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE.. not only did the terrorists win in 2014, but now they are winning over 2004 in 20/20 vision?? Fear doesn’t get us anywhere..

Sickening: Eight children slaughtered in mass stabbing in Australia.. Still a developing story.. things have not been good in the land down under this week..

Now we know: North Korea wanted to attack nuke bases in the United States during the 1990s..

Google slams Hollywood saying they will not hide leaks..
Act of war? The United States weighs options to response for SONY leaks..
Kim Jong-un Death Scene From ‘Interview’ Now Online

Scientists locate what they call a ‘homing signal’ in the brain..

The Islamic State ‘executes 150 women for refusing to marry jihadists’ and buries them in mass graves 

Thinking and Reasoning Computers in Five Years:’Once we understand those principles of the neocortex, we can modify them — we don’t need to be true to evolutionary biology’. 

City Of South Pittsburg TN Bans ‘Negative’ Speech

The FBI determines..

The FBI says it "now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible" for last month's cyberattack on Sony Pictures.

The annual..

The HORROR REPORT is working on its typical year in review.. Photographs, predictions, and the best and worst.

Expect the 'selfie stick' to make an appearance in some fashion..

As well as many other things and events..

Coming soon to a web viewing device near you.. Stay tuned..


There are times when you’re upset by your turmoils and troubles–moments when you feel like you’re at the center of the world.. where you’re the actor on the giant stage.. Suddenly, though, you realize that the planet will go on without you. You notice finally, after much ado about nothing, that your stage is filled with scenery but not an audience member is in sight.. Instead, you’re alone. Just a human bag of bones, a pile of often useless and mediocre memories.. You’re suddenly dashed of hopes, dreams..

And then a burst of newness comes into your life..
Maybe a new job.
Perhaps a job that will pay you more–exceptionally more compared to your current state of budgetary constraints. It’s just what the doctor ordered to get you back into the limelight again, to make your sad pile of bones come alive like a macabre dancer of the other world. You’re filled with exuberance and happiness, glee and gladness.

Until you realize, that mediocrity is not all that bad.

The job pays more–mighty high dollars aren’t everything though. After all, your benefits will be more expensive, you’ll get less time off, and you’re work location will be moved 50 miles away. About 100 miles a day of a round trip would weigh on you after a few years. Maybe even months.

The raise’s important place in your decision is beginning to be shaped a bit different in your mind..

The issue of a job switch is something that goes to the heart of a person–the actual thing that defines someone..

A few days back, without much reason, I got into a mini-discussion with someone in an elevator. The pointless banter that goes back and forth in those tiny, often odored walls, is a daily annoyance for countless people.That is why if I participate in such events, I attempt to make the conversation a bit more meaningful. So I introduced a question to someone I know and have worked with for years: “What do you do for a living?”  She was a bit befuddled by the question, almost staring at me like I’ve completely lost all marbles..

“What do you mean?” she questioned back.
And I stuck with my initial statement, repeating the same thing, “What do you DO for a living?”

She finally answered before her floor saying her job title.. I responded she was wrong.. Instead, I told her she was a mother, a wife, a human being, and a wanderer on the planet earth.

A light seemingly went off in her head at that moment, a time when she realized that indeed she was not just an employee of some crappy job, but instead someone who mattered to someone else..

See, that is what does matter.
Not the job title, not the power player you strive to be.. The number of friends on Facebook or compadres on LinkedIn matters about as much as a warm bucket of spat on an abandoned desert highway.. all futile in the end.

We are mediocre if we judge ourselves on work status only.. We are not that. We weren’t born a plumber or pipefitter, waiter or judge.. we didn’t come from a womb and jump into athlete’s shoes..

We make decisions in life based off of money. Comfort.. All of those things. But what matters more, the money with a thankless job where hours are piled higher than the dollars you’ll count? Or where your work actually means something, even if the pay doesn’t necessarily equate in importance?

I am in a current quandary myself.. I am attempting to determine if money is more important than security.. And if I turn down an opportunity, am I only doing so because of prudent concern for my family’s well being, or because of a fear of success and progress? And change?

So many wonders to wonder about.
So little time–decisions need to be made.

My wife told me one thing that kept my rampaging thoughts in restraints for a bit today: “Your decision is not going to start wars or kill people.”  That is true..
Going back to that stage..where no one really watches my show.
Except me in a mirror.. But who am staring at?

So I ask you, if you’d care to share a response, what does matter more? Money? Fortunes..? Or family and comfort..


THE INTERVIEW was set to be the raunchy comedy for Christmas night.. but now that the GUARDIANS OF PEACE scared theater chains across the country with a ‘remember’ September 11th threat, SONY has pulled the film altogether..

This statement now from SONY:
“Those who attacked us stole our intellectual property, private emails, and sensitive and proprietary material, and sought to destroy our spirit and our morale – all apparently to thwart the release of a movie they did not like,” the statement reads.

“We are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie, and in the process do damage to our company, our employees, and the American public,” it continues. “We stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome.”

While there is not yet a decision on how the movie will be released or if theaters will ever show it, this news is major.. This is unprecedented.. a major movie company losing a battle in the cyber war theater..

The decision by SONY came after major movie theater chains decided today not to show the film on Christmas day..

Bloody mourning in Pakistan

Pakistan has begun three days of mourning in the aftermath of one of the most disgusting attacks on children that has taken place in humanity’s recent history.. The Taliban attack on the government school yesterday in Peshawar ended with 145 dead. Most of those brutal killings including shots in the head and beheadings were suffered by children..

Pakistani troops walk over blood stained floor schools

Today the Taliban is attempting to provide justification for the senseless atrocities committed on the most innocent.. They said that the children murdered ‘aspired to follow their fathers’ footsteps’ and join into the army to target militants..  Even more, they say that the killings were to avenge the deaths that children in tribal areas suffered at the hands of other fighters.

Others believe that it may be a sign of desperation.. attackers targeting the most vulnerable and easily able to prey on isn’t brave or courageous, but instead horrendous in theory.

Others believe that the attack could very well be a response to Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize..
Speaking of Malala, one piece of text that she said to the United Nations on her 16th birthday is July 2013 has truth:
We realise the importance of our voice when we are silenced. In the same way, when we were in Swat, the north of Pakistan, we realised the importance of pens and books when we saw the guns. The wise saying, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ It is true. The extremists are afraid of books and pens. The power of education frightens them

Books and pens. And children reading and writing, developing common sense and a higher sense of being. That does scare people with an alternative view of reality–one stuck in prehistoric times of bloodshed and tribalism that has no place in the modern world..

But this is the world we live in..
The gates of hell wide open. the demons abound to prey on the souls of the innocent.

So often I stare into the blazing stars of the night sky and ask if there is a God.. I also cry out to him and hope my prayers and words are heard.. Now and then I wonder if aliens are watching, too.

Either way, God or extraterrestrials, I hope someone makes an appearance soon to remind us of how we need to act in our ant farm called Earth. Bloodshed has becoming stifling to growth.. in the 21st century, the barbarism of the 15th has no place.

Imagine no religion?
How about this: Imagine aliens landing on the lawn of the White House. Maybe we’d start to think twice before killing our fellow human beings..

Or maybe not.


NYC "INTERVIEW" premiere canceled

Last night we reported that Seth Rogen and James Franco canceled public appearances in the wake of the SONY hacker threat attacks on movie theaters that showed movie THE INTERVIEW. Now, only days before the planned Christmas day release of the North Korea parody film, SONY’s screening of the movie at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema in New York City has been called off..

Sony was not planning on canceling–it was the theater that made the call.

In a sick sense, the publicity this film is getting ensures it will be a blazing box office success. If theaters decide to show it.. Either way, it will have a long shelf life if there are still shelves that house movies. Otherwise a streaming success for future years to come..

The Guardians of Peace threat has garnered more attention than even the Sony hacked documents–perhaps that’s equally fine for Sony since they don’t have to be as worried and red-faced about embarrassing or even racist emails being exchanged by top executives..

But now the big decision is coming: Will theaters across the nation begin pulling the plug on plans to show THE INTERVIEW no Christmas day, thumb their noses at hackers and terrorists, or submit to the demands and hide the film away from the countless number of Americans suddenly intrigued by the raw comedy?

That answer is developing and will undoubtedly come after much thought is put into it..

Movie theaters now being threatened by Sony hackers!

The Sony hackers are now hinting that terror attacks could take place at theaters that show "The Interview"

For several weeks now, Sony has battled leaks and other public relations disasters that have developed in the aftermath of the big hack attack which took place on their company...

This website asked the question: is this an act of war? If North Korea funded the hacker group, was it state-sponsored cyber terrorism?

The act of war question has just intensified.. The "guardians of peace" group perpetrated he act and is now declaring that any movie theater that shows this movie on Christmas may suffer a terror attack.. .

Their message reads in part

The world will be full of fear,” the message reads. “Remember the 11th of September 2001. We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time. (If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.) Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment.


The note also threatens people who attend the premiere of “The Interview.” A New York premiere of the film is scheduled to take place Thursday at Sunshine Cinema and has already been scaled down, according to a report in the New York Post. A special screening of the film took place in Los Angeles last week without incident.

A spokesman for the studio, an FBI spokesman and a spokesman for the National Association of Theatre Owners were not immediately available for comment.


A revenge? Taliban attack is a response to Malala and her peace prize

THE IBTIMES HAS MORE ON THAT .. It's an assertion and explanation that makes sense in a very sick way..

The horrors are only beginning to become known--teachers burning, execution style shootings, and children being beheaded ..

I am both sickened and saddened by the information coming out.. I may need to break with the news for an hour or more to clear my mind of the evil clutter that this disgusting day has brought to it..

Malala speaks

Malala Yousafzai: 'I am heartbroken by this senseless and cold blooded act of terror in Peshawar that is unfolding before us. Innocent children in their school have no place in horror such as this'

Anyone with an ounce of goodness has had their psyche shattered by the horrific events in Pakistan today..

I fear the full extent of this horror is yet to be fully realized ..

More on the Pakistan horror

Malala is speaking out, rightly saying that the most innocent have no place in the horror being seen at this school in Pakistan..

Even more.. Not only were some children shot execution style one by one, but this happened too: a teacher was set on fire with gasoline and children were made to watch the teac

Attack on children in Pakistan

More than 126 people, most of them children, have been killed after a group of gunmen stormed an army-run school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar.

The number of the injured is quickly rising.. As is the casualty count of the dead..

The vast majority of those dead are

This from the Associated Press dispatch only minutes prior to this post being written:
The overwhelming majority of the victims were students at the army public school, which has children and teenagers in grades 1-10.

The horrific violence, carried out by a relatively small number of militants from the Tehreek-e-Taliban group, a Pakistani militant group trying to overthrow the government, also sent dozens of wounded flooding into local hospitals as terrified parents searched for their children.

Sone children were shot execution style one by one, according to witnesses who escaped..

Government troops arrived at the school and exchanged gunfire.. At least 500 were in the school when large explosions were heard..

There are fears the numbers of dead and injured are not done rising..

This is a developing story..

The Sydney siege was yesterday's nightmare before Christmas.. Today's is much more violent and deadly..

There’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago

The title of this post is a line from a famous Christmas song that you undoubtedly have heard *(maybe too much*) yet again this year.. Andy Williams' classic IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR has a series of nostalgic verses about the season our calenders currently inhabit.. The most wonderful time of year, he concludes with his melody.. But that one line, that 'scary ghost stories' reference, has often been overlooked and ignored..

Some may think Williams is talking about Charles Dickens and his CHRISTMAS CAROL, Scrooge's ghosts of the past present and future coming to haunt in the dead of night..

But the story goes much deeper. That one line in a song lyric has much more meaning for the season than anyone really understands.

The HORROR REPORT often focused in on this Christmas tenet for years..   We talked a lot about Krampus, that pesky demonic figure who scares the goodness into kids this time of year.. And we also focused on those scary ghost stories..

For those who think the paranormal takes a break after Halloween winds down, think again.. It just begins. And Christmas was the season of high strangeness, spooky occurrences, and bumps in the night that could not be attributed to elves or Santa's quest to find a chimney..

Roger Clarke authored a book titled A NATURAL HISTORY OF GHOSTS: 500 YEARS OF HUNTING FOR PROOF.. He detailed why the Victorian age became the prime time for paranormal tales to be woven by people around the holiday season..

The UK GUARDIAN's Kim Cochrane explained this in a 2013 article profiling Clarke's book:
The popularity of ghost stories was strongly related to economic changes. The industrial revolution had led people to migrate from rural villages into towns and cities, and created a new middle class. They moved into houses that often had servants, says Clarke, many taken on around October or November, when the nights were drawing in early – and new staff found themselves “in a completely foreign house, seeing things everywhere, jumping at every creak”. Robbins says servants were “expected to be seen and not heard – actually, probably not even seen, to be honest. If you go to a stately home like Harewood House, you see the concealed doorways and servant’s corridors. You would actually have people popping in and out without you really knowing they were there, which could be quite a freaky experience. You’ve got these ghostly figures who actually inhabit the house.”

The fondness of telling ghost stories around warm December fires also struck another author, one from a longer time ago.. Jerome K. Jerome said this in his book TALES AFTER SUPPER in 1891:
Whenever five or six English-speaking people meet round a fire on Christmas Eve, they start telling each other ghost stories. Nothing satisfies us on Christmas Eve but to hear each other tell authentic anecdotes about specters.

The idea of ghost stories was common--very common as a matter of fact.. the relics of that time still haunt, to a degree. But any memory has been tamed and watered down through the ages..

Even the religious idea of Christmas is paranormal just in itself.. Imagine the notion of a woman going about business, being told by an entity from beyond this world that she will give birth to a paranormal savior who will eventually die but rise from the dead and open the door to another realm.. Either an alien did it or an angel. Either way, if you believe in the Christian idea of Christmas, you must conclude that you wholeheartedly have faith in the paranormal and believe in it..

The veil is thing on Christmas.. as a matter of fact, some mystics through the ages have cited Christmas, not All Souls' Day or any other time, as the prime time moment for the thinnest of the veil. Even a 19th century nun named Saint Teresa of Avila stated just that..

The Victorian age was in itself quite scary--the problems which manifested themselves often went unexplained. Science was beginning to explain some, but not all events.. Those shadows Clarke described were common.. The ghost tales that Jerome wrote about were frightening. Krampus would also show up from time to time, beating children with a stick for unruly behavior throughout the year..

I wrote several thoughts on the Christmas creep factor in a 2013 article on the HORROR REPORT, and I have not changed my mind since then.. we need to keep the creepy in Christmas, we need to hold true to the roots and foundations of ghost tales during the season.. This, I believe, is not a pagan tradition or a Victorian Age secret, it's a human condition. We are scared of the shadows, we are still scared of the dark.. Christmas is a time when, as fate and faith would hold true, something miraculous occurred.. and a light in heaven appeared to wise men traveling the darkness of night to find the savior in a manger..

When I was a child, I fondly recall a few traditions that, at the time, seemed a bit bizarre and other-worldly. We had a Christmas eve 'Holy Supper,' a Ukrainian traditional dinner of seven fishes. But before dinner began, the youngest of the family--at that time me--would have to knock on the door of the house with a candle and a statue of the baby Jesus and ask if there was room in the inn.  The lights of the house would be off. Those inside would allow entrance and I'd slowly walk in a dark passage with the lit candle and statue..  After dinner, my family would attend a midnight mass. I always recall a large crowd of people.. I also recall being very short at that age, and mostly sitting in the rear of the church. That ensured I would not see a priest, but instead as a young child, I thought the voice was coming from the rafters itself. It probably did not help much that this Church, Saint Ignatius in Centralia, PA, was the location of my first paranormal moment as a young child when I heard whispers coming from an empty confessional during a very dark night.

All of this said, I think there is something innate in humans to recognize Christmas as a paranormal time, a moment when we are close to the spirit world and the thin veil shreds into non existence for a time..

Santa Claus is even paranormal--he can sweep across the globe and enter homes across the planet, sparing enough time to throw down some presents and even eat about 25 million cookies and glasses of milk.. Even the reindeer have time for carrots. We tell our children at an early age to believe in something paranormal, to put faith in something hopeful. Adults who laugh at the notion of Santa then go to church on Christmas morning and sing about another paranormal moment when an angel impregnated a women with God's son.. Even more, the whole notion of December 25th being chosen is under the guise that it was a pagan celebration..

It's all connected.
It's all paranormal..
This is the time of year to suspend logic and happily comply with the other realm...
Just not Krampus.
He's the one to avoid during the darkest night of the year.....



Case of the week before Christmas week Mondays

Ten days until Christmas. Yeah.. how did that happen?

A collection of news you can use and news you can do without making headlines this Monday December 15, 2014..
Read and weep:


WE ARE ALSO CLOSELY WATCHING THESE EVENTS: Montgomery County, Pennsylvania shootings leave 5 shot and a suspect now barricaded from police..  Police indicate that the shooter and suspect is a male military veteran..

A case of the glowing Monday: A water leak confirmed at Berwick nuclear plant in Pennsylvania..  About 40 minutes up river from me.. how quaint.

President Obama and CIA's Brennan have a uniquely close relationship..  An interesting read from the NEW YORK TIMES..

Holy wood: Yet another "Mary" appears in a tree as hundreds flock..

A Catholic take on something that I think we all feel during Winter: Dark nights.

White House suffers power outage..

21st Century Man: Just a soulless accomplice of machines?

Researchers have now teleported light 15 miles..the furthest length yet..

Climate change is destroying the Outer Banks..

The top oddest medical mysteries of 2014..

 <span class=meta>AP Photo/ Luca Bruno</span>
Celeb worship: Babs names Mrs. Clooney as the most fascinating of 2014

Newtown CT families sue gun maker over Sandy Hook..

The SONY hack intensifies.. now the FBI is warning about Iranian hackers..

Sony is NOT HAPPY that media outlets have reported some hacked information.. now they are calling on media outlets to delete files!

Mabe SONY is upset more at the fact that the CEO looks to have a failed vision..

JAMES BOND and SPIDER-MAN compromised by new SONY leaks..

Bill Cosby expects "black media" to stay neutral about the countless number of women accusing him of rape..

Michael Keaton on Ben Affleck's role as BATMAN: "I am Batman. I am very secure in that." 
 To my generation, maybe Mike. The newest movie goers see Christian Bale as the DARK KNIGHT. My mom and dad thought it was Adam West. But at least Keaton is secure in knowing he is a fictitious character--one he played in 1989 and 1992 mind you..

Scientist discover: Birds lost their teeth 116 million years ago.. (and thank God for that)

Share a ghost story this Christmas..



The world is paying close attention to the breaking news events taking place in Sydney Australia today..  Several hours ago, a hostage situation developed at a cafe in the city.. A gunman has at least 10 hostages--several have escaped since the high tension began .. Police are said to know the name of the suspect--as do various media sources, but officials are asking the free press to keep a lid on some information for the time being..

The location of crisis: The Lindt Chocolate Shop..

At this point, some word has escaped the cafe.. The hostage taker, we have learned, is of Middle Eastern background and has apparently asking for an ISIS flag in exchange for a hostage.. Even more, the man is forcing hostages to stand with their faces and bodies pressed against a glass window of the cafe for several hours at a time.

As nightfall descends on Australia, the gunman and hostages are not in the dark--a hostage reportedly turned off the lights. No doubt by order of the captor..

The White House is updating President Obama on the situation and the United States is offering any help to Australia that may be afforded as this crisis continues into the dark of night..

Watch this video

At this time the situation has been ongoing for 12 hours .. While some 'in the know' do in fact know, very little has been disclosed to the masses of people across the planet waiting for something to occur to end this nightmare for those inside..

Though the Sydney siege has been ongoing for several hours, Americans waking up from a day of typical Sunday football and recreation are once again witnessing how the world can crash down during Monday morning headline runs in the West..

The crisis will develop and end. The world prays in a peaceful manner. But we are fully aware that the gates of hell are open wide, so how this finishes may only be known by the ancient demons roaming our reality.. We do know this, however: Several questions will need to be answered. Some soon, some others not.. First off, if police are fully aware of the hostage taker, why no action against him prior? Was he being monitored? Were his whereabouts known? And what is his past history ..? Criminal history..  While no one has officially said his name on world news outlets yet, some wires have reported the possibility of who it is, including RUSSIA TODAY.. They report,
Sheik Man Haron Monis, an Islamic ‘spiritual healer’ who is facing charges of sexual assault and being an accessory to murder, has been identified as the man who has taken civilians hostage in a Sydney cafĂ©, according to local media citing police sources.

"There's no operational reason for that name to be held back by us now," an anonymous police source told Reuters.

The Iranian-born 50-year-old fled to Australia in 1996, but came to prominence after 2007, when he began sending “hate mail” to families of soldiers, who died while fighting in Iraq.

If the named man is the suspect in this situation, then he comes with a record of 'peace' but a reality of problems. He made news back in April of this year as well..

RT goes on,
In December last year, Monis was accused of helping his current partner, Amirah Droudis, to murder his ex-wife, Noleen Hayson Pal. The woman had been stabbed several times and set alight in a Sydney apartment in April 2013

Expect to get the full rap-sheet and expose on his past soon from outlets around the world.

Also: the media glare has a spotlight on Syndey--even a news station exists right across the street from Lindt.. And the hostage taker is using it to his delight, knowing that social media will report his every move and take cues from his demands.. And according to what we know, the gunman has been asking hostages to publicize his demands by trying to force them into speaking with broadcasters and radio show hosts..

The social media world is following, as would be obvious. Since 9:45 am in Sydney, a campaign on social media has emerged quickly called "illridewithyou".. The notion is that people in the city will peacefully ride with Muslims on transportation as a show of moral support and tolerance..

This is a crisis with about as many different tentacles as you can imagine.
They are playing out on live TV. They are playing out online.. They are playing out before the world's eyes..

And even more, if this gunman has an affiliation, no matter how loose it could be, with ISIS, the game gets more intense..

Every year, it seems we have a nightmare before Christmas. This year's drama is taking place now in Australia.

One of the hostages who escaped after seven hours of was Elly Chen. Her Facebook page became the virtual billboard for fear and expressions of prayer. Now the image of her escapes has became an iconic piece of journalism. The shot was taken by Jason Reed of Reuters. And it is being seen around the world.


[caption id="attachment_5064" align="aligncenter" width="616" class=" "]Elly Chen Elly Chen[/caption]

The Kent state: Seeing horror through the eyes of a new scream queen

BABADOOK is being marketed with a keen eye.. viral is king. Slow paced and low key.. It's working quite well. Media source after source, horror sites, and general entertainment icons are all praising this film..

The way you know it's working: People talked about it before it was out. And when it came out. And... People are STILL talking about the BABADOOK, the horror movie of the year according to many.. the WASHINGTON POST interviewed the director of the film, Jennifer Kent.

A few noteworthy comments from Kent include,
“A lot of people, when I spoke to them, as a woman, and said, ‘Oh, I’m directing a horror film,’ it was like I was directing a snuff film or porno or something terrible,” she says. “The view on horror is that bad”. And “Women do love watching scary films. It’s been proven, and they’ve done all the tests. The demographics are half men, half women. And we know fear. It’s not like we can’t explore the subject.”  

The movies making the biggest impression on KENT were HALLOWEEN and THE THING. Kent also makes his superb point about horror itself:
“I feel like a lot of the people who make horror actually don’t understand its depth and its power,” she says. “Unbeknownst to themselves, they’re looking down on the genre. I also think a lot of horror is made cynically, and by that I mean that it’s made to make money.

Absolutely agree! Horror has a few elements that can be done very wrong. But when right, it can change cinema for a decade.. A few films which did so include FRANKENSTEIN, DAWN OF THE DEAD, HALLOWEEN, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, SAW, and now quite possibly BABADOOK. When horror is done in the way it should be, it gives us a morality play of our time. A pop culture judgment, and a realistic portrayal of who we are as a people at any given moment in history. . I think Kent understands how horror can do this, and how so many times it's done wrong..

To further that point, the WASHINGTON POST interview delved more into violence itself..

And on violence in horror–the gorefest and torture porn of recent years–Kent says that.
“the worst of them — the most violent and degrading and debasing versions of the form — probably are geared toward people who maybe identify with the killer, who maybe are getting off in some way.”  

Yet again, agree.. I often recount my story of how uncomfortable I was sitting in a theater years ago during HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES when people wildly cheered for each murder scene.. It disturbed me and wasn't how I thought horror should be done. The problem with the film was how well-shot and effective it was--making matters even scarier.

I would love the chance to sit down and talk to Jennifer Kent in some detail.. I think her points on horror and her thoughts on the genre are spot on.. There is a good chance that Jennifer Kent has become the new queen of scream, as some have dubbed her.

From the land down under, she took over the world of horror..


Warm Sunday mornning sidewalk good tidings: Holiday fear

The HORROR REPORT went back to black. We left the white background after a number of user complaints and reader gripes.. They didn't like the new design we had for about three weeks. While I did, I decided that the readers' happiness is worth more than mine.
So back to black we go.
Welcome to the new old new old HORROR REPORT on a Sunday morning.

Speaking of Sunday morning, here's your sidewalk.. complete with noteworthy headlines and things that matter.
A sleeping city sidewalk.. and Sunday morning coming down.

What is ruining Christmas this year? Creepy targeted advertisements, popping up on computers and giving away secrets .. We already know the secrets of advertisers: They spy and pry into every portion of our lives. But now they are stealing Christmas. I think Bill O'Reilly should write a book about them..

Sabrina said she doesn't care what her critics think
2014 has been the year of the paranormal in mainstream news.. Another story adds to the flavor: A ''possessed'' Argentine singer claims that she has been healed of her mental ills after swapping her medicine for an exorcism. Her name is Sabrina Sabrok, and she says she turned to a faith healer to exorcise her demons.
 Concerning her image, I assume the things on the picture are real?

A spy drone listens to calls, and hacks into WIFI networks.  And reads text messages to. And that's just what they are telling us this does.. Always remember: Real technology is about 15 to 20 years more advanced than what the public knows of or gets to use..

Speaking of the future, it's coming fast.. Here's an AFP article to wet your appetite for tomorrow: The drone revolution hovers on the horizon. In the spirit of progress, I am fine with the future. As long as human rights don't continue to be trashed and governments don't continue to forcibly stomp on the faces of the free.. I simply fear that robots and drones will allow bad things to be much easier to perpetrate.. But getting grocery drone deliveries? That is cool.

Science fiction of the future is becoming reality of today. Here's a video that showcases a few technologies that could give humans the ability to live a lot longer. If not forever.. And before you balk at the chances of living forever, think of this: IF you could be healthy, IF you could be secure, IF you can have a wage floor? What's not to like about life?

Of course something could come along and make us not want to life forever.. like a MAMA JUNE sex tape. Yes indeed..

Vivid Entertainment Offers Mama June $1 Million for a Sex Tape

VIVID Entertainment is offering up Ms. June, mother of HONEY BOO BOO of recent TEE VEE infamy, $1 million dollars if she would have sex with her child sex offender boyfriend on camera. Is God dead?

Satan in the making. Literally. Images revealed of the Oklahoma Satan being created. He's not quite done yet. And Baphomet's children are patiently waiting for their father figure to secure his site..

On the same topic as Satan.. an opening prayer in Lake Worth, Florida, caused consternation and protest by the commissioners.. 

Getting back off the Satan theme and moving   back to the Pagan theme, Christmas is coming soon. So the question emerges, do you live to eat or eat to live? Gluttony is king on Christmas..But that's the problem in the US of super-sized A's.

Moral.. or filled with landmines on the ethical highway? The French are about to put the terminally ill into a deep sleep. Until death.

And some more choice headlines from the Ethically Deprived Highway.. The Senate torture report is still resounding across the nation. But the nation chooses to look away, averting their eyes to the previous decade of life in which we went lower than low.. in the torture report is this: Spokane psychologists were paid $80 mi for torture program work.. Their job was to help the nation with the new mission of ''enhanced'' interrogation.. Doctors and medical workers, those swearing to do right in the world, were a part of something very problematic and often contrary to their oath. Doctors help anally hydrate subjects. CIA were helped by doctors. By nurses. By specialists of all sorts and sizes.. Among some highlighted issues: Doctors found prisoners with broken feet and yet STILL approved them to be in standing positions for 52 hours.. And psychologists actually also served often as interrogators.. So now the question: Will medical professionals face any consequences? 

There is most likely some sort of symbolism in this: Kary Perry was hit by a lollipop on stage.. video records her reacting.. Though her reaction itself was priceless ..

People are STILL talking about the BABADOOK, the horror movie of the year according to many.. the WASHINGTON POST interviewed the director of the film, Jennifer Kent. A few noteworthy comments from Kent include, "A lot of people, when I spoke to them, as a woman, and said, ‘Oh, I’m directing a horror film,’ it was like I was directing a snuff film or porno or something terrible,” she says. “The view on horror is that bad". And "Women do love watching scary films. It’s been proven, and they’ve done all the tests. The demographics are half men, half women. And we know fear. It’s not like we can’t explore the subject."  The movies making the biggest impression on KENT were HALLOWEEN and THE THING.  Kent also makes his superb point about horror itself: "I feel like a lot of the people who make horror actually don’t understand its depth and its power,” she says. “Unbeknownst to themselves, they’re looking down on the genre. I also think a lot of horror is made cynically, and by that I mean that it’s made to make money."  Absolutely agree! And on violence in horror--the gorefest and torture porn of recent years--Kent says that "the worst of them — the most violent and degrading and debasing versions of the form — probably are geared toward people who maybe identify with the killer, who maybe are getting off in some way."   Yet again, agree..  I would love the chance to sit down and talk to Jennifer Kent in some detail.. I think her points on horror and her thoughts on the genre are spot on.. There is a good chance that Jennifer Kent has become the new queen of scream, as some have dubbed her. From the land down under, she took over the world of horror..

Did European scientists just find dark-matter signals buried in X-Rays!?

Sony fallout: Pascal likely to be fired, according to insiders..  Racist emails came back to bite in Tinseltown. What other hidden gems await? Only the Guardians of Peace--and Sony--know that now..

NIGHT TERRORS OF 1927 announce new album set for January 2015 release..

Paranormal events that inspired horror movies are often much scarier than the movies themselves..

View image on Twitter
New ''sexy'' Bollywood horror film ALONE gets attention..

A Zombie Santa is pictured Death Yard Haunted Attraction in Hendersonville, Tennessee December 10, 2014.   REUTERS-Harrison McClary
Keeping the creepy in Christmas.. A Tennessee attraction giving horror films what they want, even during the Christmas season.. The Death Yard Horror Attraction features a zombie Santa and undead elves.. They say that instead of Christmas cheer, it's holiday fear. And it's for charity's sake.

Yesterday was 12/13/14. A calender day that will not occur again until 2114. I hope you enjoyed it. As much as you'll enjoy the rest of your Sunday morning... coming down.


Predictive programming, or reaching high into the sky?

Here is some cool conspiracy for your Sunday..

The theory behind this video: Predictive programming in BACK TO THE FUTURE.

The YOUTUBE video is well done, it gives us in depth coverage of Marty's "Twin Pines" mall warnings about terrorists, and constant 9/11's appearing in the movie.. of course numbers had to be inverted for that to be true.. There's also the all seeing Illuminati eye.

The one part that got me a bit was the flames of the time traveling car looking like an 11 while a symbol for a fake store looked like a 9.

But for this video to be truly predictive programming screaming to viewers that a terrorist attack would occur on September 11 almost 20 years later, a lot of other things would have to be true, too.. Not to downplay those interesting numeric idiosyncrasies..

The filmmakers of BACK TO THE FUTURE would have had to be in the know. Robert Zemeckis, the writer and director, was apart of this conspiracy. So .. WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. THE POLAR EXPRESS, and other BACK TO THE FUTURE films would have the same little Easter Eggs of predictive programming as well?

While I never underestimate the chances that people are 'in the know' and that big groups behind the scenes are deplorable in their evil, some people see symbols and oddities in places where they may not be.

This message board linked is a good example of the fierce debate that even exists within conspiracy circles..

But that scene of the blazing 11 .. that one gets me. Not to say I buy into the full idea that Zemeckis wanted to warn us about something that would happen two decades later, but in hindsight lots of scenes are creepy. When pieced together..

But why didn't anyone warn us of the 1993 attack. Or the bombing of the USS Cole. Or did they?

One of my favorite websites in the world is the 9/11 oddities and coincidences page on KILLTOWN. This is one of those website gems I have printed, saved, bookmarked and in a safe place in case the site ever ceases to exist.. On that page, there are years' worth of strange occurrences in relation to 9/11, including just the strange idea that the Pentagon construction began on a 9/11 in 1941--months before another 'day of infamy' attack on America..  Another little point of interest is how Jim Jones wanted to fly a commercial airliner into San Francisco.. and how he didn't care to tell the pilot how to land, only how to fly. The KILLTOWN page goes on in epic detail .. and we have the LONE GUNMAN episode.. and weird references in the SIMPSONS. And so much more.

Included with that pop culture listing: BACK TO THE FUTURE...

We can believe what we want to. We can see what we need to.
Just use as much careful and concrete common sense you can muster up. Use discernment. See the forest from the trees..
And don't stretch it.
Truth is weirder than fiction, of course..still don't stretch the truth.

But that blazing 11.. and that 9. I see it.


A proud moment

My wife, a proud graduate. Me, a proud husband. Ayden, a perfect angel during graduation (with the help of ear buds and an iPad.) A good day.

Tara had years of educational challenges. It was worth it.